Missing Cousin

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I live with my grandparents in a gated community in LA. It’s a terrible place to live for a 21 year old guy. I’m constantly surrounded by the elderly and the complaining of various pains and aches. My question is why do old people have to complain about everything and anything. I mean last week my Grandpa gave the bag boy at the supermarket a half hour lector on the importance of saving the juice in the pickle jar after all the pickles were gone.

Anyway my life is terribly boring, all I do is go to work and music college. I’m not very attractive and that is probably why I never get invited out by my friends or ever have the courage to ask a girl out. I’m not fat but I’m one of those gangly guys that everybody look at like, what is that guys problem. You’ve probably seen me or guys like me walking down the street.

The only upside is I’m also the guy that always has a gorgeous woman on his arm. The guy that people look at and go how the hell did he nab that hot chick?

Anyway my life changed when me cousin came to live with us. Although let me be clearer, she actually is my grandfather’s brother’s daughter’s daughter. I don’t really know what exactly that makes her to me. My grandfather is actually my step-grandfather as well so I guess I’d call her my step-2nd-cousin?

Well on with it. I came home from work one day and went to the kitchen to get a drink of water, when I saw her picture. Man she was unbelievable, she had a wonderful face, like a perfect ten. She had long brown hair that framed her face wonderfully and a body that was amazing. She wore a tight pink top in the picture that showed off her tight toned stomach and firm breasts. She wore a short jean skirt that allowed a great view of her wonderful legs.

I froze and stood there like a dummy staring at her picture. I didn’t even see my Grandma walk in.

“Hi honey, how was work?” She asked in a pleasant tone.

“Who is this?” I asked, pointing to the picture.

Grandma glanced at the picture. “Oh that’s your cousin Jillian. Isn’t she a doll? She just graduated high school and is coming out here to go to college. She’s going to live with us for a few months while she sets up herself in a dorm.”

I brightened. “Really?” I put my glass back in the sink and went upstairs to change out of my uniform. I thought about the beautiful Jillian while I took a shower, doing what guys do in the shower with a fresh mind full of Jillian.

With such a beauty fresh in my mind I don’t have to tell you that my shower was a very pleasant one. However when I got out of the shower I glanced at myself in the mirror and sighed. My gawky appearance stared back at me and my hopes of ever getting into a girl’s pants, Jillian’s or anyone else’s, flew out the window.

Yet I didn’t know it then but there were a few surprises in store for me.

The weeks of summer pasted slowly and I had long forgotten about Jillian’s arrival. With musician study and work, all thoughts of her were push to the back of my mind. Until my Grandma came to me on my day off in front of my computer working on the latest story for Literotica.

“I’ll be back shortly, Josh.” She said.

I spun to face her in my seat. “Where are you going?” I asked.

“I have to go pick up Jillian from the airport.” She said. “She coming to stay here, remember?”

I nodded. “Oh that’s right, I forgot all about it.” Inside of course I was cheering. Every loser wants a hot chick under his roof.

“I’ll be back in a little while I don’t know how bad the traffic is going to be.” She said.

“Alright.” I said.

So I waited eagerly for the angel to arrive.

I continued to work on my stories for a while but I found my mind wondering and it became too hard to focus on my writing. I shrugged the aches out of my fingers and picked up my guitar. I lost myself to my playing for I don’t know how long.

I was finishing up a Dream Theater song when I heard a voice say. “Wow. Is that Dream Theater?”

I jumped startled and glanced to my doorway. My jaw dropped as I saw the goddess for the first time in person. The picture that had been on the fridge did not do this girl justice at all. She practically glowed just standing there. She had the hair pulled back into a long ponytail showing off her smooth face and neck. She wore a black top similar to the one I had seen in the picture and I could clearly see that she did not wear a bra and her grapefruit breasts stood all by themselves. She had on a pair of jeans so I didn’t get to see her legs but it was summer after all, hell I’d probably get to see her in a bikini.

Anyway, realizing that I still hadn’t said anything I shook my head and strummed a power chord to pretend I was distracted. I nodded, “Yeah it was Home, you know Dream Theater?” I asked amazed that she would be into metal, much less a mildly popular progressive rock band.

