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My gangbang slut wife and I have been swinging for close to 10 years now and there’s nothing she wont try.

Jordan and I have a close friend that Jordan’s been fucking for over 5 years, many times without me. His name is John and he is ex-army and has a lot of friends who have also fucked Jordan.

John has a farm around 90 minutes from the city that has been the centre of many gangbangs, many with Jordan but a few without. It’s quiet, off the main road and is now a huge dust bowl due to no rainfall.

As money is tight, Johns arranged a few gangbangs where hes charged guys $40 each to attend. Sometimes its just been Jordan as the centre of attention, but now there’s another two sluts that join in. One is Eve who is 50, married and is as dirty as Jordan, the other is Emma, 19 and new to the scene.

As Emma is a Uni student, she asks for $200 to attend where Eve and Jordan do it to help John out.

Emma is strictly a condoms girl and only takes pussy fucking but gives great head and loves licking cunt and arse. Eve and Jordan on the other hand are always bareback, all holes filled and keep the cocks coming. In fact Jordan and Eve try and out do each other at gangbangs – a bit of a fun competition.

Anyway, John decides he wants all 3 girls to show up for a mega gangbang with as many guys as possible. Jordan and Eve are very, very keen. Emma, not so much on the big numbers and a little bit edgy even though shes done around half a dozen gangbangs.

Eve in particular wants to get Emma to be more of a slut but Emma is still holding back.

Word has gotten out about the fuck-fest and John and I have been texting and also putting adds up on various adult sites like AMM, AFF, Craigslist and so on. The intent is to have it as a weekend fuck party, starting Friday afternoon and finishing Sunday around midday.

Leading up to the party Jordan has been ‘in training’ having a few casual fucks during the week and we had five guys over on the Thursday night. Jordan was getting excited and text Eve to see how she was feeling. Eve said she would take the Friday off and fuck a few guys during the day to loosen herself up even more.

Jordan was keen to have the entire party recorded so she could look back at it afterwards and see the party from everyone else’s viewpoint.

Between John, myself and the advert we had almost 200 guys say they were interested. John set up an online account so even if the guys don’ t show up, they have paid their $40 so its a win-loose.

Jordan and I arrived at Johns farm on Friday just after lunchtime and there were already 10-12 cars in the driveway. Eve’s black Mazda 3 was one of the first cars in the driveway.

Jordan was wearing a mini skirt and a boob tube. She hasn’t worn undies or even a ‘ G’ string for 7-8 years so she was easy access. When we rocked up everyone was inside and there was no greeting party.

The side door goes into the kitchen/lounge area and Eve was bent over the arm of the lounge being fucked up the arse. There was already a large pool of cum on the floor so it looked like the party had started. 17 guys were standing in the lounge, beer in hand, waiting their turn with Eve. That was until Jordan walked in.

Jordan is 44, dyed blonde, and gorgeous. She took off her boob tube top and lifted up he front of her dress, rubbing her clit.

“Who wants some?” Jordan purred.

Its almost as if Eve had left the room. The attention was on Jordan. Guys came over started kissing her, sucking her tits and dropping to their knees to lick her cunt. Fortunately Eve was still being fucked up the arse, so she was a happy girl and one guy was trying to lay on the lounge so Eve could lick his arse and balls.

At this stage, John came out of his bedroom with his arm around Emma. She had obviously been fucked but was looking a bit apprehensive. Emma came up and tongue kissed Jordan. The guys loved it and started groping Emma which helped her relax a bit.

“Can we go into the bedroom?” Jordan asked John.

“Yeah yeah, of course.” John replied giving the thumbs up to the room.

Both Jordan and Emma walked into Johns bedroom followed by a group of guys. About 5 stayed behind in the lounger room getting ready to fuck Eve.

Jordan climbed onto the bed and put her arse in the air. Emma started licking it. One of the guys went to fuck Emma while she was bent over licking Jordan and another guy shoved his cock in Jordan’s mouth which she hungrily sucked on.

Emma reached back and felt the guys cock.

“Hey!” Emma called out. “You have to use condoms with me!”

“And what about you?” the guys asked Jordan.

“I prefer bareback and to be filled.” Jordan replied, pulling the guys cock out of her mouth, then shoved it straight back in sucking and licking it.

The guy behind Emma moved her to one side and slid his cock into Jordan’s saliva lubed arse, thanks to Emma.

He pumped Jordan’s arse for about 5 minutes then blew a load. Emma was watching close hand and as soon as the guy pulled out, went back to licking Jordan’s arse.

