mindsc@pe Ch. 02

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Chapter 2
Back to the Grind

Jayce strode into the cinema for the first time since the shooting, his black clothes offsetting his red hair and pale complexion. A couple of workmates called out to him, welcoming him back, and congratulating him on his bravery. Taking a few moments to chat and mingle, Jayce finally made it to the office, ready to sign in for his shift.

‘Jayce,’ The Manager’s voice rang out over the subtle hum of the computers and constant ringing of the office phone. Jayce turned to look towards the source of the voice and was greeted with the usual frame of the thrity-something womanly figure of Monique; dressed in a silver silk blouse, pencil skirt and neckerchief, her brown hair held tightly in a bun at the back of her head with a pair of chopsticks. ‘I wasn’t expecting you for another week, Hero.’

Jayce blinked various thoughts out of his mind, attempting to regain some level of professionality ‘Um, yeah. I called though, the other day. I spoke to Jonno, he said to come on in.’

‘We both know Jonno never tells me anything.’ She strode towards Jayce, sliding past him to get through the narrow space between desk and wall and over to the roster pinned to the corkboard. ‘And he didn’t make a note of it on here. Looks like… Dave has your shift.’

Jayce’s heart sank. He knew Wednesdays were one of the few days he’d have to work with Mia now the holidays were over. ‘Yeah. Fine. When can I start back up again?’

‘Give yourself another week to recover, and give me a call. Hold on…’ Monique rustles around the desks until she finds a business card. Scrawling something on the back she hands it to Jayce. ‘Here’s my mobile, just so you don’t get Jonno again.’

‘Thank you-‘ Jayce starts before he’s interrupted by Dave poking his head through the door to the ticket box.

‘Anyone seen Mia?’ the dreadlocked man queried as he looks back and forth between Jayce and Monique. ‘No?’ the two figures shake their heads nearly in unison. ‘Damn.’ The dreadlocks just clear the doorway as it closes.

‘I’ll see if I can find her.’ Jayce says as he heads for the staff-room door.

‘Thanks.’ Comes the reply as Monique returns to her office.

Jayce makes his way through the staff area and into the service hallway.

‘A…’ He mutters as he passes a door. ‘B…. Projection…’ He traces his fingers along the wall as he approaches the door he wants. ‘C.’ With a click the door opens revealing a nearly untouched pile of paint and random cinema-related spare parts. Clambering over a torn seat the man makes his way to an unfinished door and pulling it open he heads up the steep concrete stairs towards the steel door at the top.

‘Mia?’ Jayce asks questioningly as he slowly pushes the door open. ‘Mia, you up here?’

‘No…’ came the nearly whimpered response.

‘Hey, you okay?’ Jayce asked, as he pulled himself through the doorway and over to the sullen figure seated on a concrete block beneath a large satellite dish. ‘What’s happened?’

Mia raises her gaze to meet Jayce’s, her bloodshot eyes and puffy black lids evidence of her sadness. ‘Nothing. Don’t worry about it.’ She sniffs loudly, wiping her nose on her sleeve in the cold cloudy air.

‘You know I’ve been doing some tests with that whole mind thing.’ The statement came seemingly from nowhere and caused Mia’s mind to stumble over it, pausing before turning to face Jayce, motioning for him to continue. ‘Let me show you… Pillows.’


Mia opened her eyes, laying on her back staring up at a wonderfully orange sky at sunset. The light was unnaturally even all around, making everything visible enough to interact with and see, but just dark enough to evoke a sense of mystery. She felt the ground she was laying on through her work clothes, it was soft to the touch much like ‘Pillows?’

‘Pillows.’ The voice of Jayce softly floated from behind Mia. She turned around to meet his barely-lit gaze, like her he was still dressed as before. ‘A whole world of ’em. Mountains of pillows, valleys of cushions, rivers of… other soft things. Possibly teddybears.’


‘Not much else to say really. I like sunsets. They’re nice and calming.’ Jayce moved over to sit right next to Mia. ‘Time passes here much faster than in the real world. I’ve timed it; An hour here is about the same as one second out there. I’ve spent months sailing seas, flying through the skies and even shooting through space.’


Jayce sighs as he takes Mia’s hand in his. ‘We can do anything here, for however long we want. We can run around throwing pillows at each other or just sit and chat. Whatever you want. I haven’t figured some things out yet, so if there’s anything you want just say and I’ll do my best to make it for you.’

Mia sat in silence for a moment letting it all settle in. A niggling question rose to the front of her mind ‘What happens if you get hurt here?’

‘I’ve already tested that one. Started by pricking my thumb, I won’t tell you what else I did…’ Jayce broke their gaze to stare at the sky. bostancı escort bayan Bright purple clouds whisked across the orange expanse. ‘Suffice to say that no injury inflicted here made it to the real world.’

