Lyza Ch. 6

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“Hi honey, I won’t be coming home very early tonight. You and Lyza will have to do for yourselves,” I said into the phone.

She was hurt; we had planned a family dinner for tonight.

“OK, honey, she sadly answered, “do you know when?”

“I’ll be home around 11 or midnight.”

Sometimes there are just too many projects going all at the same time and when someone drops the end he or she has power over, I have to take over. And when that same someone just quits in the middle of a project, turning it over to another person is sometimes out of the question. Well, that’s the situation I now found myself in. That’s the reason I had to work late, first to finish my own daily tasks and then to wrap up and fix the problems caused by my marketing manager quitting. I knew I’d be pressed to do this, but I would do as much as I could then call a temp agency in the morning. It was 4 in the afternoon and I could see at least 8 more hours ahead of me before I could quit tonight.

I got into the project, going over the figures, the proposals, the coding for the software. After an hour or two I realized it was all in order and I could turn it over to one of my trusted older men tomorrow. So I was done early and it was only 9 PM. I decided to head home and surprise Maria and Lyza.

I wrapped up the project, shifted the papers into order, saved the files on the hard drive, and turned out all the lights in the office. I locked the door after myself, and headed for my Miata.

The twenty-minute drive soothed my mind. I concentrated on the road and the traffic, knowing that when I got home I would eat, relax, and fall asleep in a nice warm bed with a beautiful woman wrapped around me.

I pulled up into the driveway, pushing the button on the garage door opener as I approached. I pulled in my spot, shut the door and turned off the engine. The other cars were in their spots as usual, so dinner would be waiting, I was sure. I got out of the car, walked to the kitchen door, opened it and walked into a dark kitchen. ‘Mmmmmmmmm, no dinner waiting, but then I told Maria I wouldn’t be home till around 11 or midnight.’ I thought. ‘So I am two hours early. Wonder where my ladies are?’ I asked myself.

I walked toward the living room, which was also dark. I headed toward bostancı escort the upstairs, putting my foot on the first step when I heard a loud moan!

‘What’s going on?’ I silently asked myself. Slowly and quietly I started up the stairs, careful to not make any noise. At the top of the stairs I could hear the moaning better. It came from Lyza’s bedroom. I saw the door was open, so I slowed my steps, inching along, being as super-quiet as I could possibly be. When I got to the edge of the door, I stared in amazement! There tied to Lyza’s bed, lay Maria, arms spread wide, hands and wrists immobilized by black nylons tied around her wrists and then to the posts of Lyza’s headboard. Her feet were spread as wide as possible; her ankles were tied also with black pantyhose, with what looked like red bows somehow attached to the black fabric.

Lyza crouched on the bed, between her mother’s legs, eating her mother’s pussy!

My clothes melted from my body, my cock jumped out of my shorts, fully extended and extremely hard. Seems my ladies had been at it for a while as I could see dried pussy juice all over Maria’s face, probably from eating out Lyza, and now I could see the wet pussy cum wrapped around Lyza’s cheeks and on her nose.

As quietly as I could I crept into the room. Maria’s eyes were closed and tightly crinkled up from her most powerful orgasm happening at that exact moment. She screamed in her Russian ecstasy, goading Lyza to eat and lick harder and deeper.

I stood at the end of the bed; only inches from Lyza’s uplifted ass, seeing the moisture in her sopping wet pussy leaking down her inner thighs.

I attacked, forcing my member deep into Lyza’s slightly open cunt, forcing her forward and down, sinking my tool deep into her, bottoming out in one stroke, her fluids lubricating my motion perfectly. Lyza fell forward onto her mother, trapping mother and daughter under me. With all three of us flat on the bed, Maria face up, Lyza face down, and me on top of them, I pulled my hips backward, pulling my meat almost all the way out of Lyza’s love gap. I sank back in, feeling my balls against Maria’s mound. Both women gasped in amazement and fear. I pulled all the way out of Lyza, shifted my dick downward büyükçekmece escort and into Maria’s waiting hole. Her juices flowed all over the bed, then I pulled out again, shifted my hips upward and forward, reached down with my left hand and gripping my member, found Lyza’s asshole, and shoved in.

