Making Dad Cum in My Mouth

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B-O-O-M-M-M! The lightning flash had illuminated the entire room. Dan tried to count the seconds between the flash of the lightening and when he heard the thunder, then he could guess at how far away the lightening had hit. The problem with his plan was that there was no time lag. It seemed that the lightening had struck right on top of them.


He chuckled, “It doesn’t take much to wake you up does it?”

Keri’s eyes bulged out of her head. “What do you mean nothing? That was practically on top of us.”

He leaned into her, his lips finding hers. He whispered near her ear, “You’re a fraidy cat.” Dan could see by another lightning bolt flash that she had expected him to say something more romantic. He lay on his back next to her and started to laugh.

She propped herself on one arm and just stared at her husband. “You know I’m going to make you pay for that.” The thunder made a deafening blast and Keri yelped, jumped and turned all at the same time and she found herself lying on top of her husband. She just held onto him as the storm raged outside.

She was shivering and she felt his arms reach around her to calm her. Her lips found his, “How would you like to fuck a fraidy cat?”

Dan felt her hand sneak down between them and start to rub the front of his underwear. He whispered, “Do you have any idea how much I love you?”

Keri could feel him start to respond to her. She looked into Dan’s eyes and softly answered, “Yes.”

Dan felt her take his stiffening cock out of his underwear and softly stroke it. After twenty years of marriage she could still turn him on.

Dawn ran down the hall her hair bouncing all around. She was short for her age, at 18 she was only 4’10” tall. Her height combined with the fact that she had very little on top, had made her very shy. She was pretty though and her best asset was her flaming red hair, her body just forgot to grow any breasts or grow any for that matter.

The storm had hit the area with a vengeance. Dawn hated loud noises and this storm definitely qualified as a very loud noise. She stopped at her mom and dad’s bedroom door and knocked.

Dan and Keri both jumped. Keri rolled off of her husband. Dan quickly put his raging hard on back in his underwear. Both of them gave a soft groan as they covered up.

Keri answered the knock. “What it is honey?”

Dawn eased the door open and looked into the dark at her mom and dad.

“How come you aren’t asleep?”

“You know I don’t like storms mom.”

Dan chuckled, “You are your mother’s daughter.”

Can I sleep with you guys tonight?”

Dan heard Keri moan and whispered to her, “We’ll just have to postpone this, babe. She’s a fraidy cat too.” Out loud he said, “Come on in honey.”

Dawn raced into her parent’s bedroom and took refuge from the storm next to her father. She wore an oversized tee-shirt to sleep in, when she got in bed and scooted back to be near her dad it had ridden up. She was fully exposed from the waist down but didn’t think anything of it. The covers were soon over her and her dad’s arm was around her.

Dawn froze, her eyes and mouth wide open, she could feel her dad. He was hard! Great, what had she interrupted? They had been in the middle of having sex and she had stopped them. She felt like an idiot. She pretended to fall asleep, she was so embarrassed.

Dan felt his wife move so that he was sandwiched between her and Dawn. He felt her take his hand and place it between her legs.

Keri whispered in Dan’s ear, “I can’t wait, I need to get off.” She closed her eyes as she felt her husband’s fingers start to play. “I’m going to get you off too, let me know when you are close and you can cum in my mouth.”

Keri knew every inch of her husband’s body. She knew what he liked and what he loved. She knew a smart wife never gave her husband a reason to look somewhere else.

Dawn heard every word her mom had said. Her mom thought she really was asleep. She felt her mom’s arm go around her dad. Her mom had taken his cock out of his underwear!

Dawn sucked in her breath. She was stroking him, her mom was stroking him! Her mom had no way of knowing that she was moving his cock so that the head was just at her daughter’s pussy. Her dad’s cockhead was bouncing against her clitoris.

Dawn was getting light headed. She was sort of being fucked by her dad and it was her mom’s fault. She didn’t know what to do, neither one of her parents knew what was happening.

Dan was having one hell of a time. One hand had fingers in his wife’s pussy while his other hand tried to help keep his balance while draped over his sleeping daughter. He hoped Dawn didn’t wake up.

Keri gave a soft moan. If Dawn woke up she would have some very difficult explaining to do. She couldn’t help herself though. She normally would never do this but their brief start had made her horny as hell. Damn he knew what fingers in a pussy should do! She continued to stroke his hard cock and moved her free hand to her pendik escort breasts.

