Man in Her Tent

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Julie Pritchard was JP to everyone that knew her. Some people didn’t even know her real name. Only her boyfriend called her Julie and that was only when the two of them were alone. Ah, Phillip, she thought. He wasn’t happy about her going on this camping trip with Maggie and her ‘cousins’, he doesn’t trust ‘that girl’ at all. Maggie said Phillip was invited, that he could come too, but “he’d rather work than spend a long weekend trapped with her nearby”.

Phillip thought Maggie was a bad influence, and in reality he didn’t know the half of it. Maggie spent her days trying to get JP to “live a little, it’s not like you’re married”. To JP it felt like it sometimes, though. Her and Phillip had been together since he was 16 and she was 14. Five years was a long time, almost all her teenage years. They’d discovered everything together and she’d only ever been with him (though they held off having intercourse until they were eighteen, on the off chance they would write their memoirs one day).

“Hence the need to live a little,” Maggie would complain. “You can’t spend your life sitting on just one cock.”

“Don’t be crude,” JP would say.

“You could have anyone you want. You’re the hottest babe I know,” was usually next. Maggie herself had a nice body but she wasn’t really that good looking with clothes on. It was usually only after Maggie undressed that boys went ‘wow’, which is the reason JP suspected she undressed so often.

For herself, JP knew she was lucky. She didn’t do anything to look after herself yet her body and looks had turned out as good as she could have hoped. It had reached the point where she had to be careful where she wore a nice dress or a bikini, otherwise guys would buzz around like flies. No matter how much she ate or how lazy her weekends were she didn’t get big. Her ass and stomach was slim. Her breasts filled a c-cup nicely but she didn’t need a bra, they stood up by themselves.

She thought of the way Phillip looked at her whenever they had the chance to get naked, the sparkle in his eyes, the way he went straight at her with his cock. It was almost as if she was too much. She wished Phillip was perhaps a little less attracted to her body, and a little more to her. Making her wax her vagina clean was a classic example. He was obsessed with how her pussy looked above her own feelings, he knew she got embarrassed every time she went to the change rooms at swimming. His argument was that none of the girls ever said anything bad about JP being bare, but when you’re a girl you know it’s what they’re saying behind your back, not what they are saying to you that counts.

“You don’t even have acne,” Maggie would frown if she ran her fingers through her wavy brown hair, feeling how soft it was. “Are you sure your dad is your dad?”

Poor dad, JP thought, he wasn’t so lucky. Bald young, always chubby. He made them laugh though, they all loved him.

The camp was deep in the forest at a clearing near a backwater. It had taken two hours to hike along the small, single-file track. It was a marked campsite but rarely used, it was the only place you could get away from people on a holiday weekend. They were taking two extra days, staying four nights. There was no cell-phone reception but Maggie’s dad gave them his satellite phone for emergencies.

Maggie’s ‘cousins’ were more a group of friends than they were family. Only one was an actual second cousin. There was Maggie and JP, plus one other girl and three guys. At 19 JP was the youngest, but everyone was about the same age. It might look like a group of three couples but it wasn’t. No one was officially boyfriend and girlfriend. The other girl was Sandra, a Vietnamese girl. She was good looking but a real tomboy, handy to have around a camp. The three boys were Jeff, Danny and Rabbit. JP didn’t know Rabbit’s real name and he didn’t know hers.

Because it was odd numbers there had to be one boy-girl tent. They drew straws and JP was paired with Rabbit but she said no way, that her boyfriend would kill her.

“He’s never going to know!” Maggie tried to tell her, making JP suspect the draw was rigged. Sandra volunteered to swap, scuppering that particular piece of scheming. Rabbit and Sandra knew each other well, Sandra said there would be no surprises to be had.

Tents were pitched apart from each other, the ground was rough in most places and there were lots of trees with heavy branches to avoid. Fires were allowed on the sandy bank of the backwater. There was an old pit built with stones that you could use even in summer, so the ‘kitchen’ was set up there. Girls and boys toilet trees were roughly decided in different directions behind cover. The boys had fishing rods, but they didn’t really expect to catch anything.

With the hiking, the designing and setting up of the camp, cooking, eating and cleaning they were tired not long after dark. They had one strong battery lantern they used sparingly and a series of hand held torches and lights, so unless they were going to sit around the firelight there wasn’t much incentive to be up once daylight had gone.

After everyone had turned in Maggie and JP talked for about fifteen minutes illegal bahis when suddenly Maggie got out of her sleeping bag and began shuffling around as if she was going out.

“What are you doing?” JP asked, confused. Maggie was changing her sleepwear for lingerie.

“I’m going to go and see Danny.”

