Living Large Pt. 02

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Chapter 6

Jenny must have dozed off for when she opened her eyes she saw that an hour had passed. She realized that Tim was awake and lying beside her with his hand on her breast. He had his head on his hand and was tweaking her nipple, staring at her large breasts. She smiled and grabbed his hand. “I guess I dozed off… sorry,” she apologized.

“It’s okay. I was watching you sleep.”

Jenny smiled. “Well, how was your first time?”

“Amazing,” he answered with his own smile. Then the smile faded and he said, “Could I… uh would you mind if I… if I… uh… looked at you.” His face turned red.

Jenny looked at him like she didn’t understand.

“I mean… I mean… you know, down there,” he added and looked between Jenny’s legs. “When… when we were… you know involved, I didn’t get much of a chance to look.”

She tried to hide her surprise. She didn’t know why but she felt blood rushing to her face making it hot. “Uh… yeah… sure if you want,” she answered, wondering why someone would want to stare at her down there.

Quickly, as if he thought that she was going to change her mind, Tim crawled between Jenny’s legs and got on his stomach, his face inches from her vagina.

Jenny allowed him to lift and then spread her legs. However, she was embarrassed by being so exposed. Then that feeling faded when she saw a look of wonder on Tim’s handsome face as he stared at her exposed sex.

“It’s beautiful,” he whispered almost to himself. Then he looked up at her. “I’ve seen them in video’s and in pictures but none had lips as large as yours.” Then he reached up and grabbed her breast, tweaking her long nipples. “Even your breast and nipples are the biggest that I’ve ever seen.” Then he said, “Everything’s big on you.” Suddenly he apparently realized how that sounded and he quickly stuttered an apology, “I mean… I like it… you’re very sexy.”

“It’s okay,” Jenny said and smiled. She realized that for the first time in her life she didn’t mind someone calling her “big”. She was big… “Big and beautiful”. She spread her legs even wider. When she felt Tim opening her lips, she realized that she was dripping from their previous coupling as well as renewed excitement. She said, “Let me to clean up.”

“No,” Tim responded without hesitation.

Jenny shrugged her shoulders in resignation. Then she closed her eyes, laid her head back and let him explore her. She could feel his fingers touching her here and there, opening her lips and exposing the nub of her clit and then squeezing the flesh around it. Within minutes she was trembling with excitement again.

Tim fondled her gently for a long time. Then he whispered, “Turn over.”

Jenny hesitated.

“I want to look at your ass.”

Jenny took a deep breath and turned over until she was on her stomach. Now she could feel Tim’s eyes on her ass. Her face flushed and she felt a tinge of embarrassment mixed with her excitement. She wasn’t sure if this would be comfortable for even a small woman.

“God,” she heard him whisper. Then she felt his lips on her ass cheeks. She giggled and then wiggled her butt when his tongue began to tickle the smooth flesh of her mounds. “Timmmmmmm” she gasped in surprise when he grabbed her ass with his hands and separated the cheeks. She could feel the cool room air on her most private part. Her little star puckered in reflex.

Suddenly, Tim pressed his face between her cheeks.

“Oh God,” she gasped when she felt his tongue begin to lick between her cheeks, from the top of her crack almost to her asshole. She couldn’t believe what she was letting this young boy do. Just a few short weeks ago she would have been horrified to have someone do something so intimate. Now she couldn’t deny how excited this nasty act was making her.

After a minute Tim whispered, “Lift up.”

Jenny looked back at him as she raised her hips. She saw him grab a pillow and push it under her raised hips. Now her mid-section was elevated. “What’re you doing?” she asked, almost ready to put a stop to this.

Tim’s answer was a smile. He moved back to his position between her legs and grabbed her ass cheeks again. This time he pulled them as far apart as possible.

Jenny was ready to panic as she felt his face move between her ass cheeks again. Suddenly she knew what he was about to do. Her conservative mind wanted to stop him, but then she remembered her commitment to herself to try anything… at least once. She took a deep breath and held it. A second later she gasped, “Oh my God.” The air rushed from her lungs as she felt the young man’s tongue searching for her tiny rear hole. “Tim,” she whispered almost pleadingly when she felt him trying to wiggle his tongue into her back passage.

Tim pulled his mouth from between her cheeks and said, “Relax.”

She tried but it was very difficult. She felt more pressure on her tiny rear hold from his searching tongue. Her sphincter muscle continued to resist. However, the pressure grew until his tongue slipped through. “Ahhhhhhheeeee,” she gasped as she felt her nether hole invaded and stretched by his probing tongue. It was so nasty, but yet she felt her vagina flooding.

