Miami Night Ch. 02

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I must have crashed as soon as my head hit the pillow because I didn’t remember anything afterwards until I heard Elliot speaking to me quietly.

“Sleepy head wake up.” He was saying. He was brushing his fingers across my face. “Come on sleeping beauty, time to get up.”

I slowly opened my eyes. I felt refreshed, but still a bit sleepy. “Hey.” I whispered. “How long did I sleep?”

“Oh not too long.” He said and pulled the covers back. He untied the robe and opened it, exposing me. He rubbed his hands along my belly, they were chilly and it tickled causing me to get all goose bumpily again. He pulled me up out of bed and let the robe fall. He led me to the tub and held my hand as I stepped in.

Wow! It was very hot and steamy. I melted right down into it. This was fucking awesome! There was a knock on the door, “Room Service.” a voice said from the other side.

“Ah perfect timing.” Elliot said as he headed towards the door. He opened the door and in came a man pushing a cart. The back of my head was resting on the edge of the tub away from them. I was soaking in the hot bubbly water, I lay back to get my hair wet and out of my eyes. I heard the two of them talking a bit and then the door closed.

“Ok come on, off with the clothes. You have to get in here, it’s amazing.” I said.

“Oh I’ll be right there. Stripping as we speak.” Elliot said. Then he was standing next to the tub naked. He stepped in and moved over towards me. He kissed me and we floated around together, entwined. He moved the both of us back to the edge of the tub. Just then, there was a hand under my chin and someone bent down and kissed me, plunging his tongue into my mouth. He then slipped into the tub with us and wrapped his arms around me, grabbing my ass.

I pushed him away, not knowing who it was. Then I saw him, the one from the elevator, the one with the incredible dick. I kissed him back. Oh yeah, this was going to be nice. He grabbed my legs and wrapped them around his waist as I floated against him. He moved over towards Elliot who was sitting in one of the places in the tub. He sat me on his lap. Elliot grabbed my face and kissed me. Then the other guy. I didn’t even know his name. They took turns shoving their tongues into my mouth. They licked my face and both tongues were in and out and all over my face.

Elliot reached around for my tits and began to play with them as our new friend sucked them. antalya escort I felt his hard cock rub against my pussy. He slowly slid it in. It was soooo fucking big, filling me up. He started slowly sliding it in and out, fucking me. I felt Elliot begin to massage my asshole and slowly work his dick between my cheeks. Our friend held me by my ass cheeks, spreading them opened for Elliot to get better access. I felt his cock slowly slip into my tight hole. It was very tight with the big cock in my pussy.

Elliot slipped it in a little at a time as the other guy fucked me. Every time he pulled his cock farther out, Elliot was able to push his dick in deeper. “Uummmm, ssssssooo fucking good.” I was moaning. Finally both cocks were deep inside me. “Who mmmmm are you?” I asked.

“Call me Bob.” He said and stuck his tongue in my mouth. He sat me back on Elliot’s hard shaft and it was so deep. Bob started to fuck me with his big cock and soon they had a rhythm going.

“OH FUCK!” I screamed. “FUCKING GOD!” I was floating in the water as they fucked me in both holes. They took turns grabbing my ass as they bounced me up and down in the water. My legs were spread straight out as far as they would go as to not get in the way. Elliot grabbed both of my legs and held them up as Bob pounded my pussy with his huge cock. I could feel it as it rubbed against Elliot’s hard cock, just the thin membrane of skin between the two. “OH FUCKK YES! FUCK ME!” I was in ecstasy. I could hardly stand it; I had never felt anything like it.

Elliot stood up and Bob took his cock from my pussy. Elliot then leaned me over the side of the tub. He placed both hands on the tub where he was sitting. Bob came around behind me and slowly started to slide his massive dick into my asshole. Elliot stood in front of me and placed his dick on my lips. I opened my mouth and swallowed his cock as Bob managed to get the entire length of his dick in my tight hole. “AARRGghhhh…uuuummm,” I was groaning, with my mouth full of Elliot’s big dick, it felt so fucking good having Bob’s big dick up my ass.

Bob started to fuck me, every time he rammed his tool deep in my ass it shoved Elliot’s dick deeper down my throat. Elliot grabbed me by the hair and fucked my face as Bob’s cock pounded me. My eyes rolled back in my head as they used me. I was completely at their mercy. I continued sucking Elliot’s dick when Bob quickly pulled his cock from my alanya escort ass. He raised me up and off of Elliot. He took my hand and led me over to the bed.

