Let the Tantra Begin!

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Big Tits

Author’s note: Sarah, the college student and reluctant model, begins her affair with Paul the erotic photographer. Paul has spent several weeks convincing her to become his tantric student and tonight they begin their studies together. This is the first of two tantric sessions and the story is more sensuous in nature rather than being about wild sex. As always, I love hearing your comments.


She stared at the strange chair, not knowing what to make of it. It was at least six feet long, made of red leather and with exaggerated curves that didn’t look necessarily comfortable for sitting. Stranger yet, the chair was narrow—ridiculously narrow at barely a foot and a half across. She had never seen anything quite like it and wondered if in fact it was some strange type of conceptual art. She ran her hand along the leather upholstery; it felt nice to the touch. As she looked it over, she noticed how pristine the leather looked.

Sarah shook her head at the contraption when Paul came into the sitting room.

“What the heck is this, a recliner for very flexible anorexics?” she asked.

Paul laughed. “No, that’s a tantra chair; it makes it a little easier to practice certain sexual positions that would otherwise require a gymnast.”

Sarah quickly removed her hand from the chair’s leather and just stood there staring at the chair.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m not sure what is scarier: that they have a chair designed solely for tantra sex or that you own one?” Sarah asked.

“It’s more of a conversational piece, to be honest with you.”

“Just how does that conversation go?” Sarah asked.

“They shipped it here for a shoot I did, and it cost so much to ship back they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Want to try it?”

“Has somebody else christened this bad boy already?”

“Not naked; I’ve been saving the tantra for someone special,” he said.

Instead of feeling flattered by Paul’s comment Sarah felt the chair’s very existence bore mute testimony to Paul’s perverse appetites.

“Maybe I need to get one of these for the dorm,” she said.

She studied his eyes for a moment and then his handsome face. Paul had a rugged male face with a nose that was a perhaps little too large, and thick, dark brown hair with just a trace of grey speckles. He had grey eyes and a large muscular chest and was fairly tall compared to the diminutive Sarah.

In the other corner of the room was a device that looked like a saddle with a phallus sticking straight up from the middle of it. She recognized it as a Sybian and walked over to it.

“That’s a Sybian,” he said.

Sarah smiled and said, “I know what it is.”

“That’s just for show, actually an early prototype I bought as a collectible,” Paul said.

“Really? Did you get the original packaging—you know, being a collectible and all that?”

Sarah hesitated to touch it, not knowing what had ridden it previously.

Paul walked over to Sarah and kissed her. She fell into his arms and opened her mouth to receive his kiss. With her heels on, it was a little easier to kiss standing up.

“Before we make love, we’re going to begin our practice.”

“Where’s class?”

“Over here on this rug. Trust me.”

Sarah looked down at the beautifully ornate Persian rug.

“Here’s another gift for you,” Paul said, handing Sarah a box. She opened it; inside was a beautiful Chinese-style silk robe. Sarah picked the robe up and examined the colorful gold floral embroidery on the back.

“Thank you, Paul,” Sarah said. It was a little garish for her taste, and it screamed “fallen woman.” Still, the silk felt very sexy against her skin.

“Go ahead, get changed in the bathroom. And please use the fragrance on the counter.”

Sarah went into the bathroom and undressed, almost hating to take off the Jimmy Choos. She stood before the mirror and looked at her naked body. Not bad, she thought, though she was still underweight from not eating regularly. She looked at her breasts; they were a bit smaller from her forced diet, but they were real and probably her best attribute—at least, based on the reaction of her previous boyfriends. She was an honest and shapely 34C with large areolas and long nipples that looked dark compared to her pale skin. She liked her light green eyes, and they had an exotic Asian flare because of her eyelids being a little less pronounced. With her straight dark hair, pale skin and green eyes she could make quite an impression with the boys. But her face was a little too long to be considered very pretty—maybe attractive and even sexy, but by no means a beauty.

She saw a lone blue container on the counter and opened it. She took a small whiff and noted a light jasmine smell, güvenilir bahis but there was more. She read the label and it contained jasmine, patchouli, amber, and musk. She applied it to her neck, earlobes, and wrists before applying a small touch to her breasts and between her legs. She put the robe on; it was a little short, but the red silk accentuated her black hair and green eyes. Oh well, let the tantra begin. She noted a tightening in her lower hips. She wanted this.

