Lost, Stranded, Line in the Sand

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This fantasy was inspired more by Lost than Blue Lagoon. I was watching Lost one day and I thought to myself if I was stuck on an island with Evangeline Lilly, Maggie Grace and Emilie de Ravin I wouldn’t be worried about the Others. I would be too busy trying to get into those beautiful women. But what if I was stuck on a tropical island with my sister as adults. Unlike the young cousins in Blue Lagoon, society would already have left the imprint of sexual taboo on us. Would we cross that line? It would still be wrong for a brother to fuck his sister, wouldn’t? And what about afterwards? This story attempts a somewhat realistic approach on this often written storyline and theme.


I walked onto the pier with my girlfriend and stood gaping at the two sail boats. The boats were identical with their sleek lines and subtle curves. My girlfriend Alyssa, a Natalie Portman clone some said, was afraid of the Ocean and wouldn’t be going on my family’s 6 hour race. Looking at my girlfriend, Alyssa, in her bikini made me regret finally agreeing to this race against my father. Her bikini wasn’t real small but flattering and girl next door type sexy. Her c cup breast, tight small butt and thin 5″2′ body were accentuated in her black bikini. I would much rather have stayed at the hotel and had sex all day with breaks for only food, swimming, lying on the beach and jumping in the Jacuzzi. I brought two 20 pack boxes of condoms on this trip and I planned on using everyone of them. At least it would be fun trying.

When I woke up this morning my girlfriend had sneaked into my room from across the hall and slipped into my bed with me naked. We had sex twice this morning. The second time my girl friend laughingly said to me, “We have to make love again just in case you drown or get stranded on a deserted island and I never see you again. The love of my life lost forever.” I laughed. I don’t believe in bad luck or jinxes. The first time we made love she was on top. The second time I was in the drivers seat making love to my beautiful girl friend kissing her passionately as I pounded into her stroke after stroke. My girlfriend joked that she would need to rest all day to recover from our love making session. She was a little sore. I was exhausted but I fantasized about making love to her on the beach.

I didn’t want to race my father in matching boats but I had made the mistake of saying I was the better sailor. My father wanted to prove his superiority. I wondered if I could subtly crash the boat against the dock so I could get back to my girl friend. The only problem with that idea is my dad would make me pay for the damage. I would end up having to do the same thing tomorrow when my father rescheduled the race. But the boats were gorgeous and as much as I would miss my girl friend, I wanted to beat my father. My girlfriend, Alyssa, was exhausted after our morning sex and would not be ready for some more gentle love making until late tonight. My girlfriend would be sleeping most of the day in her room and on the beach or hanging out with my two other older sisters and their families.

Alyssa, my girl friend, was fiercely loyal and trustworthy so I did not have to worry about her cheating on me while I was away. Besides my sisters were around to watch her and I had fucked her hard this morning. She was too sore and freshly fucked to be fooling around. I know jealous boyfriend. I guess I was. I loved her that much. It was a weird feeling, loving someone so much that you get slightly jealous over nothing when your not with them. My girlfriend was great woman and I trusted her. I kissed her goodbye feeling her soft skin and straps of her bikini as I rubbed her back. My girlfriend wished me luck and then walked away. What a cute little ass I thought. I want her from behind tonight I thought to myself. As if she knew what I was thinking she turned and smiled waving goodbye.

I threw my bag into the boat. I had stuffed the backpack with water, some munchies, a rope cutting knife and sun block. I started preparing the boats for the race. I knew my father, a Surgeon, would recheck my work. He didn’t trust me. Not that I would cheat, but that I was lazy and would make a simple mistake. I was 22 and had decided to go to Law School instead of being a doctor. My dad was not happy. The truth be told I didn’t want to be a lawyer or a doctor but couldn’t think of anything else to do. My mom was a lawyer so she was happy with my decision to go to law school. My mom was already planning on her son joining her law firm. Securities law. Ugg, not me.

When my grandparents died they left money in trust for each one of their grandchildren. So far I had not received a dime of it. My father as trustee has been reinvesting all the income of the trust. But at 23 the terms of the trust required my dad to distribute the income to me each year. My father right before this trip had showed me the assets of the trust and the income it produced. I would have around hundred thousand merter escort dollars a year without touching the principal. I would start to receive the principal when I turned 25. My dad was smart enough to know that his lazy son was about to ditch his family and go off on his own to find himself. Which meant laying on the beach somewhere with a cold drink in hand.

