Maria and Her Boys Ch. 09

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Big Tits

I had to wait till I could see Brady again. That was really hard. Now that I am an older woman who enjoys bedding younger males my libido is higher than its ever been.

When I was a teenager, or in my early twenties, I waited for boys my age to pick me out. Their intentions usually were obvious. But I enjoyed their attention and their fumbling, clumsy attempts to show their prowess as lovers. It was intoxicating to experience their lust. I imagined it was lust for me though I rarely confused that for genuine affection or love.

Later I found love. I really did — for a time. Sex became less exciting for me with my husband. I told myself it was lovemaking and I still was mostly satisfied. Other things seemed important. Until he left me for a younger woman. That was the second best thing to happen to me.

Only the second because I discovered that I could find much better sex with younger men — boys the same age as my university says, when I was really exploring my sexuality for the first time. Its true I’ve had very good sex with guys my own age — late forties. But then I had an accidental fling with a young man. A boy who was young enough to be my son.

I call it an accident. It was definitely opportunistic. But that really was the best thing to happen to me. Suddenly I knew I didn’t have to leave my best sexual experiences behind me. Young men that age still can still lust after me. And they are still very desirable to me — their energy and their lust. They still can fall easily for a woman who takes in interest in their manhood. That was exciting and, at first, it was scary. After my first experience, though, I knew I was going to need more. The years of boring sex, with a husband who had quickly fallen into a rut of “married sex”, were over for me.

It was the best thing because, unlike my own youth, I knew what to do and how to take advantage of the situation. After I got over my nerves and my fears, I rediscovered my confidence and desire for intense sex. And those boys with their wonderful, throbbing dicks are only too happy to have an experienced woman show them the ropes. I can take charge — unlike my younger days. And I can take as much pleasure as I want from their twitching, rampant and virile cocks.

Brady is my new young lover, my new boy who I will enjoy teaching to become the best lover he can for me. He is a good-looking young man with his blonde hair and his youthful body. I had already gone a little wild with him — sucking his penis on our first time together and encouraging him to shoot into my mouth, teaching him how to finger me to orgasm and riding his lovely curved dick till I was cumming all over it.

Like all my young men, there was a risk that he would be put off by the advances of an older woman. Or he might decide to tell all his mates about me and my new passion would be discovered by my friends and family. Or perhaps he’d be satisfied with just a headjob and then slink back to his young girlfriend.

Being honest, he stood no chance against my desire and my skill in luring and catching young men like him. And he is perfect for me — youthful in mind and body, possessing a sexual energy that tells of his virility and sexual power, eager and yet uncertain when he finds himself naked with a woman.

But I had a very busy couple of weeks at work. They were long days and I didn’t have the time to properly make use of Brady. It made my vag ache at times. I thought about calling Clayton for a booty call. In the end I thought it better to rely on masturbation to get me through. And fortunately Brady seemed happy to wait.


I invited Brady to visit late on a Sunday morning. I could sleep-in and there was less chance of a surprise visit from young Clayton. As I let Brady into the building I realised how excited and nervous I was. My heart was thumping. That is quite normal when a young lover comes to me. My nipples were hard and my vag was starting to throb nicely. I needed him so badly.

This time I greeted Brady in my favourite robe. I left it open at the front, of course, so that I was looking my best for him. There was no need for preliminaries and I didn’t want to waste any time. Being a nice young man I was confident he’d be willing to do exactly what I needed.

Brady was obviously horny. He’d been thinking about me as well. That was a huge turn-on — knowing I’d gotten him into such a state. Of course its not hard with a boy his age. I guessed he’d been masturbating while thinking of me. Even better, his imagination had overcome some of his inhibition. As we kissed, I felt his hands opening my robe. I pulled him a little closer. I wanted him know how happy I was to see him again.

But Brady wanted my breasts and he wasn’t waiting to fondle them. It didn’t feel slutty. It was exciting to know that I’d made him so horny and eager. A lovely shiver through my whole body — I knew I was about to take this beautiful blonde boy into my bed. I even moaned a little for him. I had to remind myself to stay in control.

He looked so perfect illegal bahis and lovely for me. He’d had his blonde hair cut a little shorter but it made him look even more like a boy who wanted to be a man. I remember how much I wanted him right then. I pulled him closer, grabbing his young butt in my hands. There was something else I wanted, too – I snuck a quick feel of his manhood and was pleased to find him already hard for me.