“Fuck, antalya escort you’re a dirty young bitch aren’t you?’ One of the guys asked Emma. She didn’t reply and laid on her back next to Jordan. Another guy climbed on the bed and started fucking Jordan’s arse while another older guy, about 60 went down on Emma’s young, bald pussy.

There was some noise coming from the lounge so I walked out to see what was going on.

Eve was still bent over being fucked but at least another 10 guys showed up, some with eski’s plus a couple looked like they belonged to a bikie club.

When they saw me walk out of the bedroom the new guys looked at me and headed towards me.

“Another slut in there?” one asked.

“Two sluts.” I replied. “Help yourself.”

All 10 walked in and the bedroom was crowded. Some stood in the doorway watching Jordan being fucked while others moved in closer, obviously keen to fuck Jordan and Emma.

“C’mon old man!” one of the guys said giving him a shove. “Fuck her and dump a load so us young studs show you how its done.”

The old guy sat up on his knees and pulled out a condom, then pulled down his pants. The old guy had a 7″ cock and it was thick and hard. Even I was surprised. The new guys went quiet. He then pushed his cock into Emma’s cunt. She groaned and he kept pushing it in.

Jordan took a look around the room and said “Wow, so many cocks. I will need one in each hole.”

One of the bikie guys took his pants off and laid on the bed. “Slide on this slut!” He grunted to Jordan.

This guy was pushing 9″ and was as thick as a Coke can. OK not quite, but he had a beast of a cock. Jordan straddled the bikie and slid down on his cock moaning as she did.

“Fuck slut!” The bikie said in amazement. “Your cunt is almost big enough to park a bike in it.”

Jordan didn’t reply and laid on the bikie while fucking and tongue kissing him. One of the guys then shoved his cock in Jordan’s arse, and tried to get into a rhythm as Jordan stopped fucking the bikie and let him thrust up into her sloppy cunt.

A guys came around the front to get Jordan to suck his cock.

“Fuck off!” The bikie said. The guy moved back to wait his turn to fuck Jordan’s arse. He didn’t have to wait that long as the guy before him blew his load and left to grab a beer and watch.

“Reckon you could take me in your arse slut?” the bikie asked Jordan. Jordan nodded.

With that the bikie pushed Jordan off, upsetting the guys fucking Jordan’s arse. The bikie pointed to his mate.

“Hey fuck her cunt. I’ve opened her up even more so you might have to move side to side.” The bikie laughed.

The other bikie pulled down his pants to his knees and laid back on the bed. Jordan slid on his cock and laid down on him, kissing him.

The bikie with the 9″ cock spat on Jordan’s arse then started to slowly slide his cock in.

“Fuck you’re a whore!” the bikie said. “Even your arse is stretched. I like it!” He then fucked her like he was riding a bronco.

Once the two bikie’s had blown their loads, the other guys in the room tool their turns with Jordan. I grabbed a condom and started fucking Emma. She was so much tighter than I expected and loved to fuck.

“Take off the condom.” Emma whispered to me. I though “hey I’ll get to blow in her”. Nope. She just wanted to suck my cock which I didn’t have a problem with.

As soon as I laid back to get my cock sucked, another guys tried to fuck Emma bareback and she said “No!”

The guy pulled out and went into the lounge room to fuck Eve.

Guys were pounding away at Jordan and she was loving it. I laid next to her watching and she looked over at Emma sucking my cock and smiled.

“Fuck yeah! That’s hot” Jordan said. “You go Emma you dirty whore.”

I still hadn’t blown and I asked Emma if I could fuck her arse and blow my load in her. She said no, but she would like it if I would cum in her mouth. I grabbed Emma’s head and forced it down onto my cock. Emma gagged.

“Fuck that looks so hot!” Jordan said. Jordan groaned and came which made the two guys fucking her arse and cunt cum too.

“Fucking cum in me babe.” Jordan ordered me. “Don’t waste it in her mouth. Come over here and cum in my arse.”

Emma wasn’t too happy with what Jordan just said and stood up and walked out the room. The guys fucking Jordan were both pulling out and standing up with another two ready to take their place.

“Hey! I said. “One of you lay back and fuck her cunt. I’m blowing in her arse.”

One guy laid on the bed wanking. “Fuck its wet as!” he said pulling the sheets back.

Jordan took off her dress that was already splashed with cum and laid it on the bed. “Here, lay on that.” she instructed.

The guys spread it out and laid on it as instructed. Jordan slid on top of him, covering his cock and balls with cum.

“I might have to go to the toilet and empty out a bit.” Jordan said laughing.

