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The July afternoon was hot and brilliant, the sun beating down from a cloudless sky as she stood in the doorway, looking out into her backyard. She was alone with her thoughts, which were now just so much kindling for the summer weather that always made her feel lusty.

Holding a cold, sweating glass of lemonade, she was on her way out to sit in a lounge chair when he crossed her mind and she felt her legs get a little weak. Only the day before, on an almost identical afternoon, she had come in from working in the garden. She’d been out there most of the day and a shower felt like a wonderful idea as she had not yet taken one that day. But as she stood at the refrigerator, filling a glass with ice, he had come up behind her and kissed her neck, his hands gently cupping her shoulders.

“Hi,” he said in that way that let her know there was something on his mind.

He was her newest lover, a dangerously forbidden fruit she had taken home from a local bar late one night. She was divorced. He was married. He said it was one of those deals where all sex had stopped years ago. She didn’t believe him, but there was something in his eyes, and the way he gazed at her during the breaks in their conversation, that made her want him immediately.

They’d gone back to her place and fucked. He was voracious in the way he removed her clothing and feasted on her body while he remained fully dressed. Eventually, he pulled down his jeans, took off his shirt and offered her his erect cock tto suck. After that, she was hooked.

Their relationship was almost entirely sexual as he declined to reveal much about himself, but it quickly deepened until it took on an unexpected dimension. It turned out to be deeply erotic in a way she’d never dreamed. Totally comfortable with each other, they began to explore each other’s most intimate desires.

As she stood in the doorway and thought about what he’d done that previous day, she was filled with the urge to take her shorts off and go outside nude from the waist down. Should she? she wondered. The thought became irresistable. She often spent hours naked, just lounging about the house, but before long she would inevitably begin to pleaure herself. He knew so well how to turn her on and leave her with sexual memories that kept giving, consuming her thoughts, barging into her consciousness at all hours of the day and night, making her want to release her almost volcanic excitement in the most sensual ways possible.

On bursa escort that last occasion, she’d felt him slowly sinking behind her, his hands drifting down her arms to her wide hips, where they lingered. Her heart quickened when she felt him tug at her shorts, and the shorts give way….

Putting her lemonade down, she unfastened the clasp at her waist and let her khaki shorts fall around her ankles. Stepping gingerly out of them, she felt herself getting wetter by the moment. She was now wearing only a black tank top, black panties and white sneakers, her thick chestnut hair in a ponytail.

She glanced out the door and considered the risk. A neighbor in the right place at the right time would surely see her, but the hot afterroon was so inviting and she loved the feeling of sun and breezes on her naked body. Inserting her thumbs into the waist of her panties, she tried to recreate the feeling of them coming down as he knelt behind her, his warm breath on her plump, naked buttocks.

“Mmmm,” he’d purred, his lips against her bubble butt, as he lovingly called it. “The taste of your ass makes me so hard…”

Pulling her panties down slowly and letting them fall, she thought about the sensation of his tongue on her anus. The thought of him tasting the most intimate part of her body had once been unimaginable, but now it always left her on the verge of orgasm. She often came as he slowly and insistently worked his tongue deep inside her puckered rear opening, the one he said was so erotic for the ring of tan skin that encircled it. This time had been even better, more naughty, more forbidden…

“Mmmm,” he’d sighed, licking more insistently as she’d bent forward to allow him inside her more deeply. She’d reached back to cup his head and pull him into her…

A breeze through the door cooled the wetness between her legs as she picked up her lemonade. Her hand was trembling. She was nude from the waist down now, her black t-shirt reaching only to the top of her hips. Running her hand up her creamy wide thigh, she softly caressed the patch of reddish brown pubic hair she’d cropped close to heighten the sensation of his tongue and his hard, thick penis.

Stepping outside now, her mind drifted back to her orgasm as he’d buried his tongue deep in her anus after saying, “Oh, baby, your hot ass tastes so good..” Her ride on that wave of ecstasy seemed to last forever. It was an almost paralyzing pleasure. Somewhere within it was the sensation bursa escort bayan of is tongue moving inside her. Once the wave receded, she wanted to suck him, to taste every inch of him…

She slowly walked out across the lawn to the lounge chair, consciously moving her ass in as sexy a way as possible and then she glanced at her neighbor’s house before she sat down in the shade. The sight lines were pretty obscured. He’d have to make a real effort to look over the fence, but any concern she had was pushed aside by her arousal.