She nodded. “Yeah my ex-boyfriend turned me onto them. Now I can barely stop listening to them.” She came into the room illegal bahis and held out her hand. “You must be Josh, I’m Jillian.”

I put my pick between my lips and shook her hand, her skin was like silk and her grip was light. “Yeah nice to finally meet you. I heard you were going to stay here until you got yourself into a dorm. You’re going to go to UCLA right?”

She nodded. “Yeah I’m going to be in the medical program.”

“Beautiful and smart. You must be like one in a million.” I said with a smile, even though I wished instantly that I hadn’t brought notice to her that I thought she was attractive. Jillian probably knew that everybody thought she was attractive though.

She blushed though, actually blushed. “Well thanks. But you are also one in a million.” She said.

She lost me there. I wasn’t one in a million at anything, and most certainly not looks, especially to a perfect ten like her. I blinked and frowned puzzled. “What do you mean?” I asked.

She shrugged slightly. “Well I don’t know. How many guitarists can play near perfect Dream Theater?” She asked. “Of the millions and millions of players not many can play what you just finished.”

I laughed. “Well I guess not.”

She leaned back against the wall and motioned behind her. “I’m gonna go unpack, so I’ll see you around. I want to hear you play some more.”

I nodded. “Alright. Anytime.”

Days passed and Jillian spent most of her time at UCLA getting tours of the campus and talking with various administration and students to get all the right classes. I have to admit the girl is on the ball.

One day we were all gathered around the table eating dinner when Jillian asked me, “Hey Josh, after dinner do you mind if I use your computer to look up some things and check my e-mail?”

I shrugged, “Doesn’t bother me.”

I cleaned up the dishes while Jillian went up to my room. I stared straight out the kitchen window as I finished the dishes. Then it hit me like a brick against the wall. I had left my Literotica homepage on when I came down to dinner.

Dropping everything I dashed like lighting up to my room. “Jillian!” I cried hoping to get her attention away from the computer screen. I burst into my room to find her sitting in awe in front of the screen. “Jillian about that, I just like to write stuff and I,”

She turned slowly to look at me a look of shook on her face. “I don’t believe you.” She said slowly.

I raised my hands. “Hey come on now I just like to write about sex, seeing as how I never get any.”

“You’re Musicankane?” She asked in disbelief.

I stopped cold. “What?”

She climbed out of the chair and grabbed my shoulders. “You are my favorite author on this site!” She said energetically.

“You actually read stories from there?” I asked.

She nodded. “Yes! I love erotic stories. I love your stories.” She said.

“Uh, thank you?” I said.

She let me go and sat back in front of the computer. “I mean ‘The Show’ was a great twist on the typical celebrity story and ‘Jake’s Sisters’ is one of the hottest stories on the entire site.” She clicked to my member page. “I read about you after I read the first story and I just couldn’t believe that a virgin could come up with this stuff. I remember laying in bed hoping you would lose your cherry and boggle everyone’s mind with the hottest sex Literotica has ever seen.” She turned back and smiled at me. “I never thought that I would be the one to show Musicankane what it was all about.”

I blinked not quite realizing what she meant. “I don’t think that’s necessary. I’m glad you enjoy my work Jillian but maybe you should do whatever it is you wanted to one there and leave the rest out of it.”

She stood and came up to me. I didn’t realize that I had been backing away until my back hit my closet. She moved real close not quite touching, and leaned her lips even closer so I could feel her breath against my lips.

“What’s wrong? I’ve seen you look at me. You telling me that you wouldn’t like me to take hold of your hard cock in my little hands and jerk you off? Or maybe put you inside me.” She pulled back just enough so that see could look into my eyes.

I swallowed hard. “It’s not really that Jillian, it’s just that we are family and I have never been with, well you know.”

She reached back and pulled the hair tie out of her hair causing her ponytail to fall part and her long soft hair to fall around her face. A simple move that she somehow had made erotic and I balled my fists to prevent myself from giving it.

“You’re going to have to be with a girl eventually Josh. Unless you turn gay, but I know very well that you are not, I’ve read your stories and I can see you giving it everything you got not to sprout a boner right here and now.” She said. “And as for the family part I didn’t think you’d mind based on ‘Jake’s’ little adventures.” She made air quotes with her hands as she mentioned my story persona.

