Loving Aurora Ch. 02

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[Here’s a new chapter in the story of Thorfinn and Aurora, a brother and sister who become lovers after a drunken night out together. More chapters are planned to follow soon.

This story is a brother/sister incest romance, and also involves some pissing, so avoid if those are not your thing.

Tags: Brother/Sister Incest, Piss, Big Cock

All characters involved in sexual situations are aged over 18.]


Morning sex had never been Thorfinn’s favourite kind. Of course he enjoyed it, but it didn’t strike him as the best time to fuck. After all, he was hardly at his best at the crack of dawn; tired, groggy, unshowered, often hungover. He certainly wouldn’t turn down a girl who wanted his dick in her, but if she was desperate for it first thing in the morning, he generally let her make the first move.

Not this morning, though. This time, he had the girl he loved laying next to him, her exquisite body made radiant by the warm summer sunlight streaming through the windows. He’d woken up with a monstrous hard-on, the kind that would not go away until satisfied, clamouring for him to wake her and fuck her senseless.

The fact that she was his younger sister simply made his desire more urgent.

Aurora was still asleep, her breathing soft and level, when Thorfinn drowsily sat up in bed. He looked at her in wonderment, taking in every detail of her beauty. They had fallen asleep spooning, her curled up in his arms, but during the hot night they had moved around unconsciously. Now she lay sprawled out next to him, the sheets barely covering anything. The sunlight softened the lines of her small, neat features, her cutely upturned nose and dainty chin. Her mouth was slightly open, pretty lips parted in what looked like the beginnings of a smile. Her dark-blonde hair was attractively messy from sex and sleep. She still wore her white-gold necklace, its opal pendant resting in the hollow of her long fine neck.

Her young breasts were naked to the air. Full, round, flawless, they were probably the best Thorfinn had ever seen. He was no stranger to Aurora’s tits; she had always been very casual about going topless in front of him back when they lived together. But now he had kissed them, fondled them, kneaded their firm flesh while he fucked her. He’d known his little sister, in the Biblical sense, and he badly wanted to do it again.

Lower down, the rumpled duvet still hid Aurora’s midriff, her hips and her beautiful vulva. Her long, superbly slender legs were kicked out into the warm air, lean with the subtle strength she had developed from years of semi-competitive tennis and squash. He studied the spiralling, whirling pattern of the tattoo on her right leg, its dark loops making an intriguing contrast with her gently tanned skin.

Unable to wait any longer, his morning wood making a huge tent in the thin summer duvet, Thorfinn leaned over to kiss his sister’s soft lips. Her eyelids flickered open. For a second, there was confusion in her lovely blue-green eyes, a drowsy lack of focus. Then she smiled the most genuine, heartwarming smile, showing her pearly teeth. “Morning, big guy.”

“Morning.” Thorfinn began to slowly pull the duvet back, revealing Aurora’s finely toned belly, her cute innie navel. She smiled sleepily, making no attempt to stop him, and he kissed her again. “How’s your head?”

“No hangover. Just tired,” she replied. “Glad I drank all that water. How are you?”

“Can’t complain,” he said. There was no headache, only a slight dulling of his senses and a full bladder. Not the worst outcome, considering how much beer he’d had last night. He slid the duvet clear of Aurora’s hips, exposing her vulva to the sunshine.

“Take a good look,” she said happily. “It’s here all day.”

It was just as gorgeous as he remembered from the night before. Aurora’s smooth mound was almost entirely hairless, save for a little blonde strip just above her vagina. Her labia were long and full, silky-soft and deliciously pink. Thorfinn wanted to lick and kiss and suckle them, to taste her sweetness on his tongue, to feel her squirm and squeal with delight until she climaxed in a wet gush all over his face. His cock throbbed impatiently.

He sat up on his haunches to get a better look at his nude sister, the duvet falling away from his erection. Now it was Aurora’s turn to stare. Thorfinn grinned when he saw the mingled lust and trepidation in her eyes. At full mast, his cock was very nearly ten inches in length, obscenely thick, its huge head pushing free of his foreskin. It wasn’t going to be an easy fit, not that that had stopped them last night.

“For me?” Aurora said innocently.

“All for you,” Thorfinn told her. He moved deftly on top of her, making her giggle in surprise. His hands found her skinny wrists, pinning her arms to the bed, and he moved in to kiss her. Their tongues entwined in a long, deep, involved kiss, while Aurora spread her long legs out to either side of her brother, ready to bostancı escort take him into herself.