“What?!” JP was super surprised. Those two hadn’t seemed to have hooked up at all, there was no affection between them all day.

“Maggie, you said this wouldn’t happen.”

“Just for a little while. Come on, don’t be a prude,” Maggie said, checking her torch and her sandals.

“You said this wasn’t a date trip.”

“For you, yes. Not for me.”

“But…how did you even…I didn’t see you with him at all today.”

Maggie shrugged. “Jeff told me when were cleaning up.”

“Just like that?”

“Why not?” she shrugged again. “Here. Take some just in case.”

Maggie opened a big box of condoms and threw a strip of three toward JP.

“Maggie! What are you doing? I don’t need that, why would I need that?”

Maggie laughed. “I’m not doing it with Jeff in there. He’s my cousin.”

She unzipped the flap and stepped out, wearing only a white silky strap top and matching white t-back panties.

“Hey, hey, wait! What’s that mean?”

Maggie laughed and disappeared into the darkness. JP turned off her own torch and listened carefully. She heard the occasional stumble then some voices. After a time a torch was clearly making its way back to her tent. JP prayed Maggie had been kicked out, that it was all a misunderstanding.

“Sorry, JP, I’ve been ejected. Can I come in to wait?”

Shit, JP thought. When she didn’t answer, Jeff opened the zip and shone his light in on her. JP was in her sleeping bag and moved up on one elbow, squinting at the light. Three condoms were lying next to her in plain sight.

“Shit! They are NOT mine,” JP yelled out, throwing them disgustingly to the far corner on Maggie’s side.

“I’m sorry. I got booted out. I’m not sure how long for,” he said, ignoring the condom situation and crawling in onto Maggie’s mattress and bag. JP saw he was only wearing loose boxers and a t-shirt.

“I’m not having sex with you,” JP couldn’t help but blurt out as he flicked his sandals off outside and redid the tent zip.

“Okay,” he said remarkably casually. “What do you want to do?”

“Sleep,” she said, turning her back to him. “Can you turn that torch off?”

“Really? You wanna sleep? It’s too early.”

It was true, JP had to concede to herself. It was probably 9-something at the latest.

“What’s your story anyway?” Jeff asked. “You went to school with Maggie?”

JP thought of laying and ignoring his question, but he knew she wasn’t asleep and JP wasn’t naturally rude, even if she was grumpy. It’s not his fault, she sighed.

“School and now college,” was her short reply. It was the best she could muster.

“Hmmm,” Jeff said, letting the silence sit for a while, the torch still on, facing the door. “So…your turn.”


“Ask me something.”


“Anything. Just ask me something.”

JP sighed and turned over. “Why did you have to tell Maggie that Danny was interested?”

Jeff shrugged. “I just said he was interested, not that he wanted her to sneak over for the night. How was I to know…”

“Know what?”

“Well, that my cousin…did that so easily.”

“You really don’t know her very well.”

“I guess not.”

“Why did you move out here?” JP asked.

“For college,” Jeff said frowning, JP knew he went to school here, why ask that?

“Yeah, I know that, but why here? Why didn’t you go to school back home?”

“Oh. I don’t know. Do something different. I applied to anywhere I had family. Got this one.”

“You’re only second cousins, right?”

“Not your turn.”


“Not your turn for a question. My turn,” Jeff said as a means of changing topic.


“You didn’t want to stay in a tent with Rabbit because you have a boyfriend?”


“But…if you didn’t have a boyfriend you would have stayed with him?”

“That’s two questions. Not your turn.”

“Okay, forget the whose turn thing.”

“You’re second cousins, right?” JP asked again.

“Yeah, so what?”

“You came here to study because of a second cousin you hardly know?”

Jeff laughed. “My uncle and first cousins are here too, not just Maggie’s family. You would have taken Rabbit if you were single?”


“Why not?”

“Come on. Not even slightly my type. How could I possibly tell people my boyfriend is called Rabbit?”

“I guess.”

“How do you know those guys? Just through Maggie?”

“No, Danny is from lifeguards too. Rabbit I don’t really know, Sandra and him go back apparently.”

“You’re a lifeguard?”

“Part time only,” he said nodding.

“So you know first aid?”

“Passed all the courses.”

“Oh. I feel safer out here now.”

“I think that’s the only reason why Maggie asked me along.”

“Oh come on! Don’t be silly.”

They talked back and forth for some illegal bahis siteleri time. School. Family. Sports. Movies. Books. Holidays. Camping experience. Occasionally a small yelp or scream would come from the distance and they would giggle.

“I think Maggie likes sex,” JP said apologetically for her friend.

“Are all girls like that?”

“No!” JP squealed.

“You don’t like sex?”

