Mary’s Secret

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“You go first,” Mary told John as they lay next to each other on John’s full sized bed.

“Hmm, okay,” he started, “there was this one time in high school. It was me, my girlfriend, and her friend and we decided to go swimming. It was late so we just went in our underwear. I wasn’t really expecting anything, I swam a couple of laps, and then looked over. The girls were sitting on the steps in the shallow end, kissing.”

“Go on,” Mary said, as her hand massaged John’s semi-hard on through his boxers.

“Okay, but you’re distracting me,” he replied. “Of course I swam over to them to get a closer look. I’d always thought the other girl was really pretty and most guys are happy to see a pair of women making out. Once I got close my girlfriend invited me to join in. Soon I was sitting in between the two of them, kissing and touching both. My girlfriend took off her bra and then asked her friend if she could remove hers. She agreed and all of the sudden, there I was with two topless girls.”

“Lucky guy,” Mary smiled as she continued rubbing John’s dick.

“It was nice, they had very different bodies,” he explained. “My girlfriend was shorter with large breasts, though not as big as yours. The other girl was beautiful, though, slim and dark-haired, very sexy.”

Mary felt a little jealous listening to the story about her boyfriend with two women. This had been her idea though, to share sexy stories from their pasts. It was supposed to be part of getting to know each other better, but now she wondered if she really wanted to continue. “Were you hard?” she asked.

“Oh yeah, very. It was a little embarrassing because my cock was poking out through the leg of my boxers, which aren’t really substantial enough to hide me when I’m really hard. We kept making out and my girlfriend started to play with it as I kissed her friend and rubbed her breasts. I think her friend started to get uncomfortable though, and after a while she excused herself. After that my girlfriend and I had sex and then went to bed. It was a little disappointing but still a hot memory.”

“Yeah it sounds like it,” Mary was relieved, but still a little jealous. She was strangely turned on by the thought of her boyfriend with another woman but it bothered her on some level.

“Okay, now your turn,” John said. He was getting very horny thinking about his near-threesome and feeling his girlfriend tease his cock. He had reached over and was now playing with her pussy through her panties and massaging her 36DD breasts through her t-shirt. Her nipples were hard as pebbles, a sure sign that she was also getting aroused.

“Well, your story reminds me of the time I went skinny-dipping in my friend’s pool,” Mary replied. John’s ears perked up. “It was me, my friend Jenny, and two guys. It was a little weird because one of the guys was her ex-boyfriend who I had slept with a couple weeks before. This was during the summer after high school where I was experimenting a little bit, you know.”

Now John started to feel jealous. He knew of course that he hadn’t been Mary’s first, but he’d been under the impression that there had only been a couple guys before him. Nevertheless, as he thought of Mary with other men a bit of blood rushed into his cock, causing it to throb a bit in Mary’s fingers. “Go on,” he said with a lump in his throat.

“I was afraid that Jenny was mad at me,” Mary explained. “She knew that I had fucked her ex but, as it turned out, she didn’t really mind. We had patched up our friendship that night, the guys were playing video games or something, and as it got late, Jenny suggested that we jump in the pool. So we went out to the patio and started stripping down. Jenny had done this before, she was bad girl,” Mary giggled, “but the rest of us were sort of nervous. She took her clothes off first. Her body is sort of the opposite of mine. She’s blonde and skinny with small breasts.” Mary was raven-haired and voluptuous, with a surprisingly large set of breasts for a girl of her size.

“I was next,” she continued, “and soon the two of us were naked in front of the boys. We jumped into the pool as the guys stood and watched. We wanted them to join us though, and Jenny started egging them on. We could, ummm, how can I put this? We could tell that they were excited,” Mary laughed. “We’d both been with Eric, Jenny’s ex, so there were no surprises when he took off his shorts.”

“Was he big?” John asked nervously as he rubbed the front of Mary’s damp panties.

“Haha,” Mary laughed. “Eric, no, not really. I mean, he wasn’t small, but he wasn’t as big as you.”

John felt a little relieved, his proud seven inches were still unchallenged. “Go on,” he told her.

“So we were all naked except for the other guy, Scott,” Mary said. “And Jenny and I started to tease him like ‘Come on, give us the full show’ and stuff like that. It looked like he was really hard, so we thought maybe that’s why he was reluctant. So Scott, who looked a little embarrassed, drops his underwear,” her voice dropped a little. Now it was her turn to make John jealous, “And it antalya escort was just huge.”

