Memorable Beach Walk

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I vacation later than most to be alone on the beach ,and develop an overall suntan, and North Carolina’s “Outer Banks” were now deserted. I walked nude near the water, barefooted, my towel in one hand, my skimpy French cut bathing suit in the other. The warm sun on my body, and the light breeze making my nipples crinkle and stand erect. In the distance, I saw two figures far down the beach, but I couldn’t identify their sex. I moved up to the dune area and lay down out of the wind, gloriously naked in the sun. I must have dozed, for I awoke with a start and sat bolt upright when I heard voices. I relaxed when I saw it was two women on the dune, smiling down at me. They were both nude. They asked if they could join me and I said yes.

Kate was a striking brunette, with dark skin, short black hair, large full breasts with large areolas, a slender waist and full hips. My eyes were caught by the absence of hair at the juncture of her shapely thighs. The mons was prominent and the indention of her pussy marked by a deep cleft.

Joan was almost as tall with a classic face, long blonde hair that reached below her shoulders, small pear-shaped breasts with tiny pink areolas, and nipples that jutted out fully half an inch. She had a model’s figure, with the longest legs I’d ever seen on a woman. Her pussy hair was cropped close to her love lips.

As we talked, I learned that Kate was an airline stewardess and Joan a fashion model. The two of them had rented a beach house about twenty miles up the coast for two weeks.

They spread their blankets and Kate lay down. Joan sat beside her and began to rub suntan lotion on Kate’s back and shoulders as we talked. I was surprised when Kate lay back and Joan moved to oil the front of her body. She spread the oil over Kate’s stomach and worked upward until she was oiling her large, full breasts. Joan worked each breast from base to nipple, catching the full mounds at the base and slowly stroking to the tip, then back as if she were milking them. Joan smiled down a Kate as she put oil on the tip of her finger and moved it around and around the large areola, which was larger than a silver dollar.

Kate closed her eyes but continued to talk to me as Joan worked on her. I noticed her nipples became erect as Joan’s finger moved over them. Now Joan moved down to Kate’s feet and oiled each toe, moving her fingers between them.

Kate spread her legs as Joan moved upward. She lay so that I was looking up the line of her legs with Joan on her other side. I found myself staring at her shaved pussy. The cleft was deep, and her pussy lips were gleaming with her juices. I had never realized how lovely a pussy could be. Kate looked over at me an smiled as Joan squirted a bit more oil into her hand and laid her palm directly on Kate’s mound. She moved it in a circle that ended she stroked upward, her middle finger sliding into the deep cleft of Kate’s pussy. Kate caught her breath as the finger slid over her clit. I felt a strange tingling between my legs and felt my pussy lubricate. I rubbed my arm across my nipple and found it was hard.

Now Kate, her body gleaming with oil sat up and Joan lay down. As she put the oil over her blonde friend, I watched the swing of her breasts and noted how the large areolas bulged and how her nipples jutted out like pencil erasers. I moved my legs slightly, and squeezed them together. I was aware of their breathing, for it had become faster and more pronounced. Their illegal bahis eyes locked and they seemed oblivious to everything but each other.

Kate’s fingers caught the erect nipples of Joan’s breast and pulled it upward. Joan moaned softly as her already erect nipple was stretched still more. Kate grasped both nipples and pulled and twisted. Joan looked at me and her eyes wee glazed over. Kate moved down to Joan’s legs. She spread her thighs and moved closer to her pussy. Joan cupped Kate’s large breasts, her palms moving over the nipples. She closed her eyes and a dreamy look came over her. Kate smiled at me, and she could see the arousal on my face. She looked straight me as she put oil on her hands and moved them over the inside of Joan’s spread thighs. Her hands stroked upward and moved over Joan’s short pubic hair. Her finger stroked along her pussy lips, bringing a gasp from Joan. Kate’s other hand moved to open her pussy lips. The gleaming pink flesh parted and I gasped. I could see the soft folds of Joan’s inner lips, her pussy drenched by her juices, and peeping out at the top, her clit.