When she returned to the room, the lights were turned down and she couldn’t see Paul. “Paul?”

“Over here, Sarah,” Paul said. He was already seated on the Persian rug surrounded by a number of brightly colored pillows and an intricately carved Indian table loaded with flickering candles. Paul waited for her attired in his own black robe; he stood up to greet her. In the background, some new age music played, and Sarah had to stifle a small grin at the setup. She examined the candles and noticed they were all new.

Paul was all about elaborate production values. Back in the dorms, a girl was lucky to get some takeout food and a trip back to campus for a quickie on a squeaky bed while the roommate slept in the same room. No, Paul was definitely going all out in his effort to impress her.

She went up to him and said, “Thank you for the robe.” Without her heels, she had to stand on her toes to kiss him lightly. He smelled like sandalwood.

“This is Indian Buddhist tantra, not the tantra of the ascetic Tibetan Buddhists; this is the true expression of the Middle Way, the way the Buddha told the laypeople of his day. Sexuality can lead to a higher level of spirituality. It’s about prana—energy—flowing through the universe and through the body. Here, sit down, face to face.”

Sarah sat down in a lotus position while trying to avoid exposing herself in the short robe. That was kind of comical, considering that Paul had been regularly photographing parts of her body even she wasn’t intimate with, but for some reason she felt this sense of false modesty was somehow necessary.

“Old religion is about holding back and being controlled by old men—old men, by the way, who couldn’t get a paid date. Tantra is about young men and women in search of their spiritual nature and not just blindly obeying a church. It’s about connecting to the energy of the universe. Like I said, I actually went to India and studied with a guru. Ah, tantra, so fulfilling, so tiring. I went to India to study with the maharishi.”

“How Beatlesque of you!” Sarah said.

“You do know the Beatles were before my time?” Paul said. “Ladali, the beloved, was a shudra, and she functioned as a guru with me. During our encounters, she was my yogini or karmamudra, that is, my sexual consort. She had an enormous clit, by the way.”

“Is that even relevant to our practices?” Sarah asked.

“Just drawing some mental images for you, that’s all. Let’s start with a small prayer or chant. We do with hands together in the Añjali Mudra positon and repeat the phrase ‘om mani padme hum.’ Remember, desire is pure; it tastes of reality.”

They chanted for a while until Paul stopped and said, “Next we go to breathing exercises with the pranayama. You know, some practitioners can get an orgasm from breathing alone. You’re familiar with this with your yoga practices, right? So this should be easy.”

Dear God! Oh no, not breathing exercises! He’s serious about being my teacher, my yogi, my guru!

“You’re serious about this? I mean, I just thought this was an excuse to get me to bed,” Sarah said.

“Of course I take this seriously. One yogini named Lak?mi?kara went off to practice tantric meditation and stayed in a crematorium for years before attaining her enlightenment. Her brother, the king, was her tantric consort, and student. When the townspeople derided her for having sex with her own brother, she cut off her own head. Then she personally paraded the head through town to demonstrate her enlightenment. Now that’s some serious commitment.”

“Cute story, but we’ll keep our heads on tonight, all right?”

“Remember, your body is borrowed from the universe; it’s all star-stuff, and it’s up to you maximize the potential of that borrowed body. Now let’s touch hands and fingertips,” Paul said.

Okay, at least they were touching now. His hand was much larger than hers, and she could feel the power of his body as their fingertips touched. She closed her eyes and focused all her attention on the sensation at her fingertips. He moved his fingertips in light, circular movements against her own in a way that somehow felt very sensual to her.

This went on for several minutes before Paul smiled and said, “Good, that was actually pretty intense for a first time. Let’s disrobe.” türkçe bahis

Sarah took her robe off, as did Paul, and she glanced between his legs. His magnificence was actually quite flaccid. Still, it was fairly long, symmetrical, and considerably thicker than the average cock while framed with neatly trimmed dark pubic hair. His manhood was magnificent, and so were his large testicles.

Paul began by rubbing her feet as Sarah laid back. Damn, that was relaxing.

