MILFs At Home (And Away) Ch. 02

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I dozed off to sleep on Penelope’s bed and woke up to a wonderful sight – her mother (Veronica) standing in the doorway, wearing just stockings and a garter belt – with a huge double-ended dildo strapped to her pussy.

“I see you’ve dropped out for a while” she opined in a deliberately sultry sexy voice “c’mon, we’ve got some errands to run.”

“What errands?” I replied.

“Well, we’ve got to drop Ulrika back to the supermarket car park – otherwise it will cost her a fortune in parking fees!” Veronica replied. “Quick, get dressed and come with us.”

I wandered through the house … searching for my clothes … with no sign of even a pair of boxers anywhere … I made a mental reversal of my activities earlier in the day … aha, yes … they’re all in the back of Veronica’s obscenely expensive 4×4 with the “fuckoff you tree-hugging bastards petrol consumption”.

The mental pictures also had an effect on my dick as I staggered through the house with a raging hard-on swaying from side to side. I was in the garage putting my clothes back on when Veronica and Ulrika appeared … dressed as they were when I met them earlier … both looking a bit flushed with self-satisfied smirks on their faces.

The women jumped into the front seats … which left me to crawl into the back seat and struggle to put socks and shoes on. Veronica and Ulrika chatted as we drove back to the supermarket. I sat in the centre, with my arms draped around their headrests and my hands down the front of their blouses … gently fondling their erect nipples.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm, my pussy is sooooo creamy and slick after all that fucking and sperm” whispered Ulrika. “Every part of me is screaming let’s go again, but my pussy and ass are saying NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.”

“Same here” replied Veronica “I just love fucking … can’t get enough … but I’ve got to pick up Penelope from college in half an hour. Today is her 19th birthday and she suspects I’ve got something arranged for her.”

“What have you got organised?” asked Ulrika.

“Well, she doesn’t drink or do drugs, so we’ve bought her a car … a nice little MGB that was restored by an enthusiast. She’ll love it. She’s been driving since she was 17 and hasn’t done anything silly in her starter car.”

“Wow” exclaimed Ulrika “that’s such a cool present. She’ll be delighted with it, I’m sure.”

“Anyway, here’s the supermarket. We’ll meet up next week for another coffee morning, if you’d like.”

“Yes” ooooozed Ulrika “and this time we’ll forget about the coffee and the supermarket!!! I’ve had such a good time today – should have done this years ago.”

The women kissed goodbye and Ulrika gave me a quick kiss and my cock a quick squeeze as I passed by her to get into the passenger seat.

Veronica turned the car around and we headed for Penelope’s college. She was in her final year and about to do her university entrance exams. As we drove in silence, I began to notice Veronica’s huge left breast hanging beneath her arm as she held on to the steering wheel. Yes, folks … her left breast … we’re in England and in a right-hand drive car, so I was sitting in the left-hand seat as a passenger. It was magnificent. The seat belt divided her magnificent breasts and pushed the left one slightly more to the left than usual. I slid around in the seat to admire it. Veronica obviously didn’t mind … since we’d spent the entire morning either fucking one another or watching each other fuck.

“Like what you see?” she seductively asked.

“Oh yes,” I replied, “I love big, full breasts. Heavy, collected up neatly in a bra … just waiting to be fondled … nipples erect in anticipation … do you mind???”

“Oh yes please … but be gentle” replied Veronica “they’ve been nibbled and roughly handled this morning. They could do with a little bit of TLC just now”.

I slowly reached across and cupped her left breast. It was heavy in my hand. Solid, covered in the thin veneer of her sexy lingerie. I grazed across her nipple. It rose instantly. I could feel it thickening … feel it becoming erect and proud … Veronica shivered … her breasts jiggled in the constraining bra … encouraging me to caress her breast some more.

“Oooohhhhhh God” she hissed “I am soooooooooooo in the mood for more but I know my pussy won’t take another cock right now. Its aching. Horny and aching. I just love sex … can’t get enough. My daughter is so lucky to have you as a boyfriend. You’re so understanding. She’s every bit as horny as me and you indulge her every fantasy. Dave does that for me too. That’s why our marriage is so strong. He knows that its his cock that I crave the most … oh, and his depraved mind. He can be such a pervert … always manages to surprise me somehow.”