The lump returned to John’s throat. “How big?” he asked.

“It was really big,” she told him, giggling. “REALLY big, I mean, too big honestly. I didn’t measure it or anything, but …”

John gulped, picturing the scene. “Show me,” he told her.

“Well,” Mary said as he soft grip snaked John’s raging hard on out of his boxers. “Maybe like this,” she said, holding her fingers about two inches beyond the end of his raging cock. “I gasped,” she said, continuing her story. “I mean it was definitely the biggest penis I’ve ever seen…in person. And Jenny was laughing, ‘That’s the biggest white one I’ve ever seen, I want to see it hard!’ she said. I just watched as Jenny started saying things to try to get the guys hard. It wasn’t difficult. Eric was already pretty erect, but Scott wasn’t yet. I guess it takes a lot more blood to fill a big one, you know?”

John’s dick throbbed in Mary’s hands as images of his girlfriend ogling two nude men, one of them hung, raced through his head.

“So we watched as he started to get hard,” she continued, “and it just kept getting bigger. It was long and thick. It was really interesting to see the comparison of two guys side by side. Different sizes, the directions they pointed, colors. It was hot. It didn’t last that long though, they both jumped in the pool. I couldn’t stop thinking about Scott’s big penis, though, lurking down there beneath the surface,” Mary laughed.

John’s heart was pounding as he listened to the story, but his cock was hard as steel. Mary noticed, as she continued stroking his beautiful member. A stream of precum dribbled down over her fingers. She loved cocks, more than most girls. She loved watching them get hard and throb in her hands, mouth, and pussy. She loved how they were both hard and soft at the same time, how the veins stuck out in different patterns and the helmets flared with their bulbous tips. She loved how they were almost always darker than the other parts of the boys’ bodies. She loved watching them cum. Most of all she loved making them cum. Mary couldn’t understand how other girls could not love penises and how they could not love the taste, smell, and feel of a boy’s cum. She’d seen more than a few cocks in her 23 years, but John’s was her favorite and not just because it was attached to him. It was perfect, she felt. Big but not too big, perfectly proportioned, thick, veiny, with the most beautiful cockhead she’d ever seen. Best of all, it stayed hard as long as she needed and shot heavy loads of hot sticky semen. Mary loved John’s penis the most, but she loved other penises too.

When she was alone, when she masturbated, Mary watched video compilations of men cumming. She’d spent hours with her favorite vibrator, watching as one cock after another shot its hot spunk. Sometimes the men were alone, desperately jerking their dicks to satisfy an insatiable urge. Sometimes the cocks erupted over women’s bodies, over their faces, inside their wet holes. Sometimes the videos were of a woman and many men, cock after cock blasting ropes of white cum over her body. These last were her favorite, she wanted to be the center of attention and to feel so many strange cocks shooting their boiling seed over her large breasts. Mary wanted to be bathed in sperm and to feel it covering her body. She sometimes watched dirty movies with John, but these compilation videos she saved for herself. They were her secret. She’d be embarrassed if he knew how she craved all this cum and she was afraid he’d feel threatened.

“Do you want me to keep going,” she asked John, ready to continue with her story.

“Yeah, I think I’d like that,” he moaned.

Mary was getting extremely horny as her boyfriend continued playing with her clit through her wet panties. “Okay, well tell me if this starts to bother you at all.”

“I’m okay,” he said. “It’s making me a little jealous but also really horny. Just keep touching me.”

“Of course, I love your penis,” she told him. “So we were in the pool and Jenny and I swam to the deep end to talk. It wasn’t long before we got on the subject of Scott’s huge cock, I asked her if she’d ever seen anything like it. Jenny is sort of a ho,” Mary giggled, “so she’d been with a lot more guys than me. She told me that it was the biggest white penis she’d ever seen. She said she’d seen a couple black ones though, that were probably just as big. ‘I think black guys are usually a little bigger,’ Jenny told me, ‘not always, but a lot of them are.’ I told her that it was a lot bigger than any I’d seen before.”

John groaned as he imagined his girlfriend, nude with another hot woman, talking about the different cocks they’d encountered.

“Jenny started teasing me, telling me that I should satisfy my curiosity while I was still young and single. She dared me to touch Scott’s cock,” Mary whispered. “Is this bothering you? Do you want me to keep going?”

