Masked Rotation: Harlon

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The tight fitting mask always felt awkward at first. He adjusted it in the mirror, making sure it stuck to his skin in a clean manner, leaving his eyes and mouth clear of the flesh-imitating material. It’s form sat so close to the shape of his face he could almost swear he’d been born with it. Well, almost. The face was the same as all the others. Bone white with a metallic red sheen around the eyes gave it an exotic look, noticeably obscuring the true face of the wearer, but still remaining curiously pleasing to the eyes. Guys or girls, all would be wearing them tonight. He finished pressing the mask down to a comfortable position and went out of the bathroom to sit on the end of the bed and wait. He was wearing a loose white t-shirt and simple pants over his shorts. He was about average height for a 20 year old, not particularly fit, but not fat either. His brown hair reached down the back of his neck in a slight mess but his fringe was short and brushed up a little. He was no model, but he was a nice looking guy, features still not burdened by years of worry. Although he was feeling a minute amount of stress now, if only a little. He always did just before a Rotation meet.

The Rotation was an interesting club and although Harlon had been a member since he began his degree, even now in his third year each event still brought a fresh new experience for him. Sometimes it was sweet, sometimes weird, and sometimes things that he’d never even thought of before turned the night wild. He had no idea who’d founded it. He didn’t even know who most of the other members were. It was obviously controlled by someone with clout though. The room in which he sat was big for what was modestly called a dorm room. It boasted a comfortable double-bed, adjustable lighting, an en suite bathroom, a minibar and, perhaps most importantly, sound-proofed walls. There was nothing sinister behind this design of course, these well furbished dorm rooms had been intended for the music school, still slated for completion some years into the future. In sound-proofed rooms the musicians would be able to practice without disturbing each other. The Rotation took advantage of this aspect for their club’s particular style of event. Despite being ostensibly uninhabited, the rooms had power, furniture and working plumbing. Someone was clearly in a position to make things happen. Harlon would never get the chance to thank this person, but sometimes he felt himself wishing he could. He’d be having this thought again very likely within the next hour or so.

Harlon noticed that the interesting thing about a sound-proofed room is that silence becomes louder than normal. The loud silence always made him somewhat nervous, the anticipation of waiting for the speaker in the ceiling corner to play its little bell and herald the beginning was always far longer in his head than it was in reality. So lost was he in staring at the bell, waiting for it to go off, that when it finally did chime sweetly he started. This was it, the night was starting.

Despite the sound outside being dampened, he could feel the vibrations of the feet thumping along the corridor, pitter-pattering around as the girls outside stopped before a door. The bell chimed again and the running outside increased its pace for a moment before stopping completely. The end of the bed Harlon was sitting on faced the door and watched as the handle slowly turned.

The girl that walked in was slender, with narrow hips and rounded c-cup breasts that swelled nicely under the bright patterned cocktail dress she was wearing. The hem only just reached her knees and left her long, smooth legs illegal bahis exposed down to her bare feet. Her hair was a deep rich black that went straight down her back to her shoulder-blades. Her skin was so pale Harlon thought it almost matched the stark white of the mask she wore that mirrored his own. She closed the door behind her, still facing Harlon, and leant against it.

The Pale Girl smiled at him, the red lipstick she wore standing out from the white face plastered to her skin. “Hiii.” She intoned sweetly in a long breath.

“Hiya,” was as far as he got before she stalked confidently across the room and placed herself in his lap, her legs straddling the ouside of his own. The position left her very open to him, yet he had the feeling he may not be the one in control of this session. She placed one hand on his shoulder for balance and the other on his face as she pulled him into a deep kiss, grinding her pelvis into him at the same time. She tasted sweet, the lipstick’s aroma in his nose and on his tounge adding flavour to the kiss. Her tongue probed his mouth, wrapping around his own and rubbing against it with gentle force. His hands rested on her hips to start with, and as she was off to such a great start Harlon was happy to let her take this where she wanted.

Either picking up his tacit indications or simply pushing on with her own will in mind, the Pale Girl reached her free hand down to grasp Harlon’s, pulling it up and sliding it gently across her chest and into the dress, all the while continuing their kiss with only the barest pauses for breath. As his right hand slid down Harlon felt there was no bra under the dress, only bare skin, and he cupped her left pale orb in his fingers, gently taking her hardening nipple in his forefinger and thumb. He squeezed the little nub gently and it instantly stiffened, little goosebumps rippling across her skin.

