Masquerade Madness 02

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Lisa headed up to her room and stood in front of the full length mirror, admiring her body. She was average height, standing at five foot six, and was very slender. Her skin was a light golden color, and she had a couple freckles on the tip of her nose. She smiled and rubbed her breasts, which were firm and supple and on the cusp of being C-cups. Her waist was small, but her hips were large, and her butt was round. Her legs were lean and beautiful.

She looked a lot like her mom, which she really hated since she knew that she reminded her dad of her mom. She had a heart shaped face and a narrow bridged nose. Her eyes were round and a beautiful shade of dark teal. Light blonde curls cascaded down to her shoulder blades and framed her pretty face. Her lips were full and pink.

Sometimes she wished she looked more like her dad. He had a boyish charm to him, with his smooth shaven face and soft brown eyes. His hair was curly and dark brown. He had a rather stocky build, but he was lean at the same time.

But still, she really loved her body.

Lisa took a quick shower and resisted the urge to take her removable shower head and shoot her pussy with the warm water. Then she dried her hair and sat in front of the vanity as she plucked her eyebrows. She washed her face and brushed her teeth, then proceeded to go through her makeup.

Her pussy throbbed and she wanted to rub it so badly, but she needed both of her hands to do her makeup. Simply shoving something up there wouldn’t satisfy her, it would need to move or vibrate —

She stopped and then grabbed her toothbrush, which was a Sonicare. She couldn’t believe what she was about to do, but she didn’t allow herself to hesitate. She pressed the button and promptly sat her pussy on top of the handle.

Oh, God!

She froze for a moment, shocked at how good it felt. Then she continued putting her makeup on. But her subconscious wouldn’t relent. She began rocking her hips in a circular motion, moving her pussy against the vibrating handle. The movement didn’t help her putting on her makeup, but she couldn’t seem to stop.

So she set down the makeup, braced her hands against the counter, and rammed her pussy up and down the toothbrush.

“Oh, oh, OH!”

It was so good! She’d never experimented with vibrators before — hell, she’d never even touched a dildo — but she certainly liked them. She bit her lip and gasped with the tremors that rocked her body, then —

The two minutes were up and it stopped vibrating. She took a moment to catch her breath, then shoved the toothbrush into a drawer and swore not to touch it again.

Finally she finished her makeup, and then it was time to put her costume on. But she didn’t know what to wear for underwear, and the costume was too see through to go without. All the underwear she owned was too plain, except —

Lisa went to her closet and pulled out a shoebox, then ripped the lid off. Her mother used to buy her all kinds of sexy lingerie. Lisa never had göztepe escort a chance to wear them, and truth be told she was a bit intimidated by the sexiness of the underwear, but didn’t want to turn them down. So she hid them in her closet.

Smiling, she grabbed the black lacy panties and matching bra and put them on. Then she put on the costume.

First came the black fishnet stockings, complete with garter belt, and then she slipped on the black mini skirt, which was hemmed with lace, adorned with ribbons, and had a longer section of fabric in the back. Then she pulled on the top. It was black and very form fitting. The bottom of it flared out with scalloped, dark teal fabric (which matched her eyes). The bust was covered in the same dark teal fabric, although it had black lace over it. Lacy straps held it up.

Lisa then put on the finishing touches, which were a black ribbon choker necklace with teal rhinestones, elbow length fingerless gloves, and a headband with a feather attached to it. She waited to put on the headband until she’d put the wig on.

She secured her own hair and then pulled the wig on. It was fairly realistic for a costume wig. It was a fiery red color, which contrasted wonderfully with the blue of her costume and eyes. The wig was curly and fell to just above her shoulders. After making sure none of her blonde hair was poking out, she secured the wig and then pinned some of the curls up out of her face.

She picked up the mask (which was black with teal feathers) and tied it on, then looked at herself in the mirror — and gasped aloud. Where a shy girl once stood, a sexy, confident woman was in her place.

The bodice of the costume accentuated her curves and breasts like nothing had ever done before. The colors were bold and bright, and her eyes sparkled. Her butt looked great, and the fishnets and garters made her look super sexy. She was completely unrecognizable, and she loved that.

Lisa grabbed her phone and called a taxi, and took some pictures with her webcam while she waited for the cab to arrive. She definitely wanted to remember this.

She heard the cab arrive, so she grabbed the rest of her dad’s money and her clutch, slipped on some black heels, and walked out to the taxi. The cabbie twisted around in his seat so he could get a better look at her while she told him the address.

“Going to a party?” he asked.

“It’s always a party where I am, sugar,” she replied flirtatiously.

Sugar? she thought. Where did that come from? She’d never called anybody sugar before. But she didn’t dwell on that thought for long. She wasn’t normal Lisa tonight. Tonight, she was sexy Lisa, and she was loving every minute of it.

As they drove, she noticed he looked in the rearview mirror every couple seconds to look at her. Lisa smiled and decided to give him a little show. She put her hands on her breasts and slowly squeezed them, then rubbed them against each other as she let out a soft moan.

