Look at that Ass! Ch. 05

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Chapter 05: Confrontation & Truth

The next morning Christy and I were awakened by gentle voices. Eve and Ana were sitting beside us on the sofa bed.

“Ed we need to talk,” Ana said. “Alone,” She added.

Eve said, “Christy, us too.”

Christy sat up, yawned and stretched her arms high over her head. The sheet fell away and her bountiful boobs where on display. It appeared that she didn’t care one iota. I glanced at their incredible fullness and quickly looked away. I was in enough trouble with my wife. I didn’t need to be caught ogling this well endowed teen-ager.

“Yes dear,” I responded to my wife.

“Wait,” Christy commanded. Christy addressed the sisters.

“It’s time that we all are honest with each other.”

Christy looked around the room and saw that no one raised any objections.

Christy spoke softly, “Mom I love you and I know you love me. We were in dire straights when Dad left us. We ended up in that crummy one bedroom flat, poor and alone. You worked hard to support us. I know you passed up all chances of a social life as you focused 100% on raising me.”

Tears ran down Christy’s face as she continued,

“Our relationship took an unusual turn. I don’t know if I was because you and I were living an “us against the world” lonely existence or because I was so needy.

“I remember when I was 13 and got these,” Christy looked down at her bodacious breasts.

“I became so self-conscious because I got teased by all my classmates. The boys ogled and propositioned me. The girls ragged on me too. Many of them hadn’t developed breasts or if they did, they were way smaller than mine. I started wearing baggy shirts and stooping over to hide my big boobs.

“You tried to talk to me, but I was in such a funk, I didn’t listen. Remember?”

“Eve did remember. She smiled and nodded her head.

“When you took me to that nudist colony, I thought you were crazy and I was going to die from embarrassment. You were adamant that we were going to spend a whole week break there. At first it was horrible! All those naked bodies! I had never seen a naked man before. I was sure everyone would gawk and laugh at me.”

“I was stunned to see that no one paid any attention to me or my knockers. I saw people of all ages, shapes and sizes, pretty and plain. They were so comfortable in their own skin it helped me regained my self esteem. I returned to school, my pride and dignity restored. I was able to ignore all ugly comments. They no longer had any impact on me.”

“Yea, Christy. Let me tell you, I was as apprehensive as you were. I had to get naked too.” Eve laughed remembering it. “You loved it so much we went back two more times. I haven’t had a decent suntan since we stopped going.”

“I know,” Christy snorted, “I was such a brat. Remember when I told you I had decided to be a doctor? You humored me and became my patient. I’ll stripped you and exam you thoroughly. I made it mandatory that we give each other monthly breasts exams.

“Baby, you were so serious during the exam and then when you pronounced me healthy, you’d kiss my boobs.”

“Mom, I’m sorry I put you through that. I was so worried that something might happen to you. I thought if I were a doctor I could protect you.”

Christy hugged her mom. They both were crying. Christy continued,

“You we also there for me, no matter how demanding I was. When your Cosmo magazine had an article about the “G” spot, I made you help me find mine and I insisted on locating yours. My insecurities and raging hormones made me act crazy. Through it all, you were always there to re-assure and to take care of me.

“Mom, you cevizli escort were everything to me. You had to instruct me and deal with my budding sexuality. We were in such close quarters. We cared for and comforted each other…and eventually had sex with each other. It all seemed so natural at the time. I don’t regret any of it, but I need more now. I need a man….and I think you do too.

Christy and Eve embraced and wept. I was moved by Christy’s honesty. That’s why I felt like a real putz when I found myself staring at her side of her breast. She was racked by strong emotions and there I was finding her shaking tit provocative.

Christy disengaged from her mother, took a deep breath and composed herself. She pulled her heels up and sat cross-legged. Christy turned to my wife and said,

“Aunt Ana, I don’t know if you and Ed have been together so long you’ve become complacent or maybe the two of you were too scared to open up about your sexual desires. I think you both are fantastic and I hope you stay together. I believe you’re a better match than either of you realizes.”

Ana appeared to be taking the teenager’s words seriously. I also wanted to hear more. Christy continued in a sober vein,

“We all heard you last night talk about how you gave blowjobs to strangers. I’m not judging your actions, but I’d like to ask you why you do it?”

Ana stared blankly at Christy. Then she looked at me. Her mouth moved, but no words came out. All color disappeared from her face. Christy looked at her kindly, reached out and held her hand. Ana’s lower lip trembled. She said nothing.