A few minutes later my perfect sister, 25 years old, who had just finished medical school and was about to start training to be a surgeon walked down the pier with my parents. My dad was wearing his usual beach wear shorts, white t-shirt, Yankees cap and sun glasses. He looked like a doctor, regal, all knowing.

My mom was wearing a black bikini. My mom was only 43 and looked 35. She looked like Heather Locklear, she even had the roots in her died blond hair. Mom was 5’6″ thin, C almost D cup breast with a tight little ass. She was a MILF. She had my sister when she was only 18, an accident. Of course. Her bikini showed plenty of skin, legs and stomach but her breast, ass and mound were well covered and supported.

My dad jumped onto the boat and started rechecking my work. Of course.

My sister, Amanda, Mandy for short, stood in front of my boat in a pair of shorts and halter top. Mandy, my sister, was a dead ringer for Scarlett Johansson, more the Island than Lost in Translation. My sister had pouty lips, 5’6″, D cup breast and fine small ass. Mandy was thin but not skinny. My sister even had the deep, scratchy voice like Scarlett Johansson. My sister and Mother were the “impartial” judges of the race. One would travel on each boat. Mandy was engaged to be married to some guy she had met at medical school. Of course my father loved him. I thought he was a dweeb.

I knew this race was a chance for my parents to spend time with us. My sister was getting married and I was seriously involved with Alyssa. Soon we would be gone from our parents daily lives. My father was not a lay on the beach type guy, anyway He needed to be doing something. So this race would be the highlight of the vacation for my dad. Since Mandy was engaged and not looking to hook up, getting sun on a boat was preferable to lying on the beach and possibly being hit on.

I was working on the boat when I looked over at my sister as she pulled her shirt over her head. My sister was wearing the smallest of small bikini tops. The little patch of tan fabric did little to support her D cup breast and barely covered her nipples. My sister’s breast were nearly totally on display. Her nipples pressing against the cloth. I looked away embarrassed slightly at seeing my sister in so revealing an outfit. I was shocked my sister had such huge tits. I looked back over a few seconds later when I heard my Mom yell, “Mandy”.

My sister had her shorts down over her butt and than quickly yanked them down past her knees. The bikini bottoms were unbelievably small. The bikini barely covered her pussy lips and very little more. I could see her camel toed pussy lips snuggled against her small, tight bottoms. My sister must have shaved off her pubic hair I thought because she was smooth skin above the bikini bottoms. No hair on display even though part of her mound was uncovered. “Mandy!!! What are you wearing?” my mom shouted. My sister turned back towards my Mom. OHH my God, my doctor, priss sister is wearing a thong. All that covered her ass was a thin string running between her cheeks. Nice ass. I looked away trying to not get caught checking out my sister in the most revealing bikini I had every seen.

Mom in her bikini started arguing with my sister in her ultra small thong bikini. What a sight. I thought. My mind immediately went to my girlfriend, Alyssa, and her naked body this morning. The vision of two hot women arguing in bikinis did not turn me on, all it did was remind me of Alyssa and how beautiful she is. To me it was funny seeing my perfect sister and mother heatedly exchange words about the size of my sister’s bikini.

“You can’t wear that, Mandy. Cover yourself up.”

“Mom, no one is here. Except dad and my brother. And they don’t care what I wear,” not totally true. My dad had stopped prepping his boat and was now staring at my sister and her outfit. I expected him to join in the argument. But my dad continued to stare at my sister. Looking her up and down, the small bikini bottoms, revealing top, and then her ass when she turned away from his boat. Was my dad checking my sister out? Leering at his own daughter.

“That swim suit is not appropriate to wear even around your own dad. Specially your brother,” My mom demanded.

“Mom, I’m on vacation. I’m going out on a boat where no one will see me. I want to get as much of a tan as possible before I go back to the cold. I want a tan for my wedding. Gavin doesn’t care what I’m wearing. He is going to be too busy trying to beat dad and thinking about Alyssa,” my sister rationalized. nişantaşı escort “I’ve worn bikinis like this on Spring break in Florida.”

“What” my mom said shocked. My mom looked over at my father who quickly looked away from my sister’s ass. “Will you tell your daughter to put her clothes back on.”