Bob lay down on his back he grabbed my head and put it directly over his cock. I opened wide and sucked it. It was too big to swallow completely, but I was trying. “Oh Fuck, that’s fucking good” Bob cried out “Suck my big cock, I have been wanting to feel it in your throat since I met you.” “Suck it good, grab my balls,” he said as he fucked my face. I sucked him for a few minutes as Elliot watched and stroked his hard cock. “Now come here,” he ordered me as he pulled me up by my arms. “Sit on it!”

I climbed onto the bed straddling him on my knees and slowly lowered myself onto his huge piece of hard meat. “Oh fuck yeah.” I said, smiling. I started fucking him, bouncing up and down on the huge dick. “Just like I imagined.” I said.

“Come over here,” I said to Elliot and I bent down over Bob, laying on his chest sticking my ass into the air. Elliot climbed into bed and made his way between Bob’s legs. He inserted his dick into my ass and once again my holes were filled. I had never done double penetration but had always imagined what it must feel like. It is like nothing I had ever experienced.

Elliot was grabbing my ass, pounding his cock deep into me as Bob fucked my pussy. I just let my entire body go limp and lay on top of Bob as they got their rhythm going. They were rocking me, Bob with his hands on my shoulders shoving his massive dick into me as Elliot spread my ass open, burying his cock inside. Elliot slapped my ass hard! “Oh fuck!” I screamed. He slapped my ass again harder. I arched my back and sat up a bit, causing both rods to penetrate me deeper and harder.

Elliot slapped my ass again right above the hole he was fucking. “OH FUCK YES! THAT IS SOOOOOO FFFUUUCKING GOOD!” I was going absolutely crazy, bucking against the two of them. I fucked them harder and harder. Bob pinched my nipples hard and pulled at them as Elliot continued to spank me and pull at my ass.

“FFFUUUUUUKKK! I’m Going to Fucking CUUUUM!” I was screaming as I forced my entire body down and backwards completely impaling myself with their wonderful cocks.

“Yeah baby cum for us!” Elliot was saying as he stopped fucking me and began to stir my ass with his dick.

“OH FUCK, OH FUCK!” I was screaming as I came. I was twitching belek escort and bucking as they pushed as deep as they could inside of me one last time. “AHHHHHHH…oh my God, oh my God, oh fuck yes, yes…fuck…fuck me Bob, fuck yes, fuck me!!” I collapsed with all my weight onto Bob. As I screamed with pleasure. I just lay there shoving their dicks inside me as my asshole clenched down and my pussy throbbed around their shafts. I was still twitching my body from the orgasm they had given me. It seemed to go on and on.

Slowly Elliot pulled out of my ass and lifted me from Bob who slid out from under me. Elliot laid me on my back, head hanging over the edge of the bed. He stood in front of me and slid his dick in my mouth again. He fucked my mouth as I lay there giving him complete control. Bob came over and Elliot slid out as Bob slid his dick into my mouth, fucking it. He pulled it out suddenly and began to cum. “Oh take it baby, take my cum!” he yelled as he filled my mouth and then squirted it all over my face and chest. Elliot had moved in next to him and began to cum as well.

They stood there over me and covered me in there sticky goo. I reached my face with my hands and smeared the cum with my fingers. I rubbed it all over my tits and neck and face. Elliot stuck his dick in my mouth one more time and I sucked it deep into my throat. “Sssssssss…aaaaahhhhh…mmmmm” he panted.

Bob slapped my chin with his cock and I slid my tongue along the bottom of it. “OOOmmmmmm…that’s a good look.” He said smiling. “You look fucking good covered in spooge.” I grabbed their dicks, one in each hand and tried to put them both in my mouth. I squeezed and licked both of them at the same time devouring them, cleaning them, enjoying them.

They both sat down on the bed. I scooted down so that my head wasn’t hanging down anymore. We were all completely spent. It was amazing. I had never been fucked so good in my entire life. “You two fucked me so good” I praised them “Bob, you have an amazing cock. You sure know how to use it.”

“Well it was all your honey’s idea.” He said. “I was very flattered to have been invited, you two are a very cool fucking couple. I am glad you allowed me to join in your fun.”

I guess we all drifted off. I can’t remember much after that. I suppose Bob went back to his room. I need to find out how to keep in touch with him, I thought to myself. That is one fine piece of meat. I slept. Elliot and I cuddled together in the big warm bed and crashed.

I can’t wait for tomorrow, my first time on a cruise ship. Hell there were already quite a few firsts for me this trip. I dreamed, I dreamed of being fucked by strangers and swimming in the ocean.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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