“Did you?” John asked.

“Hehe,” Mary giggled, “well, I mean I was single right. alanya escort Why shouldn’t I… I was really curious.”

John gulped as his dick continued to throb in Mary’s hand. She spread his oozing precum around his thick head and shaft and continued with her wet handjob.

“So I swam over to the boys and started talking. It was awkward because I couldn’t stop thinking about being so close to two naked guys, two penises just inches away. Jenny came up behind me and started splashing a little. It startled me and I jumped a little, right toward Scott. Jenny did it on purpose!” Mary exclaimed. “She’s such a bad girl. But when I jumped away from her, I fell into Scott. He reached up to catch me and he touched my breast … and at the same time, my stomach brushed up against his dick. He was still kind of hard, and it felt really big and warm against me. I moved away immediately, but I was really embarrassed. Scott and Jenny both knew exactly what was going on. I glared at Jenny but she just laughed and started flirting with Eric. I was pretty sure that they were still having sex and they moved away from us a little bit and started splashing around, laughing. So it was just me and Scott,” Mary went on, “and it was really awkward. We talked a little about our plans to go to college in the fall. He kept stealing glances at my boobs, which made me sort of uncomfortable but also turned me on a little.”

John knew exactly how Scott felt. Mary had great tits. It was a running joke among her friends about how big they were. To be honest, John wouldn’t have minded if they’d been a little smaller, but they were pretty spectacular. She had the ability to make tight sweaters appear almost pornographic. When she exercised, she needed a heavy-duty sports bra that pushed her cleavage up nearly to her neck while still barely containing her heavy tits. In a low cut top (which she only wore when she knew there’d be no children around) her cleavage plunged down, turning heads and causing erections wherever she went. When they were out of a bra they spilled down her chest, full and soft with large pink nipples. No man in his right mind would wish for anything larger than Mary’s natural 36DD gifts.

“Scott was a nice guy though,” Mary continued, “and I had known him for a couple years. So I guess I didn’t really mind that he kept looking at my breasts. I had certainly gotten an eyeful of his package earlier so I guess it was fair. I moved up to the side of the pool and propped myself up on the steps, giving a little better view. I could see his eyes grow bigger when he saw my tits emerge fully from the water. It was obvious he was looking, so I asked if he liked them. He nodded yes and moved a little closer. Eric and Jenny were on the other side of the pool and they were giggling quietly and making out. It was dark but we could see their wet skin glistening as their bodies pressed together. Without thinking, and I swear John, I’m not usually like this, I turned the tables and asked him how big it was. I don’t know why I was so bold, I guess it was just the situation and the fact that I was just really curious. I’d only seen a few penises in my life and I wanted to know more.”

“He blushed and glanced down at himself in the water,” Mary continued. “He said it was about nine inches. I asked him if girls could take it all and he said that the couple he’d been with had a little trouble at first but were able to handle it. He had to be careful though. He said that it was nice to have such a big dick but sometimes it was inconvenient. Then I asked if I could see it. Scott nodded and moved over to sit next to me. I looked down and saw the head sticking up out of the surface. It came several inches up past his belly button. He was really hard and so big. Are you sure you’re okay hearing this?” she asked.

“Yeah, go on, please,” John replied in a soft voice. The sounds of Mary’s wet hand sliding over his cock and John’s fingers teasing her wet clit filled the quiet room.

“Well, we could see Eric and Jenny messing around and both of us were pretty horny. I don’t remember who moved first but we started kissing. It didn’t take long for Scott to start touching my breasts, which felt nice and turned me on even more. I could feel his erection pressing up against my waist and ribs. It reached almost all the way to my breasts. It felt hot against my skin and the thought of such a big penis pushing against me made me really wet,” she explained. “So I asked him if I could touch it. I wanted to see what it felt like. It seemed so powerful compared to the other penises I’d seen before. He said yes and I moved my hand down to his shaft. I was pretty nervous but excited. My fingers reached the underside of his head and then slowly slid down beneath his crown and underwater down his shaft. I reached all the way down to his balls, which were also really big and then pulled my hand back up. It was really sexy, John,” she told him. “I had Scott’s big wet cock all to myself and I began to explore it. It was really thick and felt full and heavy in my hand. I alanya rus escort could barely get one hand around its girth and I could feel it throbbing. I could feel the veins running just beneath the surface. Scott was groaning and lifting his hips up slightly to meet my hand as I stroked him.”

