Man of the House Ch. 02

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I awoke to my wife standing over me. “Good morning sweetie hope you slept well,” she said.

“Jen what the hell has been going on here, have you and your parents all gone mad?”

“Settle down Tom, you watched the video and you know very well what’s going on. Now get up and get dressed, your late for breakfast.” She then turned and pranced out the room.

Ah hell. looks like im going to have to work hard if im going to win at this game.

I got up and dressed. Looking in the mirror I saw a man who looks like he has been up all night drinking. Other than the drinking, it was a good guess. “Well let the games begin then, he wants to play, I’ll show him how to fuck with peoples heads.” I pulled on my shoes and headed down the stairs.

“Good morning honey, hope you had a good time last night watching me on the big screen.” Deb my mother in law said greeting me at the kitchen table with a big smile on her face. My eyes went straight to her chest, I couldn’t help but think back to last nights show on the TV. Thoughts of her with that vibrator buried deep in her snatch moaning like a whore made my dick start to stir.

“Have a seat here and let me serve you something good,” She said as she led me to the table. I ran my eyes down and eyed her fine ass cheeks as she turned to the counter to get me a plate. She served me steak and eggs with a black coffee, one of my favorite meals especially for breakfast. I ate greedily and polished it all off in less than ten minuets.

“What’s for desert Deb?” I asked with a slight grin.

“That depends on you my dear, its time for you to make a decision. Come on lets join Jen in the living room.”

We got up and headed into the living room where my wife was waiting on the couch. I walked over to the big chair in the center of the room and was stopped by both of the girls at once.

“That chair is only to be used by the man of the house,” said Deb. “He does not allow his girls to set in it.”

“Well I’m not one of his girls yet I can set where I want,” I said.

I had a seat in the big chair and the girls looked at each other with unease, “so lets have it, what is this all about girls?”

“Well Tom,” Deb began, “you have a chance here to be a part of something that will bring your life great joy an purpose, you will be able to live here free of the stress of work and the dangers of the world. You have a chance to live out every sexual fantasy you could imagine, eat the finest foods, and see the world as you have never dreamed.”

“And what do I have to do in Return?”

“Well sweetie,” Jen started, “you watched daddy’s video last night, you can pretty much take from what you saw on the other videos and pictures. You will be one of daddy’s girls, one of his play things to do with as he sees fit.”

“I don’t think I can just give up all my life and self to another man. I have never even had a fantasy about being with another man, how can he expect me to just drop every thing and be his slave? Jen I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you, I don’t want to loose you.”

“Then you will have to be a good little girl and do what you are told, the only way you can be with my daughter now is ümraniye escort to submit your self to the man of the house.”

“Really sweetie,” Jen said, “it’s the only way. I belong to him and him only, he will let you be with me and share my bed as long as you play by his rules. Submit yourself and become his.”

Debra stood up and walked over to me, Jen followed. “Its time for you to decide.” Jen and Deb then started striping off their cloths. They striped off quickly, no strip tease here more like they had bees in their pants. They both stood in front of me side by side naked as the day they were born.

“The choice is yours Tom what’s it going to be,” Deb said, “either pack up and go, or agree to take the oath.” I sat there for a moment enjoying the view of my beautiful wife and her mother, there beautiful tits swaying ever so slightly. The smell of there sex in the air, I cleared my throat.

“Looks like you guys have me up against the wall here, I love my wife with all my heart and there is no way I will ever walk out on her. Even if it meant I have to give in here and play by Larry’s rules. I will submit to Larry, I will take his oath and I will do what ever he wishes of me.”

“Oh my god mommy I’m so happy.” Jen shouted as she ran to me and smothered my neck with kisses. Deb also came to my side and planted a big kiss on my lips, forcing her tongue halfway down my throat.

“We are going to have so much fun kids, Tom you are in for the time of your life. I’m going to call Larry and give Him the good news.” Deb ran off leaving me and Jen alone in the living room.

“You had better get out of daddy’s chair he won’t like it one bit, and you don’t want to start off on the wrong foot with daddy.” I got up and Jen said she was happy that this was all over and that I was making the right choice, once I had adjusted to live as one of daddies girls I would be happier than I had ever been in my life.

Deb returned to the room, “hey you guys break it up. Jen lets get upstairs and get everything ready to make Tom over for tonight. Larry is so excited he said we will have a big celebration tonight after Tom takes his oath. Have a seat Tom but not in the big chair,” Deb said as they scampered off upstairs to do what ever it is they have planed for me. Whatever it is that they have planned they are barking up the wrong tree if they think I will be going anywhere near Larry’s naked body, ick what am I going to do here I think Larry is going to expect more from this arrangement than I can give.

About twenty minuets passed and the girls yelled down to me to come up. I made my way up the stairs, where they were waiting for me in the master bedroom. Jenny motioned me in and I followed. Once inside I had a look around. On the bed was a red dress, panties, and matching bra. Also a blond wig with large curly locks.

“What’s all this?” I asked.

“Its your dress wear for tonight dear,” said Deb waiving her hand over the outfit.

“Wait a minuet im no cross dresser, and I really don’t think I would look good in all that anyway. You know I don’t exactly have the smoothest legs in the world.”

“That wont be a problem in a bit, üsküdar escort your see daddy dose not allow hair on any of his girls from the eyelashes down.”

“Wait just a minuet.”

