Marcie Loves It Naked

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When Alex got home from work on Friday afternoon, he didn’t expect his eighteen year old daughter, Marcie, to be there already. Something else he never expected was to find her sunbathing nude on a beach towel on the deck at the rear of the house. It was two weeks into the girl’s last summer break before going to college, and the dark-haired young beauty was already tanned a deep shade of burnt cinnamon except for the tan lines left from the bikini she wore around her mother’s house. Alex had been expecting to go pick her up from his ex’s house a couple of hours later. This was the usual routine every other weekend, except during summer when Marcie would spend every weekend at her father’s.

Marcie was a precocious handful, but Alex loved his daughter more than anything else in life, and he wished she could live with him full time. It was only when she was at his house that he didn’t feel lonely. She was the only one who could make that feeling go away, even if she was holed up in her room with her computer or texting her friends. It was enough just to know she was close. Alex was a fit, good-looking man of forty, and he didn’t have any trouble finding good looking women to go out with, but the loneliness was always there and he rarely made it past a third or fourth date with the same girl.

“Hey princess, I didn’t know you were coming over early,” he said, announcing his presence as he walked out on the deck. “I was planning to come pick you up.”

Marcie was lying on her stomach, and her father couldn’t help admiring her beautifully slender body. Her legs were so long and slim, but so shapely and perfectly smooth, tapering up toward the cutest ass Alex had ever seen. She also had a delectable pair of pert, B cup sized tits, but he couldn’t see them now since she was lying the way she was. But when she rose up on her elbows and turned her head toward him he could see one of her boobs from the side, noticing that her perky nipples appeared to be swollen.

“Mom dropped me off early,” Marcie replied. “We had another fight. A really good one, so she brought me over just to get me out of the house.”

“Sorry to hear that, sweetie. We both know how much your mom loves to fight. It’s one of the few things she’s really good at,” Alex said, taking a seat at the patio table.

“Pffff, that’s for sure,” his daughter agreed. “All I did was ask if I could go to her spa and get a wax like she does. I get tired of shaving every other day. She went ballistic and said the only girls my age getting waxed at her spa looked like sluts. It’s so unfair. I haven’t even had sex!”

Alex felt relieved to confirm his beautiful, young daughter was still a virgin, but he had to admit he was a little surprised. The pretty girl with long, black hair had to be getting more than her share of attention from guys her age, and even older. It wasn’t exactly rare that he’d catch friends of his checking her out.

Yet at the moment, Alex was upset with his ex for saying such things to their daughter when she clearly didn’t deserve them. Even so, Marcie was a girl who was very much aware of her sensuality so it was no wonder that both her parents couldn’t help wondering how much experience she had. She was so casual about showing her body that Alex hadn’t been surprised to find her sunbathing nude. It was far from the first time, and it was sure not going to be the last. Nor was it unusual for her to go around the house in her revealing lingerie or sleepwear. Her mother always got on her case about it, but Alex didn’t see why the girl should have to always cover herself in the comfort of her own home.

“Maybe you should just talk to me about things like that, sweetie. We’ll find another place to go and get you a wax, if that’s what you want,” Alex said.

“Really, Dad? You don’t mind?” Marcie suddenly pushed herself up from her lying position. Her ass rose into the air and her pert cheeks parted, revealing her tightly puckered rimhole and carefully shaved pussy. Alex had a direct view of both the girl’s holes from his seat, and he took a mental snapshot to file away with many others he already had in his mind. Then his daughter turned and sat upright, her legs criss-crossed and revealing her silky, young slit as she faced him directly.

“Of course I don’t mind, sweetie,” he said, forcing himself to look the girl in her pretty, brown eyes. He couldn’t help looking at her tits every chance he had, though. It wasn’t like they were the biggest he’d ever seen, but definitely the nicest. They were so beautifully shaped and firm. But the problem with Marcie facing him now was that his cock was beginning to stir in his pants. It wouldn’t have been the first time Marcie saw a bulge in her father’s pants that she caused. Alex wasn’t shy about it, but he didn’t want to go around making a habit out of it, either. “We’ll find a nice place just for you, and your mother won’t have to know,” he added.

“You’re the best, Daddy,” the girl smiled. “I wish I could just live with you all the time.”