Lyza screamed in amazement and pain.

“Daddy, make it wet first!” she demanded. I just shoved harder, deeper and bottomed out in her anus, my balls slapping against her extraordinarily wet pussy.

“Playing without me, huh girls?” I asked.

“Oh! Daddy, it hurts!” whined Lyza.

“Da,” ventured Maria, “You said you would be late, we wanted sex.”

“So now I give it to you. Both of you.” I responded.

I reached down on both sides of their bodies, finding their breasts, and mashed and moved their breasts until I had two nipples in each hand. I mashed them together, pinching and pulling this way and that. Both of them sucked in air, moaning at the same time, in the same voice, in passion and pleasure.

I moved my hips backward, pulling half way out of Lyza’s ass, only leaving the mushroom head of my pole in Lyza’s rectum. I pushed in again, forcing Lyza deeper into her mom’s cunt. Then I began to stroke faster, building up a rhythm of slow in and out.

Lyza moaned in pleasure, seeking out her mother’s mouth with hers. They locked in a kiss, I imagined their tongues dancing and twisting around inside of each other’s mouth.

Lyza’s hands roaming around with mine on their four breasts. Lyza was on the verge of an anal orgasm. I didn’t want to give it to her so I pulled my member out of her asshole, and shifted my hips downward and deeper, finding the bottom twat. I sank into Maria, and with the same strokes, began fucking Maria’s pussy hard, keeping Lyza on the verge of her orgasm by the pressure of my body trapping her between us and by the movements of her pussy against her mother’s and the motion of my tool see-sawing in and out of the bottom hole. I sensed Maria tensing her pussy on my meat, so I pulled out of her, lifted a bit, and sank into Lyza’s waiting and wanting pussy.

In the next few minutes, both women were on the edge several times, but I allowed neither to cum; çağlayan escort I just switched from hole to hole as I detected the slightest approach to orgasm. Again I pulled out of Lyza, and shifting even deeper and lower, found Maria’s asshole, and sank into it. She cried out in both pain and pleasure as I sank my dick into her well-lubricated rear. Lyza just groaned in pleasure and frustration.

I kept pumping into Maria’s back hole, pleasuring her and myself. Suddenly without warning she came, quivering and shaking under her daughter’s body weight, whereupon Lyza began vibrating, calling out, “Daddy make me cum too, please!”

“How do you want to cum, my little girl?” I asked.

“Like Mama…” she pleaded, as her mouth found Maria’s and began kissing and sucking her mother’s tongue into her mouth.

I pulled out of Maria’s hot hole and shifted upward again and sank into Lyza’s butt hole.

She moaned deep into her mother’s mouth as my member invaded her rear again.

I really drove it to her, fast hard and deep. Almost immediately she came, screaming into her mother’s mouth.

Both of them were by now exhausted, but I was still hard, still excited from what I found in Lyza’s bedroom when I got home from work.

“Lyza, untie Mama,” I ordered her. “I want to cum too, and I want you both to suck me off.”

I rolled onto my side to the left, giving Lyza room to untie her mother. When she was free, Maria came to life, moving to the far edge of the single bed. I shifted onto my back, and each of them knelt on a side of me. I felt 4 hands on my cock and balls then two mouths sucking on my hard pole. One mouth trapped my cockhead, the other sucked my balls; their hands roamed all over my body.

“How does it taste?” I asked.

“Oh Daddy it’s so good,” answered Lyza.

“Da,” is all that Maria got out.

I reached out my hands, captured Maria’s left breast and nipple with my right hand and Lyza’s right breast and nipple with my left hand. I clamped down and squeezed hard, really hard on both nipples. In response, they both gasped in concert and their sucking intensified, which sent me over the edge and I came hard, over and over. As I did, they traded places on my cockhead, first Maria then Lyza, then the reverse, sucking out all my sperm in burst after spurt.

“Girls, come here, ” I motioned them to lie beside me, their heads finally on my shoulders, my arms around their necks.

I asked, “You happy I came home early?”

With one voice they replied, “We’re happy you came!”

In a few minutes we were fast asleep, but what happened the next morning is even better.

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