Loving and Clear

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Yesterday I received the most touching and beautiful webcam video from my sometimes transwoman-lover Dulcinda. I won’t post it online, because it was especially for me, and I must protect the identity of the participants. Dulcinda and her partner in the video have, however, given permission for me to produce a written account of their delightful gift, because their encounter before the camera is a special act of generosity.

When I clicked on the link and the visual came up, Dulcinda’s face filled the screen. She said, ‘Norma, darling, I know from your messages that you are well, but I sense that you are highly frustrated. Not surprising when we are forbidden close contact – sex two metres apart is beyond even our powers of invention. So, I suspect that you are limited to self-service to ease the tension.

I have been so extremely lucky I can scarcely believe it. I am in heaven, or at least in a wonderful haven. This came about because I started running errands for a seventy-two-year-old neighbour, who has to self-isolate during the coronavirus crisis. But when you see this lady and what she can do, you will surely be both astonished and happy for me. Because I have moved in with her, and she cooks me delicious vegetarian meals and we make love all day and all night.

She is a Korean yoga-teacher, whose classes are suspended but who is continuing as best she can through her webcam, the one with which the attached video was made. She says to call her Hyun-ae, which means Loving and Clear. She will talk to you a little but mainly she will – well, you will see. But I advise you to undress.’

So, I clicked on the link, and found I was looking at an Asian woman with close-cut white hair and dark brown eyes, which seemed to be looking deeply into mine. They were kindly, wise eyes, with networks of crows’ feet at the corners. Her full lips were slightly parted in a warm smile. She said, with a slight accent, ‘Norma, Dinda has told me about you and we would like to help you in your separation from sexual loving. Dulcinda and I want to share our loving with you. To give you such aroused that your release is strong and deep.’

Hyun-ae stepped out of shot and Dulcinda moved into view and slowly removed her tee-shirt and bra. My heart turned over. I could ogle those bosoms all day.’ They are full, rounded, heavy, but sagging just the right amount to make them somehow ultimately female. She pushed down and kicked off her shorts. There she was in her lycra knickers, which clearly outlined her half-erection. She dragged down and took off the garment, and I thought of how often that magnificent tool had blessed my cervix with its balm. I was a little surprised that there was no forest round its lower slopes.

She said, ‘I wish I could sink this in your sweet cunny, Norma, but you’re going to see it taken in another place shortly. But now I’m going to undress Hyun-ae.’

The Korean lady stepped into view to stand in front of Dulcinda. She was in what I assumed was her yoga gear, a tee-shirt and tracksuit pants. Dulcinda pulled the tee-shirt off over her head. Her bosom was held, in a white sports-bra. Dulcinda unlatched and drew it off. Her breasts were quite full, and surprisingly firm for a woman of seventy-two. Her nipples were brown and average size. During this stripping she resumed her benevolent gaze into my eyes, not the least shy or embarrassed.

‘Now watch,’ Dulcinda said.

For a minute or so she simply stood still, her face and izmir escort bayan upper body in close-up. Then something extraordinary began to happen. Her breasts moved. Without her touching them they swelled, slowly lifting as they did so.. At the same time her nipples erected, thickening and lengthening. It was as if she were having orgasm, and it was so mysterious and exciting that my own breasts actually plumped up in sympathy and my nipples engorged. But they didn’t do what those other ones did, for as they achieved their fullest enlargement they oozed a few drops of clear liquid, which ran down the now fully amplified breasts.

I realised that while this had been going on she had closed her eyes and was breathing slowly and deeply. This continued until the nipples and bosoms slowly returned to their initial state of rest. At which point her eyes opened, as if from a deep sleep, and she said, ‘Perhaps your breasts are full of feeling, Norma, your nipples ready to be touched? Why not stroke them and see if you are ready for your first release?’

My breasts felt as if they would burst. My nipples were on fire, and I simply put my palms over them, and came at once. The orgasm blossomed deep inside my tumescent tits and spread like wildfire along my nerves. Strangely it didn’t spread down into my pussy but buzzed in bosom and brain.