“I’d love that, too, avrupa yakası escort sweetie.”


“Of course!” Alex was surprised she didn’t know that already.

“Cuz Mom keeps saying you don’t want me here all the time.”

“Nothing could be farther from the truth, sweetheart. I can see I’m going to have to have a very serious talk with your mother. In the meantime, don’t plan to go back to her house at the end of the weekend. You’re going to stay right here as long as you want.”

Marcie’s face lit up. Then she jumped up and went to her father and hugged him where he was sitting. Her pert tits were almost pushing against him, and when he hugged her back he had to be careful to keep his hands away from her naked ass no matter how much he wanted to cup those sweet cheeks in his hands and squeeze them.

“I love you so much, Dad,” she said as she finally released him and went back to sitting the way she was before.

“I love you, too, baby. More than anything in the world.”

“You know, Mom never tells me that,” the girl pouted.

“Oh, your mother loves you, sweetie. It’s just that she’s…”

“A bitch,” she completed her father’s sentence for him.

Alex laughed. “Well I wasn’t going to use that word, but…if the shoe fits.”

Marcie giggled, making her delectable young tits wobble. The stirring in her father’s pants was getting worse. Hugging his naked daughter hadn’t helped him control his body’s response.

“She’d freak if she knew you let me lie out naked,” she said with a defiant smile.

“There’s nothing wrong with it, sweetie. This is your home, you should be able to do what you want,” he said.

“Well, I don’t wanna get tan lines this year,” she said. “And, um, I was kinda hoping to go to that nude beach this summer and get an all over tan. That’s another thing Mom would freak out about.”

Alex had to smile. He went to the nude beach as much as he could before getting married to Marcie’s mother. Now that they were divorced he was able to enjoy his taste for nudism again. He hadn’t thought about taking his daughter with him, though. Not until now, at least. As much as he loved practicing nudism, he had yet to go completely naked in front of his daughter, even when she was so eager to go naked in front of her dad. It wasn’t that Alex was shy or ashamed, he just didn’t want his daughter to see how hard she had the power to make his cock. The times she’d spotted his big bulge in his pants or underwear didn’t feel the same as having his hard, swollen rod swinging naked in front of her.

“We’ll see,” he said, hoping to let the subject pass for now.

“Aw, c’mon, Dad. It isn’t a big deal is it?”

“No, of course not,” he said. “It’s perfectly natural, and lots of families go there together. But why do you want to go there when you can just go naked right here at home anytime you want?”

“I dunno. I guess I just wanna see what it’s like to be around other people who like being naked, too. I mean I know you like being a nudist, but you never go naked when I’m here, and if you keep telling me I shouldn’t be ashamed then you shouldn’t either. Plus I wanna skinny dip in the ocean.”

Looking at the girl’s sweetly pouting pussy, Alex couldn’t help thinking of how other people would see his baby girl in all her erotic glory. He felt a sharp twinge of fatherly protectiveness, while at the same time his cock pulsed wildly in his pants. But in the end, there was nothing unreasonable about what she said.

“You’re right, sweetie,” he finally told her. “We’ll go to the nude beach together. But you know we can’t say anything about it to your mother.”

Marcie just laughed. It was so obvious they could never let her mother know. She jumped up and hugged him again.

“You’re the best dad ever,” she said. Then she strutted happily into the house, turning her head and sporting a coy smile as she looked at the bulge straining her father’s pants.

Alex heaved a deep sigh of relief when his naked daughter went back inside. She’d just left him with yet another throbbing hard on. He thought he should wait until the bulge subsided before getting up and going inside. He needed to get to his room and relieve the ache in his cock. But then he just decided it was nothing Marcie hadn’t seen before, and he got up went inside with his big bulge tenting out the front of his pants. His girl was sitting naked on the living room sofa surfing TV channels, but she smiled coyly and took an obvious look at the distorted tent in front of her father’s pants as he walked through. He made his way upstairs and once he finally worked his overheated cock out of his pants he stroked his rod until he came so hard it made his head spin.

The next morning, he got up to find his daughter completely naked in the kitchen. She was fixing herself a light breakfast and hugged him when he went in. Alex was wearing boxer briefs and a T shirt, and it wasn’t long before the girl’s tan, slinky body started bakırköy escort to make him hard again. After their conversation the day before, she must have decided to be an at-home nudist as long as she was at his house. He wasn’t about to tell her not to, especially not after the talk they had, but he was going to have to find a way to deal with the constant hard ons she was causing.

