Losing A Bet: The Taking Of Mona

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this is the final part of a story i started a few months ago. It is more or less true. The names of course are changed. However the events did happen.

* * * * *

Mona was now laying on the floor with her son sucking on one breast her daughter on the other and my sister between her legs.

“Oh shit this cant be happening. I can’t be letting you do this to me.” She whined.

” Relax, enjoy, come for us.” Chimed her son. “Make us proud of you.”

She started to shake and moan a deep growl coming from her belly. “Ahhh gawd this is fucking great.” “I need a dick in me now… Someone fuck me.” Her son jumped up and got between her legs pressing them into her chest. Planting his steel rod in as deep as possible.

“Gawd you are slick mom you like getting eaten out huh?” halkalı escort he started to piston in and out as fast as he could. He had came three times already today so it took a while for him to feel the cum building. His mom had came three or four times from his repeated assaults. “You ready for me to shoot in you now mom?”

“Oh no. I want it in my mouth. I want to taste you.” She panted. “I loved it when I sucked dick for first time.”

“You were rather good at that.” I replied.

Her son got on his knees in front of her and she took all of him in one quick stroke.

“Jesus mom don’t chew it off.” Chimed in his sister. “We need it to help us out too.”

With this he started to shoot spurt after spurt into her haramidere escort causing her to gage loosing some out the side of her mouth. Both my wife and sister started to lick it off her face.

When she started to relax some I went over and turned her on her stomach and grabbed the Wesson oil setting on the table “Mona remember how you liked my dick in your ass? Well here it is again.” I applied some to my dick and a good supply to her ass pushing in real slowly at first. Then she pushed real hard taking me all the way in. as soon as it was seated she spasmed and shook.

“God I needed that for months.” “Didn’t think you would ever want to do it again.” “We were both so drunk that night I thought it was a dream.”

As I ikitelli escort continued to pound her ass I saw my wife, her daughter coming down the stairs. She had a strap on dildo sticking out in front of her.

“Jesus sis where did you get that?”

“Just a present from an old friend.” “First time I’ll get to use it though.”

With this I turned over and placed Mona on top of me. Getting between her legs my wife placed the dildo into her mom. “Time you tried both holes at once mom I like your titties a lot.”

My sister and her husband came over to help keep her in place by playing with her titties and kissing her. Soon she had her hands full one on her son’s dick and the other in my sister’s snatch. It took a while but we soon all got into a rhythm and I could feel every time my wife pushed in as I drew out and so forth.

The rest of the night was full of all kinds of variations with the final thing each of the girls getting to fuck each of us guys with the dildo. We have party’s monthly now and hope to get John involved some day but that is another story.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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