Me and My Cousin Charles

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I usually place a comment in this space promising no oversize dickeys, no double Ds and no ANAL or over pain–This tale will be a slight exception to one of these promises-That of the oversize dickey-Sorry- Meanwhile censors, everyone is over 18.


One reads many stories in Literotica where the male sports an oversized cock even when deflowering a innocent virgin. As a reader I can only cringe as I imagine the dual pain of a splitting hymen followed by a big instrument being forced between muscles unused to being stretched.

However there are those of us who, at times, do welcome a larger instrument of pleasure wielded by a sincere and competent user.

Now a little about me. I lost my virginity at an age not allowed to be mentioned here. After I became legal back there in the mid seventies I shared my favors with my fair share of young men of my age. Of course they came in a variety of sizes and abilities.

I quickly found that the two didn’t come in the same package. I mean that the largest cocks seemed to be used with the least skill and usually hurt. Before long I was married to one of the more skilled and more standard size cocks. His name was Fred. By the way, I’m Donna.

Time marched on. 15 years, several thousand fucks and two kids later my cunt had loosened up a bit. My muscles were good. I could still squeeze the cum out of Fred’s cock. But then one day something interesting happened.

About 2:00 AM one morning Fred slipped something hard and smooth into my slippery penis receptacle. I later found out that Fred had used the lathe in his shop and turned out a very nice dildo. Ten or so coats of paint later it was smooth and safe.

It felt so good, it was just like having a lover. I came quickly and Fred came too, excited to orgasm by my excitement. Soon we developed a new routine. Fred would lick my clit while fucking me with the dildo. I meanwhile would give him a very enthusiastic blow job. This made for a very satisfactory encounter for us both.

I also was masturbating with it at daily, often several times. It was very much like that period of my life following my discovery of the pleasure that my fingers could give.

One sunny Saturday afternoon we found ourselves alone in the house. We looked at each other, smiled and quickly made our way to the middle of the bed. Quickly we got naked and into the sixty nine position. After just a minute of “lick and suck” I felt the dildo enter me.

I was really in the mood so I came to a quick orgasm. Then Fred pulled the dildo out and licked me deep for a few minutes. As I said I was really horny so I could feel my second orgasm developing. Just as that was happening I felt the dildo replace Fred’s tongue.

With anticipation I waited for it to enter me. Then it did. “Wow,” I thought. “it really feels good today.”

That quick I was coming and coming hard. Before I was had come back down Fred began to fuck me with the dildo. What enjoyment. I was so excited. I hadn’t felt anything this good since the early days of our marriage. Something was different but I didn’t know what. Whatever it was I loved it.

It felt so great that I came for the third time. At that instant Fred came too. As I swallowed his cum I felt fulfilled but I didn’t take the time to understand why. After several more great orgasms that I reached down and took the dildo Into my own hand.

It didn’t feel familiar. It was big and heavy. I looked at Fred as he held it up for me to see. It looked gigantic. After a minute I figured out that it was made of wax. Fred explained that he had taken sealing wax and colored it red. That he used a paper towel core as a mold and then shaped it over heat.

We tried it the next night in place mutlukent escort of my normally sized dildo but I couldn’t handle it and it hurt. For the next two years of Fred’s life Big Red was reserved for those occasions when I was extra wet and slippery.

Anyhow after Fred died I eventually became sexually active again. Those occasions were usually very pleasant. I was still considered a ‘good fuck’ I knew. Most guys came back for more but I couldn’t seem to regain the excitement of those years with Fred.

It was then that I discovered Literotica. I found it a great help both in gaining perspective and as an aid to my DIY activities. With it’s inspiration I bought three sex toys which helped increase my orgasm count.

I became a fan of MarilynMWF then happened to read a story there of a sister fascinated by the thought of trying out her brother’s ‘big one’. That got me thinking about the super pleasure I had received on that one occasion from my over sized dildo, Then I remembered that my 2nd cousin Charles was reputed to be ‘well hung’.

Well you can imagine the next couple of months of my life. With these new fantasies and my new toys and a never ending supply of erotic ‘Big One’ stories in Literotica I was acting like a teenager who had just discovered …….. well you know what they discovered.

