Maid and Her Master

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I picture myself in my office, working. You come in dressed in your maid uniform. The skirt barely covering your ass. Your legs accentuated by your black high heels, stockings and garters.

You ask if it’s okay to clean and I indicate yes. I try to focus on work, but you bend at the waist every chance you get and give me glimpses if your pussy. I can’t help but notice the tiniest bit of moisture between your lips.

I walk over to you and kiss you passionately on the mouth and tell you that my cock is in dire need of cleaning. I present my had cock to you and you drop to your knees in front of me.

You begin by slowly licking me up and down. You suck briefly on the head and swallow the drop of pre cum that was there and moan. As you take me into your mouth I gently run my fingers through your hair, being mindful of the small, white headpiece that is nestled toward the back of your head.

You reach down and slide the silk aside as your fingers begin to rub your clit. Your fingers begin to work in çankaya escort and out of your pussy as you get wetter and wetter.

Your attention to my cock has not faded and I sense myself on the edge. I tell you that if you don’t slow down I will cum. You begin to suck harder and faster. I grip your pony tail as I scream and begin to cum in your mouth. You swallow and swallow and continue sucking until You have every last drop.

You clean my cock with your tongue and I pull you onto your feet and kiss you deeply before leading you to my desk. I gently pick you up and set you on the edge of my desk where I kiss my way down to your hot pussy. I begin by kissing your inner thighs and all around your beautiful pussy. I tease you by gently breathing and blowing on your clit and pussy. I continue until you say, “Please, master.” And I am more than happy to oblige.

I slide my tongue deep into your pussy as far as it will go and begin to swallow the delightful wetness that has accumulated. escort çankaya I work back and forth between your pussy and clit, licking and sucking until you are moaning. You clutch my head against your pussy and arch your back as you begin to cum and I only suck with more fervor as you cover my lips and chin with your cum. I continue until you have cum twice more and are shaking in the aftermath of suck an intense orgasm.

I slowly kiss my way back to your mouth and kiss you deeply again, slowly caressing your cheeks and neck. I can taste the mixture of your pussy and my cum, you begin to moan as you taste yourself.

You gently reach down and begin stroking my now hard cock before you whisper into my ear, “Master, will you please fuck me?”

I pick you up off the desk and turn you around and bend you over. I then slowly slide the head of my cock up and down your dripping pussy before grabbing your hips and sliding my whole length inside of you. I begin with long, slow çankaya escort bayan strokes that slowly turns into the sound of my hips slamming against your firm, tight ass.

I pull my cock out of your pussy and you immediately turn around and take me into your mouth to taste your sweet pussy on my cock. I lead you to the couch and sit down. You straddle my hips and rub your pussy up and down on my cock until taking my cock in your hand and gently guiding it up into your pussy.

You begin to ride up and down on my firm cock and I pull the black material of your uniform down and take one nipple into my mouth and suck, then the other. I gently nibble on one and your moan out loud.

I pick you up, still buried deep in your pussy, and turn us around and lay you down on the couch. I grab your inner thighs and gently push them up so that I can push myself deeper into your pussy. I begin to fuck your hot pussy in earnest harder and faster until we are both on the edge. You reach up and grab for my chest as I rub your clit with my thumb. As I feel your pussy clamp down around my cock when you begin to cum I release a torrent of cum deep inside your pussy and we both moan loudly.

I collapse on top of you, both of us covered in sweat. We kiss deeply but softly. Basking in the glow of our pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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