Dawn felt the heat spread from her pussy. She’d had a few boyfriends and she had tried sex with one, but it was the boys first time too, so it was a disaster. She hadn’t enjoyed it and basically just wished he would hurry up so she could get up. She had done nothing since and even if she had this was so strange she would have never thought of doing it.

Dawn decided that she should just pretend to roll over away from her dad, that way they could finish and she could just pretend that nothing had ever happened. Instead of pushing away her body pushed back a little as the pleasure grew and she was rewarded by her dad going inside of her pussy just a little bit. A softly moan escaped her and she put her hands under her shirt and played with her nipples.

Keri knew that she was hitting Dawn with her hand as she stroked her husband. She hoped that Dawn didn’t wake up and adjusted the way she was sliding along his length.

Dawn felt her mom change what she was doing and instinctively lifted her top leg. This caused her dad’s cockhead to bury itself in her teenage pussy. She wanted to scream it felt so good and knew she couldn’t make a sound. Both of her nipples were hard as rocks and she took one hand and put it to her clitoris. She put her hand on her pussy and her dads cock as it moved. She played with her clit but made sure her hand made contact with his cock.

The bed was rocking as parents and daughter got themselves closer to a climax. The movement wasn’t noticed by any of them. The storm had continued to rage outside with lightning and thunder continuing. Keri and Dawn weren’t scared or even noticing. Dan and Keri were trying not to make any noise so that they wouldn’t wake up Dawn. Dawn was trying to not make any noise so her parents wouldn’t know she was not asleep. Any noise they were making was being masked by the storm.

Dawn felt herself start to cum. She had gotten herself off before but this was nothing like that! The pleasure had built up until it exploded. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her young body. She buried her face in her pillow to keep from screaming.

Keri was gritting her teeth to keep quiet. Dan loved it if she made a lot of noise when he was in her. She had just gotten used to doing it without even thinking about it. Now she had to concentrate on not doing it. His fingers had made her get there! She put her mouth to his ear, and tried to whisper “I’m cumming baby.”

Dan stopped moving his hand and felt his wife actually humping his fingers. Her body was contracting muscles that caused her pussy to draw his fingers back inside of her.

Dawn had heard her mom and wondered if her orgasm was like her own. If it was anywhere as intense both of them would have no trouble sleeping when it was over.

Keri finally calmed down enough to think. She took her husband’s fingers out of her and whispered to him, “Roll over on your back and let me finish you off.”

Dawn heard her mom and when she felt her dad move, she also rolled over still pretending to be asleep. She positioned herself so that she could see what her mother was going to do.

She was amazed at how big her dad was. With him on his back, it was sticking up in the air. She saw her mom position herself over him. She used one hand to hold onto his hard cock and steady it as she guided it in her mouth. She watched as her mom took all of her dad’s cock into her mouth and throat! How did she do that without gagging?

Her dads cock came almost all the way out of her mom and then her mom made the return trip. Over and over she sucked her dads cock. The night was filled with the sounds of the storm outside and soft slurping noises and soft breathing inside.

In a tense voice, Dan whispered to his wife, “I’m going to cum.”

Dawn had only experienced a boy cumming twice, once by using her hand and once by having sex and that was not a pleasant memory. She heard her dad give a soft intake of breath and heard her mom make swallowing sounds. She kept watching fascinated because her mom was not only swallowing her dad’s cum but sucking him to get all he could give.

Keri loved it when Dan came in her mouth. She loved the feel of his hard cock shooting sperm as she sucked him for more. He really didn’t need to tell her he was going to cum she could taste his pre semen ooze out, which she knew meant he was there. He always told her though just in case she wanted to stop. He always told her because he loved her and she never stopped because she loved him.

She finally took his softening cock out of her mouth and lay back down. All three were exhausted and soon the only sounds were the storm and their soft breathing as they slept.

Making dad cum in my mouth, Chapter 2

It had been a couple of weeks since their threesome. The trouble was the only person that knew about it was Dawn. She’d had all sorts of reactions to that night. silivri escort She had always compared all boys to her father and found them lacking but now she couldn’t even look at anyone else. She had remembered what had happened and played with herself but it definitely wasn’t the same. But mostly she felt confused about what had happened.