A couple of months later Charles’s daughter, got married. Charles, now a widower was able to provide a very nice wedding day. Charles had called and asked that I do the ‘Mother of the Bride’ honors. It promised not only to be an exciting affair, but in addition I hoped, the beginning of another affair. As a teen I had always been just a bit in love with cousin Charles.

The day went beautifully. In the late afternoon after the newlyweds left Charles and I just a bit tipsy joined the others on the dance floor. The music was perfect. As we danced we slowly but steadily drifted into that dancing mode that would be lovers fall into. We fit together nicely and danced well together.

I couldn’t help but be disappointed that we were dressed so formally. Dancing together like this with us both wearing less and thinner clothing would soon have juices running down my thighs. Something was accomplished though. When we finished the last dance we did kiss. The kiss did last longer and was a bit deeper than might be appropriate for cousins.

As I had to be to work the following AM I needed to sleep. Charles had check signing chores so we parted company at that point. I carried a smile on my face and a tingle in my crotch for the next several weeks. My DIY workout took on renewed life till suddenly a new opportunity presented itself.

It took the form of a company sponsored weekend at a plush resort. Our group had won first prize in a sales contest and the weekend was our reward. I immediately thought of inviting Charles. Several were bringing ‘friends’ so that was no problem.

Considering our actions at the wedding I was pretty confident that Charles would be more than willing. I did decide not to mention our relationship to others. Charles was thrilled at my invitation. We were to provide our own transportation so Charles picked me up in his new Cadillac for a leisurely drive to Ocean City Maryland.

Along the way I evoked some of those poses which women use to entice and/or tease a man. I was pleased at the obvious physical reaction.

It was a lovely older resort hotel in the downtown section. By the luck of a drawing held the previous afternoon I won one of the available suites. It was very nice featuring twin king beds as well as a separate living room and a galley type kitchen. I sincerely hoped that there would be no need for the second bed.

It tuzla escort was several hours before any planned gathering. I suggested that we partake of the ocean waves, followed by the jacuzzi. I was sincerely hoping for some sexual adventure to result from the close proximity and the skimpy clothes. I wasn’t bold enough to make the first move but I also was not one to pretend false modesty or coyness.

The day did not go exactly according to plan. We did have fun in the deep ocean waves. Charles did cop a couple of feels. I did cop a feel or two of my own which served to confirm his reputation and which did cause tingling in my pussy.

We did the jacuzzi and were both as free with our touches as one could be in an otherwise crowded area nicely concealed by bubbles. Other’s seemed to be playing the same game. Unfortunately just as we were ready to leave. Me with high hopes, my manager and his wife showed up. That of course slowed down the immediate plans.

The rest of the day and evening went nicely with a few intimate caresses here and there. As my manager had plans for dinner with other managers we were able to separate from them at around five. We discussed our options for the evening finally deciding upon room service.

We showered separately (darn it) then met just as our meal arrived. By unspoken agreement we had dressed casual but nice. I didn’t know about Charles but what he saw was all that I was wearing. We had ordered something called “Cold Seafood Deluxe” which featured lobster salad, old shrimp, both clams and oysters on the half shell and Key Lime pie for dessert.

We ate on the balcony and watched the peasants walk the boards enjoying their cotton candy and ice cream treats. We topped off our meal with Cointreau/vodka cocktail guaranteed to …. get me in the mood.

Even though the sun was just setting when Charles found some good slow dance music on the sound system we began to dance. If we had started later I would be saying that we danced till the wee hours. We did dance long and slow and close.

After what seemed like a long, long, while I felt Charles’s hand slip under my waistband and down over my left cheek and cup it in his hand, massaging it gently.

“How did you know that I was ready?”

“I sensed it. You started breathing differently. Faster. Like you were aroused.” We stopped dancing.

He reached out and touched two fingers to my pouty lips.

“Are you?” He asked. His voice husky with apparent desire.

I could only stare back at him. “Tell me the truth Donna. Are you aroused?

“Don’t answer the way you think is right and proper. Answer truthfully. Are you?”