We pulled up outside Penelope’s college and slowly entered the grounds. The tree-lined avenue was gently curved to show the Victorian façade to its maximum antalya escort effect. Fake gothic turrets rose up from the corners and tall sashed windows glinted in the sun … their leaded glass almost shimmered in the soft English autumn sun. My hand dropped down from Veronica’s breast as my attention was drawn towards the elegance of the façade and the amount of cars parked in front of the massive oak front door.

“Oh no” panted Veronica “don’t stop … no one can see us through the tinted windows in this thing.”

She parked the car, stopped the engine and turned to me with a knowing smile.

“Take out your cock” she said breathlessly “I want to stroke it again.”

I shuffled back in my seat and slid my trousers down. My cock strained inside my boxer shorts and Veronica squeezed it gently but firmly. My boxer shorts followed my trousers – due south!!!

“Just lie back in the seat and let me do the rest” she added.

I adjusted the seat to 45 degrees and lay back. Her arm blocked my view of her breast but it was obvious she was playing with herself. She stopped stroking my cock momentarily … pulled up her shirt and resumed stroking her pussy with her right hand and my cock with her left. She was so relaxed … almost lazily stroking me … sliding a wet hand over my shaft and reminiscing about the morning’s highlights.

I could see people passing by with their daughters … oblivious to what was going on in our car. The smell of sex was overwhelming. Her pussy smelled so sweet and I just wanted to roll her over, spread her legs and taste her again. When she pulled back my foreskin, the combined smell of her, Ulrika and the new maid just wafted around the car.

“Where is my darling little daughter” she cooed with an insincere tone … doesn’t she know its her birthday and there just might be a little surprise awaiting her upon her return??? I’ll have to call her.”

Her hand left my cock and hit the speed dial on the mobile phone. Although we were parked, she used the hands off car phone kit and I could clearly hear the dialling tone, followed a quick succession of pips and squeaks as the phone automatically dialled Penelope’s number. Veronica’s hand returned to my cock as Zoey answered her phone.

“Yes, Mummy” she replied in a breathless voice.

“Where are you, darling” retorted Veronica “we’re out here waiting for you.”

“Who is WE, Mummy???” replied Penelope.

“John and I are in the car outside darling. I brought him along as a bit of a birthday surprise for you. I bumped into him at the supermarket this morning and we’ve been bumping one another ever since” she chortled.

“Oooohhhhh” replied P … in an even more breathless manner.

“I take it you are not alone in there, darling! Replied Veronica.

“No Mummy, Zoey is with me … and she’s in the middle of giving me a rather special birthday present. She’s got a new strap-on dildo and she wanted to try it out on me first.”

“Well, I’ll tell you what” Veronica whispered “I’ve got John out here and I’m stroking his big, fat cock but I’m a bit tender from my exertions earlier on this morning … so, I’m suggesting that you come out here and sit on it … while your talented little friend Zoey kisses my aching pussy better! How about that for an idea?”

“We’re on our way” replied P … as Zoey giggled in the background. “I’d much rather have a real cock inside me right now.”

Within 5 minutes the girls were outside the car. I pulled up my boxers and trousers … closed my coat and stepped out of the car. I opened the rear door for Penelope and the front door for Zoey … closed the front door and jumped into the back seat with Penelope.

I dropped my trousers immediately and Penelope slid forward to suck my cock. It was throbbing. She had a short mini-skirt and white shirt on.

“Leave your clothes on” I hissed as she straddled my legs and eased herself down on my erection. She had no panties on and she was soaking from the attention she’d obviously just been getting from Zoey.

“I’m sooooooooo horny” whispered Penelope into my ear as she positioned herself over my cock. “Its been way too long since I had you inside me”. Just because my older sister is away doesn’t mean you can’t visit us.

Zoey turned around in the front seat and reached down for my cock. She stroked it twice … then aimed it at Penelope’s soaking snatch. She rubbed my cock along her pussy lips, as Penelope sank down on me. I lay back as flat as I could … allowing Penelope as much length as I could muster in the confined space of the back seat.

“Happy birthday, darling” Veronica added, as her younger daughter impaled herself on my rigid cock. “Zoey” she whispered “my pussy is sooooo sore after fucking all morning, do you think you could be a darling and lick me out nice and slowly when we get back to the house?”