My dad simply said, “Mandy is an adult. She’s a doctor now. If she wants to expose herself to leering young men and the harmful rays of the sun that’s her choice. Let’s go.”

My sister climbed aboard the front of the boat. My mom stared at my sister’s ass for a second. Shook her head and then boarded my father’s vessel. Discussion over.

I shouted to my dad, “What’s the weather forecast, still good right?”

“Perfect conditions, good breeze this afternoon. Good luck. Your going to need it,” my father answered.

The wind conditions in the South Pacific were very light. The boat was moving smoothly across the surface of the water. My father close to my right. My sister was stretched out on her back on a towel in the front of the craft. Mandy shouted out to me. “Gavin tell me if you have to come forward.”

“Alright” I answered, what the hell is my sister doing up there I thought for second but my concentration immediately went back to the race.

A few minutes later I checked the position of my dad’s sail boat and was shocked to see how close he was. What is he doing? He’s going to ram into our boat. My Mom was below deck. I turned and looked for my dad at the wheel. My father was staring back at the front of my ship and drifting closer. What does he see? Is something wrong with the sails?

Thinking there is a problem at the front of the boat I quickly moved forward checking all the sail and gear. I could see my sister’s back and her hands moving over her front rubbing sun tan lotion on her chest. I continued moving forward looking over the boat. My sister, Mandy, a few seconds later laid back down on her towel. I gazed over at my sister. She was topless. Her huge breast and stiff nipples sticking out like pencil erasers baking in the sun. Nice tits sis, I thought. Distracted for a second, I recommenced inspecting the craft. When I moved past my sister, Mandy, jutted up right covering her breast with her hands.

“I told you to tell me when you needed to come forward.,” my sister shouted at me.

“I’m sorry,” I stuttered. Still stunned at seeing my sister 99% naked. My sister holding her breast carefully turned over onto her stomach. As she turned over I caught another glimpse of her boobs and nipples when she released her hands to balance herself and then flatten her body to the towel and deck.

“What are you doing by the way?”

“Checking the rigging,” I was now staring at my sister’s legs, back and ass. Only a thin string covering her crack.


Annoyed I replied, “Mom is right that bikini looks ridiculous. Why don’t you just walk around nude. It wouldn’t be much different.”

“I would if I wasn’t on a boat with my little brother. I’d be getting a better all over tan. I should have went on the dad’s boat. He’s a doctor. He’s used to nudity.” Mandy continued, “Gavin, I’m a doctor now. I see nude people everyday. It’s not that big a deal.”

“Whatever, put some clothes on.”

My sister didn’t move she had no intention of covering herself up. She wanted sun. My inspection of the boat was complete. Everything was fine. I looked over at my father’s boat. He was still slightly ahead but moving farther away. Then he glanced back at my boat again. Was he checking out his daughter, Mandy. Did he drift closer to my boat in order to see her tits better. Was he checking out her ass now?

Then my mom came back on deck of my dad’s boat and the ships started drifting further apart. My father was caught in my sails now as he was losing some speed by having to maneuver away from my boat. I was pulling ahead. I had my father now. Maybe my sister should prance around nude, it seemed to distract my doctor father. My dad might see nudity everyday at work but those naked bodies didn’t look like his own daughter’s.

Hours later

The wind was whipping like crazy and seas were getting incredible rough. My sister walked back towards me now wearing top of her thong bikini. “My towel, shorts and shirt fell overboard. We have to go back for them”

“Are you insane, this is a race. I’m having enough trouble handling the boat in this wind. There is now way I can turn it even if I wanted to and I don’t. I need your help.”

“I need it when we get off,” my sister responded. Oh so you don’t want to prance back to the hotel with your tits and ass hanging out.

“You can wrap yourself in a towel from Mom. There is nothing I can do.”

We battled the seas for hours, my sister knew how to sail after years of being forced onto boat trips with the family. She helped saved our lives. I had no idea where we were. ortaköy escort Rain was whipping down on us and I had lost sight of my father’s sail boat hours ago. Water washed over us.