‘Really.’ Mia stated, somewhat matter-of-factly. ‘I guess if physical things can’t go from here to there…’ She looked out to the sky, grinned and looked back to him.

‘What…’ Jayce met her sultry gaze with a confused look. ‘Why are you-‘

Before Jayce could finish his sentence, Mia gained footing against a rather large tasselled cushion and pounced him. Her weight and velocity knocks Jayce off balance, as he slams into a small pile of assorted softness with the buxom beauty pinning him down. She wraps her hand around the back of his head, and pulls Jayce into a deep and passionate kiss, her tongue thrashing against his as he responds to her assault in kind.

Mia’s plump breasts weigh down Jayce as she wraps an arm around him, pulling him tighter into her already powerful embrace. She finds an opening and wraps one leg around his, using the hold to grind her hips against his. Jayce reaches up around her back and further tightens their hold on each other by pulling her into him. He slides his hand under Mia’s shirt and begins to scratch lightly at the small of her back.

Mia in turn pulls away from the kiss, and reaches down to pull Jayce’s shirt off. ‘Easy way….’ Jayce moans as her weight is now focused on pinning his ever growing member between his abdomen and the heat of her crotch. In a blur of fabric both figures lose their clothing, their smooth naked bodies lit by the orange sky upon a small hill of pillows.

Both Mia and Jayce moan in pleasure as their genitals touch from the quick removal of fabric. His hardening cock wedged lengthways across her moist pussy, it’s head rubbing lightly against her clitoris, a fact that caused not just a moan, but some subconscious gyration of her hips as well. Jayce reached up to her, his fingers sliding around the back of her now naked neck as he pulls the voluptuous figure down on top of him once more, locking her into a passionate kiss.

With one hand holding herself up, Mia uses the other to grab Jayce’s throbbing cock, one finger loosing from the grip to caress his balls before guiding the head to her waiting pussy. Her tongue pauses it’s motions in Jayce’s lust-fuelled kiss, moaning lightly as she lets his cock tip slip into her with a wet plop.

Jayce’s hands wander to her back, fingers drawing down across her skin from shoulderblade to hip causing the buxom lady to arch her back, pushing the rest of Jayce’s cock deep inside her, all the way to his shaven balls.

‘Jay… dammit that’s good….’ Mia moans as she pushes down onto him, Jayce’s cock filling her as full as possible. For a couple of moments they lay there almost still as Jayce holds Mia’s hips down, his cock head brushing against her cervix. Mia slowly pushes forward against Jayce, grinding her wet pussy along his member’s length.



‘I want… to come… deep… inside you.’ Jayce spoke through staggered breath, his words echoing through his mind, setting off lots of alarms. Thoughts of her slapping him and demanding to go back raced through him. He gulped, awaiting an answer.

‘Fuck yes…’ Mia managed in reply before pulling herself up far enough to just leave the head of Jayce’s throbbing member inside her ‘Just… not yet…’ Slamming back down, impaling herself once more upon Jayce’s cock, the two of them moan in ecstacy. Mia shifts, riding Jayce as she alternates between grinding and pulling away.

Jayce reaches up, his hands abandoning the furious thrusts of the horny woman’s hips in favour of cupping her bouncing orbs. Squeezing them firmly he uses his thumb to depress and rub Mia’s perky nipples, her large areolas sensitive to his wandering fingertips as she moans a long ‘Fffffffuuuuuuuuuuck……’

Mia’s now bouncing up and down on top of Jayce with a good solid rhythm, her pussy slick with sexual juices which were now dribbling down Jayce’s balls. With each thrust Mia pushed Jayce’s cock so deep inside her that she could feel the cock tease her clitoris one moment and smash against her cervix the next.

The rhythm slows down as Mia leans in again for another kiss, her breasts pushing against Jayce’s chest as she finds his mouth once more, their faces framed by her sweat damped chestnut hair. Taking the momentary pause in motion as a sign, Jayce wraps an arm around Mia’s midsection and braces himself with the other. In one swift move accompanied by moans from both lovers Jayce rolls the two of them over; his legs outstretched, fortifying his position on top.

‘Mmmmm…’ Humms Mia in agreement of his assertive move. ‘Yes please’ she grins mischievously as reaches up to Jayce’s hair, brushing the whispy ends out of his eyes. Her hands continue down his neck and a cross his chest, lightly scratching at his toned torso. Jayce pulls out slowly, savouring every bump and ripple of Mia’s warm pussy, causing her to ümraniye escort moan even more.

