Making Mommy Mine

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An incest love story entry for the Valentine’s Day competition, if such a story can exist. Please read and vote.

Have you ever had dreams of fucking your mother?

Ever considered her on her knees sucking your cock?

Ever considered shooting a load of cum deep in her ass?

Ever considered watching her eat out another woman just to please you?

Of course you have…all men fantasize about their mother…it is natural…it is obsessive…it is taboo and…it is the greatest conquest of any man’s life. And for me, this is the story of how I turned my mother into my personal sex toy. So if such a taboo offends you, please stop reading now; on the other hand, if your cock is erect or your pussy wet just thinking of your mother…well read on.


Now I should note, not to brag or anything, I am very blessed. I am 6 foot 1, 230 pounds of pure muscle, blonde hair, blue eyes and a very respectable 7 inch cock. I had just finished my third year of college, hoping to become a lawyer, and was coming home for the summer to work for my mother at the DA’s office.

I arrived home, three days earlier than I told my mom I was going to be, planning on surprising her by having a nice supper made for her when she got home from work, my dad having passed away three years ago. But I was the one about to get a surprise. In the driveway was a red Porsche; now my mom makes a decent living as a public prosecutor, but not ‘I own a Porshe’ type of money.

As I entered the house quietly, I planned to scare the shit out of her, but she was not in the kitchen or the living room. I went upstairs to throw my stuff in my old room, which looks exactly the same as did in my high school days. As I reached the top of the stairs, I heard loud moaning coming from my mother’s room. Her door was slightly ajar and although I shouldn’t have, curiosity got the better of me, and I peaked into my mother’s room.

What I saw shocked me to my core. My mother, my sweet innocent mother, was on all fours on her bed, being fucked doggie style, by a big, chubby, actually fat, bald guy in his 40s. What the fuck was my very attractive mom doing with such a fat loser?

Suddenly, I recognized him as the defendant in a big case my mom was prosecuting back in January. This made no sense, he was a big time contractor who was being charged for attempting to bribe some city officials to give him some big development contracts. My mom implied it was a slam dunk case, if I recalled correctly.

Instead I watched as my mom’s moans echoed the room as he furiously fucked her from behind.

The guy, who I vaguely recalled was named Eddie, pulled out of my mom and said, “Bitch, beg for my cock.”

My mom desperately pleaded, “Please put it back inside me, fuck your whore.”

I gasped as I heard my mom talk like a slut.

He smiled and said, “Get my cock lubricated good for your ass slut.” My mom quickly turned around and took the smallish five inch rod into her mouth. I could not believe such a fat pig could control my mom like that. She bobbed up and down easily deep-throating the tiny cock. “Oh yes slut. You are a good little cocksucker. Tell me how much you love my cock.”

She took the stiff cock out of her mouth and said, “Oh yes, I love your cock. It fills my cunt so completely.”

He chuckled as he said, “But won’t your son be home soon? I still expect to be able to fuck my whore every week.”

She sighed and said, “He will be working all day at my office. I can make sure I don’t have court on Thursday’s in the afternoon and we can meet here at our usual time.”

He grabbed her head and shoved his cock back in her mouth and said as he face fucked her, “Good plan slut. ” He turned her around and said, “Ready to take my cock in your ass my little sex slave?”

I saw her blush as she said, “Yes, please fuck my ass.” She leaned her ass back onto the small cock. He knelt there as my mom bounced back taking most of his cock up her ass. My hand rubbed my cock as I watched the domination of my mother.

The scene went on for a while, my mom moving faster and faster on the cock, until he asked, “Slut, where do you want my cum?”

She moaned, “In my mouth baby, please allow me to savor your sweet cum.”

He pulled out and my mom quickly engulfed the cock in her mouth and sucked him. It only took a couple of minutes before he grunted and I assumed sprayed his juice down my mother’s throat.

I, not wanting to get caught, sneaked outside, went back to my car and drove to the pub. I called a couple of my buddies and we spent the night catching up, watching sports and checking out the ladies. I drove home and my mom was already in bed sleeping, so I quietly went to my room and jacked off with the image of my naked mother on her hands and knees…a complete submissive slut…for me.


Now I didn’t plan to seduce my mom originally, but as the week progressed, all I could think of was my mom being a slut. She on her knees sucking my cock; her begging me to drill her pussy zeytinburnu escort and ass; she was a beautiful woman and I had wacked off many times fantasizing abut her, but never had really considered it a potential reality. Now I planned to seduce my mom.