Tim began to work bursa escort his tongue in and out as he held her cheeks wide.

In spite of her reluctance, Jenny’s hips began to squirm.

Tim pulled away and Jenny sighed. Was it a sigh of relief or frustration? She didn’t know. Then Tim crawled over her body and leaned close to her ear. His voice was almost shaking as he whispered, “Will… will you… do something for me?”

“What?” Jenny asked with uncertainty in her voice. She turned toward him and looked at his now red face.

“Uh… it’s always been a fantasy of mine,” he whispered shyly. Then he seemed to lose his nerve. “No… it’s okay.”

“No,” Jenny responded. “What is it?” She wondered what could be so bad that he was afraid to ask. God, he had already stuck his tongue up her ass.

“Would you… would you… uh… sit on… sit on my face,” he stuttered.

“Sit on your face?” Jenny said in a high pitched tone, her voice unintentionally showing her surprise.

“Sorry… I’m sorry… it’s okay.”

Jenny was silent for a few moments. What the hell, she thought, if it’s his fantasy. Who was going to know anyway? “All right.”

“Really,” Tim said as his face lit up.

“Sure, if that’s what you want, I’d be happy to.” How could she deny someone who had brought her so much pleasure already? Besides, it might be fun.

Tim stood up excitedly. “Come over here,” he said, pulling her off the bed and over to a cushioned chair. Then he sat down on the floor and leaned his head back.

Jenny looked at him with a question on her face.

“Turn around and sit down.”

She shrugged her shoulders again and turned around, placing her feet on either side of him. Slowly she backed up and squatted. A little gasp escaped her lips when she felt her still sopping pussy touch his face. She held her weight on her hands as she remained suspended over him.

Tim suddenly reached up and pulled on her thighs, forcing her to lose her balance and sit with all of her weight on his upturned face. “Ohhhhhh,” she gasped as her center enclosed his welcoming face. “Jesus,” she gasped when she felt his tongue begin to move on her now swollen lips. Still, she was afraid that she was going to smother him and tried to lift herself. However, his hands held her firmly until finally she gave up and decided to just enjoy it.

Underneath her she could hear that Tim was moaning in excitement. She could see his penis throbbing between his legs and knew that he was enjoying himself. This was almost too kinky for her but she thought if this is what he wants, then who was she to deny him. A smile came to her face and she began to move her hips in a circle. As her excitement grew, a thought came to her and she lifted herself off his surprised face.

“Don’t stop,” he pleaded with a sad face. He was covered with a combination of her juice and his.

“This isn’t that comfortable for me. Get on the floor on your back.”

Suddenly his face brightened and he hurried to comply. A second later he was lying on his back on the carpet, looking up at her.

“I need something to read,” Jenny said and went over and got her self-help book. She returned and straddled his head and squatted. She looked down at him and said, “So you like my big ass on your face?”

Tim was too excited to answer. Instead he just nodded his head.

“All right then, I want you to stick your tongue up my ass as I read my book.” She saw Tim tremble at her words. Suddenly she was trembling as well. She centered her ass on the young man’s mouth. When she felt his tongue at her ass this time, she relaxed her sphincter and let it slip easily into her. She lowered herself slowly with her hands on the floor until her ass cheeks met his face. Then she stretched her legs out in front of her and eased her hands from the floor. Soon, the poor boy’s face was buried in her fleshy bottom, snuggly wedged between her ass cheeks. She sighed, picked up her book and opened it to the chapter on assertiveness. She almost giggled as she wondered if this was what the author meant about being “assertive”.

Occasionally Jenny would move so Tim could breath and then she would glance back to make sure that he was still hard. Each time she saw that his penis was rock hard, pulsing and there was a steady stream of juice running down the shaft. She sighed and wiggled her hips, bringing another moan from between her cheeks.

After the boys tongue had been up her ass for quite some time, she decided that she needed her pussy taken care of again. She lifted up and looked down at his red face and smiled. “Open your mouth,” she ordered. When he did she directed her blood-engorged lips to his mouth. Her large inner lips were so swollen that his mouth was completely filled. “Suck me,” she stated flatly and sat down again. A sigh of pleasure escaped her as she felt him begin to suck and chew on the warm and wet flesh. Now she could no longer read her book as her state of excitement grew again. She began to shift her hips around until she centered her clit on his tongue. “Oh Jesus,” she gasped as another climax took her. Her body trembled and swayed as her movements threatened to make her fall from her perch. Her climaxing vagina bursa escort bayan released a torrent of juice into the boy’s sucking mouth. Somehow she maintained contact with his sucking mouth until her climax began to fade. When it did, she slowly removed her ass from his face.

