Love’s Labors Ch. 02

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Dan, having lost a bet to his wife Kendra, faces his next labors. It is not giving away too much to say, that for the most part, he does not find his labors onerous.

Thanks to LarryInSeattle for his editing assistance.

I hope you enjoy.

Constructive criticism, while at times painful, is welcomed.


I wake to the sound of dishes clinking in the kitchen. Kendra’s side of the bed is empty. I quickly make the bed, a Navy habit I don’t think I’ll ever shake, pull on a pair of pajama bottoms, and head downstairs. The kids are putting their bowls in the dishwasher. Kendra has let me sleep in. I have time to give the girls a quick peck on the top of their heads before they hurry out to the bus.

“Can you go in a few minutes late?” Kendra asks as she waves bye to the girls through the windows beside the front door.

When she turns, my frown answers her question.

She answers my frown with a smile. “No problem, but you’ll have to skip breakfast or make do with a Kashi bar on the drive.”

She takes my hand and leads me back toward the stairs. I’m confused and more than a little intrigued when she grabs the Dust Buster out of the small utility closet in the upstairs hallway.

“Undress,” she commands, as her bathrobe falls off her shoulders. She’s nude underneath. She lays it atop the bed. My pajama bottoms join hers on the bed. I follow her into the bathroom and turn toward the sink.

“What are you doing?” She demands.

I look at her, confused. There have certainly been times we were so horny a little morning breath couldn’t delay our rutting but it had been a while.

“Brushing my teeth.”

She shrugs. “Okay, but hurry.”

“Do I have time to shave?”

“Yes, but don’t.”

I gaze at her, trying to divine what she’s got up her sleeve, not that she has a sleeve at the moment. I brush my teeth quickly. As I do, Kendra opens one of the drawers and pulls out a beard trimmer. Thought I haven’t worn a beard for over a year, the drawer is equipped with outlets. Her hair dryer keeps my trimmer company. She unplugs the trimmer as I rinse my mouth with a palmful of water. She pushes the button and it begins to hum in her hand.

“Where are the attachments?”

I bend and open the drawer below. Kendra picks up and discards several before attaching one, the one that trims the closest.

She gestures toward the shower. It is designed for two. I step over the sill and wait for her. When she joins me I lean toward her but she puts a hand on my chest.

“You can’t kiss me.”

“Why not?”

She smiles, telling me with her face and eyes she is not angry. “Labor number two.”

“Three,” I correct her softly, smiling back at her.

She shrugs. “Worth a try. Three then.” She grabs the small teak bench she rests her foot on to shave her legs and sets it in the middle of the shower. “Sit down.”

She clicks the guide on the trimmer head. I can see she has it all the way out. That will leave hair about a quarter of an inch long. I run my hand over my chest. She had complained it was starting to curl. She’s right. I’m not sure how trimming my chest is a labor for me but I’m fine with it. What did she use to say when we first started to date? Will Smith pops into my head.

“Okay sweetheart,” I tell here as I sit. “I’m giggy with it.”

She grins, remembering. I imagine she is going to kiss me then but no luck.

I sit. The trimmer buzzes to life. While I’m waiting for her to step in front of me and start trimming my chest hair, the trimmer touches my neck and mows a strip up the back of my head. I jump. She halts waiting. I scan my emotions. I’m a little irked she didn’t ask. I would have given in, for the sake of the bet and the fun we’d had last night, but I wish she would have asked. I had not been able to shake the habit of dressing my rack when I roll out after my eight but I had gotten use to long, or at least longish, hair.

I don’t say anything. I realize I’m not angry, curious maybe but not angry. Hair grows back. I wait to see where this leads.

After a moment, the trimmer touches my neck again. This time it goes all the way over the crown of my skull to my brow. Kendra is using a trimmer not a hair clipper and she’s being very careful. It takes a few minutes for her to finish. She is very careful around my side burns, stepping back, peering, leaning her head from side to side, making sure they are straight.

Satisfied, she steps back. “Stand up please.”

I stand. Her hand drifts across my chest and shoulders and I feel tufts of hair roll down my back and chest. She pulls the guide off the trimmer and sets it on the shelf beside her shampoo. She turns it on and touches it to my chest. Now, I’m nervous, without the guard it would be easy to nick me. She does, almost immediately, and I jump.

“Oh shit,” she cries, looking far more distress than is called for. She holds her finger to the spot to stop the bleeding.

“Hey sweetheart, don’t sweat it. It’s no big deal. I’ve bursa escort nicked myself a million times. Just use the guard.”