Once the guy on the bed was comfortably fucking Jordan I slid my cock into her now lara escort gaping arse. Another guy went around the front of Jordan and force fucked her mouth.

After I came, cum just squirted out of her arse. Jordan was full! I don’t think the guy underneath was too happy being covered in cum.

After I came and the guy underneath did, Jordan stood up and we both walked into the lounge. Eve was being pounded and there was cum everywhere. The room was filled with guys. They looked over at Jordan in surprise.

“Fuck!” they said almost in unison. “We could be fucking you as well?”

“No!” Replied Eve. “I want all you guys in ME!”

Jordan went to the toilet to empty out some cum and I went to the car to get my camera from the glove-box.

Jordan was standing in the doorway of the house bent forward being fucked when I walked back.

“Not much of a break?” I said to Jordan smiling.

“Haha.” Jordan said laughing. “Nope this cunt followed me into the toilet and pissed on me while I was emptying the cum from my arse and cunt. He then shoved his cock in my mouth. Thought I better fuck him after that!”

“You’re a good girl.” I replied.

After the guy fucking Jordan’s arse had cum, we walked back past Eve and into the bedroom. The room was crammed and the guys cheered when Jordan entered the room. I walked in and set the camera up on the dressing table. Some of the guys were uneasy.

“Hey!” One asked. “What are you doing with the footage?” This was followed up by multiple “Yeah mate?”

Jordan explained that the footage was just for her not for distribution and how she wanted to look back on herself being gangbanged. This got the guys interested and more excited.

We also had the “so anything goes?” question asked which Jordan replied “Yes so long as its OK with this guy” she said pointing at me.

The fucking of Jordan continued at a frantic pace with some guys not even lasting 3 minutes before cumming. I lost count but it was a constant stream as more and more guys turned up at the farm.

I was asked if Jordan could be fisted. I said yes but not too rough. Th sex continued between Jordan being laid on her side and being fisted and fucked. Her arse and cunt were being pounded and stretched.

Guys were fisting her cunt while her arse was being fucked. Guys were commenting how they could feel the other guys cock while they were fisting her.

Later into the night/early morning, beer bottles were inserted into Jordan’s gaping cunt while her arse was being fucked. Later on both holes were getting fisted.

After a couple of hours Emma returned. No one knew where she went but she was really horny watching what was happening to Jordan.

“Hey! Where you been” I asked Emma. “I was worried. Thought you went home?”

“No.” Emma replied. “I was pissed at Jordan. “I’m OK now. I’ve been out the back fucking.”

“Oh good.” I said. “Plus you’re too drunk to drive.”

Emma got close, put her arms around me and gave me a deep tongue kiss. Was a bit yukky because it tasted like cum.

“You’re like the best husband ever. Seriously.” Emma said looking into my eyes. “I wish I could find someone that would let me fuck groups of guys without getting jealous. I would marry them.”

“You know.” I replied kissing her face and stroking her hair. “There’s lots of them out there. Hey you might find one here tonight?”

Emma held my face in her hands and kissed me again. “You wanna fuck me?” She asked.

“Oh you know I do!” I replied.

“But just you and me?” she whispered.

I took Emma’s hand and we both walked down the driveway to my car. I opened the back door and she climbed in, laid on her back and lifted her skirt up.

“I want you to fill me.” Emma said in a low sexy voice. “No condom. Fill me with all your cum.”

I seriously nearly came right there and then. I was rock hard and had pre-cum as its had been two or more hour since I last fucked Jordan. I went down on Emma’s young tasty cunt. She was dripping wet.

“Umm.” Emma said as I went to work on her clit. “Do you know I really like you yeah?”

“I do.” I replied between licking and sucking. “And I really like you too. You’re awesome.”

I stopped licking and shoved my fingers deep into Emma’s cunt, pulling roughly and frantically upwards. She groaned and I kept going, lifting her off the seat by her cunt. She eventually squirted. It went everywhere.

“Oh my God!” Emma called out. “Oh fuck! That was amazing.” I kept going. She squirted again. Emma struggled to catch her breath. She wrapped her arms around me tightly then pulled at my hair.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” she shouted out so loud I thought the neighbors five kilometres away could hear.

I fucked her shard I thought I put my back out. I was sweating like a pig. Once I came, I collapsed onto her. She kissed my cheeks, my eyes and then tongue kissed me again.

“I love you.” Emma said with her eyes wide open waiting for my reply.

I wasn’t sure what to say. Do I manavgat escort break her heart or do I just say what she wants to hear. The part of me that loves fucking Emma took over, plus she let me cum her which may be the beginning of whats to come – so to speak.