“Sure” enthused Zoey, kepez escort in her best cum slut voice. “How many cocks have squirted inside you this morning? I just loooooooooooove licking cum from a freshly fucked pussy.”

“John shot one huge load and my husband gave me two shots” replied Veronica. Oh, and one was in my ass. Do you mind licking my ass, darling?”

“Don’t worry, given enough time and access, I could suck treacle back through a garden hose … and you KNOW how much I like the taste of cum!!!!”

“When you’re finished, I’ll ride you with my new strap-on dildo … and I’m sure either John or my husband will give you a good fill of fresh cum, if you’re up for some real cock” added Veronica.

By this time, I was all the way inside Penelope’s hot little pussy. She had tucked her shirt inside her belt … front and back, so it would get in the way of my cock. Her shirt was open and her lovely little tits were wobbling inside her bra in front of me. Her breathing was ragged and she was talking dirty into my ear as she rode my throbbing cock.

“Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Pleeeeeeease just fuck me.”

“Shove that fat cock up as far you can.”

“Oh God, I really need this today.”

“Ahhh, yessssss … that’s the spot.”

“Ooooohhhh, I just looooooove your cock.”

“Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

“Oh God, Zoey …. He’s sooooo far up inside me, I can hardly breathe”

“Ooooohhhh, I’m cumming. I’m gonna cum … I’m … I’m … uuuuhhhhh …. Uuughhh … C … Cum … Cummm —- mmmm —- innnngggggg.”

Then she just slumped on to me … my cock still buried inside her … her panting breath rolled hotly off my ear.

“Just hold me like this until we get home, John” she pleaded. “I’ll finish you off when we get back. Meanwhile, I’ll keep you hard until we get back … we’re less than 5 minutes away.”

“WOW” squealed Zoey from the front seat. “That was really hot.”

Zoey then turned around in the seat to face us. She caressed my balls as she fingered herself. While we were stopped at a traffic light, I could see Veronica reach across and finger her asshole. Zoey was breathing hard and gasping for air … as she cupped my balls and slid her thumb up inside Penelope’s pussy … her thumb rubbed both the base of my cock and the inside of Penelope’s pussy … and Penelope gently squeezed my cock with her pussy as her orgasm began to subside.

Veronica swerved into the driveway and sped up towards the house. Penelope and I clung to one another in order to keep my cock inside her as the car swung from side to side. I think Penelope’s Mum was affected by our fucking too. She was rubbing her pussy all the way home … pausing only to finger Zoey at traffic light s and junctions. We got inside the garage and Veronica screamed at Zoey …

“Get out of the car and come over to my side. I need to be eaten right now!”

Zoey complied. She jumped out of the passenger door just as the car braked inside the garage and skipped over to the driver’s side. Veronica slid sideways and propped her left leg up on the open door. She hooked her right leg around Zoey’s back and pulled her down on her obviously needy pussy.

Penelope and I watched (and listened) as Zoey ate Veronica’s pussy in a very loud and sloppy fashion. She gasped and gurgled, sucked on her clit and fingered her ass … as Veronica came hard.

My cock was throbbing inside Penelope’s pussy and she began to move up and down on it again. She opened her shirt buttons and removed it. Still sliding up and down on my cock, Penelope reached behind her back and removed her bra. Her tits jiggled as she rocked up and down on my cock. Seeing me stare at them, she raised her hands above her head and shook them sideways. They jiggled and wobbled just out of range of my reaching lips. I wanted to suck on her wonderful nipples … so hard … so perky … pointing directly up at my face … but tantalisingly out of reach … just inches out of reach.

“Carry me to my room” she whispered “and fuck me on every surface you pass on the way. And don’t you dare cum until we get on to my bed.”

Penelope removed my shirt before I shuffled sideways with Penelope’s hot pussy gripping my cock and her arms gripping my back. I shook my trousers down around my ankles … kicked off my shoes … then lost the trousers completely … as Penelope wrapped her legs around me and locked her ankles behind me. Her pussy clung to my cock as I tentatively walked out of the garage and into the house through the connecting annexe. I fucked her up against the wall as she tried to open the door for me … I think she might have been delaying a bit … as she didn’t seem to be too good at opening doors all of a sudden!!!

I placed her on the kitchen table and tried to remove my cock.