“Oh, that’s a trap that question. Whatever I say is wrong.”

Jeff laughed. “I like you.”

“Why thank you.”

They stayed silent for a time and Jeff turned off the torch to save battery. In the dark the sounds of Maggie and Danny were easier to notice.

“She sounds happy,” Jeff whispered.

“She brought A LOT of condoms,” JP sighed.

“Do you use them?” he asked so casually.

“What are you talking about?”

“With your boyfriend. Do you guys use condoms or just go in freely”

“Don’t you think that’s kind of personal?” JP scolded him.

Jeff ignored her. “My girlfriend hates them, she never wants to use condoms. But I just don’t trust her on the pill. She is completely disorganized. She says she takes it every day but I just don’t believe her.”

“You have a girlfriend?”

“Yeah. Apple.”

“Her name is Apple?”

“I know I know. She gets teased a lot.”

“Where is she? Why isn’t she here?” JP asked, perhaps suspiciously.

“Camping? That’s not her. Decided to work the extra hours of the long weekend.”

“What’s she do?”

Jeff hesitated. “Waitress.”

“Ha. My boyfriend does nightshift at Texaco”.

“Yeah, well, get work where you can when you’re studying. Is he studying?” Jeff suddenly asked, hoping he hadn’t somehow insulted her boyfriend.

“Yes. What about Apple. Does Apple work at Apple?”

“Ha ha.”

“Come on, does she?” JP teased.

“No! I told you. She’s a waitress.”

“Oh really? Where does she work then?”

“Doesn’t matter.”


Jeff hesitated before answering, “Hooters.”

“She does not!”

“She does.”

“She does not. You’re making that up.”

“She does. It’s true.”

“Are you freaking kidding me? Your girlfriend is a Hooters girl?”

Jeff sighed and nodded in the dark before saying, “Yes.”

“Wow. Wow,” and after a time she added, “She must have nice breasts.”

“She does,” Jeff laughed embarrassingly.

“Wow. I could never do that.”

“Why?” Jeff snapped.

JP sensed a tone.

“No no, I don’t mean there’s something wrong with it…not at all. It’s just…” In the cover of dark JP held her breasts on the outside of her clothes.

“You don’t like your breasts?”

“No! Not that.”

“You do like your breasts, then?”

“Ah. How do I explain?” JP started. “I have to be careful what I wear around some guys. Especially in a bar, or places like Hooters.”


“People seem to think my chest is…nice. I get a lot of creepy guys hang around me if I’m not wearing much.”

“Really?” Jeff asked, intrigued. “I can’t really tell, not today. You didn’t exactly dress for show.”

“I never do any more.”

“Any more?”

“I went to a party a while ago in denim shorts and bikini top that was a bit small. Maggie gave it to me of course, it didn’t cover the sides or bottom properly. I never realized it would cause such a stir. Guys were trying to get me drunk so they could touch. I didn’t really know how to handle it at the time. My boyfriend went through the roof when he heard about it later. I said no one actually touched me, just teasing me, but he still got jealous and angry and all that.”

“Oh come on. You really want to say your breasts are so good they start fights? You have to hide them away?”

“No. I just need to be careful.”

“Can I see?”


“Can I see them?”

“No you cannot see!” JP said incredulously.

“Why not?” Jeff asked casually.

“Why not? Why do you think?”

“What’s wrong with looking? We’re out camping, there are going to be times when we’re changing or washing that we’ll see each other. It’s not like we’d do anything.”

“You expect me just to show you my breasts?”

“Why not? Unless of course they’re not as good as you say they are,” he said as calmly as he could.

The silence in the dark gave Jeff hope.

“You can’t touch,” JP said dryly.

“I don’t want to touch.”

“Yes you do,” she accused him playfully.

“No I don’t.”

“Are you sure?”

“I have a girlfriend.”

“A Hooters girl!”

“Hey. Be nice. She’s a good kid.”

“Sorry. sorry,” JP said, remorsefully. That wasn’t nice.

“Come on then.”

“You can’t turn the torch on.”

“What would be the point of that if I can’t see…you don’t want me to touch, right?”

“Grrrr. Okay. But just for a little while. Maggie will be back soon.”

Jeff looked at the darkness of the tent door. That was unlikely. He could hear as JP took off her sleeping top. “Are you done?”.

“Okay,” JP finally said.

Jeff turned on the torch, pointed her way. JP’s shoulders were bare, but her sleeping canlı bahis siteleri bag was covering her breasts.

“Oh, come on,” Jeff said lightly. “That doesn’t work.”

“It’s not easy,” JP admitted to him. “I’ve not exactly done this before.”

“You have sex with your boyfriend don’t you?”

