Mama’s Little Girl

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This story was done as for a particular someone who requested a specific plotline. Hope you all enjoy!


Shauna opened the door. She was, by no small measure of the word, excited. It was her last day of school, and it was her 18th birthday. She didn’t have plans though, because her family was taking her out for dinner later on in the evening, so she’d made plans with her friends for the weekend. But she’d finished with her last test early and she’d been allowed to come home early. So she planned to shower and maybe lay down and watch her favorite movie while she waited for her family to all get home.

What she wasn’t ready for was her mother, Jane, being home and sipping a cup of tea when she entered the kitchen.

“Mom!” She exclaimed. “I thought you would be at work until at least five..?”

“I wanted to surprise you,” said Jane, looking Shauna up and down, a very odd expression on her face. “Why don’t you go take a shower and we’ll go out for ice cream just the two of us and spoil your dinner. We haven’t spent very much time together lately and I miss hanging out with you.”

“Alright mama,” said Shauna. She left the kitchen and headed upstairs to get ready for her shower.

As she undressed herself Shauna’s mind began to wander to a place that long ago she’d vowed never to return, but she couldn’t help it. Shauna wasn’t gay, but she did occasionally find women attractive, and she had thought her mother was sexy since she was fifteen. One day she’d walked into her mother’s room to ask her a question before she went to school and there was Jane, getting ready for work, wearing only black lace panties. Shauna gawked, but tried to play it off by complimenting her on her great sense of style. What she didn’t know is that her mother had noticed Shauna staring at her bare chest, and she liked it.

Shauna closed the door to the bathroom, trying to shake the thought that her mother looked so damn kartal escort good in her tight white blouse and black skirt and pantie hose. It was a futile effort, because the more she tried, the heavier the fantasy played out in her head. She couldn’t help herself, she was so horny and at this moment wanted nothing more than to have her mother take full advantage of her. That thought literally dove Shauna crazy and while the hot waste coursed over her slender body and soaked her shoulder length dirty blonde hair, she began touching herself. She moaned softly, whispering “oh mama, I want you so badly…”

Outside, Jane pressed her ear against the door, touching herself while she listened to her daughter moan and fantasize about her. She started undressing, this was a far better idea than ice cream! Slowly Jane opened the door.

In her own little fantasy world, Shauna never heard the door open and close behind her mother. Jane quickly and quietly finished stripping off her business attire, leaving it in a heap by the door. Walking slowly to the shower curtain, she pulled it aside gently and slightly, peaking in. There was her gorgeous young daughter, burying two fingers as deep as she could get them into herself.

Jane let the curtain fall back, and gently cleared her throat. Shauna paused, shocked she hadn’t heard the door open. “Mom, is that you?”

“Yes dear,” said Jane, “I figured I’d come up and get clean real quick too, and since you already have the shower going, I figured I’d get in on your shower, to save water.”

“Oh, okay,” said Shauna, “let me just finish rinsing and I’ll get out so you can have it.”

“There’s no need to get out silly, I know you like long showers.” Jane entered the shower, taking in the sight of her daughter, while her daughter took in the sight of her. She moved close to Shauna and said “maybe you’d like to help me get clean?” kurtköy escort

Completely shocked by what was happening, Shauna moved closer to her mother, who handed her the body wash and lathering pouf. Shauna took it from her, never taking her eyes off of her mother’s beautiful breasts. She lathered the pouf, and stated running it over Jane’s body, first her belly, then her arms. Jane took the pout from Shauna and grabbed her hand and moved it to one of her breasts.

“I’ve seen the way you look at me, sweety, would you like to touch me?” Jane asked as she placed her own hand gently in between Shauna’s legs.

Shauna rolled her eyes in pleasure and moaned “yes, I want to so badly..” Her hand squeezed her mother’s breast, pinched her nipple, all while feeling how good she was feeling also!

Jane wasted no time and plunged her middle finger into Shauna’s pussy and she was rewarded with a soft moan of pleasure. Faster she moved her finger in and out while her daughter fondled her breasts, squeezing them, moving in to kiss and suck on her nipples. Jane pushed her head back and let out a sigh of ecstasy. She reached up with her fee hand and grabbed Shauna’s hair. “You be a good girl now and get on your knees,” she said as she forced Shauna down. “Make me feel good and I’ll reward you.”

“I’ll be a good girl..” Shauna heard herself say, and she buried her face into her mother’s crotch. She reached out with her tongue, lapping and circling Jane’s clit, plunging her tongue inside and sucking her gently.

“That’s it!” Jane screamed, “don’t stop baby, fuck me with your tongue! I’m already so close!”

“Shauna reached up with one hand and inserted one finger into her mother’s hot pussy, pushing it in and pulling it out, twisting and flexing it inside of her while she lapped away at her clit.

“Oh my god!” Jane screamed. “I’m coming, yes baby I’m coming, maltepe escort oh you make me feel so good!” Jane’s body shook in convulsions and she screamed in pleasure for a full minute before she took her hand out of Shauna’s hair and brought her back to her feet. “That was very nice, Shauna. Like you’d been rehearsing it in your head.” Jane smiled.

“I have,” was all Shauna could say. What Jane didn’t know was that Shauna had came with her, fingering herself with her free hand, and it was the single most amazing orgasm of her life!

“Come into my bedroom when you’re dry sweety.” Said Jane, and she left the shower on shaky legs.

Shauna hurried to finish her shower and dry off. When she entered her mother’s room she found Jane lying on her bed.

Jane patted the bed next to herself and said “come lay down and let me return the favor.”

Shauna made her way to the bed, letting her towel fall to the ground. She climbed into bed with her mother, who had sat up and was now pushing Shauna down to the pillows.

“You just relax and let me take care of you, this is all the desert i need.” Said Jane as she moved down between Shauna’s legs.

Jane kissed the inside of Shauna’s thigh, moving upward until she was completely dived into her sweet pussy. Jane lapped and licked and sucked and fucked Shauna with her tounge, licking in fast circular motions, inserting two fingers and slowly penetrating her over and over again. Before too terribly long Shauna was twitching and begging for Jane to keep going. And Jane noticed just how wet Shauna was getting and how her tight pussy was clenching onto to her tongue and fingers.

“Oh my GODDDD! YES!! I’M COMING, DON’T STOP!” And Jane complied as Shauna shook uncontrollably and howled and arched her back.

Jane removed herself from her daughter and smiled at her. “Happy birthday baby. I hope that was a good present. Now go get cleaned up again and maybe yourself pretty. Your father and brother will be home soon, and they’ll be hungry, so we won’t want to keep them waiting. We’ll get ice cream another time…” She smiled at her daughter and smacked her on the ass on the way out.

As Shauna rinsed herself off for the second time, she thought to herself “did that really just happen..?”

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