Michael and His Mother

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He grabbed his cock thinking about his mother. He knew he shouldn’t be, but he couldn’t help it. Every time his cock throbbed and he thought about sex, he knew what he wanted. Her big tits in his face, nipples in his mouth, her body over him, and his big cock pushing back against her. She was more than a mother to him. She was a caring, sweet, and sensual woman. She didn’t have movie star looks, but she was perfect. He thought about the way her breasts fell, and how slow and deliberate her movements were. He thought about the way his cock hardened whenever she was close to him. He couldn’t get her out of his head, even when he knew she shouldn’t be there. Tonight she invaded his mind once again, as he began spraying cum all over his stomach and chest, he thought about her swallowing all of it. The orgasm felt amazing, and he relaxed for a minute, staring at the ceiling, realizing that what he felt was just a fantasy, one that he couldn’t live out. It was something he couldn’t have, and he’d be better off forgetting it.

Susie sat downstairs in silence. It was quiet since her husband moved away. Too quiet. Sipping wine and ignoring the t.v., her thoughts turned to her eldest son. She wondered how he was doing, now that his father had left her for another man. How was she doing? It didn’t matter, she didn’t want to waste time caring for her own needs when she had two growing boys to care for. She almost teared up as she thought about how much they’d grown. 15 and 18, where had the time gone? She closed her eyes and remembered breast feeding them. She missed that time, when they looked to her for comfort and nourishment. Remembering those feelings made her nipples ache.

She barely got a word out of them now. Her youngest was ok, but Michael hadn’t taken his father leaving as well Tim. He seemed so angry and hurt, to the point of being withdrawn. She wished he would open up to her more. Emboldened by the wine, she decided to go upstairs and talk to him. It wasn’t too late, only 9 P.M. He’d probably still be awake, playing on his phone or something. She downed the wine and went upstairs, determined to re-connect with her boy, not sure of what she’d find.

His door was ajar. Peaking inside, she felt an odd sense of relief when she saw him fast asleep. It took a second to realize he was completely naked, and covered in his own semen. küçükyalı escort She paused for a second before catching herself staring at his cock. She felt a sense of pride, her boy was grown up. And she felt a sense of lust, realizing her son was a man now, a man who needed what all men need. Closing the door, she knew it was wrong, but she wanted him back. She wanted him to belong to her again. She wanted him to be her little boy.

She walked down the hall to bed, no longer bold, but flushed. “That was so much cum,” she thought. “How long has he been stroking his cock?” Her mind raced with questions as she changed for bed. She loosened her bra and noticed her nipples were erect. Pinching them a little, she thought about her eldest, breastfeeding. “Jesus,” she thought, “He’d probably love to have these back in his mouth”. Her cunt started to moisten. She knew it wasn’t right, but she couldn’t help it. She needed that big cock and that strong body on top of her. She didn’t care if it was her son, she needed it, and by the looks of it so did he. “Come for Mommy baby” she whispered as she slid her fingers into her pussy and over her clit. “That’s it, show mommy what you’re made of. Make me yours. Mommy will take care of you.” She moaned, her fingers moving faster than usual. The orgasm hit and she imagined her son’s big cock sliding in her mouth, unloading it’s cream down her throat. She opened her mouth, pleading for him to fill it, and to keep filling it. Orgasm after orgasm gripped her body as a cornucopia of disgusting and filthy thoughts ran through her head. She finally drifted off to sleep, glad that she’d been able to control herself, and thankful knowing that tomorrow she’d forget all about her filthy fantasies. She hoped.

They both continued their routine over the next few months. Michael gripped his cock and thought about his mother sliding her cunt and mouth down over it, and Susie played with her pussy thinking about swallowing her son’s load while he laid in his bed, covered in cum. They knew what they wanted, but didn’t know how to get it. The days passed, and the routine stayed the same. Until the day she dropped the bowl.