“That’s lovely,” I breathed into his mouth as we kissed some more. “I like what you brought me.”

Soon we were in the bedroom. Brady was so keen that he was almost undressed by the time I took my robe off. The sight of his body was a delight. He is in that sweet spot — nineteen and a man but still soft and slender, his body not yet hard from age or physical exertion. That made it easier for me to expose myself totally for him. I felt so wild and slutty in front of Brady but the look in his eyes made me so excited to show him everything.

Naturally I took a look at his wonderful penis. I don’t think its because of my age that I like young men’s cocks so much. Let’s face it, they’re all wonderful — at least the ones I’ve had the pleasure of. Brady’s is quite a specimen. It has that very interesting curve in it. I was sure that looking at it I could almost see it throbbing for me. And even with its curve it was still standing up nicely and pointing to the ceiling. I smiled and told myself how lucky I was to have another fine young man with his cock.

We hugged once more and it was wonderful to feel his arms around me. I was surprised at his strength since he doesn’t work out. Maybe it was his passion that made him pull me so tightly to him. I liked that.

As soon as we were on the bed he went for my boobs. That was hot. I’ve put on a little weight so they’re much more a definite C-cup now. They are still nice and firm and Brady probably couldn’t tell the difference. His hands felt so good. He was lusting for me and I could see he was trying to remember what I had taught him the last time.

“That feels good. You like them?”

“They’re great,” he said with a groan.

He already had me breathing hard and I put my hands over his, showing where to touch me and how I like them being squeezed.

“Are they the best ones you’ve ever got your hands on?”

“For sure. They are really great.”

“I had them fixed. So they’d be perfect for a young man like you. Squeeze them a little.”

It was thrilling to be showing this boy, this almost-man, around my body. I kept my hands over his to coach him in just what I needed. I showed him again how to stroke them and squeeze them.

“Yes, Brady. That’s right… like that.”

He was being such a good boy and so eager to learn. My body was responding and I had to have more.

“Suck my nipples,” I murmured to him. “Start gentle.”

I watched as his head moved down to my left boob. With his blonde hair he looked perfect. The first touch of his mouth sent a little jolt of pleasure through me. His tongue on my nipple was divine. I felt my vag give a little squirt of wetness as he sucked my flesh into his mouth. When his tongue flicked gently across my hard nipple I groaned for him. Brady really is a fast learner. He gave my boob a lovely squeeze and flicked at my nipple some more. I wasn’t even thinking when I pulled his head closer to me.

It felt so good for him to suckle on me, so womanly. For the first time with Brady, I relaxed and enjoyed him. I felt myself reach down for him. Closing my fingers around his hot, hard dick. I would need him to fuck me at least twice that day.

Holding his manhood made me moan more. It was so hard, so perfect. After three weeks without sex I was probably too horny. But I just can’t beat having a new young man in my bed, with hours to while away as I teach him to pleasure me and reward him with all kinds of sexual thrills. I didn’t think there was any need to go slow with Brady. He had let himself be lured into my trap and into my bed. He is a smart boy and his youthful desires would do the rest.

“Lick me,” I murmured – it was half request and half command.

Slowly he detached himself from my boobs. My hands were on his shoulders, softly guiding him down my body. Yes, we women can push a man down to our crotches as well.

“Do you lick your girlfriends?”

“Ummm… sometimes.”

“Brady, you must lick a woman every time. I’ll teach you how.”

It was a delight to see his pale body next to mine, his young shoulders and his blonde hair between my open legs. I was a dirty, wicked woman and I was about to tech Brady one of the most important skills a man should learn.

“Kiss me,” I said in an almost whisper and then I groaned aloud.

The touch of his lips on my bare my vag was sensational. I’d waited so long for it. Now he sent a surge of pleasure right through my body. I don’t know if Brady realised that but he kissed me again and I groaned some more.

“Lick my slit” I instructed and his soft, warm tongue almost parted my labia.

I reached illegal bahis siteleri down with one hand and spread my vag for Brady. I felt so slutty, wicked. But I didn’t care. My vag was wet and there was no way he could miss the scent of my lust.