“No. No. Don’t you dare take it out” she hissed. manavgat escort I want you inside me all the way … and don’t you dare cum on me … I want you to cum INSIDE me … its my birthday and this is what I want from you on my birthday. I want every drop of cum you can muster.”

“I was going to go down on you” I whispered into her ear “don’t you want to be eaten?”

“Nope, not yet” she whispered breathlessly “and besides, Zoey will eat me out afterwards. Mummy is warming her up for me.”

I continued fucking Penelope on the table. She started to cum. She dug her nails into my back and clung to me as I fucked her remorselessly. After her orgasm subsided, I picked her up again … stabbed her pussy with my cock against the kitchen wall before sliding into the breakfast room … another table … another mini-slam fucking session … and then another orgasm from Penelope … then another vertical fuck up against a wall … and into another room … and up the stairs … she stood sideways and did the splits … one foot on the ground and one leg draped over my shoulder … before she spun sideways and into the doggie position … and then I surprised her … I lifted her legs and fucked her in the wheel barrow position … all the way up the stairs and all the way down the hallway and into her room. By the time we got to her doorway, her arms gave way. We slumped to the floor … my cock still just about inside her … and I fucked her as she lay flat on the floor. She raised her bottom to meet my thrusts … and slid sideways and back into the missionary position. I placed a hand behind the small of her back and pulled her to me. She clung to me as I somehow managed to raise myself up off the floor, cup her tight little buns and walked her into her room.

“On the bed” she whispered “finish me off on my bed, please”

Our sweaty bodies made clinging together and fucking more and more difficult … but somehow, I managed to keep my cock inside her burning hole all the way to her bed. I pressed my cock as far inside her as I could … just before we slumped on to the bed.

She had her legs wrapped around my waist like a vice. The sweat dripped from my brow, from my face, from my chest all over her jiggling tits. I could taste our combined salts on her hot skin. I wasn’t too far away from shooting my load deep inside her. Fucking her mother, her mother’s old friend and the new French maid earlier in the morning obviously helped me hang on … but how much jism was I going to squirt into her was the question on my mind.

These thoughts helped keep me from cumming too soon. Penelope was panting, breathless from multiple orgasms that were beginning to merge into one prolonged, hard orgasm. She was barely able to speak … just garbled intermittent words and half sentences … and heavy breathing.

Her eyes never left mine … her pussy was now losing its grip … I was fucking a bottomless pit … my cock was now in total command of her dilated cunt. My balls began to tighten and my eyes began to blur … I was soooooooo close …

“Yes, yes … inside me … as far up as you can … I want to feel you squirt” she hissed as I began to cum.

I’m not sure how much cum I shot into her … but my cock pulsed inside her about ten times. Her feet kicked my ass in towards her … driving my cock up into her … I kept fucking … even though my cock was beginning to soften.

“Enough, enough” she gasped “that’s it … that’s what I wanted … oooooh, that was soooooo good. That was the best birthday present ever … now, where’s that little pal of mine.

We lay on the bed … side by side … satisfied … totally spent … exhausted … breathing big, deep breaths … hearts racing … soaked in each others sweat and sexual juices …

Zoey rolled sideways and draped an arm across my chest.

We stayed like that until Zoey appeared.

She looked dishevelled … well fucked … she stood naked in the doorway … rubbing her clit with one hand and rolling a nipple in the other. Her hair was tossed, her nostrils flared as she too tried to relax herself after an orgasm.

“Any room in there for a third” she giggled. “Your Mummy is such a yummy mummy … and a very naughty mummy too … have you seen the size of that new strap-on she’s bought. It’ll be a week before my thighs come back together after that thing. And with that … Penelope spread her legs and offered her gaping, cum-oozing cunt to Zoey.

Zoey crept on the bottom of the bed … crawled up until she was between her best friend’s legs and gently tucked in. She licked her thighs, she nibbled her pussy lips and softly nuzzled her clit … before sliding her tongue inside Penelope’s freshly fucked pussy.

Penelope just snuggled up to my chest and closed her eyes. She almost purred as Zoey gently ate her.

I just drifted off to sleep … four hot women in one day … two red hot MILFs + one scorchingly hot French maid (dressed appropriately) + an insatiable 19 yr old

… and it wasn’t even 6 o’clock yet!!!

I needed to … just wait ’til I tell you about her birthday party later on that evening!!!

More soon.

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