She shook her head, still looking distressed. “No, that won’t work.” She begins to chew at her lip. “Let me think.” A bare second later her eyes light up. “Dan, please, call the office and tell them you’ll be in after lunch. Please? For me?”

I give myself credit for not hesitating.

“Sure, I don’t want to make a mess. Can you hand me my phone.”

She chirps in delight and dashes back into the bedroom. I brush myself off and use the Dust Buster to vacuum the hair off the floor. I hear her talking in the bedroom. She’s on the phone and I wonder who she could be calling.

She hurries back, still excited and I know her plan is back on track. She hands me the phone and I dial the office. Mack picks up the phone. Shelia must be away from the desk. When I tell him I won’t be in until after lunch, he protests.

I cut him off. “Mack, you got this. The basic idea is yours, true it was rough and needs some work but you’ve been doing most of that on your own. Time to sit the sippy cup down, and start using a big boy glass. Take a break. Go for a walk and stop thinking about this. I’ll see you after lunch and take a look at what you come up with. See you then.”

I hang up before he can protest further. I’m not worried. He’s brighter than he gives himself credit for. It’s his first time as project lead. He just needs a boost of confidence. I’m not really throwing him in the deep end to teach him to swim. He knows how to swim. I had hired him, thinking he might be the first guy I offer to make a partner.

“Mack okay?”

I nod. “He’ll be fine. He’s still getting used to his new role.”

“You like him don’t you?”

Kendra’s question surprises me. “Sure. He’s a good guy. I was lucky to steal him. Those boneheads at Shuster’s will regret over-looking him before too long.”

Kendra nods. “I like him too.” She steps back into the shower.

“I thought you were giving up on the trimmer?”

“I am, kind of, but it has a supporting role.”

She has put the guard back on. There is dried blood on her finger.

“You have blood on your finger.”

She stares at it. “So I do.” She puts the finger in her mouth with a smile. I had felt my cock lengthening as the trimmer had buzzed over my scalp. Watching her, it starts to do so again. She leans into my chest and puts her mouth over the place she had nicked me. Her tongue plays with it. It stings but I don’t say a word.

“There, all clean,” she whispers as she steps back. “Raise up your arm,” she orders pointing to my right arm. I do. The trimmer buzzes. The damn thing tickles and I struggle to hold still as clumps of my armpit hair fall down my side. She does the other armpit. Then my chest and belly. She is very careful around my cock. She has me put one foot on the stool and hold my scrotum up. When she asks me to turn around and spread my cheeks, I balk.

“Not until I shower. That’s gross. What if I refuse even then?”

“You can. I hope you won’t. But like I said the bet was for fun, not punishment. If you really don’t want to, don’t.”

I lean toward her, desperate for a kiss but she holds me off with a rueful grin and shake of the head.

“Nice try, champ.”

I shrug. “I’ll think about it while I shower. Join me?”

“Sure.” My hope soars only to be dashed. “But over here.” As she twists the shower handle for the second shower and the hiss of water fills the space, she turns to me. “No masturbating, champ, okay?”

I nod. Dammit.

We both shower quickly. I decide I’m in for a penny, what the fuck. After we towel off, I turn and grab my ass with both hands.

“Please be careful.”

Apparently, a kiss on the back of my shoulder is not against the rules, since that is what she does by way of answering me.

Her fingers join mine. I sense rather than see her peering at my ass. I don’t think she’s ever been this close. Well, she has, but that’s when she is going down on me and my ball sack was between her and my asshole.

I hear the scrape of the stool legs. “Put one foot up here,” she requests. I do. This time when her fingers pull my cheeks a little further apart, the trimmer buzzes to life. I steel myself, determined not to jump, not to prove I’m tough but to reduce the risk she’ll cut me.

The damn thing tickles more than in my armpits. Thank God it doesn’t take very long.

Kendra stands and steps away. As I turn I see her nod of satisfaction.

“Get dressed baby. Old clothes. You don’t need underwear.”

I consider that, then pull on an old pair of jeans, a tee shirt and slip my feet into flip flops. Kendra pulls a sun dress over her head after donning a thong. Neither of us needs to bother about combing or brushing our hair. She skips down the stairs, grabs her purse and tells me I won’t need my wallet. I climb into her car feeling vaguely naked and wonder if that is the intent.

When she pulls up in front bursa escort bayan of Alicia’s, I’m really confused. Kendra has had her hair done here for years. I get my hair cut there as well, but they don’t open until 10:00 and it’s barely quarter till 9:00. As Kendra climbs out of the driver’s side, I see Alicia opening the door. Kendra rushes toward her. They hug, exchange kisses on the cheek and are giggling when I join them. Kendra points her key fob at the car and it locks with a double chirp that makes me jump.