I felt t a tinge in my pussy and my hand moved of its own accord to my now dripping sex. My fingers slid into my hole with a soft , squishy sound. I had never been so aroused in my live. My body shuddered and my eyes closed for a moment at the delicious sensations that flooded me. My fingers slid out and upward to stroke the place on either side of my clit and squeezed the erect shaft, then back down to disappear into my pussy again, God, I was on fire!

I opened my eyes and found both women looking at my pussy. Now again they locked eyes as Kate’s fingers played over Joan’s wide open sex. Joan moved slightly and slid her hand between Kate’s thighs, her middle finger sliding up between her pussy lips and moving deep inside. Kate spread Joan’s pussy lips and while one hand stroked the erect clit, two fingers of the other slid into her beautiful friend’s body. My eyes moved from pussy to pussy as the two stroked each others in ecstasy.

As my own fingers moved in and out of my dripping sex, I wondered what it would feel like to have the soft touch of a woman’s fingers on my body. They would know instinctively how to caress my clit, just how much pressure to apply. A cry of passion suddenly broke the air as Joan’s body arched. Kate’s fingers were a burr as they thrust piston fashion in and out of Joan’s pussy as her other hand moved rapidly on Joan’s erect clit. My eyes grew wide as I say Joan’s erect clit, now far out of its sheath, a bright pink from the rubbing. It was almost and inch long and jutted down and out as Kate’s fingers moved on either side of it.

The sight of Joan’s taut body bowed in passion, the fingers of her friend a blur as they slid rapidly into her lovely body, triggered one of the most violent climaxes of my life. Finally I went limp, and when I opened my eyes Joan and Kate were kissing, their mouths open, tongues entwining, Joan’s hand still in Kate’s pussy, her fingers sliding in and out slowly now. They broke their kiss. “Poor Kate, said Joan. “She brought me to a climax and she ‘s still as hot as she can be. You and I climaxed, but she hasn’t. Should we help her?” Before I could answer Kate smiled at me and my heart seemed to melt.

“I, uh, I’ve never made love with women before,” I stammered. “I’m not sure I know how!” The two broke apart and moved to me. I found myself in their warm embrace as kisses illegal bahis siteleri covered my face, and hands moved softly over me. I felt so warm and wanted that I responded to their kisses immediately. We kissed for a while, caressing softly. Kate lay back, Joan was between her thighs and my lips were around Kate’s long erect nipple with my tongue circling her huge areola, It seemed the most natural thing in the world to cup, and stroke her large, firm breasts as my lips sucked her nipple. I knew how much to pull, how to flick the erect nub, how to lightly pull with my teeth to make her moan with pleasure. I kissed and caressed her, moving from one breast to the other, reveling in the feel of her soft skin against my lips and face, and the taste of her skin.

I felt a finger move to my pussy and slide in effortlessly. It moved out and stroked my drenched lips, then three fingers moved inside. No woman’s hands had ever invaded my secret flesh, and I marveled at their soft, knowing touch. I glanced down and saw it was Kate’s hand probing me. She slid her fingered out and I felt empty. Then she did the most extraordinary thing, she brought her fingers to her mouth and licked them, closing her lips over then as my pussy had done a scant moment before.

She took them out of her mouth and reached down between her spread legs, thrust them into her own pussy, where Joan’s mouth lingered. She drove them hard up into her own body, and when she pulled them out, she brought them to my lips. Her fingers gleamed wetly with her pussy juices. I found my mouth opening and my tongue sliding out of its own accord to taste the juices. I caught the arousing musk of her sex, and then the delicious taste of her pussy, unlike my own, yet similar. Her finger dipped into my mouth and I sucked on it. I moaned at the sensation, and licked, and sucked her fingers as they moved in my mouth.

Joan’s hand went to the back of my head, and she pulled me to her. Our lips met and my tongue slid into her mouth to meet hers. I had been kissed by several men who I thought really knew how to kiss, but Joan was far and away the most exciting person I had ever kissed. Her tongue played over my lips, entwined with my tongue, slid into my mouth and touched nerves I didn’t know existed. I panted into her mouth as her knowing fingers found and stroked my throbbing clit. I felt her fingers slide deep into my body and press against a spot that, when a cock pressed against it, would make me wild with delight. Her fingers probed and slid to the back of my pubic bone as she rubbed my G-spot.