“A long lick… like a dog,” I told him. “Yes… another… oh, god… yes, Brady.”

It turns out Brady does like licking a woman. He did exactly what I told him — using the broad meat of his tongue to lap at my sex, working from the bottom of my opening through my fleshy, swollen lips and up to my clit. I knew then that Brady was a keeper. Thoughts of sweet Clayton were banished. But I was getting into a frenzy. I needed to two hands to show him the next step — I spread my vag open for Brady.

“My hole,” I gasped. “Stick it in.”

Brady did exactly that. It was glorious. Not because his technique is so great — which it isn’t yet — but because I had my new young lover so willing to please and to do everything I ask him. I was sure my vag was flooding because his tongue did feel pretty good. I grabbed his blonde head and pulled Brady a little closer as he tried to penetrate me with his tongue. I was so happy, so turned-on that I lifted my knees and spread wider so he could really get in deep.

“Good boy… don’t stop.”

I knew I was the first women held ever tried to stick his whole tongue inside. I was dirty and wicked. It was thrilling to corrupt this sweet boy. But that only made my need stronger.

“My clit… my clit”, I groaned, already feeling desperate to orgasm. “Gently.., light flicks… oh, yes…”

I had spread my knees high and wide. I must have looked like one of those porn stars. I didn’t care because I needed Brady to make me cum. But he was definitely in need of some teaching.

“Suck it… gentle… your tongue, lick me… good boy, don’t stop…’

Brady was clumsy and too eager. But his endeavour was exciting. He wanted to do his best for me. And that was pushing me closer to the edge. My breathing was out of control, and I was having trouble speaking. That’s the excitement of a new, young lover — almost virginal but overcome with the thrill of an older woman behaving like a slut for him. As good as he was with his licking and slurping, I knew he’d improve quickly.

Yes, I came while Brady was going down on me. How could I not? The power, the conquest was almost too much. And the sight of his young body between my shapely thighs, watching burying his face in my sex, was divine. And I admit his mouth skills weren’t so bad and the gentle, non-stop flicking over my clit did the rest. God, I needed those orgasms. And the first couple he gave me that morning were quite satisfactory.

“Good boy… good boy,” I breathed to Brady as I brought him back up the bed.

I was so pleased with him — my new young lover. He deserved some praise for his efforts. Already I was thinking of the excitement of the months ahead of us. I had made a good choice since he was so eager and so willing to follow my lead. He has much to learn and I am going to be constantly horny as I teach him and watch his get better.

We lay together while I thought of all this, enjoying the feeling of his slender body next to mine, stroking his hairless chest. Something about Brady made me especially pleased that I’d chosen him. I already know that I will go faster and further with him than my previous boys. But that also helps to explain why a woman like me has such a passion for these young men – the ones young enough to be my son. Because they want to learn to be good lovers. They don’t have any bad habits.

Not like older men who think that experience is enough. Or men like my ex-husband who fell into a habit of boring, predictable sex.

“Did you enjoy that? I want you to do that another time.”

“I don’t really mind it. I like doing that to you.”

“And do you like me being bare down there? Does Emily shave?”

“Emily kinda trims I guess. But it feels really good like that.”

“It feels better for me, too. And once you get better then maybe Emily will be happy to shave for you.”

Brady grinned at me and moved to play with my boobs again. Its nice that he is obsessed with them. I am proud of them and they still are so sensitive when I am aroused. But Brady reminded me that we were both still horny.

I reached down and cupped his smallish, tight balls in my hand. I was afraid to touch his dick right then his dick. His pre-cum was oozing steadily. I wondered at the power of young men. But a young man like Brady doesn’t have a lot of control. I wanted him to last.

“I need you inside me.”

Brady looked a little surprised. Perhaps young women are not so forward or so demanding. Or do boys his age suppose that a real woman can be satisfied with foreplay?

“You go on top this time,” I said with a smile.

Young men think it more natural to be in the dominant position. They all watch porn and think that women always receive. But I’d already had my first time of riding my young Brady. It was so easy canlı bahis siteleri to part my legs for him again as he got into his place. I was horny still and my heart was beating hard. I really did need a screwing. And the thought of that lovely dick in my vag was making me nice and wet for Brady.

I reached down as he fumbled between my legs. I wanted to guide his curved shaft inside me. He was hard and throbbing as I held him to my entrance. I am sure Brady is a little thicker than Clayton and that got me even hotter.