I moved away from her illegal bahis siteleri again and sat in the chair at my desk. I motioned to the computer, “These are just made up stories. Fiction, not real, hell the only reason I wrote ‘Jake’s Sisters’ was to get actual feedback on my writing. Since Incest was the most popular topic I thought I’d give it a try. Believe me when I say I’d rather write about getting it on with Britney Spears or whomever.” I explained.

She put her hands on her hips and smirked at me. “You have a stronger will than I thought. You know a regular guy would have leapt at my offer. I admire that.”

I nodded. “I’m glad you think so. Now maybe we can put this behind us, like it never happened and get on with our lives.”

She smiled. “Think again, Joshy boy. I want you even more, and believe me, I always get what I want.” She turned and headed to my door but paused in the doorway. “I can be very good at seduction when I want to be. And I’m going to make you the best writer on Earth by the time I have finished with you.” Then she left shutting the door behind her.

I turned to my computer and stared at the members page. “What have I gotten myself into?” I asked myself aloud. Sure I had fantasized about Jillian but that doesn’t mean I actually wanted to act upon my incestuous inner thoughts. God my family would kill me.

Then again she was a step cousin and not related by blood. Even if she was, she was a 2nd cousin and most states said that it was legal for second cousins to wed. I don’t know about marriage, but sex, why not?

I shut down my computer and began to take my bed down for the evening. As I peeled back the covers I wondered what Jillian would do to seduce me. I shook the thought out of my head, things like that would get me in trouble. I resolved myself that there was nothing Jillian could do that would ever get me to give in.

Now that I think back on it, I’ve never had a strong will.

Jillian had done nothing for days, regarding her promise. She seemed so caught up in dealing with getting her classes and her textbooks that I had begun to think that she had forgotten all about me. And I was relieved.

One evening I was working on the next chapter of ‘The Show’, while everyone in the house was downstairs watching ’24’. I was really working hard on the story because I wanted to get a really high rating with the next chapter and lots of feedback.

I had become so engrossed in my work that I didn’t hear Jillian come into my room. She watched me work for a second before startling me by saying calmly.

“Is that the new episode of ‘The Show’?”

I jumped in my chair and my hands banged a bunch of nonsense on the keyboard. “Jesus! Jillian you scared the hell out of me.” I cried. I quickly minimized the window so she would not be able to the steamy sex I had begun.

Jillian chuckled as she saw me hide the window from her. “Oh come on now. I’ve read everything else, you don’t need to hide it from me.” She put on hand on the back of my chair and leaned over me, her long hair falling over my shoulder and the side of her firm breast grazing my arm. She clicked on the minimized bar and brought up the window.

She read quietly to herself and then smiled at me. “This is very hot already.” She said and began reading it aloud to me in a sultry tone.

“Jessica ran her hands over my chest from behind. Her fingers tracing my muscles and her body pressed close to mine. It was added sensation as I watched Eliza move on the table, her body moving hypnotically to the soft music. Jessica was supposed to be there as a bodyguard but I felt her own arousal from Eliza’s performance.” Jillian read.

When she began again her hands were mimicking the motions of the story. I realized she was reading over my shoulder. “I couldn’t forget what Eliza had done to Sarah but her motions were shoving away any thoughts other than obvious ones. This was a deal for the vampires, all part of the plan. I promised that I would kill them all and I keep my promises.

“Jessica’s hands pulled my shirt open, some of the buttons just snapping away. Her hands felt electric on my skin and Eliza seemed to be finished dancing. She moved to her knees before me and ran her hands over my thighs. Jessica raised up behind me and began to neck my neck lightly.” Jillian paused and I felt her breath on my neck.

I shook away. “Jillian stop.” I climbed out of the chair and backed away from her. “I know what you’re doing and you need to stop it right now.”

Jillian purred lightly and motioned toward me. “Looks like you don’t want me to stop.”

I glanced down and realized that her little narration had gotten me hard and my little man was standing up in a tent in my sleeping pants. Jillian had a grin on her face and she licked her lips. For a moment my mind wandered over her beauty. She was unbelievable and she wanted me. I shook my head. Stop it you fool, it’s wrong and you’ll end up homeless or worse. I thought to canlı bahis siteleri myself.

