Loving Valentine’s Day Ch. 01

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LOVING VALENTINES DAY. As stated in the introduction, all characters are over the age of 18. Raina is 33, which is stated in part 1 and Ty is 29. Comments are always welcome. ENJOY!!!! Thank you again to Shanstom for editing my story

“Dam baby your ass looks so fuckin’ sexy in that tiny leather skirt”, growls Ty savagely.

Raina giggles glancing over her shoulder seeing her husband’s eyes riveted to her ass swaying seductively. Reaching the poolside, Raina starts to descend on the nearest chair when her husband grabs her wrists and pulls her back up into standing position. Pinning her against the wall, he nudges her legs apart with his knee. Leaning down, he starts kissing Raina’s neck, flicking his tongue over her exposed flesh illegal bahis very gently. Reaching a hand out slowly caressing her fishnet clad legs, Ty moans in approval. Tracing his fingers to the top of the stockings he encounters the garter and lust clouds his vision. Thrusting his hand further up Raina’s leg, he tears her silk thong leaving it pooled around her legs in tatters. Savagely Ty places 2 fingers into his wife’s tight pussy. Thrusting harder and harder until Raina’s pussy clamps down on his fingers a sign of her oncoming release.

“Mmmmm baby harder fuck me harder please! I’m gonna cummmmmmmmmmm”. Ty then moves his wife onto one of the lounge chairs and pushes her skirt closer to her waistline and loses no time burying his face illegal bahis siteleri in his wife’s cum soaked pussy.

Thrusting his tongue in and out of her pussy like it was a miniature dick bringing her right to the edge just to back off and leave Raina moaning in agony. Finally Ty starts licking her soft fleshy outer lips, tracing the alphabet with his tongue to stop every of so often to suck on his wife’s clit or bite her inner thigh. Raina leans down and grabs a handful of her husband’s long hair and directs his face to her pussy and proceeds to grind and buck against his hot mouth.

Finally, screaming and shaking, a massive orgasm comes crashing down over her. Raina slides out from under her husband and starts to slowly undress canlı bahis siteleri him.

Off comes the shirt and Raina drags her nails across his muscled body. Leaning over she flicks his body with her tongue in a very serpentine way. Kneeling she starts to strip Ty of his pants and boxers not wanting to waste any time and takes her husband deep into her mouth. Flicking her tongue all down his shaft she then proceeds to wrap her lips tight keeping the suction at an extreme level she starts stroking the rest of her husband’s mammoth sized cock.

Turning her hand one way she twists her head in the other direction to increase the pleasure Ty is feeling. “Mmmm baby, you suck a mean cock. Are you my good little cock sucking wife? Do you want my big dick to fuck that tight little pussy? Hmmmm, baby, if you keep that up I’m going to blow a load right in that talented little mouth and coat your throat in my spunk. Is that what you want, baby girl? Mmmm tell me what you want baby.”

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