Meeting in the Park

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So, this is my first story. Feedback would definitely be appreciated! Good, bad, ugly, whatever. If you like this story, or even if you don’t, look for more of my stories and give feedback to see how I develop as a writer in my spare time. I know you probably don’t want all of this intro because when I’m reading I just want to get on to the story but somehow feel obligated to read it. Sorry… just a bit more. I am actually an engineering college student and am not trying to be a writer, but I have ideas and thoughts and would like to share them with others. So enough about me and here goes! Sorry one more thing. Some of my stories may be based on real life events or at least start out that way and end up as how I would like them to have happened. Now to the story.

The Meeting in the Park

This is based on a true story.

I’m really bored tonight and I have been talking to Scott for a few weeks now. We haven’t been out on a date or anything, just been talking on the phone. I am african american about 5 foot 7 inches, weighing about 230, with 42 d breasts, a nice ass, and nice hips to go along with the package. I don’t have anything to do tonight and I really don’t feel like sitting around the house for too much longer. I think I’ll call Scott and see what he is doing tonight and maybe we can finally meet each other or something. So I grab my cell and search for his number. Found it.

“Hey Scott, what are you up to?”, I say.

“Nothing much, just sitting around the house on yahoo”, he says.

I respond with “So what would you rather be doing?”

“You”, he says as usual.

“So where do you want to meet up?”, I ask.

He responds “I don’t know, anywhere I guess”

I have a sly grin on my face and I suggest the park, halfway kidding and halfway serious, being the wannabe exhibitionist that I am.

He actually says let’s go for it.

I tell him where to meet me and I shower and get ready to go. It is right at 11pm when I leave the house. I am at the park sitting in my car waiting around for him. The spot I picked has a little playground area and picnic tables nearby. It is completely dark save for the area that the moon lights. I call Scott to ask where he is and he reassures that he is almost at illegal bahis the park. He finally pulls up and now it’s time for me to meet the guy I have been talking on the phone to for so long. He gets out of the car and walks over to my car. He opens my door and helps me out and I suddenly realize I feel like a giant compared to this guy. He told me he was the same height as me and it seems like he is at least 5 inches shorter! This guy was probably 5 foot 4 inches, 230 pounds with brownish blonde hair and blue eyes. It’s a good thing I love blue eyes, that’s probably the only way I could do the height difference. Oh well, life goes on I guess.

He grabs my hand and escorts me to the picnic tables where we talk for a little while. He is interesting and seems like a guy I would really like to know more about. He looks at me and says I look cold and asks if he can warm me up. I say sure and he sits on top of the picnic table and motions for me to sit between his legs. I carefully move there and he begins warming my body with his hands. It feels soooo good that I don’t want him to stop.

His hands move from caressing my arms to lightly grazing my breasts. I am getting comfortable with him and I lean back against him as he caresses my body. His warm hands make their way down my shirts and under it to my stomach. He caresses it and makes a slight move towards my jeans. I move his hands back up and he continues to caress my stomach.

He tries again to move his hand further south and he knows I want it just as bad as he does. This time I let him. He manages to slide his hand into the top of my jeans and rub my warm, slight wet pussy. He gently teases my clit with his finger as I hold on to his arm for support. I start moaning into his ear as the teasing continues and his finger goes just a bit faster. My pussy is getting soaked as we are here in the middle of the park in the middle of the night.

He slowly rubs my pussy lips and coat his finger with my juices and gently pushes his thick white finger into my tight black pussy. As his finger enters, we both moan because my pussy is so tight. I’ve played with various toys and have been fingered before but technically I am still a virgin. He starts fingering my pussy once my pussy stops clenching his intruding illegal bahis siteleri finger. It feels so good!

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better he slightly bends his finger and rubs my g-spot! Oh my goodness!!! IT FEELS SO GOOOD! My hips are grinding on his finger and I’m so into it that I don’t even realize he added a second finger. He is pumping his fingers in and out so hard and so fast that I think I’m going to lose my mind! He stops for a second and it makes me whine. I tell him to keep going and he tells me to take off my pants so he can get his fingers in deeper.

I turn him down so he says he has another idea. He lays back on the table and pulls me back with him while we spoon. He then pulls my leg over his and SLAMS his fingers deep inside me!!

” OH FUCK!!!!” I scream.

He made me cum all over his fingers! My pussy was soaking wet! He kept going then started teasing my clit. He rubbed my clit until I was on the edge of cumming and just stopped. I begged for him to keep going. He kept going until I was on the edge again and I reached for his arm because I couldn’t take too much more of this torture. I held his arm and he kept rubbing my clit and he actually made me cum so much harder than the last time! I screamed his name so loud that I thought I would wake up the neighborhood. He had me moaning so loud that I’m surprised no one called the police. He had my body completely exhausted! I had to beg hit to stop because my pussy was so sensitive.

Throughout this bit of fun I felt him getting hard against me and I knew he wanted me to take care of that, but I have never cum that much in my life and I was tired. We lay there for a few minutes and he got up and we started talking about nothing again. I was sitting on the edge of the table and he stood in between my legs. I heard a noise like a belt buckle hitting the ground and I asked him what that noise was. He told me his pants fell down. I looked at his face and then at the ground and sure enough his pants fell down around his ankles and he had a nice bulge going on in his boxers.

I told him he either needed to pull up his pants or take them off. So he decided the latter. He took off his pants and shoes and threw them aside and kept talking to canlı bahis siteleri me like everything was normal. I couldn’t help but stare at his hard cock right in front of me. He told me he needed to get off before he got blue balls. I told him I was too tired to give him a blow job so he said fine.

He took my hand and pulled me over into the moonlight and kissed me. I playfully pushed him away and said you can’t catch me and I started to run away. He immediately caught me and spun me around in his arms. I looked down and saw that his hard cock had been caught on my lanyard that was hanging out of his pocket. We both laughed.

He told me if I wasn’t going to take care of him then he needed to take care of himself so he sat on the picnic table half naked and jacked off. I love watching a man jack off and my eyes were glued to his hard dick. He came in no time and wads of white cream erupted from his hard dick as he moaned in pleasure. I almost came again just by watching him.

He put his clothes back on and he held me for a few more minutes. I asked if he wanted to see me tomorrow and he hesitated and said he would be busy. It made me mad so I got up and stormed off to my car. I would have been out of there in 2 seconds had he not walked in front of my car to try to explain himself. I rolled my window down to listen to what he had to say and next thing we know, we see a bright light coming our way.

I’m nervous and think oh no the park is closed this must be the police; I really don’t feel like going to jail tonight. The car pulls up and blocks us in and the light is so bright I can’t even see the cop. Scott says he’ll go handle it and see what is up. He goes over to the cop and talks to him and then the cop comes to me for a story of what we are doing in the park at 4am. To make a long story short he finger printed both of us and told us to leave. When I got home everyone was in bed and I realized I had a HUGE wet spot in the crotch of my pants! It was more like the whole bottom of my pants were soaked. I knew I was wet but damn not that wet!

I’m just thankful that we didn’t go to jail or get a ticket or anything. If the police had come five minutes earlier he would have found a half naked man chasing me and I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t have gotten off scott free!

~~~~~Thanks for reading my first story… Please rate it and give me feedback and comments. Please give me honest brutal feedback and tell me your likes and dislikes. Thanks again…. ~black_beauty

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