Make It Better

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“Please Jarrad.” She whispered standing in his living room. “I just came to get my things. I don’t wanna go through all this.”

A simple trip to pick up a few things from her ex’s apartment had erupted into an hour long blowout involving him stealing her keys and purse demanding that she further explain why she had left him. He at least, he claimed, deserved that. But it was all in vain; no explanation was acceptable to him. First she tried the calm approach. Tried to explain to him that situations like the one they were in at that exact moment were precisely why she left him. He was passionate to the point of instability, irrational at times. She refused to live like that. He asked for specific examples citing such behavior. She gave them. Scoffing, he said that she was over dramatic, over analyzed those situations. But what about right now? She countered. He had lied and manipulated his way to getting her to come to his house, held her hostage, stolen her purse and keys, and blocked the door with his 6’2, 210 pound frame when she attempted to leave. “Only because,” he answered as if it was obvious, she “wouldn’t listen to reason.”

She tried to remind him of the women she did not think he fucked, but he led on and flirted with. She hated it. It ate her up inside. He thrived off of attention from females. She was never enough for him. “But I never cheated” he said. Once again, she was over dramatic and a new one: sensitive. The more he claimed that her complaints were unfounded, the louder she got. She screamed, yelled, hit him. Things she had never done before. She was losing control of herself. The only thing she felt she ever really had was self control. And she lost it.

“All I’m sayin’ is I’m not ready to give up you.” He told her staring her down.

“Please Jarrad.” She took a step away from him there were tears in her eyes that she didn’t want him to see. “Just let me go…let this go.” A tear fell. He saw it, approached her. For every one of his steps forward she took one back. Eventually her back hit a wall. Flinching çankaya escort as his hand touched her chin, she wondered despairingly why and how she had gotten herself into such a mess.

“What’s wrong?” He questioned softly, lifting her chin so that he could look into her eyes. How could she explain to him that she was crying, practically sobbing because he was holding her in captivity, because he was controlling her emotions. Because she was stupid enough to think that not only could she control herself, but that she could control him and that her overconfidence had caused her to walk right into his trap, though she knew better. “Baby?” She tried to shove him off, but used his size to keep her contained. This frustrated her even more. Control slipping away more and more in every way possible. She was sobbing and gasping for breath now. “I’m not letting you go. I can’t lose you.”

“Jarrad” she was begging, defeated. “I can’t do this.” Her shoulders were shaking with the violence of her sobs. “Why are you doing this to me?”

” I…” He started…he was actually confused. What had he done? He just wanted to love her. He tried to kiss her but she turned her head away. “Baby…I’m sorry.” More confusion and hurt in his voice than she would have ever imagined. Raquel looked in his eyes and saw so much pain she wasn’t quite sure what to do. “I’ll do better baby. I…don’t cry…I…” Her gaze caused every word in his brain to escape his grasp. “…make it better…” he mumbled, his sentences barely coherent. “…take the pain…make you feel…”

Raquel pressed her back further into the wall as his lips found her, slowly taking over. Coaxing the resistance out of her. Subtly intensify until she felt as though she had no choice but to kiss him back.

The tears. It killed him to see them. His lips caressed away the tears and his hands roamed from her scalp, down to her neck, sliding down her vertebrae causing slight shivers to snake through her body. The flow of the tears began to ebb and recede. escort çankaya

The clothes. The clothes keeping her from him. He pulled her top off. She had fully given herself over to him at this point, accepting her loss of control. She opened her mouth to protest but instead a groan of pleasure slid forth as the nerve ending on her neck responded to his lips and teeth. She was gasping for breath again.

“I love you, Raquel” he whispered harshly in her ear. He tried to soften his voice. “I’m going to make you happy.” As he spoke, a hand slid up her back and removed her bra.

“I-Jarrad…” the thought left as he nipped her breast. Her back arched as if to push it further into his mouth. Then, abruptly he lifted her up and carried her to his room. She closed her eyes accepting her fate…for the moment. When he placed her on the bed , she simply lay there, eyes still closed, until she felt his hand on her again. They opened and saw his head bent over her torso. His massive shoulders seemed so tense. Shaking her head slightly to get rid of the thought, she tried not to care. One of his hands was spread out over her abdomen, the chocolate of her skin pairing beautifully, he thought, with the caramel of his. He removed his hand, revealing more of the toned, smooth body part he longed to place a child inside. But she would never allow it. Her muscles trembled and rippled reflexively as he slid his tongue from the top of her pants to her neck again. Looking up at her, he noticed that her lips were trembling as though she wanted to cry again. He kissed them again, his lips attempting to soothe away whatever pain she was feeling. She felt the button on her jeans relax and heard her zipper slide down.

“I’m gonna make it better.” He mumbled again, more to himself than to her. Peeling off her jeans, he kissed every inch as the denim slowly came away from her. Her pelvic bone, each of her thighs, her legs, taking his time, worshipping each part. She was shivering all over now.

“Oh God.” She whispered çankaya escort bayan feeling one of his fingers glide between her slick pussy lips. Simultaneously, the tip of his tongue drew circles around her nipple. She squirmed trying to get his tongue to make contact with the hardened dark chocolate bud. Flicking his tongue across her nipple, he began to flick her clit at the same rate. Her body felt as though it were literally getting hotter, raising in temperature. The flicking got harder and faster. She was going to cum. It had never happened so quickly before. The intensity of the feeling rolled over and over in her stomach, increasing in intensity every second. “No…no…” she moaned softly, still wanting to fight him, the orgasm, the loss of control. Then it happened. Her eyes squeezed shut as the rolling feeling dropped down into her pussy then seemed to radiate back out into the rest of her body. Sweating from concentration, he continued to rub her clit, but released her nipple to watch her face. Her mouth was slightly opened, head tilted back, brow furrowed, fingers grasping his sheets. Her felt her legs shaking against the mattress. He caressed her more gently as the orgasm began to fade into a calm. Squeezing her thighs, he dipped his head down to her body and nipped and kissed the insides of them. Her body relaxed completely, her breathing slowed.

Just when she began to regain some of her sanity, she began trembling again he flattened his tongue and pulled it firmly and slowly against her pussy. “Aggghhhh….Jarrad!” she yelled, her mind swirling from the sensation. She felt her pussy contracting, having random harsh spasms, the rolling feeling again. “Oh God” she thought, “Nonononononooo….” Her legs locked up around his head. He continued the slow lapping of her pussy, feeling her body winding against him. It…the orgasm…increased and increased…bigger and bigger…pushing, the crescendo of it was so slow and fast at the same time…it reached its crest. She pushed her pussy harder into her mouth and came. So hard she scared herself. Her body fell back onto the bed. Her entire being was shaken. From the core of her. Holding herself she looked at him almost horrified.

“Baby, I told you. I told you I would make it better.” He murmured. She moaned in response, still feeling the waves of her orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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