Hyun-ae was clearly assumed I had come, for she remained still, smiling gently, only the track of those mammary secretions confirming what had just transpired.

Dulcinda stepped into view now and said, ‘I think you were probably moved by that sweet showing of my darling’s amazing control of her body. She can orgasm at will, you see, by clearing her mind and thinking loving thoughts. She was making love to you, dear Norma, and you will have felt it. Actually she was making love not just to you but to the whole world. She feels the beauty and energy of the universe, your spirit and all the good spirits, caressing her breasts. If she were in milk she would lactate but instead she expresses lymph.’

Dulcinda moved behind the lady, reached round her and cupped her breasts. She said, ‘After she does that her breasts need soothing. I stroke them gently like this.. Then we’ll go on. She’ll know when you’re ready.’

As I watched Dulcinda gently caressing Hyun-ae’s breasts I stroked my own and their tingling and swelling slowly receded.

Dulcinda released the breasts and her hands went to the waistband of the sweat-pants. She pushed them all the way down Hyun-ae’s legs and her small white panties came into view. She stepped out of the sweat-pants and Dulcinda turned her round and embraced her. And there was her gorgeous bottom, the upper part of its cleavage clear of the panties. I love women’s bottoms that are slightly out of proportion, prominent and deep, which was exactly what this one was like.

Dulcinda gave me a moment to savour it half-covered, then bent to pull the panties down. She looked mischievously into the camera and said, ‘I know you’ll love this dear sweet bum, Norma. Look how firm it is.’ She kneaded a cheek and there was indeed no slack or sag. ‘Now see how deep.’ She turned Hyun-ae side-on and pushed her now fully erect cock between the cheeks. Five inches of it disappeared into that receptive crack. She withdrew the cock and turned the lady again to give a complete back view. ‘Watch what she can do with this magical bottom,’ Dulcinda said.

Anyone can clench their buttocks, escort izmir rhythmically if necessary, but this bottom could move in ways I had never seen. She flexed the cheeks alternately, slowly speeding up so that it was as if a wave passed back and forth across her bottom from side to side. Dulcinda turned Hyun-ae into three-quarter view, and said, ‘Can you imagine what is happening in that delicious crevarse, Norma? What do you think would happen if I put my cock in there? You can guess, and we’ll show you.’ She pushed the cock into that rippling bottom and stood still.’ After a minute Dulcinda let out a gasp and her sperm spilled down the backs of Hyun-ae’s legs.

Hyun-ae ceased the motion and after a little while the penis flopped out of the crack and oozed its last drips onto Dulcinda’s thigh. But in the meantime I had without taking thought thrust my hand under my own bottom and forced two fingers up my cunt, inciting an instant orgasm.

As I recovered from the orgasm I saw that Dulcinda was turning Hyun-ae all the way round to face the camera, so that I had my first view of her pudenda. Naked, the labia were neatly folded shut, the upper fringe of the inner lips just visible within the crease of the outer.

‘She plucks all her body-hair,’ Dulcinda said. ‘Normally her assistant does it, but for now it’s me. It’s not painful, because she has such control of her nerves, but you’ll notice she’s plucked me, too, and that did hurt a bit.’

Hyun-ae spoke now. ‘Did you like my eondeong-i making love to Dulcinda, Norma? She is so lovely, as you know. We are making so much love all the time. I am going to make love now to you with my vagin. Please make love to me, too.’

I pause to reflect that I have often felt that when people are fully attuned in sexual intercourse of all kinds they are not just physically communicating but connected psychically, perhaps telepathically. And through the laptop screen and these images I was somehow linked at some deep level with this perfect stranger, who was sending me her benevolence. Such was my feeling as Dulcinda pushed an armchair into view and Hyun-ae sat on it, saying, ‘Norma we are making love through the great spirit in us and everywhere.’