Sipping her lemonade and setting it down, she thought of how she loved the muskiness of his crotch, the taste and feeling of his penis as it swelled in her mouth, and how she loved to suck his cock from relative softness to throbbing hardness. On that prior afternoon, he was sweaty and his moist penis tasted salty, its flavor sending an electric bolt of excitement to her pussy and making her suck and lick his sex in an almost frenzied way. His sounds of pleasure had lifted her to new heights of desire…

As she lay back on the lounge chair, her hand found her sex and idly played at her clit while she thought of his moans, his big pink cockhead against her lips and in her mouth. She’d sucked intently, also moaning as she tasted his precum. Giving oral pleasure turned her on almost as much as having her pussy and ass licked, especially by him…

Rubbing her clit more firmly, she wanted to know what he had tasted on that hot afternoon. So her finger roamed down to her warm anus, so soft and slick with her perspiration. The sensation of her fingertip on her moist pucker made her gasp. Switching to her middle finger, she ran it all around her tight little asshole and then brought it to her mouth. The scent was erotically musky, the taste tangy, and it made another wave or intense excitement wash over her and seize her open, sopping cunt. Licking at her finger, she wanted to know more…

She had wanted to make him come. She loved the sensation of his cock pulsing in her mouth, and the ensuing flood of his blandly salty cream. She knew how much he got off on her tasting him. And as she’d sucked and licked his stiff, excited penis toward a peak of pleasure, she’d wanted to taste all of him….

Her middle finger was now gently probing into the tight smoothness of her anus as she reclined on the chair. The wind wss washing over her and placing a cool breath on her swollen, wet pussy. She rubbed her anus and licked her escort bursa finger, then rubbed and licked again while thinking of how she’d turned him around. His surrprise and wonder at what she’d wanted — and how she’d run her tongue over his hairless cheeks — had made her almost come. She’d never licked a man’s anus before, but she was consumed by the intense, undeniable desire to know him as he knew her. When her hands parted his buttocks, his sigh of “Oh, yeah” boosted the intense excitement between her legs. She then licked at the sweat in the cleft of his ass, his scent sending her into a cloud of lust. Placing her trembling hand on his stone-hard erection, she’d licked at his sweaty anus, at first tentatively and then with increasing desire as she tasted…

Her finger wss now up to the second knuckle in her own hot asshole, and she worked it slowly and intently before pulling it out and bringing it to her lips. The taste of his anus had been almost yeasty, yet it made her want to devour him. She’d clutched at his hips, pulling him back against her face…

Pulling her top up to expose her hardened pink nipples, she swirled her tongue over the bitterness on her fingers, the taste of her anus that he loved so much. She was on the verge of orgasm now. She thought of how she’d worked her tongue into him while she stroked his erection until he’d gasped, “Gonna come”. She’d turned him around quickly and taken his penis in her mouth. His head rocked back as he moaned and his throbbing spurt began..

It was here, in this part of her memory, that her lust took her on a flight to the unexpected. She fantasized about sucking his cock after he pulled out of her ass. They’d had anal sex on several occasions, and he’d always come inside her, but now the taste of her own anus was making her incredibly horny. The intensely kinky thought of sucking his erection after it had been buried deep inside her rear made her moan as she lay back in the lounge chair. Continuing to suck on her finger while her other hand worked at her pussy, she imagined his cock in her mouth and how it would taste. Her legs were spread wide, the memory of his hot semen and the taste of his ass colliding with her lust and the hope that her neighbor was watching her finger her anus. And then she came — long and hard, gasping and shuddering — nude from the waist down on that chair in her back yard.

Once the waves of ecstatic release subsided, she lay quietly for a few moments, feeling the breeze on her pussy and bare legs and listening to the birds as her heart pounded. Standing up, she briskly went into the house, feeling a little surprised at what she had done and what she had wanted, but not by what had inspired her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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