She broke off the kiss to giggle, ‘Keep that up and these puppies will get mighty hard.’ The nipple between his fingers was certainly getting solid and Harlon also laughed.

‘You’re not kidding, I could put my eye out with this thing,’ he said, still not stopping his attentions to the hardening nipple. He brushed the dress down a little to expose the bright pink areola.

The girl sighed, ‘Hey don’t leave one out, she’s getting jealous,’

‘Well we can’t have that, these things are dangerous, I’d hate to piss one off.’ His hands went up and brushed the straps of her dress down letting the cleavage billow down, freeing her exquisitiely shaped chest for his ministrations. Her next giggle turned into a gasp as Harlon leaned forward to take her right nipple into his mouth, massaging its remarkably solid tip with his tongue, still rolling the other one in his right hand gently.

‘Treat them a little harder, they can take it,’ said the Pale Girl, an instruction he inteded to follow but Harlon thought he’d test her a little. He stopped his sucking to lick slowly across the flesh of her breast, barely making contact with her skin, and keeping up the gentlest of movements on the other nipple. She let out a ‘hmmm’ of appreciatation, but her pelvic grinding was picking up pace and she clearly wanted him to increase the strength of his actions. Harlon kept up his tease for a couple of minutes, and just as he laughed in his head that he thought she’d had enough, the Pale Girl grabbed the hair on the back of his head and replaced his mouth on the nipple, thrusting her chest into his face.

Taking the hint Harlon went at it enthusiastically. His hand returned to pulling and flicking the other nipple, kneading the flesh around it at illegal bahis siteleri the same time. His lithe tongue did the same to the other, flicking it continuously. The Pale Girl’s writhing in his lap was certainly making Harlon hard under his shorts, and as soon as she felt the rising form she centred her grinds on the area. He sucked in her breast, taking the sweet flesh into his mouth, savouring its smooth taste and feel. As he did so, the Pale Girl pinched his arm, deliberately causing him to bring his mouth down quickly, resulting in a small bite on her nipple. Her back arched at this and she let out a groan.

He let go for a second to say ‘Wow you really love the nipple-play don’t you?’

‘Shut up and keep going stupid,’ she replied breathlessly, grabbing his head again and moving it to the other nipple. ‘C’mon bite down on that hard little tit,’ she ordered, ‘If you keep that up so well I might just have to repay you.’ Not taking his lips, or teeth, off the pink nub, he looked up into her smiling mask, the rich red lipstick contrasting against the whiteness of the mask and her teeth, and against the sweet inviting pinkness of her tongue. His spare hand left her hip and curled under her smooth buttocks, shifting up her dress so he could touch the bare skin underneath. No bra, no panties, this girl had come prepared for easy access. Harlon kind of liked girls shy, but he had no objections to this pale beauty’s confidence and manner.

As he stroked the skin of her buttocks the Pale Girl’s hands went to the bottom of Harlon’s shirt to lift it off him, interrupting his tit teething for a bare moment as the shirt came over his head. The shirt was quickly flung aside and her hands moved to his belt, already under heavy pressure from his growing dick.

‘Hmm, getting to my payment already are you?’

‘Hey didn’t i tell you to shut up and keep going?’

‘Sorry Miss,’ he grinned cheekily and moved back to his task. The belt was open and the zipper coming down slowly.

‘Good boy,’ she said mockingly with her sexy red smile, fishing his solid cock out from under his shorts and sliding her hand softly down it’s length to the hilt. ‘And yes, I think I am.’ Another giggle.

One hand back on his shoulder, she spat on the other and reached down to start pulling on his shaft. Harlon moaned into her breast, happy the pace was starting to pick up. He was always glad to pleasure his companions, but the return gestures never got old. The Pale Girl let out another ‘hmmm’ as she squeezed his hard cock in her hand, stroking up and down his nice length at a decent pace, her hand movements lubricated by her spit. Harlon remembered he still had an extra hand, and moved from feeling her ass to explore the wet cleft further down, slipping some fingertips into the base of her warm lips, her pelvic grinding causing some friction that caused her to shudder, letting Harlon know he was doing something quite pleasing for her.