There was the buzz of a phone from the bedside table. Thorfinn ignored it – nothing could be more important than his sister right now – but then it buzzed again, and Aurora’s expression of delighted anticipation turned suddenly into something close to panic.

“What is it?” he said, confused concern cutting through his arousal.

“Mom’s coming!” Aurora moaned. “Oh God, I forgot she’s gonna be here for breakfast! That must be her texting. We have to get the house ready, get off me!”

“Fuck!” Thorfinn swore, loudly and with feeling. He’d forgotten too, in his urgency to have her. They’d talked about it the night before, agreeing to act natural around their mother. A practice run for the secrecy they would have to maintain for the rest of their lives.

He glanced out the window. The summer sun was already high overhead, shining down merrily over the poplars surrounding the cottage. And he knew their mother wasn’t a late breakfaster. She would be arriving shortly.

“Finn! Come on, get off!” Aurora said frantically.

Thorfinn growled with annoyance, and reluctantly let her go, with a last regretful look down at her luscious body. Sex was off the menu, for now.

Aurora leapt out of bed and scurried naked into the ensuite bathroom, leaving her brother lying bemused and frustrated on the mattress. He listened to the familiar noisy trickle of her urinating, then the rush of the showerhead. It was a very quick, efficient shower; she was out of it in a couple of minutes. Clearly just a body wash, since her hair was mostly dry.

After towelling herself off in a frantic hurry, she dressed herself in front of him, slipping into a very short floral skirt and a tight cream blouse which showed off her superb breasts quite provocatively. She didn’t bother with shoes or socks – or a bra. It was as though she was actively trying to torment him. At least he could see she was turned on, too; her nipples poked up hard under her blouse.

She grabbed her phone and read the text from their mother. “She said she’d be here in twenty minutes. And that was, like, five minutes ago. No time to waste!” She headed for the bedroom door. Thorfinn noticed she was wincing slightly with each step; evidently her pussy was still aching from last night. If only he could make it ache even more.

“What am I supposed to do with this?” he said plaintively, gesturing at his yearning hard-on.

Aurora paused at the door, and looked him up and down in amusement. “Jack it?” she suggested, and laughed at his groan of disappointment.

Thorfinn staggered into the bathroom, his cock slicing the air in front of him. Pissing was a serious chore with such a ferocious erection. The damn thing was unwieldy enough at the best of times, but right now it was bigger and harder than ever before. He had to stand at a very awkward angle just to avoid drenching the wall behind the toilet. And his mother was about to arrive! Fuck, this morning was going to be torture.

Realising he had to do something about that boner, he turned to the shower cubicle and ran it icy cold. He flinched and swore loudly as he stepped under the water. The cold burned over his skin, making his muscles clench involuntarily. He couldn’t bear it for more than a minute. The only consolation was that his cock did start to wilt, turning from a solid concrete pillar to a softer, though still irritatingly huge, semi-erection.

He towelled off, grabbed a fresh pair of socks and a clean T-shirt from his overnight bag and hastily dressed himself. Yesterday’s jeans felt faintly sweaty, but at least smelled alright. They were still too confining around his penis, though he tucked it down as best he could.

The struggle to keep his dick from getting hard became more and more difficult as he watched Aurora swan around the house in her tiny skirt and blouse, humming a nonsense tune to herself as she cleared away the mess. God, he wanted to fuck her so badly. As he helped her set the breakfast table, he tried to loop his arm around her lithe waist and kiss her again. Her response was to dodge away, laughing.

“Uh-uh. Bad Finn. If we start making out now, you know what’s gonna happen.”

“Kissing isn’t fucking,” he protested.

“It turns into fucking pretty fast. I don’t think Mom would be happy walking in on that. She’ll be here any minute.” Aurora looked down at the long bulge that showed against Thorfinn’s thigh through the jeans denim. “You’re not doing a very good job hiding that.”

Thorfinn shrugged. “I can’t help it. It’s got a mind of its own.”

“It’s big and dumb. Just like you,” she replied sweetly. And then, as if she wasn’t already making him suffer enough, she gave his trapped shaft a quick squeeze. He flinched involuntarily.


She stuck out her tongue. “That’s for making me sore last night, donkey dick. How do you like it?”

He göztepe escort was about to tell her he was going to make her even sorer when he heard a car pull up outside with a crunch of tires on gravel. Their mother had arrived.