On Wednesday, after my first three days of work at my mother’s office, I decided to start my seduction. After dinner, we were on the couch watching the news, her stocking feet up and having some tea.

I started, “Mom, I can’t believe how crazy the office is.”

“I know. But Mike says you are doing a great job,” she said.

“That is great to know, he is rather hard to read.”

“He acts like a big growly bear, but deep down he is a great guy,” she explained.

“Well that is good to hear, I couldn’t really tell what he thought of me. Mom you look stressed.”

“Oh no, it has been a long week with the Wilkins case, that is all. I hate when I know we should win, but am scared we may not.”

“Mom let me give you a foot massage.”

She smiled and said, “Thanks honey,” and I lifted her legs onto my lap and slowly massaged her stocking feet. My cock quickly went erect as I massaged my mom’s feet.

I asked, “So any new men in your life, mom?”

She looked at me surprised and then lied to me “No honey.”

I responded, “Oh, Ken mentioned to me the other day that he has seen a Porsche in our driveway on a few occasions so I assumed you had a new man.”

Her face went white as she struggled to make up a plausible excuse, “Oh no. no, that is just one of my clients; we often meet here because he doesn’t trust most lawyers.”

“I see,” I said, “Ken joked you were getting an afternoon booty call.”

Her face went even redder as she said, “Honey, you know me better than that.”

My hand gently rubbed her foot and ankle as I said, “He was just kidding, but he has always had a crush on you.”

“Oh Jeremy,” she said mockingly.

“Mom, all my friends had or have crushes on you. They all think you are a MILF.”

“A MILF?” she asked genuinely confused.

“Yes,” I said, my hand sliding up the back of her calf, “A Mom I would Like to Fuck.”

She coughed, “Jeremy, watch your language.”

I shook my head and said, “Oh Mother, I am not a teenager anymore, plus it’s not my fault my friends think you are hot.”

We remained in silence as I massaged her feet for another five minutes and then the phone rang. It was grandma, so I went to my room, called the boys and we went out for wings.

Horny as hell, I ended up picking up a chubby, some would call fat, mid forties little MILF. I have learned chubby girls get less attention so they try way harder and often do anything you ask. Her name was Edna and I brought her back home; my mom was already asleep but I assumedly woke her up as I fucked this chubby little nympho. She was so tight and incredibly animated as she said things like: your cock is so big, please fuck me deeper, pound me harder, pull my hair, etc. Her high-pitched screams and begging echoed around the room. After I sprayed her mouth with my cum, after a 45 minute marathon sex session, I sent her on her way.

The next morning mom was having breakfast when I came downstairs; she gave me a look, but didn’t say anything, so I figured bringing chicks home was ok. She had to leave for work early which was perfect. I set up a camera and timed it to tape her if she did indeed get dominated again. I figured this could come in handy at some point. Mom did indeed leave at lunch and I assumed I knew what she was doing.

When I got home I ran upstairs, grabbed the tape from my mom’s room, and then had a shower. After supper I watched the results. Sure enough, mom came home. Mom was on the bed in white lingerie and lay there rubbing her pussy until Eddie walked into her room. He said, “Don’t touch yourself slut.” She quickly moved her hand away as he simply got undressed and shoved his cock in my mother’s mouth. I fast forwarded it a bit and saw him fuck her roughly and cum all over her face. He then just left.

I wacked off, fantasizing about my mother, which had become a daily routine, and went downstairs for supper. A few days flew by before mom and I were home at the same time in the evening. I asked her how her day was and she said exhausting. I gave her a big hug and said “Mom, you work too hard. You need to relax more.”

She sighed and said, “True, but I just have too many cases on the go.”

Seeing the set up in front of me, I asked, “Hey whatever happened to that bribery case you were so obsessed with back in January?”

She dropped her glass on the table, spilling wine, as she responded awkwardly, “Oh, it got thrown out when a couple of witnesses recanted their original story.”

“Oh,” I said, “What was that guy’s name again,” I toyed.

“I don’t recall,” she lied, as she went to grab a cloth.

“Eddie something,” I recalled and as she tried to change the subject I finished, “Eddie Canwood. I wonder acıbadem escort whatever happened to him.”

She shrugged and said, trying to deceive me, “Who cares, he was a scum bag. Now help me get supper ready.”