A little later, he got on the phone and made an appointment for her to get a complete wax. He couldn’t get her in until the next day. She was excited to go, and could barely wait until the following day. Meanwhile, she spent the entire day and evening naked in front of her father, happily driving the man crazy.

When the time finally arrived, Alex drove the girl to her appointment. When he went back to pick her up after her session, he expected Marcie to feel sore, but the girl was glowing.

“This feels amazing!” she nearly shrieked as she got into her father’s car.

Alex smiled, feeling good that she was so happy. She could barely stop talking about how good and smooth her body felt the whole ride back to the house. When they got there, Marcie didn’t even wait to go up to her room before tearing off her clothes. She did it in the living room with her father standing right there watching her.

“What do you think, Dad? How do I look?” she asked preening for him.

Alex gazed at his daughter in sheer awe. She looked satin smooth and perfect, and she posed proudly for him, without a shred of modesty. If ever he’d seen a natural born nudist it was his daughter.

“You look fantastic, sweetie,” he told her honestly. “But of course you always do.”

“Aw, you just say that cuz you’re my dad.”

“No, sweetheart. You’re an incredibly beautiful girl, and I know you know I’m not the only one who thinks so.”

“Yeah, okay, I guess. But I like it better when you say it.”

Alex just smiled. It was tempting to tell her how luscious her slinky, young body was, or how sweet and perky her tits looked, or how silky and delicious her freshly waxed pussy looked. But Alex kept that to himself. It was bad enough it was probably written all over his face for his perceptive girl to read like an open book.

Marcie reminded him about going to the nude beach together. The next day was Monday, and normally Alex would be bringing the girl back to her mother’s house. But Marcie wanted him to bring her to the nude beach instead, and Alex couldn’t help how much the idea appealed to him. He called his ex and told her that Marcie wanted to spend a few extra days. This turned into an argument, which Alex expected. The argument ended up going on longer than necessary, with Marcie also getting on the phone to argue with her mother. The discussion heated up even more when Marcie told her mother she wanted to spend the whole summer at her dad’s. In the end, they all had to agree that Marcie was old enough to decide this for herself.

After the call, Marcie was excited enough to hug her father again. Every time she hugged him while she was naked chipped away a little more at his self-control. He was overjoyed that she’d be spending the whole summer with him, but he realized he was going to be masturbating at least as much as she did. He could hear her going at it in her room every day or night. She didn’t go out of her way to make a lot of noise, but she didn’t make any effort to be quiet about it, either. Every time he heard his daughter cum it made his cock throb with need.

Alex took the next day off from work, and in the morning he and Marcie put together a bag full of things they wanted for a day at the nude beach. Being early on a weekday the ride only took about forty minutes. Marci was practically vibrating with excitement. For the ride, she was wearing a tiny pair of booty shorts and a cropped tank. Her father had to admit she looked as arousing in the outfit she had on as she would’ve looked naked.

“You’re not nervous, are you?” he asked.

“Maybe a little,” she smiled coyly.

“I don’t know why. You go naked at home almost all the time.”

“That’s different. There’s going to be other people at the beach. Like, naked people,” she giggled. “And you’re finally gonna be naked, too, aren’t you?”

“Yes, baby, I will be,” he smiled. He didn’t try asking her why she seemed so anxious to see her own father naked.

The girl blushed, even through her tan. The conversation was cut short when they pulled into the parking lot. They got their things out of the trunk and headed for the beach. Marcie was wearing sunglasses, but Alex could tell his daughter was checking out all the naked bodies on the sand as they searched for a spot.

They found a spot that had a reasonable amount of unoccupied space around them, but was close enough to other people to satisfy Marcie’s eagerness to check out other naked bodies. They set down their bag and spread out the blanket that was large enough for both of them. Then Marcie had her shorts and top off within seconds. beşiktaş escort It seemed like she couldn’t wait to get her clothes off even if they were barely covering her succulent, young body. She took her top off first, and then turned her back to her father as she pushed her shorts down her long, slinky legs, exposing her ass and pussy to her attentive dad.