‘I like that…’ he says with paused breath, holding his cock just outside Mia’s dripping entrance ‘-and it looks like you do too.’ He places a hand either side of Mia’s shoulders and pushes in slowly, the warmth of her cunt pulling him in from the afternoon air. Slowly he pushes deeper and deeper, the small rough patch of Mia’s G-spot now rubbing against the underside of Jayce’s sensitive prick. Deeper still he pushes until all seven inches are covered by the warm skin of Mia’s pussy, his balls resting against the base of her entrance as his head pokes at her cervix.

‘I dooooooo….’ Comes the reply as Mia’s breathing increases. Jayce grins and withdraws slowly again, allowing their various genital imperfections to bump and grind against each other with amazing effeiciency. ‘Ahhhnnnn…fffff….h-h-h-h-h-h-‘

Mia’s body shakes as her pussy begins to clamp down upon Jayce’s throbbing cock. Having withdrawn a little over halfway Jayce grabs her shoulders slamming the remaining length back into her. Her pussy walls contract again with an almost vice like grip, pulling Jayce in further than before. ‘Cum… please cum with me…’

‘As you wish, Milady.’ Jayce pants with a grin, he picks up the pace to a phenomenal speed considering Mia’s tight grip on his cock, loosening only slightly as he pounds her inflated cunt. Her own personal lubrication more than enough for Jayce’s speed to continue without pause, Mia’s pussy warms from the friction, causing a second orgasm to approach quick on the heels of the last one, and bringing Jayce closer to his.

A sneaky hand finds it’s way down the pillow mound and under Mia’s leg, it reaches out and with a momentary pause for Jayce to shift the position of his knees it strikes, fingering his cum-laden balls and toying with his puckered anus. Jayce’s motion stops entirely.

‘Umm…’ was the only word he could utter before Mia smiled orgasmically, curling her finger inwards. Jayce instinctively thrust forward deeply trying to evade the intrusion, his cock slamming hard against her cervix, but Mia was quicker and his sharp movement only proved to pull her finger in further. His balls twitched as Mia found the right spot, and clenching from her own powerful orgasm she presses down on Jayce’s prostate.

‘GYaaah…’ Jayce blurts out as his balls finally release the pent up load deep into Mia’s hungry cunt. Each jet of sperm pusling through his cock is helped forwards by the massaging contractions Mia has no control over. His throbbing cock deep inside her, Jayce can feel Mia’s heartbeat through both his member and chest as he lowers himself onto her, their sweaty bodies sliding against each other.

Jayce’s cock looses forth one last jet of cum, splashing against Mia’s cervix as her own muscles slowly loosen from around Jayce. He runs a few fingers up her arm until he find Mia’s palm; where he continues to stroke her fingers. Mia slides her own sweaty digits between Jayce’s and squeezes tightly.

‘Holy shit…’ are the only words that make it to Mia before the darkness sets in.

Back on the roof, Mia sits facing Jayce, their hands intertwined.

‘That- that was…’ she stutters.

‘Amazing…’ Jayce can barely hold himself upright, which is more than Mia could, slipping off the concrete and were it not for Jayce’s quick reflexes she’d have hit the floor pretty hard. ‘Woah there… you okay?’

‘Just a little woozy…’ Mia says, her heart beating faster as she recalls the memories of her trip into Jayce’s mind. ‘Did we really?’

‘Do that?’ Jayce said with a satisfied grin as he places Mia back on the concrete block. Once the woman was seated comfortably, he lay down beside her, staring up at the grey clouds. Somehow his cock felt as if it had just been through that whole ordeal, but knowing it hadn’t gave it all the more strength as it’s slowly hardening form pushes against his zipper. He shifted a leg to hide it. ‘Yes, yes we did.’

Mia took a moment to collect her thoughts, turning to Jayce as she spoke. ‘I-‘ she gulped ‘I’ve been going through a tough time at the moment. You know Jonno and I are… together, right?’

‘Of course; he’s the prick that’s a pain in my arse everyday and brags how he gets to fuck you whenever he wants, etc. etc. Go on…’ At that comment Mia considers objecting as her mouth holds an open vowel in silence.

Thinking better of it, she continues ‘Well we had a fight last night, and it’s over now. I think it is. I don’t know.’ She turns away in frustration at her own faltering decisiveness. ‘I suppose you can sympathise; what with the stuff with Adrienne.’

Jayce recalled the last few months in his mind. A stupid sentence uttered, escalating into a mountain of words that crash down upon his mind and heart as he leaves the house with a single packed bag. ‘We’re back on speaking terms now at least, and she hasn’t destroyed my stuff which is nice.’

‘Still couch surfing?’

‘Yep.’ He admitted with a sigh.

‘Well, escort kartal now so am I.’ Mia’s arms flop down beside her as she turns her attention to the sky.