Kate lay back on her back, legs spread and raised, with Joan’s golden hair spread over her thighs, while her lips and tongue feasted on the bare flesh of her friend’s pussy. Kate and I kissed deeply as my hand stroked and fondled her breasts, while her free hand was buried in my sopping pussy, pumping in and out. Kate pulled her lips from mine and said, “Turn around and straddle me. I want your pussy. I want to eat you, Hurry!”

I was on f ire and quickly swung my hips around and straddled her head. She caught my hips and pulled me down to her. I gasped as I felt hr tongue press against my pussy lips. She flattened her tongue and slid it up and down, spreading my pussy wide. She began to kiss my pussy lips, nibbling them, tonguing my clit. I looked down at her pussy and knew I had to eat her. My mouth watered.

Joan had her mouth on Kate’s pussy and was licking and tonguing canlı bahis siteleri it . With her hand she motioned me to move down. I leaned forward and, as I got closer, Joan pulled her face away and I could see that three of her fingers were sliding in and out of her friend’s body, I kissed the mound of Kate’s sex and found the skin soft and smooth. I slid my tongue into the deep cleft of her bare pussy. Her clit was firm and erect under my tongue, and I sucked it hard and felt Kate’s hips thrust upward. Her clit was not as long as Joan’s but thicker, and both of their clits were much larger then mine. I sucked her clit and stroked it with my tongue. My own body was being licked and kissed, as Kate’s mouth remained glued to my own pussy.

Joan removed her hand from Kate’s pussy, and I buried my face into it. I was overwhelmed with the flavor and scent of her, as I licked and kissed her. I couldn’t get enough of the sick, hot, slightly salty flesh. I thrust my tongue into her vagina, pressing hard to tongue-fuck her. I was veracious as I devoured my first pussy. Kate was literally dripping, as I licked up every drop of her juices as we drove each other to the heights of passion

Her skillful lips, tongue and fingers drove me over the top first. She had a very long tongue, and it was like a small prehensile cock delving in my pussy. Her fingers patted and slid over my clit until I screamed into her sex and climaxed as never before. Even as my body was convulsed by my climax, my mouth never left her pussy, twisting and sliding from side to side against her delicious wet flesh. I drove her over the edge and we moaned and writhed together there on the beach. I could not tear my lips from her delicious flesh and we moaned against, and into each other. My climaxes came in waves to that I went from one peak to another, ecstasy washing over me again and again. My face was drenched with Kate’s pussy juices as I tried to burrow into her sex. My tongue, lips, chin and nose thrust against her thrusting pussy, driving her wild with pleasure.

I honestly don’t know how long we were locked together, but when we finally exhausted each other, we lay for a long while gasping for breath. My head was spinning and I was completely exhausted. Joan stroked us both and kissed us lightly as we lay together.

She said she had never seen two women love each other for so long, and so explosively. She smiled and said she was jealous that she hadn’t been included. Kate kissed her and told her that she and I would see what we could do about that, but it would have to be later. She laughed and said she was exhausted. I agreed.

I went back with them to their beach house, and we talked over a delicious dinner. I learned they were not lesbians, but rather loving friends who shared men as they had shared me. They loved to have a hard cock rammed into their bodies, but they also liked the soft touch of a woman. This, I realized was also true of me.

Later, Joan got her wish and Kate and I both made love to her at the same time. I later experienced two skillful lovers who seemed to know my every wish before I knew it myself. We made love far into the early morning, and slept late, satiated, for a while, a little while.

I spent my vacation at their house. Two nights they had men friends of theirs over and made love to them. One friend, John was overwhelmed to have three lovely ladies all to himself, and we made love to him until he begged for mercy. There were tears of goodbye when we finally went out separate ways, with promises of a late vacation together the next year. I shall always be grateful to Kate and Joan for the love and honesty they showed me, as they brought out my full sexual potential.

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