I shouted to my sister who was shivering in her now unimportant bikini, “We have to button up the ship and go below. Try to ride out the storm that way. Help me take down the sails. Our attempt to take down the sails failed miserably. I should have done it earlier. The sails were swept over board, the mast crashing down on the ship and then falling over. My sister and I scurried below. I wasn’t sure what to do. I always tried to avoid bad weather when sailing. My fucking father!!!!! You’re a fucking surgeon and you can’t get a damn weather forecast right.

The storm lasted several days. We drifted along rolling in seas. My sister was violently ill from sea sickness. I wasn’t far behind. You can’t imagine being stuck in a ship pitching and rolling in the waves like that. My sister cursed my father and me out. My mother was called a bitch. Even her boyfriend was abused for not going on this trip with her. “Don’t you want to spend your vacation fucking Alyssa, not proving you’ve got a bigger dick than dad.”

I didn’t say a word. I took the abuse. It was my fault. I should have checked the weather myself. My sister had trusted me to get her back safely and I had failed. In this weather I realized that no search would be launched. We were on our own. We aren’t in the U.S. The resort island doesn’t have the resources to search for us. If they even know we’re missing. Mom and dad are probably in the same shape us. Or dead. As long as we don’t hit something we’ll be okay. I kept thinking that over and over again.

Suddenly we crashed. The boat lurched to a sudden stop. Water was pouring into the sail boat. I grabbed my sister and opened the door Rain was teeming down on us but I thought I saw an island about 500 yards away. A fleeting vision. There it is again. The surf is right. We might be able to make it. We’re probably dead.

“We have no choice” I shouted to Mandy, my sister, “We have to swim for that island.”

“I don’t seeing anything out there.”

“Trust me it’s there, we can make it.”

I pulled my sister overboard with me. I was a very good swimmer. I life guarded on the beach when I was eighteen. Not as much fun as I thought it would be so I never went back to it. I swam furiously I looked back for my sister she was dragging behind. Weak from illness, she couldn’t make it on her own. I tried to hold my position and then grabbed her.

“Gavin, I’m finished.”

“Don’t give up.” I wrapped my hand around her body just below her chest and pulled her with me. It felt like I was swimming forever. Finally, I felt sand on my feet and then collapsed.

Day One

I woke up with the right side of my face in the sand. My sister was laying next to me on her belly passed out from exhaustion. Her head was pointed towards me with the left side of her face buried in the sand. I slowly pulled myself up. I wiped the dried sand off my face and then off my chest and stomach. I looked at my sister. Her thong covered ass. The straps of her bikini. Her chest moving slightly. She was still alive. I called out to her, “Mandy, Mandy.” My sister didn’t stir. Louder. “Amanda, Amanda”. I took my right hand and slapped her ass. Right across her naked butt cheeks. The first time I had ever touched my sister’s ass. Finally she began to move. Thank God.

My sister pulled herself up. Sand sticking to her face. Her lips. Her brow. Her chest. Her stomach, abs, legs, thighs, everywhere. I noticed her bikini top had pulled over in the struggle against the water freeing one of her nipples which was now covered by sand. I looked away checking out the surroundings. The beach was beautiful. About 200 hundreds long and 50 feet deep. High grass and tropical forest.

My sister was brushing the sand off her face and then her arms. Finally realizing her right tit was exposed she took her breast in her hand and brushed the sand off her boob and nipple. My sister pulled over the small patch of fabric and repositioned it covering her nipple. She looked up at me and I averted my eyes. What a trip? I nearly die, crash the boat, swim to shore and see my sister’s tits, twice. What bizarre thing can happen next?

“I can’t believe were still alive?” my sister stated quietly. Mandy looked back up at me, “You saved my life little brother. I thought I was a goner.”

“It’s my fault were in this position,” I answered.

“It’s not your fault. Storms can come up suddenly in this area of the world. I’m sorry I said that. You were so brave. I panicked,” my sister told.

“Panicked, I was shaking in my boots. Are you alright.”

“I’m okay. I just need to wash off this sand.” I looked out at water and I could see our boat, at least part of it up against the rocks. I had water in my bag. We needed that water. It might be a couple of days before we were rescued.

“Do you have any idea where we are?”

“Not a clue,” I answered. “We could be in Fiji, Tahiti, some small uncharted island, or Hawaii for all I know,” I said wondering as I looked out at the wrecked boat. I looked at my sister as she brushed off sand from her thighs and then abs right above her bikini covered pussy.

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