Making Gramps’ Dreams Cum True Ch. 03

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Grandpa John continues the story:

After all the sexual excitement with Marie and Megan, I am alone and horny, can’t wait for the next three weeks to pass. I have an idea that Marie has mentioned our escapades to her cousin Julie who has been giving me strange looks lately. Julie is the daughter of my son. She is 20 and lives close by so I see her from time to time.

Julie phoned me and asked about what happened when Marie visited. She was asking in a way that led me to believe she knew more than she was letting on. Marie had phoned her and told her bits and pieces but she wouldn’t elaborate. I wasn’t sure where Julie was coming from. Was she just curious, was she going to expose our relationship or did she want to join us? She wanted to meet with me to talk about it. We agreed to meet at my cottage by the sea. She said she really wanted to know what happened with Marie and now I have to explain it all to her.

A day later I received an e-mail from Julie. Just as I feared (and hoped), Marie called her and told her quite a lot more…… but not all. I planned to take my laptop on Saturday and let Julie read our story on .

I went to my holiday retreat by the sea. I got there early to be there when Julie arrived. The cabin is on the side of a mountain, overlooking a quiet beach. I had breakfast and waited for Julie. I needed to find out what my darling granddaughter; Marie had been telling her cousin.

She arrived at 11:30 am, carrying her overnight case. We sat together on the sofa in the living room overlooking the window to the sea. Over coffee, I asked Julie what Marie had told her.

“Nothing bad, Gramps, just that you two enjoy şişli escort yourselves when she stays with you.”

“Well did she say how we enjoy ourselves?….. Did she tell you what we do?”

Julie looked toward the sea as she hesitantly said, “Well you two… err…ah… touch and kiss and … she likes sucking your cock… and loves it when you eat her cunt…. And… you fuck a lot….and I WANT SOME TOO!”

Julie leaned over and kissed me full on the mouth. Her tongue slid between my lips circling the inside of my mouth. My tongue reciprocated. Her hands were all over me… Opening my pants, she held my cock her hand. She worked me into a lather. I caressed her… stroking her back and rubbing her firm ass cheeks as we continued to kiss. Julie is a pretty young woman, slightly built with perky tits and which I freed from her bra. I stroked and cupped… rubbing her erect, one inch plus, nipples with my thumbs. We were full of passion.

“Gramps…. Gramps…. Let’s go the bedroom… RIGHT NOW!”

“Okay baby… but I want to shower first… I’ll join you in a few minutes.”

I soaped myself all over, and was just rinsing off when I was joined by a naked Julie.

“I can’t wait any longer” she said, promptly kneeling in front of me, taking my hard cock into her mouth. She licked and sucked …. Played with my balls and licked some more. Obviously, mine wasn’t the first cock this young lady had sucked.

Standing up she grabbed my rigid rod and lead me to the bedroom. Julie lay on the bed fingering herself. She has a small brown bush to die for. Julie pulled me on top of her. Her twat taksim escort was so tight. I had to slow her down so we could both enjoy the experience. She climaxed three times before she rolled over. I came immediately, filling her tight cunny with my cream.

We stayed in bed all of Saturday and most of Sunday,….Kissing… Licking….Sucking …. Fucking… Laughing and truly enjoying each other. She told me that she had been very attracted to me for some time and often fantasized how it would be to make love with me. She said that Marie really turned her on, telling her about us fucking and sucking. Amazing, all this happened with out showing her our story on .

I was exhausted.

Julie phoned three days later. “Damn Gramps My pussy is so sore from that big cock of yours… You almost split me open… but I can’t wait for more. Marie and I are planning a weekend with you as soon as possible.”

Marie called me later that day and said she is aiming to make Julie had told her of the erotic weekend we spent together. Marie confirmed they were planning to do me together and that she was going to shave Julie’s pussy when we all meet.

Julie returned the next weekend. Julie said Marie had told her about our story and she wanted to read it. She pulled up her skirt and pulled off her panties. She sat on my lap in front of the computer as we went on line to .com. Julie read Marie’s and my exploits, becoming aroused the deeper she got into it, she stroked her pussy. Soon she began rubbing my cock. We showered together, soaping and stroking and groping each other. Drying each other off, we went to topkapı escort the bedroom.

“Gramps, will you shave me bald like Marie?”

“I know Marie wanted to shave you…. But I’d love to…”

Julie sat in the middle of the towel I spread on the bed. She opened her lovely thighs, giving me a birds-eye view of her lovely labial lips. I began the task with the beard trimmer on the electric razor. Spreading shaving cream over the remaining stubble, I held her pussy lips and carefully shaved her bald. The sensation became too much for Julie. As I finished, her right leg went over my shoulder. She pressed the lips of her cunt to my mouth. Within seconds she dribbled her sweet love juices all over my face. My hand found her bulging mound. Inserting two fingers, I brought her to orgasm again.

Marie arrived while we were laying on the king sized bed. After a quick shower, she joined us. Marie showed us her latest gadget. It was a new version of her strap-on. Instead of the protruding jelly cock, it had an electrified knob with an ‘on / off’ switch. We used it in every conceivable way imaginable. Julie rode my cock with her cousin working the strap-on in her ass. After cumming, Julie put on the strap-on and laid back. Marie straddled her, sliding her wet cunt down on the plastic prick.

I knelt behind Marie and at last, fucked her tight little asshole. It was so good. Finally I experienced Butt-Fucking Marie’s tight tush. I felt her rectum ring squeeze my rigid rod in rhythm with her spasms. I shot my sperm, filling her anal aperture. It was well worth the wait.

The orgy lasted for two days. My granddaughters took turns cooking and pampering me. I guess they wanted me to keep my strength up as they made me stay on the bed, only allowing me to shower and pee between sucks and fucks.

The weekend flew by. I hated to see them leave…. But I did need to rest up. Marie wants me to invite my friend for a weekend session later in the month. It should be fun.

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