Meeting My Instagram Crush

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It was the third day of the semester and I was already overwhelmed with assignments. I was sitting in the lobby of the psychology department and waiting for my professor to call me into his office. I had signed up to be his research aid because it would help pay for my tuition. Other than the financial benefits, I wasn’t exactly thrilled about it.

He finally called me into his office. “I want you to meet someone,” he said. As I walked closer to the office, I noticed there was a woman already seated in front of his desk. Even from afar, I could see that she was fucking gorgeous. Beautiful dark hair, brown skin, thick hour-glass figure. She wore a white button-down blouse and a blue skirt that went down to her knees.

She tossed her hair aside as she stood up and looked at me. Holy shit, I recognized her. Is she-

“This is my other research aid,” my professor said. “Krysten.”

Oh my God. It was her, the Instagram model that I had been following for years. I was a member of her OnlyFans for a brief period of time, too. She never posted nudes and a lot of people complained about that, but I didn’t mind.

“Hi, how are you?” she said with a beautiful smile. She was wearing glasses and I could see her cleavage through the neck of her blouse as she leaned forward to shake my hand.

I tried to hide how tense I was. I gulped and shook her hand. I could feel blood rushing throughout my body as I made contact. “Nice to meet you,” I said as calmly as I could.

“You two will be working together, so be nice to each other,” my professor said. My jaw nearly dropped and I looked back at her. She smiled and ducked her eyes.

This semester just got a whole lot better.

We worked in separate offices that day and were assigned to find resources on the topic of ethics and prosocial behavior, but I couldn’t get my mind off the fact the woman of my dreams was attending my school. I had been following her Instagram for years. I lost count of how many times I fapped to her. I couldn’t believe that I would be actually working with her. I also couldn’t believe how much sexier she looked in person.

I tried to stay focused on work, so I went to the library to look up some books for my professor. And there she was again, in one of the psychology aisles, looking for similar books.

“Hi,” I said to her, nervously.

She glanced up and smiled, “Oh hey!” she said. “I was just looking for some books for Dr. Ellis.”

“Yeah, me too,” I said.

We made some small talk and I asked her how she got into psychology. She talked about how she was always interested in understanding human behavior. I was turned on by how smart she was.

As she talked, my gaze focused on her beautiful face and voluptuous body. Her glasses made her look even sexier. Her tits were almost bursting out of that white blouse and I was dying to see her turn around so I could get a look at that phat ass that I fapped to so many times. My thoughts raced, please turn around, please turn around.

I noticed a book on the shelf behind her and asked, “Have you read that one on the bottom shelf? It’s on ethics.” She finally turned around and bent over to grab it. My eyes darted eagerly to her ass. Her ass was a bubble – thick, round, perfect. Her skirt was hugging her big ass so tight that I could see her thong through her skirt. Holy fuck, I wanted to grab her ass with both hands and ram my cock into her.

When she turned around, I wasn’t sure if I looked away fast enough. She paused as I looked elsewhere. When I looked back at her, she gave me a smile, suggesting that she caught me staring at her ass.

“I like your shirt, by the way,” she said as she opened the book. It was a random thing to say, but man, it turned me on even more. “Thank you,” I said, still nervous as fuck.

“This is a book on the psychology of sex,” she said as she paged through the book. “This isn’t exactly what Dr. Ellis is looking for.”

“Well, he wants us to look up stuff on prosocial behavior. Sex is prosocial,” I said.

She laughed, “True, true.”

I admired her figure again as she flipped through the book. This time, I looked at the sexy black heels she wore. They had straps that wrapped around her ankles. It gave her that Amazon Goddess look.

She read an excerpt from the book, “Sexual arousal and cognition. Physiological sexual readiness is controlled by the brain.”

She glanced up at me, as if to see my reaction. I nodded, “Makes sense.” She continued to read: “Studies typically show that men have stronger responses to visually erotic stimuli than women.”

She closed the book and looked at me again. I was so hard that I needed to adjust the way I stood because she would have seen the bulge in my pants.

“No dispute there,” I said.

“Women can be aroused by visual stimuli too,” Krysten said. “Damn, why couldn’t we do research on this topic? It’s so much funner, don’t you think?”

Her lips were slightly pursed as she asked the question and made eye contact with me. I fethiye escort froze for a moment and just fantasized about splashing my cum on her pretty face, especially on those glasses and sexy lips. I imagined streams of my cum dripping down her chin and onto her-

I snapped out of it. “Umm yeah, of course. I mean, definitely.”