Eve broke the silence.

“Ana, could it be that you married your high school boyfriend? You’ve told me a couple of times that while you love Ed, he was the first man you had sex with and well… you missed out on test driving other cars.”

Ana’s jaw dropped and her eyes filled with fear. She responded,

“Eve, you’ve just spoken my deepest secret. Ed, I have never had intercourse with another man. But sometimes I feel that I missed out on …things… by not dating around. You were my first and only boyfriend. This… this… overwhelming urge… takes over my mind at times and I go out and….”

Ana dropped her head and sobbed. Everyone moved in and comforted her. After a minute my wife continued,

“I go out and have oral sex with men I don’t know. How could I tell you I’m driven to do something so wicked?”

I was dumbfounded. My wife rarely sucks my cock. I have never suspected she was out with other guys. Robotically, I patted her back. My head was spinning. We pulled apart and everyone was alone with their thoughts.

Christy said, “That was very brave of you, Ana, to tell your truth. Ed, are you as courageous?”

I bristled at being challenged. I looked up at her as if I’d been slapped.

“Ed, I blackmailed you into having sex with me. I knew you screwed my mom when she was practically unconscious due to her migraine medicine. What did you tell us led you to that?”

I mumbled, “Voyeuring.”

“What? I didn’t hear you.” Christy hounded me.

“Voyeuring. I like to look. I sneaked in to spy on Eve and I saw her naked butt.”

“Ana, see you don’t have to sneak off and indulge yourself on the down low. With Ed’s voyeuristic bent, you and he’d enjoy sharing your experiences. Wouldn’t that be better, safer?

“Admit it Ed, haven’t you fantasized about watching you wife have sex with another man. According to Cosmo 90% of men do.”

I nodded.

Christy pulled the sheet off her lap exposing herself. We all could see her trimmed cihangir escort brown bush and thick pussy lips. Christy reached out, grasped Ana’s hand and placed it on her sex.

“Ana I know you’re bi-curious. You came back last night to observe me and Mom. You don’t have to hide your interest. Ed, would you like to see your wife and me in the sack?

“Uhh…” I stuttered, blushed and then manned up and said, “Err…Yes.” I was embarrassed to admit to everyone my truth.

Christy pulled the sheet off me exposing my rock hard prick.

“Look Ana, does he get any harder than this? And you and I haven’t done anything yet.” Christy giggled.

Through her tears Ana asked me, “Ed, can you forgive me for cheating on you? Would you really join me when that wild feeling overwhelms me or if I wanted to experiment with women?”

Her jaw trembled as she said this and her eyes darted back and forth searching for my response.

“Honey, I love you. I’m sorry we haven’t been more open to each other. It’s seems so funny now that the things we’ve tried to hide are capable of bringing us closer together. I’d love to see you with a women and I’ve often fantasized about you being with another man.”

My emotions were so raw; I was shaking and crying by the time I finished. We hugged with a depth of feeling I didn’t know was possible.

“Isn’t it a great relief not to have secrets?” Christy asked.

Ana and I looked lovingly at each other, smiled sheepishly and nodded.

“Wonderful,” Christy exclaimed, “now the price for achieving this resolution is that Ed has to tap my mom’s and my ass occasionally. And Ana, us girls have got to take care of each another occasionally. All right?

“Ed, it’s time for you to go to your recliner and just watch. Mom and I are going to introduce Ana to some girl-on-girl action,” Christy said in a sultry voice.

As I moved to the chair swinging a boner that could cut glass, Christy patted the bed next to her and looked invitingly at my wife. Ana lay beside the nude Christy. Christy had her high beams on. Her beautiful orbs were sporting large brown erect nipples.

Ana smiled, but her nervousness was obvious to all. She was wearing a light pink robe tied around flannel pajamas. She was not wearing any make-up, her pretty face was pale, but her brown eyes sparkled.

“Don’t worry, Ana, we’ll be gentle,” Christy smiled affectionately and lovingly caressed Ana’s shoulder length brown hair. She then smoothed the labels on Ana’s robe and straightened the collar of her pj’s.

Eve moved to the other side of Ana. She too radiated warmth and love. Eve had a colorful silk robe over her nightshirt. Her small bosom was barely discernable. Her short pixie style haircut framed her face nicely.