Finally, she knew she had to tell. She walked in on her mom doing the laundry. The washer and dryer had their own little kingdom in the basement. The walled off area always smelled of musty clothes and dryer sheets.

“Mom we need to talk.”

Keri could see by the look on her daughters face that Dawn was upset about something. “What’s wrong?”

“Can we have a cup of coffee?” Keri knew it had to be serious for them to have a coffee talk. They walked back upstairs and a fresh pot of coffee was made. The two just sat at the kitchen table having small talk and waited for Mr. Coffee to tell them both when the official talk should begin.

Keri watched her daughter just stare into her cup of coffee. She waited patiently for her daughter to find the right words.

With a long sigh, Dawn just blurted it out, “Mom, dad and I had sex.”

Keri’s eyes bulged out of her head. She hadn’t known what her daughter wanted to talk about, but it definitely wasn’t that. “What the hell!”

Dawn shook her head, “And it’s your fault.”

“What are you talking about? How can it be my fault?”

Dawn explained about what had happened the night of the storm. “I should be upset because of what happened and I’m worried because I’m not upset at all.”

Keri was horrified, her daughter was right; this had all been her fault. “Honey, I’m so sorry.” She went and just hugged her daughter.

“Mom you don’t understand. I could have stopped it when it started. All I had to do was roll away and instead I actually moved closer to dad. All I had to do was just let you two know I was awake. It would have been embarrassing but we would have gotten over it. Instead I opened my legs so he would actually go inside of me.”

Dawn and Keri both stood there and held onto each other. “Mom I liked it.”

“Does your father even know?”

“No, he has no idea this happened. He couldn’t, not the way you were playing with him.”

Keri made a few quick decisions and she slipped her hands under her daughter’s shirt and bra.

Dawn just froze and then slowly closed her eyes as she felt her nipples react to her moms touch. “Mom what are you doing?”

“In all the time your father and I have been married I have never refused to do anything with him that a woman and a man can do. I know he would like to have two women but I never would do that. I think I would like to do that now. I think you and I should give him that.”

“Umh, that feels good.”

“You need to do stuff to me too. If we are going to both have sex with your father at the same time then you and I have to be comfortable touching each other. If we can’t relax then it won’t be enjoyable.”

Dawn placed her hands under her mom shirt and bra and they both just stood there in the kitchen finding out if they liked having their breasts touched by another woman. “I want him to cum in my mouth the way he did with you. Can you show me how to do that without gagging?”

Keri stopped playing and so did Dawn, “I think your father is going to enjoy himself tonight.”

It being Friday, supper had been take out. That had come to be a tradition in their home. After supper they all went to see if anything was on the television. While Dan checked the channels to see if the three of them could agree on just one show Dawn kept nervously watching her mom.

Keri whispered in her daughter’s ear, “Relax honey, let tonight just happen and enjoy it.”

Dawn nodded and took a few deep breaths. Relax she said!

Finally Keri stood and grabbed Dan’s hand. “Honey we have something to tell you.” She made him get up. “Come on, let’s go to the bedroom.” Husband and wife went to their bedroom and Dawn went to hers.

Keri watched Dan’s face and knew he was confused. “Get ready for bed honey.”

Dan watched his wife undress and get into her over size tee shirt she slept in, “It’s kind of early for that isn’t it?”

Keri smiled, “Not if I want to fuck.” She got on her own side of the bed and waited for her husband.

Dan shrugged his shoulders and got undressed and wearing just his underwear he got into bed next to his wife. They started kissing when they heard a knock at the door.

“Come on in honey.” Keri acted like nothing was unusual as Dawn came in wearing the over sized tee shirt she slept in and slid in next to her dad.

Dan was laying there when he felt his wife’s hand start to rub the front of his underwear. He saw that Dawn was watching and moved to stop his wife. Dawn moved and put her head on her dad’s chest. Then his wife took his semi hard cock out of his underwear and his daughter was watching the whole şirinevler escort thing.

“What’s going on?”

Keri moved so that her face was just over his. “Do you like what I’m doing to you?”

Dan couldn’t believe his wife was talking to him about this with Dawn right there. “Honey what are you talking about?”

“You are being played with and you are getting hard. Does that mean you like it?”