I covered myself with my chair and glared at her. “It doesn’t matter Jillian, we can’t do this.” I must be crazy. I felt like I was acting like I could just walk out my door and get any sex I wanted. I sighed and leaned against the chair. “Please just stop, ok?” I whispered.

Jillian shook her head. “Not going to happen, Josh. Why wont you do me?” She asked me. “Am I not hot enough? I’m sorry I cannot be Britney Spears or anything.”

“Are you crazy? You are the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” I said in disbelief.

“Then why?” Jillian demanded more than asked.

“Because grandpa and grandma would kill me, for one. Not too mention that it’s very legal and I don’t really want to be thrown in jail for the next 25 years.” I said.

Jillian stood up and lean toward me over the chair. “Actually it’s not illegal, I’m a step cousin and not even a first cousin to begin with. Legally we could get married.” She paused. “I’m going to medical school, I’m far from stupid Josh. As far as anyone finding out, I think we could hide it from them easily enough.”

I stared down at the floor so not to meet her pleading eyes. I don’t know how much more pushing I could take, if she continued this effort I knew I was going to break and that would be it. For a moment I wondered if it would be so bad as I imagined or if everything would be fine.

“Please go Jillian.” I said softly.

Jillian sighed and muttered to herself. “Better luck next time.” Then she marched out of the room her hair flowing behind her as if an invisible fan were blowing on her.

My eyes found her tight body as she left and I plopped onto my seat. I must be crazy.

That night I lay awake thinking about all the possible thing I could do to Jillian. I don’t know where or at what point I decided to go for it with her but I rolled over and fell asleep with the resolve that the next time Jillian tried anything I would go along with it and let the punches fall where they may, if they fell at all.

I don’t know if Jillian knew whether or not I would change my mind if she gave me enough time to think on it. She was very distant from me for weeks this time, as if she was letting my mind drive itself into her arms. As I write this I wonder if she knew what was going on in my head.

The final weekend before school restarted was hot, like hell hot for LA. So to help us “kids” out my Grandma suggested going to the beach for the day. Jillian agreed and smiled at me. “Let’s do it Josh, it’ll be fun.” I wasn’t sure if she meant the beach or something else.

Unfortunately Grandma wouldn’t let me say no so I found myself stuffing various beach items in my truck while Jillian took an hour to change into her swimsuit. It literally took her longer to put on less clothing than it took me to get a shower and dress for work.

Finally she did come out of the house wearing a white T-shirt and pink shorts, with a green towel slung over her shoulder. Through the tee I could see a light colored bikini top underneath.

“Finally.” I said, climbing into the truck.

She stuck her tongue out at me. “I wanted to find the right swimsuit.”

“The right swimsuit? God, how many do you have?” I asked.

“Seven.” She said simply.

I put the car into drive and headed for the freeway. Traffic was light amazingly and we got to the beach in only twenty minutes. Even more miraculous than the traffic was the parking spot I nabbed right on the edge of the beachfront.

Jillian got out and helped me bring the chairs down toward the water. I had been silent the whole trip afraid she would bring up the sex issue again. Although I had resolved to actually do her the next time she brought it up, a bring part of me was terrified. Like if I actually started to go along with her advances she would scream that she had only been kidding and I would be in deep shit.

But she didn’t do anything; she didn’t even act like she was waiting for the right time to do anything. It was as if it was gone from her mind.

We set up our towels on the sand and the chairs on the edge of the towels so they faced the water. I glanced at all the people on the beach and marveled at the wondrous parking spot I got. The place was packed, people where everywhere doing everything from simply laying in the sun to bodysurfing in a swell that was decent size this time of the month.

I looked out toward the water and decided to go for a swim, but Jillian beat me to it.

“I’m going to go swimming.” She said, pulling her shirt over her head. For a moment I was stunned by her body. Her midsection was toned and her breasts were firm in her bikini top. I couldn’t get over how perfect they were, so firm looking and soft. She shook out her hair and smiled at me.

“What are you staring at?” She asked knowingly.

I shook my head realizing that I had been gaping like a five-year-old. “I’m sorry I was just trying to decide on something.” I said, my mind fighting for a way out.

“Oh? And what would that be?” She asked mockingly.

I glanced toward the water. “On how I was going to beat you to the water.” I cried taking off toward the water.

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