“Oh my,” she gasped when she saw the state of the poor boy under her. His face was blood red and covered from forehead to chin in a sticky mess. “Are you okay,” she asked in a worried tone.

“I’ve never been better,” he smiled sheepishly. “Thank you.”

Jenny laughed and said, “I should be thanking you.” She turned and saw that his penis was still hard. “Stay where you are. I need another part of you.” With that she stood up and moved to his middle, straddling him. Like she had done to his face, she squatted. A moan escaped her lips when his penis touched her more than ready hole. Without preliminaries she sat down, taking him into her in one motion.

“Oh God,” Tim moaned as he felt her warm hole surrounding him.

Jenny wasted no time and began to move up and down on his shaft. She leaned forward and rested her large breasts on his chest, looking at his face. “You’re a mess,” she laughed. She brought her lips to his. “Mmmm, very tasty,” she giggled. Soon her tongue was moving in and out of his mouth like his penis was moving in and out of her other end.

This time, the coupling lasted a long, long time. The room echoed with their grunts of pleasure but no words were spoken… none were necessary. They were like to rutting animals, oblivious to everything but their mutual pleasure.

Jenny climaxed several times before Tim unleashed his second load into her. When they finally pulled apart, both of them needed a shower.

After the shower, Jenny walked Tim to the door. She had a towel wrapped around her and her hair was wet.

“You look beautiful,” Tim said. “Thanks for a wonderful evening.”

“You’re welcome. Mine wasn’t so bad either,” she smiled. Then she asked him if he wanted to stay the night. He surprised her when he said he had to get home or his mom would be worried. He kissed her one last time and waved goodbye.

Jenny watched him disappear down the hall before she closed the door and then leaned back against it and sighed. A quick pang of guilt rushed through her. He was so young, she thought. Then she told herself that he was of legal age and could choose for himself… besides, no one got hurt. Although several times she had worried that she was going to smother him to death. How would she explain that to the police? She laughed out loud as she walked slowly back to her room where she collapsed on the bed and fell into an exhausted sleep.

Chapter 7

It was raining “cats and dogs” as Jenny rushed into the work the following morning. However, the inclement weather had no effect on her bubbly mood. Her incredible evening with Tim was still fresh on her mind. She couldn’t believe what she had done or let be done to her. Besides that, she was truly amazed at how star struck the young man had been with her. He was young, well build and handsome. She, on the other hand was pretty, but no match for all the good-looking women at the agency. Then, she chastised herself for her negative thoughts. The author in her book had written that those kinds of thoughts were forbidden.

“Hi Tom,” she said as she rushed passed her boss to her office. She was fifteen minutes late because she just couldn’t seem to get going this morning.

“Hi Jenny. Can you come to my office later? I have some things I need you to do,” Tom said.

“Sure, let me get settled in. Is ten o’clock okay?”

“Fine,” the handsome man said and smiled.

Jenny sighed as she looked at her desk. It was a mess and she needed some quiet time catch up. However, just as she sat down, she heard a knock at her door. When she looked up, she saw Tim peeking into her office.

“Got a minute?” Tim asked.

Jenny hesitated as she thought of all the work she had to do but then she smiled. “Sure, come in.”

The young man stepped into her office and closed the door. “I just wanted to… to thank you again for last night.”

“You’re welcome.” Then she saw the young man start to say something and hesitate. “Is everything okay?”

“Yes, fine. I… I … uh… just wanted to… uh assure you that I’m not… not weird or anything.”

“What’d you mean?” Jenny said suddenly realizing what he was getting at.

“You know… me… uh asking you to… uh… sit on my… you know.”

Jenny put her hand over her mouth and giggled loudly. Then she saw Tim’s face turn red. She quickly composed herself and said, “Tim, what happened between us is between us. Besides, it takes two. If I thought it was too weird, I wouldn’t have done it. In fact, I thought that it was incredibly exciting.”

“Really?” Tim said with obvious relief.

“Absolutely. Anytime you want me to sit on your face, just ask,” she laughed. “In fact, I think I need a special chair so I will be more comfortable when I read,” she kidded. She got up and came around her desk and stood in front of him. “It was a wonderful evening. I don’t think I ever came so much in one evening, or for that matter, so intensely.”

Tim escort bursa smiled like a boy that had just hit the winning home run for his Little League team. “Me too.”

