Lynne , Brad Ch. 01

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Author’s notes:

This is my first real attempt at writing erotica; feedback is most appreciated. If people like what I’ve done, I’ll write some more! All characters in this story are in their last few years of education, and are all over eighteen.

Lynne slipped round the bike shed, into the gloom created by the overhanging trees from the hillside behind. She checked around, and discovered she had been correct in her assumptions – no-one had come here for a long time. She pressed around a little with her foot, testing the ground and found that it was spongy with a soft covering of moss, just perfect for what she had in mind. Lynne lay down on the grass and closed her eyes, a smile spreading across her face as she thought about what had brought her to this moment. Her victim was Brad, a not unattractive lad with a cute boyish face and blonde hair. She had wanted to have her way with him for months now.

Brad had a serious crush on Lynne. With her lithe body, creamy legs and full, round 34C breasts she was every boy’s wet dream and was a common topic of discussion amoung the lads of the school. She liked the attention and made maximum use of it by flaunting her body as sexily as possible within the limits of the school’s uniform, but she never appeared sluttish – Lynne was sophisticated and in control. She was famous for the flaunting of her cleavage, when she removed her outer top for an alternate one when the teachers weren’t around. Earlier that day, the class had just finished their lesson early and everyone was just mooching around as they waited to be dismissed. Lynne took this opportunity to pounce, working her way towards Brad. As the bell rang and the commotion to get out of the door began, Lynne whispered into Brad’s ear, “Push through the honeysuckle when no-one is looking to get behind the bike shed at lunch. Tell no-one.” It had long been thought by students at the school that getting behind the shed was impossibles or many illicit acts would have been performed. This was news to Brad, but as he turned to respond he found that the messenger had mingled back into the crowd and he couldn’t tell who it had been.

A few minutes later, Lynne heard a rustling and moments later Brad found himself in the secret hideaway. “Hey there Brad, I see you got my message,” Lynne greeted him with a mysterious smile.

“Yeah… wow, this is a pretty neat place you’ve got here,” he replied, moving to sit beside her as she sat up. Lynne put down the book she had been pretending to read and turned to speak. Lynne had shed her school shirt casino siteleri to reveal a white strapped top, and Brad had to exert a lot of willpower to pull his gaze away from her breasts. She also wore a very short black pleated skirt. Just being near this beauty with her long, slim legs was too much for Brad, and he felt his cock swell in his pants as he watched.

“Mmm, I like to come here to get away from the noise and bustle of the school lunchtime. I thought I might share it with you.” There was a moments silence before Lynne got up and walked twenty feet away across the moss. “Would you mind turning round while I take a piss?” Wordlessly Brad did so, but once she too had turned and crouched he immeadiately looked back. Lynne’s short skirt had risen up her round ass and Brad took in a sharp breath as he saw a little of Lynne’s pussy underneath. She wasn’t wearing any panties and he could see that she was cleanly shaved, an act he had only heard of and thought he’d never see. He watched as she placed two fingers to either side of her outer lips and parted them so she could relieve herself more cleanly. A small shudder passed through her, and then a clear stream with only a slight yellowish tint left her, hitting the ground and soaking into the moss. As she was bent he realised that her loose top hung low and he could see straight up it, catching a glimpse of her red bra. Shortly, she was finished, and she turned round so quick he wasn’t ready – and caught him looking.

“I wa… I mean, I was just… uh…” Brad spluttered, not knowing what to do. He had had very little experience of situations like this.

“It’s okay…” Lynne angled her head and closed her eyes as she kissed Brad softly on the lips. At first he was reluctant, unprepared with what had just occured, but he soon warmed to the idea and her tongue prised his lips apart slowly. Brad closed his eyes and held Lynne’s head gently as he entered fully into the kiss.

Their kiss deepened as each lover’s tongue fought for control in the confines of their mouths. Brad wrapped himself around his mate and started to remove her top; they broke their kiss for a moment to allow this to happen, and Lynne looked deep into Brad’s eyes, saying “Fuck me” in a loud whisper. He couldn’t believe his luck – he was undressing the girl of his dreams, something he had done in the privacy of his own bedroom many times before. A shiver went up his spine as he felt a hand grab the bulge at his crotch and squeeze slowly. Lynne groaned loudly as her bra was removed with a click and pull, and her nipples slot oyna hardened in the air as Brad began to fondle them gently. He cupped a hand under one breast and felt its pearly roundness, suckling on the other nipple gently. Lynne groaned a deep, primal groan of pleasure as she slipped a hand under the waistband of Brad’s elasticated trousers and began to lower them down while continuing her massage. Brad groaned as his manhood was released from his confinement, popping through the hole in his boxers to a length of seven inches. Precum oozed forth from it and Lynne gently massaged the clear liquid into the head of his cock with her thumb. Brad groaned as he said “Mmm, fuck, you have nice boobs Lynne”, continuing to twist her nipples as she rubbed. He wasn’t really sure what felt nice for a girl, so he listened to her moaning for clues about when he was getting it right.