I let it go for now, greatly wondering what she ever saw in him. I decided to test the waters even more by bringing home some chick again.

I went to the pub, flirted with a hot older woman, about my mom’s age, “So what is such a pretty woman doing here by herself?”

She smiled and said, “What is a pretty boy like yourself doing all alone here?”

I laughed, “Touche. “

We talked for over an hour, excessive flirting really, power positioning; I concluded she was clearly into me, and had a few more cocktails before I said bluntly, “I want to fuck you.”

She said, “Well, that is straight to the point. You are probably not even half my age.”

I moved closer to her and whispered, “I like a woman with experience.” My hand fell on her beige stocking covered leg. As expected, she did not move it away. I continued, “Ever been with a younger man?”

She shrugged, “No, now that you mention it.”

My hand slid up her thigh and she gave a slight soft moan. I moved towards her ear and whispered, “Do you want to come back to my place?”

She looked at me, slightly surprised at my forwardness. “Um,” she stuttered.

I smiled, grabbed her hand and said, “Yes you do, admit it.”

“Well,” she began.

I smiled, knowing she was putty in my hands. I slid my hand under her skirt and I said, “You are very wet.” She moaned as my finger teased her pussy lips. “I am leaving now. If you want to get fucked, come with me.”

She paused only briefly before following me out of the bar. I led her to my car and we drove back to my place.

At quarter to ten, I assumed my mom would still be up so she could see me bring home an older woman. We arrived at my house and she inquired, “You live here?”

“Yeah, I live with my mom during the summer.”

Her face went white as she said defiantly “I am not going into your mother’s house.”

I smirked and slid a finger inside her pussy “Yes you are. You will come and meet my mother and then you will come into my room where I will fuck your wet, wet pussy.” My fingers pumped in and out of her moist pussy quickly.

She moaned and said, “No, I can’t.”

My finger searched for her g-spot as I said, “Yes you can and you will.”

She lifted her ass up to allow my finger to put pressure on her g-spot, as she was close I pulled out completely. She then wavered frustrated, “Oh my God, fine dammit, let’s go, I need to cum so badly.” She got out of the car and slammed the door.

We walked in the house and my mom was on the couch watching some movie on TV. I said, “Hi mom, this is, oh crap, what is your name?”

Humiliated, the blonde cougar said, “Sarah.”

“Mom this is Sarah.”

“Um hi Sarah,” my mom said confused.

I then said, “Well see you in the morning mom,” and grabbed the embarrassed MILF and headed up to my room.

As I closed the door she said, “I have never been so humiliated in my whole life.”

I pulled off my pants and said, “Stop whining and get your ass over here.”

Past caring and horny as hell, the blonde walked over and I kissed her hard. I then simply pushed her head down and she took my erect missile in her mouth. Not surprisingly, she had an expert mouth. She used her tongue extensively as she teased me. After a few minutes of this I simply pushed her onto the bed, pulled up her skirt and dove into her pussy. Her nectar was sweet and tangy as I licked, nibbled and probed her pussy with my tongue. She moaned and I slid a finger into her damp pussy. She let out a loud moan and began to quake. Her orgasm was not massive, but her scream was and I smiled knowing my mother would know exactly what we were doing. I then changed positions and slid my cock in her pussy. As I fucked her from behind, I reached around and rubbed her clit as best I could. This seemed to get her off as she begged, “Yes, harder, fuck me harder.”

I obliged as I fucked her as hard as I could, each thrust getting her louder and more animated. “Oh yes, fuck me, pound me, don’t stop.”

I fucked her for a few minutes as she screamed and shook from more orgasms before I said, “I’m cumming slut, get ready for a facial.”

I pulled out and stroked my cock until a stream of cum sprayed all over the blonde’s face. She took some in her mouth like a good slut should, but I also got some on her nose, on her glasses and in her hair.

When I was done, I grabbed a robe for Sarah and gently put it on her. I then said, “Sarah, go get me a drink of water from downstairs.”

“Excuse me,” she asked surprised by the demand.

“You heard me,” I said.

“No way,” she responded defiantly.

I smiled and said, “Look, I am thirsty and need a drink before round 2. If you want my cock again, which I know you do, then you will do as you’re anadolu yakası escort told.”

She sighed as she considered my proposal and then said, her tone shifting from defiant earlier to pleading, “Please don’t make me do that, I will do anything for you.” She moved towards me seductively.