Christy and Eve cooed over Ana. Speaking softly and complimenting her features, outfit and personality. They touched her frequently, but not in a sexual way. They would arrange her hair or massage her hands. They appeared to be in no hurry to disrobe her.

I found this style of love making utterly foreign and completely frustrating. My erect penis was throbbing. I, of course, was being totally ignored.

Christy and Eve moved down to Ana’s feet. They each gently picked up a foot and began caressing it. They rubbed her feet against their soft breasts and progressed into a foot massage. Minutes passed. Christy and Eve kept up their banter about how wonderful Ana was.

The lesbians slid up either side of Ana. They took turns kissing her lips, cheeks and neck. Their hands lovingly caressed Ana. Their hands journeyed down to her chest. erenköy escort They lightly touched her breasts through her clothes. Ana was warming to their actions. She was now relaxed, her cheeks had color and she sighed with pleasure.

Eve must have taken this beginning state of arousal as the signal to remove her clothes. Her uncovered B cups bounced about as she moved and her brown nipples crinkled up to points. I stood and moved against the wall across from the foot of the bed. This vantage point treated me to the up turned asses of mother and daughter. Both were hot. Eve’s butt was fuller, rounder with a dash of black hair and Christy’s teenage ass was athletic with a brown beard covering her snatch. I stroked my prick as I gazed upon the two alabaster beauties.

“May I undress you?” Christy asked formally.

“Uh ha, “Ana moaned.

Ana was undressed gracefully. I stared at her chest mounds and her sex. Was it my imagination or was there a glistening fluid present on her cunt?

“Your breasts are wonderful,” Eve said. She sucked one while Christy sucked the other.

“Oh my, your nipples are fantastic,” Christy spoke enthusiastically.

The women kissed, sucked and caressed Ana’s modest endowment. The women then took turns dragging their nipples across Ana’s breasts and stomach. Next they rubbed her down with their boobs including her face. It was almost a game for Ana to try and capture their nipples in her mouth as they buffed her face with their tits.

Ana appeared to enjoy everything. I could see her sex opening. Her labia were more pronounced, so was her scent. Her pussy was wet. She was not the only one creaming. Fluids trickled down the thighs of Eve and Christy. Pre-cum seeped out of my neglected pole.

“You pussy is so pretty,” Christy opined as she ran her fingers across Ana’s sex.

Eve put her nose to Ana’s crotch and took a deep breath and said, “Ana, your snatch smells divine. I’ve got to taste it.” And she did.

“Oh Christy! Try it. Her nectar is wonderful.”

Christy licked Ana up and down the full length of her slit three times and then she shoved her tongue as far as possible in Ana’s cavity. Her face came out beaming and covered with Ana’s secretions.

“Fabulous! Warm, wet and tasty. Everything I love in a woman.” Christy went back for seconds before moving back to Ana’s bosom. She toyed with Ana’s nipples while Eve dove in between Ana’s legs.

Eve was gently attacking the whole area. She kissed Ana’s thighs and sex. She caressed her soft inner leg as she sucked on her pussy lips. She assaulted her sister’s vagina with two fingers while humming on her clit. Ana was beside herself. She was moaning and groaning and grinding her hips into her little sister seeking relief.

I was spellbound. The scene was so much hotter than I imagined. Juice was pouring out of my wife’s cunt. She was begging for more from the women.

“Christy,” Eve said, “see if you can bring this beautiful woman some cheer. I’m going to check on the bystander.”

Eve pulled me to the sofa bed and had me lay on my back close enough to Ana that we could hold hands. Ana grasped mine firmly. Christy got between Ana’s legs and began fingering Ana’s “g” spot and licking her clit. Eve mounted me and said,

“This time I’m in charge. Fuck me hard, Ed.”

Eve’s pussy was sopping wet, we could immediately screw all out. She rode me hard, but she did not neglect the girls. She pulled and tweaked her sister’s nipples and rubbed Christy’s butt and back and even got a finger or two in her pussy. All the while complementing Ana saying,

“Ana, you’re so beautiful.”

“Ana, you look so hot.”

I admit it. I was the first to climax. The sights, sounds and the energetic cowgirl riding me pushed me over the edge. Ana and Eve came soon after. Each released a guttural call as their bodies froze up in ecstasy. Eve collapse on me, but summoned the strength to crawl over and to place her head on her sister’s heaving chest.

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