Meagan’s Photo Studio Ch. 04

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Meagan was looking so good to me, standing there with her long hair draped over her naked shoulder, and her tits standing out there so inviting. I wanted to touch them, but felt guilty.

“Take this off,” she said, tugging my towel off of me. Again, I stood naked before her.

“Sit down,” she instructed.

Like a puppet, I couldn’t resist her will. I sank down onto the workout bench. Meagan was soon with me. She spread her legs and straddled my legs to sit in my lap facing me.

“There’s something else I always wanted to try,” she said, placing her hands on my shoulders and leaning in close to me.

“What’s that?” I asked. Did she want me to fuck her? At this point, I wouldn’t have been surprised. Her arms draped over my shoulders and her face was only a few inches from mine.

“I want to see how good my brother is at kissing,” she said, brushing her hair against my cheek. When she spoke, her voice was soft and had the tone of a whisper.

“Oh,” I said. I know it sounds dumb, but I didn’t know what to do.

Meagan rubbed her cheek against mine, moving her lips against my face until they came into contact with my own lips.

She kissed me softly, gently, her lips barely making contact with mine, their softness tickling me. When I inhaled, I drew her sweet breath into my lungs. Then, she gently pressed her tongue against my lips. I parted them to touch my tongue against hers. She tasted sweet against my lips and I felt a warmness in her taste that betrayed her lust. Our tongues gently twisted against one another for a minute, then her tongue wrestled its way into my mouth as she sucked at my lips passionately.

I never knew kissing my step-sister could be so arousing. While we kissed, Meagan pressed her naked tits against me in what was my first contact with them. I immediately began to get hard again, a condition that was quickly noticed by Meagan. I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t stop. As my cock stiffened, it drew a line straight up the outside of Meagan’s shorts until her cloth-covered cunt was in contact with my hard cock. Never in my life would I have imagined I would be doing this with my step-sister.

Meagan didn’t ignore the stiffening shaft probing her pussy from outside her clothes. When she felt my cock pressing against her, her passion increased. She kissed me harder, pressed her tits harder against my chest, and gyrated her hips against my pounding cock. Her nipples were hardened points rubbing against my well-oiled chest.

We continued to kiss passionately for several minutes. Her hands roamed my body. My hands found her tits. They were firm, warm orbs that fit perfectly into my hands. Her nipples were probably the hardest I’d ever felt. Smeared with the oil from my chest, her tits were smooth and slippery, allowing my hands to glide along them easily. I flicked her nipples with each passing finger as I massaged her tits back and forth with my open hands.

Meagan was bucking her hips rhythmically, pressing her pussy against my cock. I’d already had two orgasms and my dick felt like it erenköy escort was as hard as it was the first time. Meagan was a hot girl who obviously had some secret passions I’d never known about.

Meagan stood up from my lap without breaking the kiss. I didn’t need to be told what to do next. I reached for the waist of her biker shorts and pulled them down over her full, round ass, down her shapely legs and to her feet, where they got tangled in her shoes. With my feet doing all the work, it took me a few minutes to wrestle the shorts the rest of the way off. She didn’t seem to mind me struggling with them.

My hands roamed her body, first to her waist, then to the waistband of the thong, then finally onto her smooth ass. When both hands came into contact with her butt cheeks, Meagan’s mouth opened and she let out a low moan.

Although I couldn’t see what she was wearing now, I could feel the outline of a skimpy thong and knew that she was nearly naked and wearing only her shoes and this tiny piece of underwear.

I backed myself up to the workout bench again, sat, then pulled Meagan down on top of me. As she followed me to the workout bench, Meagan slipped out of her shoes. With my back flat against the bench, Meagan had nowhere else to go but right on top of me. The full weight of her petite body was distributed across my larger frame. I enjoyed the contact at several points along her body as she settled on top of me.

With my knees bent, my feet were flat on the floor to support our weight and to keep us from rolling off the bench. Meagan was straddling me. Her hands and mine locked above my head as we continued the slow and sensual kiss.

The kissing became more intense as Meagan closed her legs, pressing her knees together on the workout bench, having the added effect of squeezing my cock in between her legs and against her pussy.

“Mmm,” she moaned, sliding her hips forward and backward, stroking my cock up and down the outside of her panties. If this was how good it felt to rub my cock outside her pussy and through her panties, I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to actually be fucking her.

Meagan pushed my hands down along her sides, then slipped my hands inside the waistband of her panties and pressed downward, a silent command to pull her panties off of her. I obeyed the non-verbal commands and slid the panties down, first with my hands, then I hooked the waistband with my foot and pulled them the rest of the way off.

Now, she was naked except for her socks, which didn’t bother me a bit. Meagan settled her hips back down on top of me and pressed her legs shut again. Her wet slit lined itself up perfectly with my stiff cock.

The feeling of her hot, wet pussy slithering up and down the length of my shaft was unbelievable. I wanted to be inside her. I wanted to fuck her. I wanted to make her scream my name and cum with me, but for now, my cock felt great sliding along the outside of her pussy as she worked her hips up and down to stroke my cock. I only hoped I didn’t etiler escort cum so soon that I didn’t get to put it in her pussy first.

“Do you want me?” Meagan asked, sliding her cunt along the head of my cock.

“I do,” I said.

“Then say it,” Meagan commanded, raising her head up to look me in the face. “Tell me that you want me. Tell me you want my pussy.”