I couldn’t answer with words. I simply nodded. I had only just finished my nod when Charles leaned close and kissed me softly. First he brushed his lips softly back and forth across mine. Then his tongue tickled the center of my upper lip. I reflexively leaned into him.

His hand curved around the back of my neck and drew my head closer. The kiss he gave me was soft and deep and wet. His tongue sunk into my mouth. My hands laid against his chest, not to hold him away but to show with their relaxed state my surrender.

His hands tugged at my top. I lifted my arms straight up in surrender. My loving cousin lifted it away and dropped in on to the floor. His hands began to explore. Without further words his lips moved downward to follow coming to rest here and there. At each stop his tongue gently brushed my skin. His touches elicited a million delicious tingles each of which traveled downward to that center of female pleasure serving to increase even more my desire.

“You are so desirable my darling cousin. I can’t decide where to kiss anadolu yakası escort next. He decided on my mouth next as his fingers mischievously found and tweaked my nipple. After another moment his mouth replace his fingers on my nipple as his fingers continued to explore downward.

I grasped him by his hair and muttered his name. “Is that a request for more?” Charles whispered.

“Yes. Definitely yes.” I managed to answer. It had been a long time since my body had been turned into such a trembling mass. His tongue returned to my nipple. He sucked it with a gentle ardency. The stroking heat of his tongue and the tugging motion of his lips set off an erotic explosion inside of my body.

I don’t recall the actions but suddenly we were both naked. I remember being surprised at that as we pulled down the covers and fell upon the bed. I became greedy to have all of him. As he maneuvered himself between my spread legs I had my first glimpse of his erect penis.

It was as advertised, larger than previous offerings which I had accepted. As soon it touched my wetness he pushed on in, I was so ready for him. My creamy warmth enveloped him. It felt to me like normal sized offerings had felt before pregnancies stretched my muscles.

But with the anticipation born of experience followed by deprivation by real hard flesh this felt much, much, better. The tip of his organ touched long neglected areas deep within my cunt. The feeling was more than sufficient to manifest itself into a shattering orgasm.

It spun through my body like a cyclone. I felt it touch every part of me. It was like none other in recent experience. My lower body lifted then thrust then retreated again and again. Finally it released my body to come again. As it did in another orgasmic episode reminiscent of long ago excitements I felt the heat of Charles’s cum spread through my lower body.

“God, let this never stop. Take me now and let this be my last earthly memory.”

Naturally it did stop, naturally I didn’t die, nor did I really wish to. No, no, I wanted more, much more. We both came down from our highs. Charles held his weight off of my body as we stared into each other’s eyes. Then without thought we first grinned, then burst into happy laughter.

“Do you have any idea how long I’ve wanted to do this?” Charles said.

“Can’t be any longer that I’ve wanted for it to happen.”

“How long?” My cousin asked.

“Since that time I tickled you and we wrestled and pillow fought all around my living room.”

“If only.”

“Yea, if only.”

With that Charles rolled us over till I way laying on top of him. After a moment or two of us wiggling in an effort to fit our bodies together I felt something probing at my vaginal entrance. I felt at the same time a mixture of his cum and my juices dribble downward.

“Feels like a signal to me.” Said Charles. I thought so too so I worked my lower self up and over and then holding his member, down and in.

Again as his hard penis slid into me it became instant passion. It had been so long. With a little changing of position I was able to position myself with my lips to his, my breasts to his chest and to ride his tower of pleasure up and down feeling it slide along my clit as it pleasured my inner being.

Our orgasms were just as satisfying after which we slept for about two hours legs and arms inter-twined. Later we partook of the almost deserted jacuzzi then a late snack before returning to our rooms.

As we showered together I began to think of the pleasures of oral sex. A I did I wondered about Charles’s penis in my mouth. Would his size be a problem. Turns out that it wasn’t. My mouth was big enough and my cousin’s tongue was educated enough that we gave each other very satisfying orgasms. And yes, for those who are curious. I swallowed. I swallowed it all as my juicy pussy bathed this face as I came.

Now we spend every available moment together. The fucking and sucking has slowed down some but not the satisfaction. Thanks for asking.

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