Suddenly, Lynne released Brad’s cock, stopping to relieve him of his shirt. Brad reached forward to drag down Lynne’s short skirt as she ripped off his boxers. Totally naked on the mossy grass, the couple wasted no time in their play. Lynne pressed Brad gently down until he lay prone, and then placed herself comfortably on his shoulders. “Will you lick my pretty pussy for me Brad, hmm? Tell me you will,” she taunted.

From below, Brad could see beads of moisture on Lynne’s flesh and her dewy sex looked moist and ready. “Oh god yeah, give it to me,” came a reply, in between heavy pants. Lynne lifted forward and slowly rubbed her soft, sopping girlhood over Brad’s face, coming to rest on his mouth. Brad took the hint and delved forward into her velvety folds with his tongue, licking softly around her cracks and crevices. He dipped into her canal occasionally and took signals from her moaning about what she enjoyed most and quickly moved on, obviously avoiding her pronounced clit. He could taste her juices along with a slight tang from when she had recently relieved herself. Lynne tried to push her love button into position, but it was no good. “Oooo, ahhhh, you are such a tease Brad…” With a groan, Lynne convulsed slightly as a wave of pleasure hit her as Brad finally gave her what she wanted by lightly brushing his tongue over her clit. Nibbling it slightly, Brad felt a trickle of more of her fluids as she fought to control herself as she held herself on the edge, biting her lip. “Achhh, I’m gonna cum Brad!” Lynne screamed as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss passed through her body, wracking every nerve and squirting Brad with copious clear girlcum as she gushed forth in her ecstacy. canlı casino siteleri

Brad felt himself going faint as her thin but strong thighs clamped down on either side of his head. Then it was over, and Lynne was gently lapping at his face and kissing him tenderly. Looking him straight in the eye, Lynne murmured “Now it’s your turn, babe.” Brad’s throbbing cock was eager to be pleased and Lynne set about doing so. Turning round on Brad’s chest, Lynne slowly lowered her mouth onto his meat and relaxed her muscles to deep-throat his long cock. As Brad enjoyed the exquisite sensations of the soft flesh of Lynne’s tender tongue, he looked on at her pert ass raised before him. Lynne’s breasts hung down and he could see her erect nipples swaying hypnotically. Her small nose pressed into Brad’s pubes as she began to slide back and forth along his thickly-veined love muscle, and Brad groaned and involuntarily lifted his hips as he humped her little mouth, feeling her gag slightly. Lynne used her left hand to grip his balls, measuring how close he was to cumming, and her right began to dart over her own swollen sex. Her eyes were closed as she concentrated on getting him to just the right moment. With her tongue swirling round him, he soon reached it and she withdrew him from her mouth with a wet slurp, strings of mixed precum and saliva breaking as she drew back. Turning around again, she looked deep into his eyes and began to position her hips over his cock, which she held up with a little finger. His meat pressed into her lips as she settled down, above and in control.

Brad couldn’t believe that she wasn’t a virgin based on the tightness of her cunt, but it was known that she had fucked several lucky ones before so therefore couldn’t have been. She pressed down right to the hilt and he felt his cock reach her cervix and push it upwards. Gripping his arms for support, Lynne began to hump him steadily, guiding his cockhead to rub against her g-spot as she did so in order to gush again. He was already close to cumming and as he felt the muscles of her sex pulsate as she too reached orgasm, it was too much and he shot wads of hot cum deep into her womb. Lynne gasped and groaned loudly as another orgasm ripped through her. Moments later is was all over, and Lynne collapsed onto her mate, her breasts pressing into his chest, and they lay there, totally relaxed and at peace with the nature around them.

Some minutes later, Lynne pulled herself off Brad, his cock leaving her with a wet slap. There was a tap over on the wall of the bike shed and with a smile she went to clean herself up. No words were exchanged but both knew that this would be kept an absolute secret. Brad could only lustfully replay the encounter in his head, could only hope that one day it would happen again.

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