“Oh, shit,” Aurora said, her eyes widening. “The spare bedroom!”

“What about it?”

“It’s too tidy! You didn’t sleep in there, the bed’s still made. You know Mom’s gonna notice that!”

And realise that I slept with you, Thorfinn thought queasily, as he heard footsteps on the driveway outside. “We could say I slept on the sofa?” he suggested hastily.

“She’ll never buy that. You’re way too tall to fit on it. Quickly, go muss up the bedspread so it looks like you slept there!”

The doorbell rang. “Now!” Aurora hissed, giving Thorfinn a light shove on the chest, then calling out, “Coming, Mom! One second!”

Thorfinn ran quickly into the spare bedroom, which was adjacent to the living room on the ground floor. Fortunately, its windows faced onto the garden rather than the driveway, so his mother couldn’t see in. He flung the immaculate duvet half off the bed and crushed down the pillows to make them look slept-on. Satisfied with his little deception, he walked back into the hallway, groaning quietly at the ache of his semi-erect cock trapped against his leg. If only he could have concealed that so easily.

“You get the door. I’ll put the kettle on,” Aurora instructed him. She spun on her bare heel and headed for the kitchen.

Thorfinn took a deep breath and opened the door to his mother, who stood expectantly on the doorstep in the sweltering sunshine. Eva was a very well-preserved woman of forty-nine, tall and slim with blonde hair a shade lighter than Aurora’s. She was wearing a paisley summer dress that nicely flattered her svelte figure. Gold-tinted shades were pushed up over her forehead, and a pink satin handbag dangled from her fingers. She smiled when she saw him – a wide, pretty smile that looked uncannily like her daughter’s.

“My Finn. Come here, come here,” she said, beckoning him into a tight hug and kissing him on both cheeks. She was taller than Aurora, though the top of her head still only came up to Thorfinn’s nose level. He hugged her back warmly, trying to ensure his dick didn’t accidentally press against her. He wasn’t sure he had succeeded, because as the hug ended, he noticed her glance down quizzically at the bulge in his jeans. She snapped her eyes away quickly, setting her handbag down on the lacquered wooden table beside the door.

“How are you, love?” she asked him, as they went through to the kitchen.

“Not bad. Feels good to be back home.” And screwing my sister, he thought guiltily.

“You’ll come over and have dinner with us tonight, I hope? Your father’s eager to see you.”

“Uh…sure,” Thorfinn said, with a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. He hadn’t thought that far ahead. Of course, after months away from home, he’d be expected to come over for a family dinner. Once upon a time, he’d have been happy to do so. But now he was in the somewhat awkward position of having fallen in love with his younger sister. Family gatherings no longer seemed like such a fun prospect.

In the kitchen, Aurora greeted Eva with a jovial “Hey, Mom!” Eva seemed unsurprised to find her daughter barefoot, messy-haired and skimpily dressed; that was entirely in character for Aurora, after all. A very sinful thought entered Thorfinn’s mind as he watched the two women kiss each other hello. It was a depraved, shameful thing to think, but he couldn’t deny it. His mother and sister looked seriously good together.

While Thorfinn updated Eva on the mundanities of his life in the city, Aurora bustled around the kitchen with a cheery smile, very much in her element as hostess. She served them up buttered toast and sultana scones, and strong black coffee from a little glass cafetiere. For herself, she poured an outsized mug of green tea, and garnished a bowl of warm porridge with red grapes and blueberries from the fruitbowl. She kept catching Thorfinn’s eye, and visibly trying not to giggle. She knew exactly what effect she was having on her brother, and it evidently pleased her very much.

“I’m glad you two are so friendly with each other,” Eva said, obliviously, as she spread marmalade on a halved scone. “My friend Olivia in the village, she says her children argue all the time. Even now they’re grown up, they’re always arguing about money. Never talking except to fight. Such a terrible waste, families fighting with each other.”

“Never saw the point of fighting with Aura,” Thorfinn agreed. Especially when it’s much more fun to fuck her, he added silently.

“I can’t even imagine having a real fight with you,” Aurora told him, popping a blueberry into her mouth. Thorfinn noticed her subtly raised eyebrow, and remembered their argument the night before, when she’d made her advances towards him during their walk back from istanbul escort the tavern. He had feebly tried to deny his feelings for her. Not a mistake he would ever make again.

“It’s something you should always keep up. Take good care of one another. Don’t take each other for granted,” Eva continued. “One day you’ll both have kids of your own, and you can set them an example. A family without strife.”