“I want you. I want your pussy,” I said as seriously as I could. Meagan appeared to be excited by the words as the came from my lips.

“Say my name and say you want me,” she said, a little more demanding this time.

“I want you, Meagan,” I said. “I want your pussy.”

“No, not that name,” she said. “Call me something else.”

“Like Sis?” I asked.

“Yeah, like when we were younger,” she said.

“Okay, Sis. I want you. I want your pussy,” I said. I was serious too. Her cunt rubbing up and down my shaft was driving me crazy. Her wet, warm cunt was waiting for me. I had to have it.

“Yeah?” she said, obviously enjoying what I said.

“Yeah, Sis,” I said. “I want you. I want to fuck my sister. I want to fuck you, Sis. I want my dick to go deep in your pussy.” I was getting into it and from the look on her face, so was she.

“You want it?” she asked.

“I want it. I want your fucking pussy,” I said.

“Then prove it,” she said, climbing off me and onto the floor of the workout room. She laid on the floor and spread her legs in front of me, exposing her pussy to me for the first time. I wanted her. I wanted to be on top of her, fucking her until I filled her cunt with my cum, but there she was, so sexy, so inviting. I had to pause for a second to marvel at the body in front of me. She was gorgeous and she looked better naked than I ever would have imagined. I looked down at her pussy. It was freshly-shaven and completely bare. I liked how it looked with her pussy lips swollen and folded open.

“Come on,” She said. “Are you going to look at my pussy all day or are you going to fuck it?”

I was almost embarrassed by her comments, but instead, I was excited by them.

“Why don’t you take a picture?” she said sarcastically.

“Okay,” I said, reaching over to her camera bag and pulling out a small digital camera. It only took me a few seconds to figure out how to work it, then I started snapping pictures.

“That’s supposed to be my job,” she said, striking several poses, including one where she pulled her feet up to her waist and let me snap a picture of her wide-open cunt. “Come on,” she said. “Come fuck me and we can take pictures later.”

I set the camera down and slithered toward her, pressing the head of my cock against the folds of her cunt as our lips made contact with one another and the kiss started again.

Her pussy was so wet, the head of my cock pushed into her tight slit with little resistance. Meagan moaned with pleasure and gripped the back of my neck with her hand as I slowly pushed into her inch by inch until I was buried in her up to the hilt. I didn’t move florya escort for a minute and just enjoyed being inside her. Meagan, on the other hand, wasn’t as patient. With me deed inside her, she started gyrating her hips and rubbing the head of my cock around inside her.

“Fuck me,” Meagan said impatiently. “Come on, show me what I’ve waited so long to have. Show me that the wait was worth it. Come on, fuck my pussy.”

“You want this dick?” I asked, looking her in the face as I spoke. “You want me to fuck your little pussy, Sis?”

“Ooo, Yes,” she said, bucking her hips against mine. “Fuck me good. Fuck my pussy.”

I withdrew my cock slowly until all but the head remained inside her, then quickly pumped it back inside her, much to her delight. I started pumping her cunt with my cock, ramming it in and out of her as hard and as fast as I could.

Meagan was no dead fuck. She found my rhythm and matched it quickly. When I pushed into her, she pressed her hips forward to meet me halfway, then when I withdrew again, she pulled away also. My sister seemed to be more sexually experienced than I would have previously believed.

“Your dick is sooo good,” Meagan moaned. “I can’t wait to suck it. Will you let me suck it?”

Instead of answering, I just smiled. I didn’t know if I would have the strength. I would love to have her suck my cock, but I didn’t think I would be able to do it after fucking her.

“I can’t wait to have your cock in my mouth,” Meagan said, licking her lips. “I want to suck you into my mouth the way I’m taking you into my pussy right now.”

I pounded my cock into Meagan’s bald, little pussy. I was pounding, pumping, and fucking her pussy as hard as I could. Meagan was equally excited.

“I’m getting ready to cum,” she said. “I want you to cum with me. Can you do that? Can you cum with me?”

I nodded my head. I was ready to cum.

“Here I cum,” she said. Her hands found my ass and gripped at their cheeks, slowing my pumping to a halt, pulling me deep inside her. I could feel her pussy contracting around my cock and her body convulsed beneath me.

I buried my dick inside her as far as I could and felt the cum rumbling in my balls and spewing out from the head of m cock into my sister’s pussy.

“I can feel you cumming inside me,” Meagan moaned.

I grunted and tried to push even further into her, but couldn’t. I was already buried in her as far as I could go and was pumping my cum deep into her.

“I feel your cum spilling into my pussy,” Meagan said, grinding her pussy against my cock. “It feels so good,” she groaned. “Can you feel me cumming?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I said, barely getting the word out of my mouth. It was all I could muster in my current state. I pumped all of my cum into her.

Meagan held me there until she’d finished cumming, then the two of us lay there in a heap for a few minutes, our breath deep and heavy.

A few minutes later, Meagan pushed me off of her and rolled onto her stomach.

I stood and was suddenly aware that the person I had just been fucking was my step-sister. Suddenly, I felt ashamed and guilty, but before I could feel too bad about myself, Meagan spoke.

“I think I’m going to enjoy my workouts even more in the future,” she said. “Next time I come over, I want you to already be naked when I get here.”

To be continued…

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