Jayce’s heart raced; this was his chance. He thought about the options, weighed them up and took a blind leap. ‘Live with me.’

‘What?’ Mia’s stunned reply caught even herself off guard, coughing at the sudden exhalation of air at the wrong time.

‘Move in with me.’ Jayce’s heart stopped in embarrassment from having to repeat himself. He gulped ‘Dave’s moving out of his apartment in a few days and the landlord said he won’t have to do the whole four weeks rent thing if he can find someone immediately. It’s a little expensive for just me, but together we could-‘

‘I’ve been there,’ Mia stated abruptly ‘It’s a one bedroom place.’ She shifted uneasily.

‘You take the bedroom, and I’ll just use a partition in the lounge. I’m already couch surfing, and it’ll only be temporary until we each get back on our feet.’ He paused, waiting for an answer. His chest was burning as it felt as though his heart hadn’t beat in minutes.

Mia looked him over. Reasonably well built, Jayce lay on the concrete block with his arms clasped behind his head, his leg raised the way men do when they have a hardon and don’t want to show it. His brown eyes just seemed so honest.

‘Okay.’ She sighed with a mix of relief and anticipation.

‘Okay.’ Jayce’s heart decided it had some catching up to do and began racing as he smiled into the sky. A fact which he began to feel the effects of in his pants; after all the blood had to go somewhere. He shifted a little more as he realised the conjoined thought of their recent “adventures” coupled with living together. ‘And, um, you know that if- if you wanted to go relax somewhere- somewhere “nice” you can just let me know, whenever- whenever you want.’

Mia blushed at the thought of using Jayce like that again. ‘Sounds… nice. But next time I get to be in control.’ She grins at Jayce.

‘Seemed like you were pretty well in control before-‘ Jayce started as Mia gives him a punch to his raised leg. A squeal of pain escapes the reclining man’s lips as he curls forwards, almost sitting up.

Thinking about how big he was in that surreal world of pillows and where in proportion everything would be, Mia recoils in terror at what she’d done. ‘Sorrysorrysorrysorry-‘ She begins to pat down the injured erection through Jayce’s pants, only increasing his squirming. ‘Shit I’m so sorry…’

Jayce was now clutching at his wounded crotch, the dull throbbing from before intensified a thousand fold from the impact of Mia’s fist. It wasn’t a hard punch, but it had hurt all the same. Mia managed after a few seconds to pry his hands away, and much to Jayce’s surprise she unzips his pants. Like a rabbit in headlights, he freezes.

Mia wasn’t as still, her hands were almost a blur as they pulled out Jayce’s sore member, exposing it to the cold rooftop air. It was just as big here as it was in his mind. She thought about asking Jayce why he didn’t change his size, or if he even wanted to. But wiping all those thoughts from her mind she just leans down and speaks softly ‘Let me kiss it better.’

Jayce was still frozen before the chestnut-haired lady; his crush, the one person he’d been too afraid to ask out and had been cast into the friend zone as punishment was now actually offering to kiss his erect penis, not long after having imaginary sex and agreeing to move in with him. It took all his self control not to cum on the spot. Control which would soon be tested as her moist rosy lips descended upon his injured member.

As her luscious red lips touched his engorged cock, Jayce breathes in sharply. Mia’s tongue gently flicks the tip, as she smiles up at him ‘Does that feel better?’

Jayce could barely manage a response, nodding as he mumbles in confusion ‘A- a little.’

‘Hmmm…’ Mia hummed, shifting her weight to grip Jayce’s cock with both hands. ‘That won’t do…’ with one last flick of her tongue across the tip of the head, Mia opens wide and descends upon Jayce’s meat slowly, taking it in inch by inch. Halfway down she closes her lips around him, the warmth of her mouth causing him to twitch; his balls desperate to shoot his hot seed into her mouth. Mia’s tongue caresses Jayce’s length, with little sucking motions she pulls him deeper inside.

With the excitement from before and the look in Mia’s eyes now as she suckles on his cock like a hungry calf at the teat of it’s mother, Jayce can hold back no longer. With a grunt and a moan his balls contract, pumping his hot seed up his swollen shaft to spurt against the back of Mia’s throat. Feeling Jayce cumming, Mia pushes herself down further around his cock until it swells up against the back of her throat. Holding back her gag reflex she pushes her tongue against Jayce’s pulsing cock, working it along his length as she milks him for all he’s worth.

Jayce could feel the next shot of cum hit the back of Mia’s throat and start to dribble down his cock, the motions of her tongue sloshing it around the throbbing member before her cheeks clamp down tight, sucking the salty fluid back down her throat. Another couple blasts of Jayce’s hot seed erupt from his prick as Mia hungrily swallows every drop, sucking him dry drop by drop.

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