“Yeah…but…only him.”

“You’ve never been with anyone other than him?”

JP shook her head in the light.

“Really? That’s interesting. So no one else has ever seen your breasts even?”

“Not naked.”

“Wow. I feel…privileged.”

“Yeah, well, I feel silly, and nervous.”

“Hey, this is purely scientific,” Jeff assured her. “All we’re doing is getting the qualified opinion of a guy who knows a lot about Hooters girls as to whether your breasts are up to standard, or indeed as you suggest way above standard.”

“You can’t touch.”

Jeff shuffled back slightly. “Observation only. Agreed.”

JP pulled the bag down and then up quickly.

“Oh come on. Do it properly,” Jeff moaned. “This is for science.”

“Don’t touch,” she said again. This time JP pulled the bag down to her hips and lay on her back. She covered her face with her hands.

“Holy moly,” Jeff said, torch straight on her. “Holy moly.”

“What do you think?” JP asked sheepishly.

“Move your hands. Let me see properly.”

Gingerly JP moved her arms back to her side, squinting in the light.

“Holy shit.”

“What do you think?”

“I think they would start fights,” Jeff admitted.

“See. I told you.”

“I see what you mean. They’re not huge, but, wow, there is something about them. The shape, your nipples, wow. Can you sit up?”

Nervously JP sat and let him ogle her front as her tits hung freely for him to see.

“I’ve got to say I’m…amazed. You would cause a fuss. I can imagine.”

For a while JP knelt and let him say nice things about her body. She trusted he wouldn’t touch, she felt safe.

“Only your boyfriend has ever seen these like this?”


“I really do envy him. He’s a lucky guy.”

“Thank you. Have you had enough?”

Jeff laughed out loud. “No! Let’s just, I don’t know, talk, like we were before.”


“Ummm…I don’t know…do you use condoms with your boyfriend?”

“Yes.” JP went red in the torchlight.

“Every time?”


“Do you not use the pill?”

“I still live at home. It wouldn’t be easy.”

“So where do you, you know, usually…have sex?”

“I don’t know. In the car. Or if someone isn’t home,” she said easily. It was unusual for JP to be so at ease talking about sex with anyone, let alone a boy. But there was something about Jeff that relaxed her.

“He’s good at it?”

“I don’t know. I guess.”

“Are you good at it?”

“Probably not! What about you?”

“What about me?”

“What sort of sex do you two have?”

“Well…if you want me to admit something…I really like doing it when she is in the uniform.”

It was JP’s turn to laugh, her breasts bobbing sensually.

“Actually, your breasts remind me of the effect I have on women,” Jeff interrupted.

“Oh really? What effect?”

“My ass.”

“Your ass?” JP laughed again.

“It’s true. I couldn’t work at a bar, either. Women would keep pinching my ass, grope it, fight over it.”

“It’s that good, huh?”

“That good.”

“Okay,” she said pointing.


“Let’s see it.”

“See it?”

“Hey, look at me,” JP pointed out, naked to the waist. “Let’s see your ass.”

“You really want?”

“Come on.”

Jeff lay face down and pulled on his boxers, awkwardly sweeping them down and off his ankles. His boner pushed against Maggie’s sleeping bag as JP took the torch from him “to observe”.

“I don’t know Jeff, I’m not sure it’s that good,” JP said in as much of a professional and dry voice as she could muster.

“You’ve got the wrong angle,” he protested. “You’ve got to look from below more.”

“Oh really?”


JP got right out of her bag and shuffled down to the foot of the mattress.

“Hmmm. Okay, but…”

“But what?”

“A bit chubby?”

“Chubby? No way! It’s a nice butt!”

JP giggled at him, playing around. She reached out and squeezed it. “Chubby.”

“Whoa,” Jeff jumped. “You told me no touching.”

“I can touch if I want, just not you. You got a problem with that?”

“No,” he said meekly as the squeezing became fondling.

“Interesting to see a different one?” he asked.

“Maybe,” JP admitted. She touched all over his backside. It was smoother than Phillips, and somehow less dangerous. If she touched Phillip like this he would roll her to her back and fuck her in a second. He’d never just lay there and let her play, explore.

Jeff almost jumped to the tent roof as he felt a hand squeeze between his thighs and grip his balls.

“Holy shit.”

“Does it hurt?” she asked, loosening her grip slightly.

“Not at all!”

“You like it?”

“I like. I like!”

JP grinned at her own daring. She gripped and squeezed and played with his balls, the first time to really check out a guy like that. “I don’t know why, but I feel safe right now.”

“You are safe.”

“Do you mind? It’s not really fair for me to touch and not let you touch.”

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