She laughed. “Hey, you wanna go to the study room with me? I feel like we could get more work done that way. Maybe we could exchange notes?” she said. Fuck yes.

“Um, yeah, sure,” I said. I tried really hard to not sound so nervous.

“Ok cool,” she said with a smile. “I think it’s this way.”

She took the lead as she walked out of the book aisle. I took advantage of every second to stare at her ass. Damn, it was even better in motion. I noticed how her ass cheeks would jiggle as she took each step. When she walked up the stairs, seeing that ass sway side to side drove me crazy. I wanted to take my phone out and record it for the spank bank, but too many people were around.

“Oops,” she said as she stopped. “The study room isn’t up here. It’s downstairs.”

I didn’t complain. The more time behind her, the better. This time I focused on the thong outline that I could see through her skirt. Imagine taking her skirt off and pulling down her thong. Imagine slapping that bubble with my hands and my cock-

She turned around again and smiled. She knew I was walking slower on purpose. “Here it is,” she said, pointing to an empty study room. There was a large window, so it didn’t offer the privacy I was hoping for.

As we sat down and shared our notes, she loosened a button on her blouse. “It’s kind of warm in here,” she said. She leaned forward and highlighted some of the notes in one of the journal articles she had printed out. I looked down her blouse and got a nice view of her gorgeous tits. They looked perfect for titty fucking.

She capped her highlighter and put it in her mouth as she paged through the journal. Was she teasing me? I had to stop myself from drooling as I imagined it was my cock in her mouth.

After about 20 minutes, she stood up and stretched her arms out. She let out a soft moan and said, “Hey, I’m going to head back to my office. If I don’t see you later, I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Yeah, sure,” I said.

“It was nice meeting you,” she said and walked out. Damn it, did I disappoint her? Did I miss an opportunity?

I failed at focusing on my work. I was still in the study room and all I could think about was Krysten. I started to touch myself, but had to do it discreetly because of the fucking study room window. Too many students and librarians were walking by. It was still early in the day and I had the urge to cum that couldn’t wait. I remembered that I had tons of photos of Krysten stored on my phone. Then I remembered that I had access to one of the private gender-neutral faculty bathrooms since I was a research assistant. Oh damn, I could go there and release this tension real quick! I rushed out of the study room and headed towards the faculty bathroom.

Thank God the bathroom wasn’t in use. My whole body felt tense and warm, my cock swelling and ready to burst. I hated that I didn’t take a video of Krysten walking; jerking off to do that would have been amazing. But I didn’t dwell on it and stayed on task. I pulled up a photo of Krysten making eye contact with the camera and showing off her phat ass in a thin bikini. I unzipped my pants, whipped out my cock, and started stroking. Yes, finally.

I replayed images in my head of Krysten bending over to grab the book. God, her ass was so fine. I could fuck that ass all day long. I stroked faster and faster. I imagined slapping my cock on her big ass and making it wet with some precum. Oh fuck, this feels so good. As I got closer to cumming, I immediately imagined her sexy face. She looks so hot with glasses, with that highlighter in her mouth, with that seductive smile she gave me, with those beautiful lips pursing – “Uhhnn, aaghh!” I tried to keep my moaning and gasping down. I focused on the photo on my phone – such a pretty face, I want to drench her with cum – “Oh fuck!”

Cum poured out of me like a fountain. Five thick squirts splashed into the toilet as my body collapsed with relief. “Ooohh,” I moaned like a child as I imagined spilling it all on Krysten’s face, lips, and big beautiful titties! I needed that.

After washing my hands and catching my breath, I walked out of the bathroom. To my surprise, Krysten was standing in the hallway, waiting to use the bathroom. Men and women used the same faculty bathroom, so it was pretty progressive. She had an incredible smile and said, “Hi there.”

“Hey,” I said, still a little out of breath.

“Do you have class now?” she asked.

“In about 30 minutes.”

“Oh ok, would you mind helping me with something after I get out of the bathroom?”

“Sure, I mean, no, not at all,” I replied. Man, what could she need my help with?

“Ok thanks. Be right out!”

She escort fethiye closed the door and I waited in the hallway. If only she knew how I just jacked off to her! After a few minutes, she exited the bathroom, but something seemed off. She looked at me and her eyes seemed to have dropped to my… crotch area. She quickly looked back at me and smiled.

