Missy Masturbation Ch. 01

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The most sexually frustrating time of my life was the last few weeks before I graduated from college. Almost all of my time was consumed with studying for final exams and writing term papers. It was bad enough that I didn’t have a lover other than myself. I’m a nympho, so sleeping alone every night and not getting faced and rimmed was driving me crazy. But making things worse was that I barely found time to masturbate. I just sneaked in a few quickie cums at my apartment, in the restroom at school and even a few times in the library – I’d sit in a desk near the back, slide my legs completely under the desk, slide a hand into my pants and work my clit.

When I finished my last exam and handed it in, I felt like I had just been unchained. I had felt massively tired for weeks but suddenly I was completely energized because I knew what was about to happen – I was going to go straight back to my apartment and spend the whole night treating myself like the kinky, perverted nympho that I am!

While I was driving home, I turned the car radio to the local jazz station to get myself in an even more sensual mood. I could feel my pussy dripping bursa escort even before I got home.

I ran up the steps to my second floor apartment and within 20 seconds of walking in the front door, I had stripped off my sweatshirt, shoes, socks and jeans. I tied my long, black hair in a pony tail so it wouldn’t get in the way. Because I’m pretty flat chested, I never wear a bra. I left my black thong on for a reason you’ll see below!

After undressing, I walked over to the stereo and cranked up the jazz station, then went over to the refrigerator and got a jar of cherries and a can of whipped cream. Then I was ready to begin!

I lay my muscular 5’6″, 165 lb. body down on the living room couch, doused my chest with whipped cream and topped my nipples with one cherry each. I took out my very talented and skilled tongue and went to work, slowly and sensually licking my chest all over, not stopping until I’d eaten the cherries and the last trace of the whipped cream.

Now I’d given myself so much foreplay that I was ready to explode! I went back to my bedroom and got my vibrating egg out of my toy box. I went back bursa escort bayan to the living room, plugged in the egg, lit two candles and turned off all the lights. I lay on the couch again, this time with my left foot flat on the floor and my right foot on top of the back rest.

I pulled the right front side of my thong away from my body just long enough to slide the egg into my soaking wet pussy. I always wear a thong while I’m using the egg so that I can use both hands to my advantage, rather than having to use one of them to hold in the egg.

I turned on the egg to a slow speed and started carressing myself with my right hand and rubbing my clit with my left middle finger. My first orgasm came in just a few seconds. It was nice but mellow. My orgasms get progressively more intense throughout a sex binge. Gradually, I increased the speed of the egg and equally increased the speed of my clit rubbing. And soon my body went from being completely relaxed to being very tense. I tightly closed my eyes as my mind became more and more consumed with just getting myself off and bringing myself as much sexual euphoria as possible.

I escort bursa was silent through the first part of the binge, but after a while, my mouth fell open and I began to moan softly. Eventually, I took the egg and my clit rubbing up to top speed and then I turned into a maniac. I began having one violent orgasm after another in extremely quick succession. A coat of sweat had built between my back and the coach. My body went into wild convulsions and I began to feel control slip away. I started to become unaware of my surroundings. Total pleasure filled up my entire body and I screamed hysterically.

Finally, over 90 minutes after I started the egg, I began feeling dizzy and felt like I was close to passing out, so I stopped the egg and stopped rubbing my clit. As sweat dripped off of my entire body, I took a few minutes to calm down and catch my breath. After that, I slid off my thong, which was completely satured with my cum.

I turned it inside out, licked the big clumps of cum out of my thong, then put the thong in my mouth and sucked on it for a while, savoring the sexy taste of the cum that I produced through my masturbatory expertise.

When I finished, I walked back to my bedroom, threw the thong in the dirty clothes basket and lay my exhausted naked body down in my bed, looking forward to my next sexual adventure, solo or otherwise…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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