I put my mouth close to Emma’s ears. “I love you to gorgeous.” I whispered. “But you cant tell anyone. OK?”

Emma had a broad smile, nodded then gave me a sweet kiss on the lips. I then stood up, put my pants on and held my hand out to help Emma out of the car. She was beaming.

“For you.” Emma said with a smile. “I’m going to fuck a heap more guys and they can all cum in me. Then I want you to start fucking my arse coz I know you like that. And I’m gonna eat more pussy because I like that and so do you.” She then took my hand as we walked up the driveway back to the house.

“What have I created here?” I thought. OK its definitely got benefits but I’m 46, shes 19. Maybe its a phase and she will find someone her age after a while. Shes always keen to fuck and Ive fucked her a few times when Jordan’s been out on the town. Fuck it! Why not! Fun for both of us.

When I got back to the house, Eve was not in the lounge. I squeezed into the bedroom and Eve was on the bed fisting Jordan while she was being fucked. Everyone had their mobile phones out filming it. I looked up and my camera was still recording.

Emma held her hands open and said to the room. “OK. Who wants to fuck me?” A few of the guys responded and went towards Emma. Most were content watching Jordan being fisted and arse fucked.

“I’m looking for loads of cum in my pussy. Who wants to fill me?” Emma said smiling and looking at me.

More than half the room left and followed Emma into the lounge room.

“Watch me be a dirty cum dump for you.” Emma said holding my face.

A few of the guys that knew I was married to Jordan gave a funny look but they were all keen to fuck Emma.

It was early morning and Emma was bent over the cum soaked arm of the lounge chair being pounded. Her cunt was dripping cum. It was mixing with the cum on the wooden floor that Eve had earlier dripping out of her cunt. The entire house smelled like sex and cum.

The house had started to clear out but there was still around 30 guys hanging around. The BBQ was fired up and coffee brewing. Guys were still fucking Jordan, Emma and Eve but the girls were getting tired.

I walked into the bedroom and my camera had stopped recording. There was a guy laying on his side with his fist up Jordan’s cunt and a totally pissed guy trying to fuck her arse. Eve had both holes filled with cock and her cunt was red.

I checked on Jordan and she had cum pooled around her cunt and arse. The bed was soaked. Guys had also wanked off on her face, tits and hair. Jordan was soaked from head to toe in cum. I told the guys Jordan’s had enough and we all need to take a break. The guys fucking her arse asked if he could cum and I said yes then leave her. The others got up and walked out.

Eve was in the toilet and Emma was on the lounge floor on her back being fucked while sucking a cock. I leant in close to her and said “You’re amazing.”

Emma mouthed “I love you.”

We were sitting around eating bacon, eggs, toast and having a coffee when John came up to me and said “We have another 80 guys today. Reckon the girls are up for it?”

“How many were here last night?” I asked.

“About the same. Maybe more.”John answered “I don’t think they all paid. We had 10 extra bikie’s show up. Where the fuck were you?”

“Fucking Emma.” I replied.

“Shit for how long?” John asked. “How did you get her to fuck without a condom? That bitch will be in high demand now. Especially with the old cunts!”

“Yeah yeah.” I replied. “Hey, by the way shes not a hooker.”

“Hey.” John replied. “Shes the only slut here that demanded to be paid $200. That makes her a hooker. What is it to you anyway?”

“Dude. Shes a student” I replied. “Cant blame her for wanting money for fucks sake.”

Emma then walked over to me and sat on my lap. “What are you guys talking about?” She asked.

“Well”. I started to say. “About you actually.” John said finishing my sentence. “How hot you were last night taking loads of cum by all the guys. Hell, even I managed to get one into you.” John said rather pleased with himself.

“You did?” Emma asked. “Didn’t remember.” She said smiling. “Hey.” Emma said looking at me. “Wanna fuck me again then make me squirt?”

“You squirt?” John asked half amazed, half excited.

Emma gave me a deep kiss and said “Yes. He made me. It was awesome. I squirted a couple of times after that when I was being fucked.”

John rubbed his hands together and said “So you keen for round two, later today?”

“Bring it on!” Emma exclaimed. “Lets start after breakfast?” she said kissing me 4-5 times.

John looked at me a bit strangely then looked at the group and said. “Hey guys. This little hottie is keen to go again. Who is up for it?”

About 10 guys walked over, keen to fuck Emma. “I want his load first.” she said looking at me.

Emma and I got up and and walked towards the house, with Emma holding my hand. The other guys followed in convoy. She got real close to me and said “Fuck I so love you! I love you so much more.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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