Mama Pt. 02

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I’d like to tell you that me, Jane and Alana got right into a hot threeway as soon as I got in the door of their house on Grant Street, but that would be a lie. What happened was Jane gave me a beer, and told me sit on the couch in the parlour while she and Alana went for a ‘talk’. I’m pretty sure she’d have been happier if I’d just left, but I wasn’t really in the mood for that. Quite the opposite in fact.

See, I’d just brought my girlfriend’s mother off telling her about how I’d gone down on her little girl in the cab of my truck, and as that same little girl (okay, she’s 19) had walked in at that moment it had caused a little ‘discussion’ let’s say. So while I’m sat there watching Glenn Beck they’re discussing a different kind of cunt entirely. There’s raised voices, tears, long silences. I was happy just to leave them to it for a while, but after I’d been sucking on a dead beer bottle for ten minutes I decided to wander through. After all, this concerned me too.

The two women fell silent as I shuffled over to the refrigerator and liberated another Yuengling. I popped the cap off, leaned back against the stove and admired the view. Both Alana and her mother Jane are close on six feet tall, with dark eyes, long dark hair and legs that seem to go on for ever. Alana was wearing her black leggings with her college sweater, whereas Jane had on her white T-shirt with some kind of fabric thing wrapped around her waist. I didn’t know if she was still wearing those little panties of hers, but if she was they must have been soaked through.

“Everything all right in here?”

Jane snorted a laugh. “No, Jack, surprisingly enough everything is NOT all right here. My daughter and I have things to discuss.”

Alana turned to her mother. “Don’t take that tone with him mommy, you’re the one who was frigging herself off in public!”

Alana turned to me. “I’m sorry you had to see that Jack. I can’t imagine what must have made her do a thing like that.”

Jane looked me straight in the eye…near as damn burned a hole through my head with her eyes. Her look said it all…don’t you DARE tell her. I nodded, just enough to reassure her.

“Hey listen, I’m cool. Don’t worry about me. Hot summer night, attractive woman home on her own at night…these things happen. Most natural thing in the world.”

Jane spoke up again. “Well, I’m happy that you see it that way Jack, very enlightened of you. But still, Alana’s right…it should never have happened.”

I nodded, a little thoughtful.

“Well, when it all comes down to it, it’s just a bit of fooling around, right? I mean, if anyone ever tried to tell me they’d never acted on an impure thought I’d call them a liar. I don’t care who they are. We all need to be better in tune with our sexual side. All that repression? Why, that’s the cause of half the trouble in this world.”

Jane folded her arms. “Well, that’s all very noble Jack, but when you’re the mother of a teenage girl the world looks a little different.”

Alana erenköy escort sighed. “Mama, I told you…I’m not going to get myself pregnant. I’m not completely stupid.”

“Oh, and I was?” flashed Jane.

“I didn’t say that! All I’m saying is that you’ve been going on about me not getting preggers for as long as I can remember!”

“Alana, I just don’t want you ending up like me!”

“Mama, you ‘ended up’ with me!”

Jane was shocked. “Oh sweetie! I never meant…did you really think I meant that? I would never, ever, turn back the clock. You have to know that!”

Alana was on a roll now. “Ever since I was a little girl you’ve been treating me like a problem, and I’m sick of it! You made your choices and you got me, like it or not. Now leave me alone to make mine!” She turned to me and held out her hand.

“Come on Jack, let’s get in that truck of yours and go.”

Jane shook her head and stepped in front of the kitchen door.

“No. Don’t go. Not like this. You’re right, I haven’t treated you like I should. You’re not a problem to me, you’re the light of my life, and that means I want to help you.”

“Help me how?”

Jane turned to me. Suddenly I was back in the discussion.

“Were you planning to…lose your virginity tonight? With him?”

Alana blushed, a little.

“I was. I still am, just as soon as you get out the way.”

I didn’t say a word, just swigged a little more beer.

Jane nodded. “Okay. All right, well, I suppose it had to happen some time. But you should do it here.”

Alana just looked at her.

“It’s a special thing. You shouldn’t be in the back of some greasy truck down by the lake. Do it here, in my room.”

Alana looked over at me. I shrugged.

“If the offer’s there, why not?”

Alana rolled her eyes. “This is about the weirdest day ever.”

Jane turned to me.

“I’m assuming you brought some protection.”

“Protection? Like a gun?”

“Like a prophylactic! You were planning to use one, right?”

I shook my head. “Well ma’am, I have to say I prefer the rhythm method if we’re having that discussion. Rubbers kinda kill it for me.”

“You were planning on having unprotected sex with my daughter? Is that what you’re telling me?”

I just shrugged and nodded.

“Well then, it’s out of the question. Absolutely not.”

Alana butted in right there. “What are you, the sex police? All he has to do is pull it out at the right time. I think he can manage that all right.”

Jane was having none of it. “No. That’s my last word on the topic. It’s too risky.”

Silence. Arms folded on both sides. A stand off. That’s when I decided that what was needed here was a dealmaker. And that was my job.

“Jane, I respect your stand. I happen to think you’re correct. It is risky. With the best will in the world, mistakes do happen. And that’s why I’d like to make a suggestion.”

Both göztepe escort women looked over at me.