“Go slow,” I murmured to him. “I want this to last.”

Well I knew that Brady doesn’t have stamina yet. I expected him to shoot after a couple of minutes and I wanted to enjoy him in my vag for as long as possible. It was so primal to be filled up like that. We both groaned as I guided him into me.

“Good boy… screw me, Brady.”

He began to penetrate me just like I needed, splitting my lips as he forced himself inside me. The feeling of that hard, young prick entering me was the best — not even because I’d gone without sex for weeks. And it took only a few thrusts before I felt him buried to the hilt.

“Make it last,” I gasped. “You feel good inside me.”

It was fantastic — feeling every inch of that manhood as he began to move his hips. His groan of pleasure was so beautiful. I put my arms around Brady. But he wanted to move some more and I let him prop on his arms. It was exciting to watch my young bookworm wanting to screw in such a manly way. But he remembered what I’d said and thrust slowly.

And he did feel good — better than good. Brady was on top of me and I was loving all of his thick, hard cock as he slowly humped me. I ran my hands over his chest and his arms as my new young man pleasured me with his dick. My body was really responding to him even if I didn’t expect to climax that time. I felt so filled up and my entire being was centred on my vag.

“Deep, yes… oh, Brady I’ve wanted you so much.”

I bet his girlfriend never says that to him. I didn’t care if it sounded slutty. It was the truth and having his slender body above me, as his curvy cock stretched the walls of my vag, had filled my thoughts for weeks. I love the way he feels in my vag. I felt like I could enjoy his screwing for ages.

But I was close, actually. Very close. I know part of it was the excitement of a new young lover. Barely nineteen years old. Raw and inexperienced and willing to let me teach him. With the talent to make me so happy. Just as he was right then. And when Brady started increasing his pace, I knew he was turned-on because of me and my vag flooded.

I thought I might orgasm, after all. But Brady got there first, naturally.

“Can I cum,” he asked in a tortured voice that thrilled me.

“Fuck me, Brady. Hard. I want you to shoot.”

He heard me and increased his humping, clumsy but eager. I didn’t care because I wanted was for him to shoot hard into me. His excitement was obvious and it pushed my own arousal higher. Brady was really trying to fuck me.

“Uurrghhhh… uurrghhh.”

He was grunting wildly and I knew this was the moment. I tried to wrap my pale legs around his hips, urging him to his finale. But he was already shooting into me. I was sure I could feel him pulsing with each spurt of his virile power. He jammed his dick harder into me. It was a lovely surprise to find my bookworm can be so muscular with his humping.

“Good boy,” I moaned, urging him on. “Oh yes.”

Maybe he knew what I wanted and screwed me harder. But I was moaning loudly as Brady filled me again and again. And suddenly I was cumming along with Brady. I couldn’t help it — it was so intense to wrap myself around my new boy as he thrust his hips into me. The feeling of his orgasm and the knowledge he was shooting his stuff into me pushed me right over.

I cried out in reply to Brady’s grunts and pulled him to me as he rammed deeper into my vag. It was so perfect. A young man, young enough to be my son, was shooting his powerful, baby-making stuff into me. It was the most wicked delight to know that I’d let him satisfy me. And my vag spasmed and sent another beautiful, long orgasm spreading all through me.

“Don’t stop,” I cried to him.

it was hardly necessary to tell him since a young man knows only one way to enjoy his sexual release. But I really wanted Brady to keep shooting. I was cumming very nicely despite his inexperience. It was wonderful to imagine his balls draining as his dick pulsed inside me.

I suspect I was enjoying his shooting almost as much as Brady. Its always a delicious moment, when I make them lose control, giving them the thing they most desire.

As I felt him reach the end and his thrusting slowed down, I pulled him closer. I wanted every drop of his semen. And wanted my climax to last — my first with Brady properly screwing me. I was sure I felt his dick pulse a couple more times as he shot the last of his stuff. I was proud of him.

Once my new young man was done shooting all his stuff into me, and he lowered his body onto mine, I realised how hard I was breathing. I guess I’d not realised how good my orgasms had been. Maybe I’d under-estimated Brady’s prowess. What a satisfying session it had been — and I wasn’t done with him yet.

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