She didn’t mean too. She had been putting the dishes away, sipping her wine and enjoying the after effects of a good orgasm on the couch. Her pussy kurtköy escort was bulging, and her nipples stood erect. She could feel a touch of her juice sliding down her leg, and as she bent over she fantasized about Michael being behind her, sliding his fat cock into her wet twat. She imagined him taking her, and making her feel like a woman again. He would pinch her nipples, pull her hair, and fuck her senseless. As she bent over and spread her legs, she reached for the bowl. She wiggled her ass in the air, praying for cock. She let her hair fall around her head as she bent over. She lifted her night gown so her ass and pussy were exposed to the cool air, slid her finger into her wet cunt, and opened her eyes, only to see her son standing in the doorway, shocked, and looking more beautiful than she ever imagined.

“Mom?” He asked as she tried to get herself together.

“I was just cleaning up and um-”

His mind was racing. He could feel blood rush to his cock. They both looked at each other in silence for what felt like an eternity, and they both knew they had found what they were looking for.

They came together for the first time, not as a mother and son, but as two lovers. They pulled at one another, relieved this was happening. Relieved that they didn’t have to hide anymore. Relieved that they were going to do what a mother and son should never do. And excited that they were doing it.

He wanted her tits first. He wanted her big nipples in his mouth and she was happy to oblige. He felt his tongue swirl around them. He sucked them into his mouth as she pulled his head into her breasts. “Yes baby, be a good boy for mommy. Suck on mommy’s tits.”

He sucked and she moaned. Her pussy wetter than it had been in years. She reached down to his shorts for his thick cock. “God this thing is perfect” she thought. She was going to make sure he wouldn’t need to go anywhere else for what he needed. She was going to give him everything.

He didn’t want to cum, he needed to. His balls ached, his cock harder than steel. His mother’s hands felt amazing, soft and familiar, and for a split second he couldn’t believe how lucky he was. She knew exactly what to do and how to do it. She pulled his shorts down and shot his cock into her mouth. MMMMmmmm she moaned as he thrust maltepe escort his fat prick into mommy’s mouth.

“Mom you’re gonna make me cum. You’re gonna make your little boy cum! “

“Come for mommy. Show me how you come for your mother. You know she wants your cum.” She engulfed his cock again, all the way to it’s base, before taking it out and stroking it for him. “It’s ok baby” she said, staring at his cock while keeping her mouth open right in front of it.

“Uggghhh mom we can’t. It’s not right.”

“Shhhhhh, shhhhhh. It’s ok. It’s gonna be just for us. You don’t need to tell anyone ok? It’ll be our little secret.”

She jerked and sucked until he didn’t know if he could take it anymore.

She knew he was hers, and he knew it too. He knew he didn’t have a choice but to fuck her until she couldn’t stand up. That’s what she wanted, and he was going to deliver. He pulled his cock from her mouth and bent her over. They paused for a split second before crossing the point of no return.

Fuck! Her pussy felt like warm silk. Beautiful. He couldn’t believe it. Fucking his own mother as she pushed back eagerly. She fingered her pussy as he fucked her from behind.

“That’s it you nasty bitch, fuck your son like a wanton whore. Fuck me till I fill your cunt with my sweet cream. Make yourself cum on this cock.”

“I can’t believe I’m fucking my son!” she thought as she could feel herself inching closer to orgasm. “Harder baby” she moaned as slapping sounds filled the house. “That’s it, make your mother cum!”

“Make your mother cum!”

“Make mommy cuuuuuuummmmmmmm!” She screamed as her whole body rocked with an orgasm. “Yes baby! Keep fucking me! Keep fucking mommy!”

“Oh God,” he thought as he could feel his balls tighten.

“Fucking your own mother? You filthy boy. You want that pussy though don’t you? You want to cum in mommy’s cunt. It’s ok baby, mommy wants it too. Cum for mommy. Come on baby. Come for mommy.”

“Ugggghhhhhhhh, oh shit! That’s it! Holy shit! Good fucking God.”

“What the fuck just happened?” He whispered to himself as she stood up, his cream sliding down the inside of her thighs.

“I don’t know” came her reply.

They stopped and looked at one another lovingly, but with different eyes, neither one of them knowing what to say to the other.

“We’ll talk about it tomorrow, go to bed” she whispered as she pulled on her nightgown down and gave him a kiss.

“Goodnight mom” he said, turning around with a smile.

“Goodnight Michael” she said. “I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.”

He turned around before heading up the stairs. “Me too”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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