Harlon wasn’t quite sure how long they remained like this. His hands exploring her sweet breasts and pussy lips, tongue and teeth worshipping her nipples. Her hands rubbing his shoulder, tugging and squeezing his dick and her pussy grinding his hand and lap. Both young lovers moaning and groaning with the pleasure of it. Eventually Harlon felt the Pale Girl’s body shuddering with more intensity, her stroking hand picked up pace and her large pelvic thrusts bringing her wet lips in contact with the head of his cock. Her groan moved from a low ‘hmmm’ to and open mouthed ‘aaah!’ as her frenzied writhing reached climax and her back arched again, Harlon licking up the sweat beading between canlı bahis siteleri her cleavage, and kneading his fingertips in her pussy. As she came the Pale Girl’s stroking and thrusting stopped as she rode out the end of her orgasm. Harlon also took a moment to catch his breath, pleased but a little surprised he hadn’t come yet. There was still so much of the night to go.

‘Oh man there’s something about a guy sucking and nibbling on my tits that really get’s me you know.’ The Pale Girl was panting, the lustrous skin glowing in the after-effects of her orgasm.

Looking down at his hand and legs sporting a shine of the girl’s cum Harlon laughed, ‘Yeah I think I know. I’m not sure I’ve met a girl that got off on that so much before.’

‘Who needs a clit when the job can get done up here eh?’

He laughed again at her casual dirty talk. She leaned in and pushed her tongue into his mouth again, kissing him in long thanks. When she broke the kiss she looked down at the cock still thick in her hand. ‘Hey stupid, you didn’t jizz! You let me cum without going yourself silly boy.’

He found it amusing that she kept calling him boy despite the fact they were probably the same age. Definitely liked the control this one.

‘Hey I’ve no problem with that, always happy to let a lady delight herself on me and use my body for scarily-hard-nipple play.’

She giggled at that and playfully stroked his cock again.

‘Well, I can’t just leave this job half finished can I? Not after you were sooo nice to me.”

Levering herself off his lap she dropped down to her knees between his legs, her fingers still keeping a tight grip Harlon’s dick. He groaned in anticipation as she leaned forward, her tongue sticking sexily out of her red lips and featureless mask to lick up the length of his cock, finishing in a slurping suckle of the head. One hand massaged his balls while the other continued tugging whilst her sweet suckling mouth focussed on vibrating his head with humming and tongue flicking. Harlon loved the feel of a girl giving head. almost more than anything. He loved the feel of her sexy red lips wrapped around his shaft, and the exploring tongue trying to wrap as far around as possible. The Pale Girl began to lower her head further into Harlon’s lap, picking up a quicker pace, head bobbing up and down in a steady fashion, moving ever so slightly deeper with each stroke. Her dress was still partially off and Harlon had felt obliged to continue his nipple-interaction, but suddenly the Pale Girl during her head bobbing and made eye contact. Something in her eyes made him grow even more stiff, a smile in her eyes as an idea came to her. Snatching his hands from her precious nipples the Pale Girl moved them to the back of her head, locking his fingers into her jet black hair, placing her own now on his legs.

Harlon, ever the bright lad, took yet another of her subtle hints and began to aid her mouth thrusts with his hands. The Pale Girl had been doing well but couldn’t quite get all of him into her mouth, but with his help the head of his cock began to push against her throat, causing her to emit small, wet glucking sounds. Watching his cock dissappear into the small red opening of the chalk-white mask turned Harlon on immensely. Unable to help himself he pushed harder down on the young girl’s head to push himself deeper into her soft, tight throat. She gave no resistance to his tough love though, clearly enjoying this shift in power, her frenzy coming back as she sought to compete with his strength to push faster and deeper, the gurgling and wet ‘gluck’ ‘gluck’ ‘gluck’ not bothering her in the slightest, along with the great sheen of spit spilling down her chest and tits. Harlon knew he couldn’t keep this up, he’d be releasing soon…

…the bell chimed its soft chime.

‘Ah dammit.’

To be continued in Masked Rotation: Ann

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