When istanbul escort they stopped at a red light, she could tell he was resisting turning around to look at her, but his eyes were fixed in the mirror. She stuck a finger in her mouth while her other hand lightly swirled her breast where her nipple would be. Then she took the hand from her mouth and slowly trailed down her stomach to between her legs.


A car blared its horn and the startled cabbie hit the gas. She giggled; he was too busy staring at her to notice that the light had turned green! But she was bored with him now, so she folded her arms and crossed her legs, content with staring out the window. She smiled when she noticed the disappointment in his eyes when he realized she was done with her show.

“Here ya go, sugar,” she cooed, handing the cabbie the rest of her money.

He shook his head, and a quick glance down told her that he still had a boner from watching her. “You keep it.”

She smiled and kissed his cheek, then got out of the cab.

The mansion’s parking lot was packed with cars. A small procession of people were walking up the front steps to the entrance, so she followed them. At the door, there was a man with a clipboard and a red rope that was letting people through.

“Invitation?” he asked her when she reached the front of the line.

Lisa opened up her clutch and feigned looking for it, then looked at the man with pouty eyes. “I must’ve left it at home.”

“That’s alright,” he replied, and for a second she thought she’d won. But her hopes were dashed when he asked, “Name?”

She bit her lip. She couldn’t give him her real name, or her dad might find out that she went to the party. But she didn’t know anybody else that was going to the party, so she couldn’t give him their name.

So she decided to take a chance.

Lisa stepped close to the man, remembering the way he appreciatively took in her appearance when he saw her. She put her hands on his chest and brushed her breasts against him.

“What do you want it to be?” she whispered seductively, slowly trailing her hands down his chest.

The man swallowed and then nodded. “Enjoy the party.”

She smiled and twirled away from him, then entered the mansion.

Lisa had never seen so many people all packed into one place before! Everybody was wearing costumes, and most all of them were sexy and revealing. She was glad she hadn’t gone with a traditional costume. The lights were low and the air was heavy with the smells of sweat, smoke, and alcohol. Loud, raucous music attacked her ears.

As she descended the stairs into the entry hall, she noticed with a smile that most heads were swiveling around to get a look at her. She was definitely the sexiest female there, and she’d arrived without a date. Men gathered at the base of the stairs, but she didn’t even look at them. She just went straight to the bar.

“I’ll take a tequila,” she told kadıköy escort the man behind the bar as she slid onto one of the stools.

“ID?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

She raised her eyebrow back at him and leaned forward, reaching out and grabbing the man’s face and bringing it toward hers. She licked his chin, and he captured her mouth with his. To be honest, she wasn’t expecting that; she only planned on teasing him a little. But she thought, as their tongues explored each other’s mouths, maybe this was better.

Lisa pulled away and huskily asked, “Now how about that tequila?”

Oh, it was glorious! She sat at the bar, surrounded by men, and the alcohol kept flowing thanks to the ever so helpful bartender. They would place lingering hands on her knees and elbows, stroke her arms or cheeks, and whisper seductive little nuances in her ears. She lavished in the attention, but none of them really thrilled her.

Then her attention was drawn to the only man at the bar that wasn’t sitting around her. He was watching her, though, and when their eyes met her pulses went racing and she felt a twitch in between her legs. He was very attractive undoubtedly at least five or eight years older than her. But she didn’t really care.

He was dressed as a gangster, which she had to admit was incredibly sexy. He wore black slacks and a white button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. Over the shirt he wore a pinstriped vest and he had a black tie on. The tie was loose and the first couple buttons of his shirt were undone. He wore a simple black mask and a black fedora.

Lisa was about to get up and go over to him when another man stood in front of her. She turned to him and he stuck a dollar bill in her cleavage.

“What was that for?!” she asked angrily, throwing the bill back at him.

“Payment,” he replied, and then she noticed where his hands were.

The man had unzipped the pants of his ridiculous pirate costume and was stroking his member. She curled her lip in distaste.

“Suck it, you whore,” he said, reaching out to grab her head.

Lisa shoved his hand away. “I’m not a whore,” she spat.

He laughed, and the sound was jarring. “Yeah? Try telling that to the fifteen guys sitting around you, the bartender you made out with, and the doorman you seduced. You’re a whore.”

He grabbed her face and began to force her down to his cock when another man’s hand freed her face.

It was the gangster.

“The lady is not a whore,” he said quietly, dangerously. “And may I remind you that rape is still a felony in this country.”

The pirate swore and stuffed his cock back in his pants and walked away, probably to find a drunker woman to give him a blowjob.

“Thanks,” she told the gangster.

“No problem,” he replied, then gave the men around her a look. They quickly cleared out.

He sat down on the stool beside her and in silence they watched the mass group of people in front of them. It was probably about nine o’clock now, so the party had been going for about an hour. And already the people had begun to have…fun. Lots of women had lost their tops and others were giving blowjobs. Most all of them were making out.

So that’s why her father didn’t want her here.

It was a sex party.

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