“No you just settle down Tom. You agreed to this and we have to make you over so daddy can take you as one of his girls.” Deb said raising her voice.

“Have a seat on the bed babe,” Jen pointed next to the dress.

I sat down as Deb walked over to the her dresser. “I had hopped you would take to this a little easer but sometimes we all need a little help Tom.” Debora pulled out the little bag of pot from the drawer, she stepped into the restroom and returned with a water pipe. After filling the pipe with a generous amount of reefer, she took out a small vial of pink liquid and dropped a fair amount on the pot.

“What is that.” I asked?

“Oh just a little something Larry gets from an Asian friend of his. it will make this whole process go a lot easer.” She held the water pipe out to me, I took it as she lit a match. I took a deep draw and as the smoke filled my lungs I at once felt giggly. “One more hit dear.”

“But mom that’s too much!”

“Keep quiet, I’ve been doing this for years hun I know what I’m doing.” I took another hit and the room went dark for a few seconds. When I snapped back I was completely undressed and didn’t have a hair on my body.

“What the hell was in that shit I giggled?”

“Don’t you worry now sweetie.” Deb said as she rubbed lotion on my chest. You have to remember to keep lotion on your nipples, Larry loves to play rough with his girls nipples. They will get very sore if you don’t keep lotion on them.”

” Ok.” I said as I giggled at every word is said and every thought I had.

“I told you that was too much mom , if he giggles like that tonight daddy wont like it.”

“Hush now dear, your father will like him just fine. It takes a few doses to the pink pony to get over the bad effects of it. Its best to get him started with a strong dose so he can get used to it. Once it takes its hold on him he will be putty in daddies hands, let me show you. Tom what would you rather do suck on my tities or suck on Larry’s dick?”

I thought about it my brain was wanting to say suck on your tittys, but the thought of sucking on Larry’s dick was what was making my dick start to burn. “which ever you want Deb,” I blurted out.

“Suck on which ever Larry wants is what you really mean isn’t is Tom?”

“Whatever Larry wants, all I want is to please him.” I couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of my mouth. I was screaming other things in my mind but my body was betraying me. I was blurting out what Deb was wanting me to say and couldn’t help myself.

“See Jen he will play nice now, I will give him another dose in a few hours. I’m going down to start supper Larry will be home in a couple of hours” Finish up here and make sure he looks nice and pretty before you come down.”

“Ok mom,” Jenny said as she plopped down beside me.

“Alright sweetie its time to get you dressed.” Jenny slid over to the bed and picked up the little pink thong that lay there. “Here we go lets try these on,” anadolu yakası escort she said with a giggle. As I slid the lacey little thong up my legs I couldn’t help but get a little excited.

“What do you think he is gong to expect from me Jen?”

“Oh he wont be too rough on you, daddy likes to take his time with his girls. He likes them to know that they have no choice but to give in to there deepest sexual desires.”

“What do you mean give in? If I’m not gay how can it be my desire?”

“You see sweetie, daddy knows how to make people do things that they themselves never knew they wanted.” Jenny slid the red dress up my arms and fitted the bottom around my ass. “You just have to do as you are told, its just that simple, you are now daddies little sissy bitch. He will make you his sissy cock sucker and you will love nothing more than to suck his dick and eat his cum.” She zipped up the back of my dress and patted me on the ass. This belongs to him, you had better get used to the idea.” I was starting to have some very strange thoughts as I stood there in that dress, she fitted a set of high heels on me then a wig. This is so strange could I be queer, I’ve never had thoughts like this before this cant be true. Jenny pulled a long straight blond wig down over my hair and smiled at me.

“You look like a little princess, I cant wait to tell daddy what a princess you have become. He will be here before long I cant wait.”

“What will happen when he gets here, how will this all go?”

“You just do as you are told, and be a good little sissy and everything will be all right.”

Jenny finished up with some makeup and fake eyelashes. “There you go,” she said. “You look like you are ready for a night to remember.” She stepped to the door and unlocked it. “Mom will be up before long, daddy should be here by now. “She will give you something to help make this go better for you, I’ll see you down stairs in a little bit.” She blew me a kiss and stepped out the door.

About ten minuets passed and my mother in-law Deb opened the door and stepped in. “Oh my goodness Jenny was right you do look like a little princess.”

I blushed, “I don’t feel much like one though” I smarted.

“Well I have something right here to fix that for you, stand up and turn facing the bead.” I did as I was told, watching out of the corner of my eye, she went over to one of the dresser drawers and got out a bottle of pink liquid and a hypodermic needle. She filled the needle with the pink fluid and walked over to me. “Bend over and place your hands on the bed.” I did just that and she hiked up my dress and sunk the needle into my left ass cheek. “There you go babe that should take care of any doubts you have.” She pulled up my dress and told me to have a seat. “Now its almost show time me, and Jenny are going to go and get ready. We will be up to get you when all is set. Now remember you have to be on your best behavior, address Larry as sir until you have taken your oath. After you have taken your oath you will address him as sir master or daddy, never by anything else unless you are told to. Is this all clear?” I nodded yes. “Good just stay put there and we will be back for you before you know it.” Debora walked out the room, leaving me there with the strange pink drug running through my veins. I was starting to get hot, I don’t know if it is the drug or just being embarrassed about what all has taken place. Where is this all going to end up, why am I having these strange feelings, guess I’m about to find out.

To be continued in part three

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