“You ready?” she asked.

“Yeah, what can I help you with?”

“Come to my office,” said, leading the way.

Don’t tell me she wants to fuck, I just blew my load! Inside her office, she handed me her phone. “Would you mind taking some pictures of me?”

She said this while sitting on her desk and fixing her hair. “It’s for my Instagram,” she said.

“Oh really? You’re on Instagram?” I asked, stupidly.

She gave me a look that suggested she didn’t believe me. “Do you have the camera ready?” she asked.


She started to pose: Both her hands in her hair and lips pouted. She spread her legs with both of her heels on the floor. Her skirt started to lift up, just enough to reveal her thick thighs. “Snap away,” she said.

Even though I jizzed five minutes ago, I still got hard. Damn, she was gorgeous. After snapping some pictures, she changed her pose and had one leg up on the desk. She gracefully flaunted her ass and looked back at it. “Wow,” I said.

“Does it look good?” she asked.

“Looks incredible.”

She unbuttoned her blouse some more, revealing more of her tits supported by a thin black bra. She crossed her arms under her gorgeous tits to showcase them. Fuck, she so wants cum on her tits, I thought.

“I know you know who I am,” she said.

I felt like she saw through me. “What? What makes you say that?” I asked, trying to play dumb.

“I just know,” she said. “Here, come take a close up.”

She wanted me to take a picture of her face. She made intimate eye contact with the camera and lowered her glasses, eyebrow raised – a seductive and classy glance.

“How’s that look?”

“Perfect,” I said.

“Yeah? Why don’t you choose my next pose?”

“Me? I mean, I can’t really think-“

“Something that makes me look sexy,” she said.

“Well, you don’t need a pose for that,” I said nervously.

“Aww, you don’t have to say that.”

“No, I’m serious, it’s true.”

She knew how hot she was, but I didn’t mind giving her compliments.

“Come on, tell me what you think guys would find visually stimulating,” she said. “Any position, no nudity though.”

“Ok,” I said, finally building my confidence. “How about getting on top of the desk.”


“On all fours.”

“Ooh,” she said with a naughty smile. She got on the desk and positioned herself in doggystyle. “Ass up, face down, right?” she asked, giggling. She knew what I was asking for.

“You read my mind,” I said.

She popped her ass up and lowered her head. One knee was slightly ahead of the other. Her heels were raised, ready to be held by the lucky man who would fuck her.

“How’s this?” she asked. I wanted her to look like she was taking a cock deep and, damn, she made the best face I could imagine. She pursed and rounded her lips and let out an, “Ooh” moan.

I took a moment to marvel at her. What a masterpiece. I wish I could get a copy of this picture at the very least.

“That’s amazing,” I said.

“Yeah? Let me see,” as she swung her long sexy legs off the table and returned to a sitting position.

I showed her the camera and she leaned forward. I could smell her perfume and I was close enough to look down her blouse. Her gorgeous melons looked so suckable. “Ooh I like your arms,” she said to me.

My heart pounded so hard and my body was warming up just being so close to her. It was intoxicating. “Thanks,” I said.

“These pictures look good.” She was good at changing the subject after flirting.

“Do you want me to take any again?” I asked, hoping that she would want more.

“No, they’re good, but hmm, I’m not going to post the last one you took,” she said, referring to the doggystyle picture, which was fucking gorgeous and would last me a full week of fap sessions.


“Yeah, it’s too sexy for Instagram and I’m not tryna get banned.” She laughed. “But thank you for taking these.”

I looked at the time and realized I was running late to class. “Damn, I gotta go.”

“You sure?” she asked.

I could have stayed, but I was too goddamn nervous. “Yeah, unfortunately,” I said. “But I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“You sure will,” she said. She looked disappointed, but she was friendly and said goodbye.

That evening, I was keeping my distance from my roommate. We were in the living room and he was talking about some shit he and his girlfriend were going through, but I had tuned out a long time ago. All I could do was dream and fantasize about Krysten. I can’t believe I decided to choose fucking class over spending more time with her!

A few minutes later, my phone dinged with a text notification. fethiye escort bayan I looked at it and saw it was a text from Krysten! I opened it and, holy fuck, it was the picture I took of her posing doggystyle on the desk.

The message read, “For your eyes only,” followed by a kiss emoji.