Alicia leads us to one of the spa rooms. She is from Mexico City. She has taken care of my wife since we moved to the neighborhood six years ago. Her father was Canadian but was born in India. I love the way the world is slowly mixing itself up. There is even part of me that wonders if someday, not in my lifetime, but someday maybe we won’t need a Navy. Who knows?

Alicia is a knock out. Her skin is the color of wet brown sugar. Her hair is black and thick and is pulled back in a ponytail. Her boobs aren’t huge. They sit perfectly above her trim waist. Her ass is almost as hot as Kendra’s. She knows it. No woman wears skirts that tight and that short if they don’t know they have a hot ass and great legs. She’s probably five years older than my wife but they look the same age.

Alicia closes the door behind us. Kendra plops into an overstuff chair, where normally the customer would sit to undress.

“Dan, undress and lie down on the table face down.”

I look at her confused, unsure.

Alicia raises her eyebrows and looks at Kendra, who chuckles.

“He’s not totally sure why he’s here, Alicia. He lost a bet. Didn’t you, lover?” I nod without speaking. “I was going to shave your body but that clearly wasn’t going to work. I checked with Alicia,” she pauses to smile at her friend. “And she was willing to do me, do us, a favor. She’s going to wax you.”


“Yup,” Kendra replies with a nod. “Not just your back and chest baby, all of you.”

I look from Kendra to Alicia. Alicia looks at my wife. “Are you sure?” She asks Kendra.

I kick my flip flops off under the table. “Go ahead,” I call from inside my shirt as I peel it off over my head. My pants follow. I don’t know if Kendra expected me to undress in front of her friend or not but I do. I like it. I’ve always been something of a closet exhibitionist if you’ll pardon the oxymoronic phrase.

I see Kendra smile as I lay myself face down on the table.

Alicia pulls a small table on wheels closer to the bed and sits on a wheeled stool.

“Let’s start with your back Dan.” Her voice is soft, her accent musical and calming. “You don’t have a lot of hair and it won’t be very uncomfortable. We’ll get you use to the feel of the wax. It will be hot but won’t burn you. If it is too hot tell me please. I need to touch your back, okay? To feel which way the hair grows, okay?”

I nod. Her hand is cool and soft when she touches my back. She turns. I see her lift the lid of something that looks like a miniature Crock Pot. She dips what looks like a double-wide wooden ice cream stick into it and pulls a gob of golden taffy.

“This is the honey and wax Dan. I’ll put it on with this.” She points at the ice cream stick. She drops the stick and picks up a strip of cloth. “I’ll press this into the wax and honey mix and let it cool. When I pull it off, hair comes with it. That will sting a little. If Kendra can handle it, a big strong man like you should have no problem. Right?”

The twinkle in her eye makes me nervous but I nod anyway.

I flinch a little when the hot wax touches my skin. Alicia stops. “Too hot?” I shake my head. “No, it’s okay, go ahead.” She spreads the wax over the top of my shoulder, from my neck nearly to my deltoid. She lays the fabric over the wax and she rubs the side of her hand over it. It feels good actually. Relaxing.

“Ready Dan?”

“Sure,” I mumble, with my head on my arm and my head turned away from her.

Rip! I’m not sure if I really hear the sound or if my mind simply over-dubs the correct sound effect. It doesn’t really hurt but it does startle. Alicia presses her fingers over the area.

“Not too bad? Okay, Dan?”

“Yeah.” I mumble.

The rest of my back goes quickly. She skips over my butt and starts to work on my legs. That’s worse than my back. When she starts applying the wax to my ass cheeks, I’m surprised to feel myself getting hard.

Rip. Rip. Rip. Several more brushes of warm, press, then rip before she moves around the table to the other cheek.

“Kendra, would you help me please?”

I hear the soft sigh of the chair as my wife rises and the sound her sandals make on the bamboo flooring.

“What can I do?”

Alicia pats my butt and I stifle a groan. “Up on your knees, Dan.”

I’m not sure I heard her correctly. “On my knees?”

“Yes please, Dan. Keep your head and chest down but bottom in the air, please.”

I comply, feeling very dumb and very exposed. I can feel my cock and escort bursa balls hanging down between my legs. I look back and nearly flop back down on the table. A streamer of pre-cum stretches from my cock down to a large wet spot on the sheet. Jesus.