“Oh I know you will,” I responded, “Now go get me a drink of water and keep my cum on your face.”

“I can’t,” she said desperately.

I moved to her and whispered, “If you want my cock, you will get your ass downstairs and get me a drink. Now.”

She looked at me, sighed heavily, but went to the door.

“Make sure there is ice.”

She looked back and gave a slight smirk.

I then added one last command, “Be sure to apologize to my mother for being so fucking loud.”

She turned back to look at me, began to open her mouth, but just shook her head bewildered and closed the door.

I waited patiently until she returned a couple minutes later. She handed me the water and said, “That was completely humiliating.”

“You did it?” I queried. She looked at me annoyed as I asked, “Did you apologize to my mother?”

“Yes,” she said, “She gave me a look of bewilderment and disgust, but her words were polite.”

“What did she say?” I asked curious.

She said, “Oh I didn’t hear anything. But I could tell me she did indeed.”

I took a long drink of water, pulled out an ice cube, and said, “Put this in your mouth.” She looked at me curiously, but did. I then said, “Get back on your knees and suck me slut.”

She looked at me perturbed by being called a slut, yet dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. The incredible double feeling of her warm lips, mixed with the cold ice cube, got me stiff in a heartbeat. I let her suck me until the ice cube has melted and then demand, “Go to the wall and bend over.”

She did with a curious look on her face. I went to my door and opened it a crack so we would be easily heard and went to my dresser, grabbed some lube, and walked over to her. I asked, “Ever had a cock in your ass?”

“Yes,” she said.

“That is too bad; I like to be the first. But I guess a slut like you has probably done it all.”

I slid my cock into her pussy and fucked her hard from the standing up position. After I had her nice and primed, I pulled out and lubed my cock and said, “Beg for my cock in your ass bitch.”

She immediately said, loud enough for my mother to hear “Fuck my ass stud. Shove that hammer stick into my tight asshole. Fuck the shit out of me.”

Turned on, I slid my lubed cock rather easily into her not so tight ass. That said, clearly she enjoyed a cock up her butt as she got incredibly animated, “Oh yes, fuck me, don’t stop, fill me deeper.”

I tried to oblige as my whole cock disappeared between her ass cheeks. My cock filled her completely and after a couple minutes of hardcore anal drilling she screamed, “I’m cummming, keep fucking my ass.”

My cum rising inside me, I kept drilling and after a few more minutes of pounding I said, “Where do you want my cum slut, in your ass or mouth?”

She immediately spun around, dropped to her knees and devoured my cock. She bobbed up and down and just as I was getting close she shoved a finger up my ass, something no one had ever done before, and I immediately sprayed my cum down her throat. She kept on bobbing up and down retrieving every last drop of my semen. I finally pulled out and lay on my bed.

Sarah got up and got dressed. She gave me her card; she was vice-president of a bank. She said, “That was a lot of fun. We should do it again.”

I agreed, “Yes we should.”

“I got to ask though,” she said, as she finished dressing, “What was with showing me off to your mother?”

I shrugged, “I thought it would be fun to see if you would do it?”

She looked at me and said, “No, there was something else.” She paused, saw my odd look I must have gave and whispered, “Are you trying to seduce her?”

I shrugged again.

She smirked and said, “You are one sick fuck.” She walked over and kissed me one last time and said, “If you ever get her in bed I would love to watch. I’ll say goodbye to your mother.”

I watched her leave and went to shower.


The next morning, I got up a bit early so I could catch a ride to work with mom. When I got downstairs, mom was putting away dishes. I walked up behind her and gave her a hug from behind. I made sure to stay longer than necessary, just barely breaking the line between a ‘family member’ hug and a ‘I wouldn’t mind fucking you from behind’ hug.

She jumped a bit but waited till I let go to turn around. She gave me a look and said, “Good morning.”

“Good morning mom,” I returned and gave her a peck on the cheek. I grabbed a bowl and reached for some Corn Flakes. I sat down and she joined me.

She looked at me seriously and asked, “So what was last night about?”

I looked at her surprised and asked, “What do you mean?”

“Bringing home a woman like that to my house,” she asked slightly sternly.

“Oh that,” I responded nonchalantly, “She is just some woman I picked up at the pub last night.”

“Exactly my point,” she said.

I got little aggressive as I said, “Oh mom, sorry if I offended you. I just like older women. They are more experienced and try way harder to please than girls my age.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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