There was so much tension building in my loins that I needed to get the fuck out of the room. I turned to my roommate, “Hey man, I’m turning in for the night.”

I went to my room and locked the door. I transferred the picture to my iPad to get a full widescreen view. I pulled down my pants; I was already so fucking hard. I took hold of my cock, fixed my gaze on Krysten, and began to stroke.

The next morning, I woke up with excitement. I looked at the picture Krysten had sent me again. I went to her Instagram and saw that she didn’t post the image, as she said. I thought about how amazing it felt last night to jack off to this picture, knowing that she wanted me to. The fact that she sent it to me only enhanced my arousal and desire for more.

I got out of bed and started to get ready. I couldn’t wait to see her again.

When I got to Dr. Ellis’ office, Krysten was already there talking to him. She was dressed more casual than yesterday, wearing a tight, light brown tank top with her cleavage exposed and glorious tits popping out. She was also wearing the tightest fucking jeans I’d ever seen. How the fuck did she fit in them?? I wanted her to stand up so I could get a better look at her ass. As if that didn’t drive me crazy enough, she was wearing gold stiletto heels.

I felt some type of way when I noticed Dr. Ellis looking at her big tits. I mean, I couldn’t blame him.

Krysten looked at me with her magnetic eyes. “Hey,” she said in her sexy voice and smiled. Just her voice and smile made me melt. I greeted her back and sat next to her.

Dr. Ellis talked about being pleased with the work we submitted yesterday. He said he was going to be gone for the rest of the day because he had to be out of town for a conference. I tuned out most of what he said because I just wanted to see Krysten’s ass in those jeans!

“Feel free to use my office while I’m gone,” he said.

Krysten looked at a couch on the far end of Dr. Ellis’ office and then gave me a naughty glance. “That’s nice of you,” she said to Dr. Ellis.

Dr. Ellis talked some more about his trip while Krysten took out her lipstick and smoothed it over her seductive lips. I glanced over at her and fantasized that it was my dick glossing over those lips instead of the lipstick.

Suddenly, there was a thud on the floor. Krysten had dropped the lipstick cap. Are you fucking kidding me? I offered to pick it up for her out of courtesy, but I knew she was going to stop me. “I got it,” she said. She dropped to her knees and bent over right next to me. She did it in a way where she was too close to the desk for Dr. Ellis to see. This was a view only for me.

She was ass up, face down, just how I like it. Her perfectly rounded phat ass in those tight jeans was facing up for me. I was captivated by it. Her ass looked enormous up-close, shaped like a juicy peach, ready to be squeezed, devoured, and rammed by my aching cock. I savored every moment of staring at the magnificence of her ass. I noticed Krysten turned her head and looked at me while she was still bent over. This time, I didn’t turn away. I met her gaze with furious lust.

“You okay down there, Krysten?” Dr. Ellis asked. I wanted to say, “Shut the fuck up, dude.”

Krysten rose back up with her lipstick cap. “Yes, sorry about that.”

“Anyway, the walls are soundproof,” Dr. Ellis added. “Which is why I use this office for my therapy sessions. So if you need to watch videos or put some music on, don’t worry about it getting too loud.”

“Mmm, good to know,” Krysten said while looking at me again. “Yeah, things might get a little loud in here.” She sounded so fucking seductive.

“Ok, well I’m going to head out now. Got a four hour drive ahead of me,” Dr. Ellis said. “You two behave, ok?”

“Of course,” both Krysten and I said.

After Dr. Ellis left the room and closed the door, Krysten looked at me and asked, “Did you get my picture?”

“Yeah, I did. It was the best surprise ever.”

“You didn’t text me back,” she said in a mock sad tone.

“Sorry, I forget, I-“

“I hope you were busy enjoying it,” she said.

I was caught off guard with how more direct her flirting was getting. I could feel precum oozing out of my cock.

“Well, I umm…”

She laughed, which helped me loosen up and laugh too.

“Yesterday, you said that I knew about you. How did you know that?” I asked.

“Oh, so I was right,” she said.

“But how did you know?”

“I remember your name when you signed up for my OnlyFans.”

Oh damn. It made sense now.

“You requested to see a picture of me in these tight jeans,” she continued.

“Wow,” I said. “Guilty as charged. You have a great memory. But you never responded to my request.”

“I know,” she said in an apologetic tone. This time she ran her hand across my thigh. “It was right around the time I was closing it down. But I hope the picture yesterday made up for it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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