Thorfinn narrowly managed not to roll his eyes. His mother was very keen on the idea of grandkids. She was always cajoling him and Aurora to think of their future children. When Thorfinn had split up with Genevieve, Eva had seemed more upset than he was, so invested was she in their potential offspring. And though she had been reasonably accepting of Aurora’s lesbian relationship with Melinda, she’d still seemed relieved when it ended. Rude, moody Mel had never been much liked in their household. More to the point, she hadn’t been capable of making Aurora pregnant.

Thorfinn certainly didn’t have that problem. He was now pretty sure Aurora was on the pill, even though she hadn’t explicitly said so; she couldn’t be that much of a risk-taker. Otherwise…Eva might get grandchildren sooner than she expected.

He was jolted out of his thoughts by Aurora’s touch. She’d stood up to reboil the kettle, and was now standing behind him, gently rubbing his shoulders, her small thumbs making circles around his shoulderblades. He looked around in surprise.

“You’ve got a lot of tension in your shoulders,” she said, in a voice that was almost a purr. “You should try yoga.”

“Yoga’s not really my thing,” he replied. Her hands felt lovely, massaging the knots in his muscles, but he was acutely aware of his mother watching them. He knew Aurora was doing this deliberately, tightrope-walking the line between innocence and indecency. Just because she could.

“How have you been, darling?” Eva said, addressing her daughter. “You’ve tidied up, I see.” She sounded slightly uneasy. Thorfinn’s discomfort deepened.

“Well, I know how much you hate mess, Mom.” There was a hint of petulance in Aurora’s voice. She stopped massaging her brother, and turned away to freshen her tea. “I’ve been fine. Just catching up with Finn. It was weird, going so long without seeing him. I missed his face.”

“Yeah, I won’t leave it so long next time,” Thorfinn said. He made eye contact with Aurora again, seeing the spark of mischief there. He tried not to think about how beautiful she looked naked, how lean and strong her young body was, the sounds she made when she orgasmed. “I guess I got too caught up in everything. Work’s been insane.”

“Have you heard anything from Genevieve?” Eva asked.

The question threw Thorfinn slightly. He really didn’t want to talk about his ex right now. On the other hand, it was at least a distraction from the battle to keep his cock flaccid. “No, we’re pretty much ghosting each other right now. She came to the apartment to pick up her stuff a few weeks ago. We barely said five words. Since then, nothing.”

Eva sighed. “It’s a shame. She was such a nice girl.”

“She was a bitch, you mean,” Aurora said, with a sharpness Thorfinn had rarely heard from her before. It almost sounded like jealousy. Had Aurora always resented Genevieve, for being with the brother she secretly desired?

“Language, love,” Eva chided her.

“Sorry, Mom. I just don’t like the way she treated my Finn. After everything he did for her.”

“It was my fault, too, Aura,” Thorfinn said glumly. “Can’t just blame Gen for it. We grew apart.”

“Well, either way, I’m glad she’s gone.” Aurora padded over to Thorfinn, sipping her tea, her long dirty-blonde hair still sexily unkempt. “You deserve someone better.”

She gave him a kiss as she sat down. A quick, sisterly peck, nothing out of the ordinary, even in front of their mother. Except it wasn’t on the cheek, but on the lips.

Thorfinn’s eyes immediately flicked to Eva, and he felt a warm flush come to his cheeks. His mother was looking at him with an expression of confusion, and perhaps very slight suspicion. His heart raced with momentary panic, before Eva blinked and turned her attention back to her breakfast. Thorfinn silently thanked God and all His angels.


The rest of Eva’s visit passed with little incident, but it was a great relief when she finally departed. She had a social exercise class booked in for the afternoon; she was very active in village life, an existence she seemed to enjoy greatly. Thorfinn thought it was a sort of comfort blanket for her, a reminder of her own country childhood.

“We’ll have dinner around eight. It will be so nice to have you both with us again,” Eva said on her way out.

“We’ll be there,” Thorfinn reassured her, trying not to show his irritation. He definitely wasn’t looking forward to that dinner. As he hugged his mother goodbye, he noticed her glancing down again, at the bulge that had never entirely gone away.

After the front door had clicked shut, Aurora turned to Thorfinn with a wicked smile. “Did you see her staring?” she laughed. “It was so obvious. If she had X-ray vision, she’d have burned right through your jeans.”

“Not my fault you gave me blue balls,” he said irritably.

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