The two women have to see this. There is no way they can’t. They don’t say a word about it but I can only imagine their faces.

“Kendra, hold him like this.” I feel Alicia’s cool fingers on the lower part of my left ass cheek and tugs. I close my eyes when I feel the back of her knuckles graze my scrotum. The fingers retreat, only to be replaced by my wife’s. She tugs. She makes no effort not to touch my balls. Alicia pulls on the other side.

“Down here we use only warm honey, Senor Dan.”

Why the formality now I wonder as I feel hot honey touch the skin just below my asshole. I feel it twitch. I can’t control that.

“Are those your fingers?” I gasp.

“Si, Senor Dan. The stick is too rough for this part of your body.” There is a pause. “You would prefer the Senora to apply the honey?”

“Uh, I don’t care, I guess.”

“No, Alicia. You do it. I’m sure there’s more to it than just dabbing it on.”

The issue settled, I feel the pressure as another strip of fabric is applied. This one really stings. It’s a small area. The worse is when Alicia goes over the area with a pair of tweezers.

“Take a break Senor. I’ll bring tea before we finish. Kendra, be a dear and put the lotion on, please,” Alicia says as she stands at last. I let my body drop back onto the table. I hear Kendra moving. Soon soothing lotion is being rubbed across my shoulders. She works her way down my back. God, this feels good. The lotion leaches the last of the stinging from my skin. She does my legs next. She does my ass last. Her fingers probe between my cheeks more than seems entirely necessary.

The door opens so softly I don’t realize Alicia has returned until she speaks.

“Tea, Dan. Roll over, Senor.”

I do so without thinking and then blush. My erection bobs in the air. I had been unaware of the effect Kendra’s hands were having on my body.

I said nothing. They said nothing but as I took the tea from Alicia’s hand I thought she looked flushed.

I sip the tea. It is hot and very sweet.

“Thank you, Alicia.”

“My pleasure, Dan.”

Kendra looks at the clock on the wall. Almost an hour has past. “Alicia, do you have time today to finish? I don’t want to mess up your schedule.”

“Psssh,” Alicia hisses. “I am fine. The schedule is fine. The girls will be here in a half-hour to get the shop ready. Plenty of time.” Having said that, she motions at me with her hand. “Drink up, Senor. Let us be done.”

I drain the small cup and lie back, then raise up on my elbows.

“The door?”

“I leave open, so I can hear the girls. I’ll explain, private client so they make not so much noise.”

I lay back, take a breath and try to relax. Alicia, turns it into a teaching session. They finish my arms first, as Alicia shows my wife how to apply the wax against the grain of the hair but to pull it off with the grain. She shows her how to keep the skin taut to lessen the pain. The secret, she says, is a quick, steady pull, no stopping, no hesitation.

Kendra does my right leg with minimal help. I can tell she’s pleased with herself. This is not what she’d planned but she’s enjoying herself. I smile as I watch her work, resting on my elbows.

As Kendra begins the process of touching up with the tweezers, Alicia directs me to lay flat. She tells Kendra to do my other leg while she starts on my chest.

“Dan, the chest is the second most painful spot for most people. Slow breathing, Senor. Don’t hold your breath.”

I nod. The wax, we’re back to the wax, feels good going on. It does not feel very good coming off. I barely notice Kendra working on my left leg. Alicia works steadily, has me take a big breath, let it out, rip. Ouch. I’m distracted by Kendra rubbing the lotion onto my legs. They had worked right up to the crease of upper thigh. Despite Alicia’s presence and despite the pain she was inflicting, as Kendra rubs the lotion on my thighs, working her fingers between my leg and ball sack, I feel myself get hard again.

By now my chest, including my pits, is done. Only my belly is left. I keep telling myself that. I tell myself that just because Kendra had my ass crack waxed, she’ll leave the hair around my cock and on my balls.

Kendra leaves for a moment and rolls in a second stool. She sits on my left.


I hear my wife mutter a “hhmm” to her friend. Alicia nods at my erection and inside I cringe, but only a little.

“Hold his verga, sorry, his penis back please.”

“Oh, sure.”

Kendra pushes my cock away from my belly with the back of her hand. I cringe a little more inside when Alicia uses a Kleenex to wipe the pool of pre-cum off my belly. On goes the wax, the fabric, then more tugs. Alicia moves to stand behind my wife to do the left side of my belly.

Finished, Alicia drops the stick in the trashcan. It is nearly full of used fabric strips. The fabric, with its stripe of caramel colored wax that sprouts clumps of hair is pretty gross. I start to sit up.

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