Mary had started to stroke John’s hard cock even faster as she spoke. She had also begun to grind her pussy against his fingers. John was struggling to hold back his orgasm and was forced to pull her hand away. Mary paused as he maneuvered over her, pulling down his boxers to free his cock and yanking her soaked underwear away from the soft lips of her vagina. John began rubbing his cockhead along Mary’s wet folds, mixing his precum with her juices up and down over her clit.

She moaned as she continued her story. “Scott had begun to finger me as I jacked him off. My pussy was really in need of attention and it felt good, although I didn’t think he was going to make me cum. I didn’t care at that point though, since I was really more interested in playing with his big cock. Just then Jenny called over to us, laughing: ‘Don’t let him shoot in the pool, I don’t want anyone to find a bunch of cum floating around tomorrow morning.’ Scott laughed, a little embarrassed, and moved up to sit on the edge of the pool. I slid up in front of him and started jacking him off again, faster now, rubbing his dick over my wet tits. It looked even bigger now that the whole thing, including his heavy balls, were out of the water.”

Mary’s breath was coming shorter now and John slowly pushed the crown of his cock into the wet folds of her pussy. She moaned softly as he slid is full length into her tight cunt. He began fucking her in a slow rhythm as she continued.

“Scott was clearly ready to shoot by this point, and I really wanted to see it. I stroked him faster and faster as I felt him begin to swell up in my hand. With my other hand I began to tickle his heavy ballsack. Soon I felt his cock begin to throb and I knew he was about to cum. I pumped faster and lowered my open mouth as he began to spasm in my hands. The first jet landed across my cheek but I managed to take the second and third in my mouth. His cum was hot and salty. I kept pumping as his cock continued to throb, sending out four more jets of spunk over my chin, neck, and breasts. It was a lot of cum and I wondered if it made sense since his penis was so big. Is that the way it works? Bigger cocks shoot bigger loads?” Mary moaned.

“I’m not sure,” John replied, straining to keep from shooting his own load in her womb. He continued pumping in and out of her hot cunt, the fingers of his left hand dancing over her hard clitoris. He could tell she was getting close. Her story seemed to be exciting her as much as it was him. Mary’s voice stopped, replaced by gentle moaning as John continued plunging his thick dick in and out of her pussy. He had her where he wanted her and could feel her muscles clench around his penis as her orgasm started. She groaned as her pussy flooded his cock with juices. He walls only grew tighter as he continued fucking her and she slowly recovered.

“Want me to finish the story baby?” she asked him, breathing heavily.

He nodded as his cock moved in and out of her soft folds.

“I was worried about keeping the cum out of the pool,” Mary said softly, “so I got out and went to clean up. I didn’t notice but Scott followed me inside. I made it to the bathroom and began washing his semen off my tits when he appeared behind me in the mirror. I was shocked to see that his cock was still hard and it looked even bigger in the light. My hand instinctively dropped to caress it as he kissed me again. He started fingering me again, which sent me over the edge. I’d seen so much naked skin, played with so much cock, and swallowed enough cum that I was now desperately in need of release. I pushed myself off his chest and up onto the bathroom counter as my hand kept pumping his big dick. We kept kissing as I pulled him by his shaft toward my burning pussy.”

John could feel Mary’s cunt muscles tightening again as he kept fucking her and she continued to tell her story.

“His cockhead was so big, I wondered how it would fit. But our skin was still wet from the water and his cum and my cunt was dripping I was so horny. I rubbed it around the lips to spread the moisture and tickle my clit and then slowly pulled him into me. It swear was like being fucked by a horse. I could barely take him he was so thick and I think I only got about half of him inside me. It hurt but it also felt so good. His thickness spread my lips wide open, so wide that my clit rubbed along the top of his shaft as he slowly pumped me. My pussy started to cream as he moved in and out and he slowly pushed his massive cock deeper into me. His cock was finding places of me that no one had ever managed to get to. As he pushed himself deeper, all the way to the hilt, I started to cum, hard. I could feel his big balls slapping against my but and it felt almost like his cock was splitting me apart. I set him off again and I felt as he started to spasm inside me. He dumped another load of cum deep inside my cunt, deeper than anyone ever had. It had only lasted a couple of minutes but my poor pussy was exhausted. He slowly pulled out, my juices and his cum dripping from his thick shaft and swollen head.”

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