Jenny pulled him to her and they kissed gently. A second later it turned passionate. “Mmmm,” Jenny said as she wrenched herself from him. “Don’t get me started,” she said with a smile.

“Uh… would you… uh consider going out with me this Saturday night?”

“Well… uh…” Jenny said and hesitated… not because she didn’t want to go out with him but she was pretty sure he didn’t have a lot of money to take her out.

“That’s okay,” he added sadly.

“No… no. Listen, why don’t you come over to my place for dinner. I’m a pretty good cook you know.”

His face lit up and he said eagerly, “Great. What time?”

“Say about seven.”

“I’ll be there.” He kissed Jenny quickly again and left.

Jenny smiled as she walked back to her desk. Now maybe she could get to work.


Jenny sighed in frustration and picked up the phone.


“Jenny, this is Michael from the clothing store.”

“Oh, hi Michael.”

“I just wanted to check in on you and see how your new outfits are working out?”

“It’s been wonderful. You were right. The clothes seem to be opening doors for me.” At least bedroom doors, she thought.

“That’s great. I also wanted to let you know that we have some new styles in if you are interested.”

“I think I’ve spent enough money on clothes for a while.”

“I understand. We do have a shipment of the new thongs… the 4812’s. There supposed to be even more comfortable than the 4811’s.”

“Okay, I can afford that,” Jenny laughed. “Maybe I’ll stop by at lunch time.”

“Actually, I was wondering if you wanted to have dinner with me one night this week. My husband is out of town.”

“Uh… well, let me look at my calendar.” Jenny opened her calendar, trying to think of an excuse not to meet her. She remembered the way the older woman had touched her when she was buying the clothes. Then Jenny thought that she did seem like a nice lady and that it wouldn’t hurt to be friends with her… she might save a lot of money on clothes. “Tomorrow night looks good.”

“Great, I’ll pick you up at your place at 7:30.”

“Sure. See you then. Goodbye,” Jenny said and hung up, wondering if she had done the right thing.

No sooner had she put the phone down when the two cute guys from Marketing, Sean and Jack showed up at her door.

“Hey Jenny,” the taller one said.

Both of the guys were handsome and about twenty-seven. One had blonde hair and was at least six-two and the other had brown hair and was five-nine or so. They seemed to be a team and were always together. She sometimes thought that they might be gay.

“Hi Sean… Jack,” Jenny answered.

“Listen, we know that you’re busy but we were wondering if you would let us buy you a drink one night this week?”

“Uh… let me get back to you. I have a pretty busy week.”

“Maybe next week then.”

“Great,” Jenny said. “Now I got to get some work done.”

“See ya,” they both said and left.

Finally Jenny got a good hour of work before her phone rang again. This time it was Tom. She knew what he wanted and she figured she might as well get it over with.

Tom was sitting behind his desk when Jenny walked in. She closed the door and walked over to stand on his side of the desk. “I’m here to pay you the one I owe you,” Jenny said.

“Pay me what?” he said as if he didn’t know what she was talking about.

“Scoot back,” Jenny said, ignoring his supposed memory loss. She grabbed a cushion from his sofa and threw it down at his feet.

Tom sat in stunned silence as he watched Jenny get to her knees between his legs.

Without a word, she reached for his zipper and pulled it down. Then she reached inside and found his rapidly swelling penis. She looked up at him and said, “Pull your pants down so we don’t get them messed up… in case I dribble.”

Tom lifted up as if in a trance and pulled his pants and underwear down to his ankles. His penis was suddenly fully hard.

“Mmmm,” Jenny said as she stroked his now pulsing shaft. “So I guess I have to suck the boss’s cock if I want to keep my job, huh?” she laughed.

“Uh no,” Tom responded. “But it’d be very nice if you did,” he added.

“You mean I don’t have to do it?” Jenny teased as she held his penis up, running her hand up and down the shaft slowly.

“No… yes… I don’t know. Suck me,” he pleaded.

With excitement rising, Jenny pulled his penis to her mouth. She used her tongue to lick the shaft under the crown, teasing it with flicking motions. Then she circled her tongue around the head several times before lapping a drop of juice from the slit. She looked up and saw that Tom had his eyes closed and his head back. Jenny reached between his legs and lifted his large balls. She hadn’t paid attention to them the last time. She held them up and watched them move in her hand. Slowly she licked down the shaft, leaving a trail of her saliva behind, until she got to his large orbs. She opened her mouth wide and sucked one large testicle inside, her cheeks bulging. It felt strange as the hair tickled the roof of her mouth. Suddenly she realized the power she had at that moment. If she clamped down even a little bit, it could be very painful.

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