“Put simply, I think the best course might be for you to join us in the bedroom. To supervise, if you like, make sure nothing untoward happens.”

That was the bombshell all right. They both looked at me, then at each other. Alana turned back to me.

“Are you serious? You want her in bed with us?”

I shrugged. “I’m just trying to find a way forward sweetie. You want to do this, right?”

“Yes, but…it’s kind of weird.”

“It’s been a weird kind of evening already, wouldn’t you say?”

Jane waited a moment before speaking.

“I have to say I’ve heard worse ideas. And weirder. No-one cares about your welfare more than me sweetheart, you know that. If I can help make it special, and safe, then maybe we should give it a try.”

Alana sighed and thought for the longest time before speaking.

“Maybe you can just help me get ready?”

Jane smiled. “I can do that all right. Why don’t you head upstairs and get freshened up? I’ll be there directly.”

Alana gave me a kiss, quickly clasped her mother’s hand, then left the room. I was so hard I thought I was going to pass out.

With Alana gone, Jane came over to me.

“I suppose I should be thanking you for that suggestion. And for your silence.”

I sipped the last of the beer.

“Well, this way everyone gets what they want.”

She nodded. “One thing though. I’m not going to let you enter my daughter without protection. You won’t smooth talk me out of that.”

“Okay, I respect that.” I said, “but perhaps if we could open up our imaginations a little we could find a way forward. After all, I am going to fuck your baby girl tonight. That’s happening.”

Jane just looked at me, cold.

“Come up in ten minutes. First door on the left.”

Then she left the room. I heard her on the stairs, cross the landing and enter the bedroom. The door shut quietly.

I swear, those were the longest ten minutes of my life. I tried to distract myself, reading stuff, anything I could do to kill time AND my boner. I didn’t want to head up there and blow my load in the first thirty seconds! I found a bunch of Jane’s knitting patterns and looked through them, and that helped. But still, when I looked up at the clock I still had four minutes to kill. No way. I went out to the hallway and shouted up.


A few seconds later, they answered together. “Ready!”

I took the stairs as careful as I could. If I’d fallen and broken my neck I’d have killed myself anyway. I wanted to arrive alive.

I pushed open the bedroom door and there was Alana, sitting on the edge of the bed, pretty as a picture in a small pink teddybear. Jane was sat behind her, in her T-shirt and panties, both the proud mommy and temptress. Alana smiled a mile wide as I closed the door behind me.

She stood and stepped kadıköy escort over to me, unbuttoning my shirt and slipping it off my shoulders. Her little nipples poked hard through the sheer fabric as she moved her hands down to my pants. I looked over her shoulder at Jane, and I swear I saw her lick her lips.

Alana finished unbuttoning my pants and slowly slipped a long, elegant hand inside my boxers. I felt her fingers wrap around my shaft as she hauled me free of the waistband. Now, I’m not one of those storytellers who’s going to add a couple of inches in the telling just to make themselves feel better. I’m around 8 inches long, so there are longer cocks. But I’m thick with it. Alana just managed to get her fingers all around my shaft as she looked up into my eyes.

“Let me see sweetheart” said Jane. Alana stepped a little to one side and showed her mother my penis in her delicate hand.

A little frown crossed Jane’s face as she saw what I was packing. “Oh my…”

“It’s big, isn’t it mama? I felt it a couple of times before. Did you ever see one as big as this?”

Jane shook her head as she slipped her hand inside her panties once again. “No sweetie. That’s a big one.”

Alana watched as her mother began to gently frig herself. She looked up at me again. “See that Jack? Mama likes you after all!”

I smiled as I felt Alana’s hand start to move up and down my shaft.

With her fingers deep in her pussy, Jane looked me right in the eye. “Alana honey, will you be an angel and bring that thing over to me. I have something I want to show you.”

Alana led me by the dick over to where Jane was sitting on the edge of the bed. Jane took her free hand and cupped my swinging balls, bringing me even closer.

“Now just watch what I do. You’re going to get a turn shortly.”

Jane leaned forward and took the thick head of my cobra dick into her beautiful mouth. She used her tongue to lick along the underside of my shaft as she mouthed me. She looked over at Alana and smiled as best she could.

“See baby, most of the nerves are right here, in the head area. Especially underneath. Don’t waste too much time with the rest of if. You try.”

Alana sat next to her mother and leaned forward. She opened as wide as she could and took my head into her sweet young mouth like a pro.

I looked down at this gorgeous scene. “You listen to your mother Alana. She knows what she’s talking about!”

Jane smiled and gave my fizzing balls a playful little squeeze. That was nearly too much for me. I had to pull out Alana’s mouth.

“What’s wrong Jack? Did I hurt you?”

I shook my head as my slimy dick swung across their faces.

“No honey, I just need to pace myself. It’s ALL good.”

Jane got up from the bed and wiped the back of her hand across her mouth with a smile. She looked over at Alana.

“Honey, remember what we talked about? I think it might be time.”

Alana nodded, a little nervous I thought, as she shuffled herself back on the bed.

Jane turned to me. “Not that you need it, but I thought you might like a little show just to get you in the mood for the main event. Sit down on that there chair.”

Good thing I did too, because what happened next just about killed me!

I’ll tell you ALL about that in part three…

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