She sat back, drew up her feet and rested her knees over the arms of the chair, so that her labia were fully revealed, lips completely closed. I understood something special was to follow and I gazed at those sweet naked genitalia. And as I watched the lips began to part, her dark pink vulva showing through the slit. At the same time there was the glisten of secretion spreading along the frilled edges of the inner lips. Then I realised that this opening of the vulva drew the folds apart to reveal the clitoris. It was a little ridge within the hood, with its glans-tip protruding. Then the lips opened further so that the vestibule was visible, also slowly opening, as if to receive a penis. Meanwhile, to my delight, the clitoris lengthened, the glans gliding down into the end of the vulva’s folds. It swelled a little and was plainly almost at maximum excitation.

Dulcinda spoke from off-screen. ‘She’s going to come, Norma. She wants you to watch and to join her, to feel her feelings, to go into heaven.’

My hands were already clasped round my labia, fingering into my cunt and circling my clitoris. I was poised for orgasm, waiting for Hyun-ae to send us into ecstasy. Looking between her updrawn knees she said, ‘We are together now, Norma.’ And the izmir escort edges of her cunny trembled and there was a little flood of her essence. Into heaven I went, my whole body suffused with an access of emotion and sensation which brought tears to my eyes.

As our orgasm slowly receded I felt as if we were truly united, not just through the camera and screen but through some surrounding ethereal medium or dimension which was accessible to some adept like Hyun-ae, who had clearly trained and disciplined her mind and body over many, many years. And she was able to draw me into it.

Her vagina slowly closed, her clitoris retreated into its tent, her labia drew together and she lowered her legs and sat up in the chair, calm and alert, still gazing into the camera.

Dulcinda moved into view, standing beside the chair, holding her partially erect penis. She said, ‘Hyun-ae can send herself into orgasm like that many times a day if she feels moved to do it But she loves to bring me off, too, and we’ll show you one way we do it, because we think you’ll find it helps you.

Hyun-ae stood and moved aside, so that Dulcinda could sit forward on the edge of the chair, here cock now erected to a little pillar. Hyun-ae stood erect a moment, and I marvelled at her lean belly and waist below those charming breasts. Asians are supposed by others to be yellowish in skin-tone, but this one was pale brown. She was again smiling at me as she moved back, opening her legs to straddle Dulcinda. She reached behind beneath her bottom and took the cock in her hand with a gesture of such intimacy and grace it gave me the kind of pang you feel on seeing a great work of art. The beauty of the moment continued as she lodged the tip in her vestibule. She said, ‘Now we are joining, Norma, I am taking Dinda in my body.’

Of course, then she slowly lowered herself, and I began to breath harder as that great penis steadily disappeared, until Hyun-ae had engulfed all of it and her cheeks were resting on Dulcinda’s thighs. For a moment I was a little sad, because that lovely process of engulfment was completed. And as if knowing that was how I felt, Hun-ae put her hands on Dulcinda’s knees and lifted herself, so the cock came slowly into view, shiny with the cunty lube until it was just held within the opening. Hyun-ae said, ‘We love to join like this. It is special time. So we do again.’ And she lowered her bottom again, smiling into the camera.

Once the whole length was lodged within her, they seemed to remain motionless. There was no up and down or in and out. Then I saw that the taut muscles of that lean stomach were tensing and relaxing and I guessed that this mistress of physical control was flexing and gripping within her vagina, making love to her lover in ways I had heard and read about but never witnessed.

I have, as many women have, some power to grip with my cunt, using it to please my lovers, including the women who like to feel the squeezing with their fingers and tongues. But plainly Hyun-ae’s capability was way beyond that. And as I imagined events within that near-magical cunny I found I was striving to compress the three fingers I had slid into my own, while the base of my hand was pressing my engorged clitoris. Once again I was teetering on the brink of orgasm, avidly staring at the locked-together lovers onscreen, while waiting for – what?

‘What’ was Hyun-ae saying, ‘She is going now. She is giving me her love-sperm.’ So that, as the semen oozed out round the base of the cock, and Hyun-ae closed her eyes in climax I came with a roaring in my ears and an intensity which dizzied me into a moment of oblivion. Which left me so exhausted and replete that I drifted into sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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