She then sat down on the blanket, and Alex realized she was almost eye level with his cock. He pulled off his T shirt, and then took off his shorts, noticing the way his daughter was gazing steadily at his cock now that it was fully exposed to her.

Alex hesitated a moment before sitting down. He wasn’t prepared for how much he really liked seeing his daughter sit there staring at his cock with a coy smile on her face. He knew a hard on in front of his daughter was inevitable, especially if she was going to be looking at it without even trying to pretend she wasn’t, although he often got hard on the beach when he was nude just because it felt so good. When that happened, he’d cover up with a towel and whenever possible would furtively stroke himself to a good cum so he could relax again.

He did the best he could to put that out of his mind and sat down. He lay down on his stomach and turned his head in Marcie’s direction. Now that he was lying on his cock, his daughter was glancing off in every direction, checking out all the other naked bodies around them. There were people of all shapes and sizes, and Alex realized his hot, young daughter was a chronic cock watcher. He didn’t delude himself to think that she hadn’t seen naked dicks before, even if it was only watching internet porn, but he was sure she’d never seen this many naked ones all in one place.

She was sitting cross-legged the way she had been on the back deck at home the other day, except now his face wasn’t even three feet away from her pussy. After her wax the day before, Marcie’s fresh, young mound was the smoothest, sweetest thing he’d ever seen. Her slit was every bit as dainty and shapely as a flower, yet it seemed anything but delicate. Underneath his fully exposed body, Alex’s cock began to swell and ache for his daughter’s slit.

After a while, Marcie finally lay down, too, also on her stomach at first, and facing her father so they were looking directly at each other. They didn’t say anything for a while, but Alex could tell there was a lot going through his daughter’s mind. At least his hard on had a chance to subside now that he wasn’t staring straight at her perfectly bald pussy. He finally asked her if she was enjoying herself.

“Oh, Dad, I wish we could come here every day,” she practically purred.

Alex smiled and then chuckled a bit. “I wish we could, too, sweetheart. It feels good, doesn’t it?”

“It feels amazing. I mean it feels really good at home, too, but this is different.” Then her voice dropped to a lower, more conspiratorial tone. “There were these people going by and they could all just…um…see my pussy.”

Alex smiled at her again. “Do you like that, baby?”

She hesitated a little before answering. “Yeah, Daddy. Is that bad?”

“No, baby, that’s not bad. I’ll tell you a little secret. I like it, too, whenever I catch someone checking out my, um, junk.”

Marcie giggled. Then the most deviously wicked smile her father had ever seen came over her face. “You got a really nice one, Dad.”

Alex’s cock started to stir all over again.

“You’ve got a beautiful pussy, darling,” he couldn’t resist telling her. “No wonder those people wanted to look.”

Marcie looked as pleased as her father had ever seen. “But nobody looks at it like you do, Dad. Sometimes I get wet just from you peeking at it.”

“Fuck,” her father muttered without thinking. His cock was already rock hard again and feeling uncomfortable from the weight of his body. He got back into a sitting position to give his cock some freedom, pulling a towel over his lap to keep from being obvious to anyone else who looked their way. Fortunately, there was a comfortable distance between them and everyone else.

Marcie then sat up cross-legged again, too, facing her dad and giving him even more privacy with his stiff cock tenting up the towel. Now her pussy was open to him all over again. The ache in his cock wouldn’t be going away anytime soon. His daughter was staring openly at his bulge. Not even her sunglasses could hide the way she was looking. She finally looked around, just checking to make sure no one was paying any extra attention to them, but they were just two more naked people on the beach. Then she lifted her knees up and planted her feet wide apart. She reached between her legs and started rubbing her pussy.

“God, Dad, I’m so wet now, and you’re just making it worse. I can’t help it,” she said.

Alex’s cock throbbed madly as he watched his daughter’s fingers rake back and forth across her slit, mashing her clit under them as she rubbed.

“That’s it, baby,” he told her softly. “No one can see what you’re doing but me.”

“You’re the only one I want to see me like this,” she cooed.

But Alex could tell the girl was even more excited by the risk of rubbing her pussy on a public beach. She looked over each shoulder every few seconds, and then always back at the huge bulge under the towel on her father’s lap.

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