She was still stroking him, “Yes, I like it.”

Keri rose up and showed him both of her hands, “Good because it’s your daughter doing it.”

Dan got wide eyes and started to get up and both Keri and Dawn stopped him. “Do you want to know what’s going on? You fucked your daughter.

“What?” She told him everything that had happened that night. He looked at his daughter who had stopped playing with him. “Honey, I don’t know what to say.”

“I’m not sorry for what happened dad. I want you to do stuff with me. I liked it and I want more.”

He looked at his wife, “Honey, I…ah…”

Keri leaned over and kissed her husband. “I’m O.K. with this.” She put her hands to the waist of her shirt and took it off. Dawn did the same thing. In a matter of seconds, mother and daughter were naked and Keri was pulling off her husband’s underwear.

“Dawn lay down next to your father. Dan scoot down a little.” They were finally where she wanted them. “We are going to be a threesome from now on. We are going to have sex together.” She lowered her breasts near their faces. “I have always wanted both of my nipples sucked at the same time.” Dawn and Dan started on her nipples. “Umm, yes.”

Dawn thought she should feel that this was wrong. She was sucking her mom’s nipple to make her turned on. She didn’t care of it was wrong.

Keri finally had both her nipples sucked at the same time, and it felt good. Dan knew what he was doing but Dawn was tentative. Her daughter obviously had very little experience. She felt her daughters hand in her hair and moved away from them so she could see Dawn’s face.

A look from her daughter said that she wanted it too. Keri thought this situation was going to cause some re-thinking for all of them, and lowered her mouth to suck her daughter’s nipple.

Dan watched his wife attack Dawn’s breasts. He had never thought of his daughter in a sexual way. He moved so he could whisper in his daughter’s ear, “Honey, are you sure you want this.”

“Please dad.”

Dan lowered his lips to his daughter. Her lips were not as full as his wife’s but kissing her was a very nice.

The kiss started easy, Dawn felt her dad’s facial hair softly scratch her as she returned his kiss. Her nipples had responded to her mother and the pleasure she was feeling made her part her lips while kissing. She was rewarded by having her dad’s tongue enter her mouth.

Dan ran his tongue down Dawns face making a wet trail to one of her nipples. He looked into Keri’s eyes and they both had their lips around one of their daughter’s nipples. One of his hands reached for one of his wife’s ample breasts. He saw her wink at him.

“Um, Mom you might be on to something here.” Having them suck her nipples felt wonderful.

Keri moved up so that her face was just over Dawn’s, this cause Dan to move to make room. “Are you O.K. with this?” For an answer Dawn put her arm around her mom and they kissed. The kiss started gentle then became harder as the passion built.

In the middle of their kiss a hard cock was shoved between their lips. Both started licking Dan’s cock. Dawn liked the smell of her dad’s cock and how it felt under her tongue. Her mom used her hand to steady it and they went to work licking him. They also made sure their tongues made contact with each other.

Dan made the two women lay next to each other and placed his hands between their legs. His fingers slid in easily into both his wife and daughter.

Dawn felt her dad’s fingers inside of her pussy; he was a lot gentler than the boys she dated had been. She saw her mom’s face and knew she was getting the same. Her hands just naturally went to her mom’s breasts and she was rewarded by her mom doing the same to her.

Keri was amazed at how her sex life had just changed. Her husband had his fingers inside of her pussy and she knew he was doing the same to Dawn. At the same time she and her daughter were playing with each other’s breasts. She saw Keri’s lips tremble as the passion grew and her own body was reacting the same way. She kissed her daughter and enjoyed sharing passion with her. She whispered to her, “Is this O.K.? If it isn’t…” She was stopped from talking by a passionate kiss from her.

Her dad’s fingers were driving her crazy. It was like experiencing sex for the first time. She tried to talk through the pleasure and their kisses, “Mom I couldn’t imagine doing this with you and dad, but I wouldn’t have missed this for anything. I want you and dad to still have some time together without me and I hope you will let me and him have some time like that too. Do you think we could kind of not only just do together whatever comes to mind but actually think of ways we would like to enjoy each other?”

Keri actually giggled, “I think we would all enjoy those things. We may have to make your father eat a lot of oysters.” She saw the questioning from Dawn, “It makes him have more staying power.”

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