“Your turn to rub my back,” Paul said. He was facedown on the rug, and Sarah began caressing his muscular back. His skin felt good, and she could feel the power in his shoulders. She liked the musculature of his upper arms and how tight he felt overall.

“Good, now we’ll concentrate on some chakras and release your kundalini or, as some call it, your aura. The first exercise is visual talking; sit over here and face the mirror for me,” Paul said.

Paul began touching her in front of a large, oval mirror, and she turned to kiss him.

“No, Sarah, concentrate,” he said in an admonishing tone as he returned to touching her. “Look how beautiful your breasts are, how inviting your nipples are.”

As he spoke, his hands lightly stroked the pale skin of her breasts, and then they moved to her dark nipples. With his forefingers and thumbs, he slightly pinched both nipples, and as he felt them harden, he lightly pulled them. She could feel the desire flow to the core of her very being.

When his hands moved to her legs, he spread them apart and exposed her labia as he stroked the sensitive skin of her inner thighs.

“Look in the mirror. See how beautiful you are,” he said. She watched in the mirror as his fingers began to play with her red lips, exposing her moist inner pinkness. Her clit was clearly aroused and protruding. His touch was electric, and Sarah could feel the liquid ardor rising between her legs.

“Any man or woman would want you—would want to make love to you.” His fingers descended to the sensitive skin between her labia and rosebud. “We call this the black tantra,” he said as he dipped his finger into her rosebud, eliciting a small gasp from her. It was just for a few seconds, but she could feel her vagina tighten with his touch.

“Go on your back.”

Sarah reclined with her legs slightly parted. He began massaging her labia and then entered her with a finger. First one finger, then a second, and each time Sarah shuddered with the touch. Soon she was groaning as his two fingers began stroking her wet vagina. Paul’s fingers were large, far larger and stronger than her own, and that sensation alone was enough to get her going. Paul removed his wet fingers and placed them near her mouth. She had never tasted a woman before, let alone herself, so she hesitated at first, but she was so horny she was willing to try anything with Paul. He traced her lips with his wet fingers. Sarah grabbed his hand, licking and then sucking both of the fingers together as she tasted herself. Not unpleasant, she thought, a bit sweet and musky.

Paul removed his fingers from her mouth and replaced them between her legs. But this time he twisted his fingers until they pointed upward, toward the front of her body. She knew right away what he was aiming for, and his fingers soon found it: her magical yet elusive G-spot! As the finger stroked, his thumb began rubbing against her enlarged clit, which was now quite sensitive.

As Sarah relaxed and received Paul’s caresses, she went through the clinical steps of female orgasm, something she used to recite during trysts with past boyfriends while staring up at the ceiling as she hoped and prayed for an orgasm. First, the excitement phase followed by the plateau stage and then finally, yes, the orgasm. Well, she was definitely past the plateau stage since her labia were swollen from desire and she felt ever-so-wet. Her orgasm rose, causing her to press her legs tightly together around his hand, and she began arching her back. He had increased the pace of his stroking.

The sensations were very different from Sarah’s usual masturbatory orgasm. Instead, it was a shattering, wet orgasm as his fingers plunged in and out of her vagina. She tried to retreat from his hand, but his other hand pinned her hips to the floor and held her in place. He was having his way with her body, especially with her vagina.

As she writhed, her body began to sweat, adding a sensuous sheen to her skin. She just couldn’t get away from his probing fingers; she was being totally dominated by this large man and his strong hands. Sarah had never experienced a total loss of control before, making the sex sweeter for her as she wiggled and softly cried with his continued stroking.

“Oh, oh, please stop; it’s too much, Paul,” güvenilir bahis siteleri she cried out. Paul stopped for a moment and looked her directly in the eyes. He just smiled at her as if to say he knew she didn’t mean it. Clearly, he was going to ignore her protests and his fingers continued their relentless caress.

She could only surrender and moan as her entire body trembled with his aggressive probing. She was having a deep and very wet vaginal orgasm, far different from her normal clitoral orgasms, seemingly focused deep in her pelvis. Paul continued stroking her quivering pussy with his fingers until her limbs went limp.

After her body stopped trembling, she rested on her side for a few minutes while Paul’s finger gently traced lazy lines on her back. That was nice, but she wanted more, she wanted to take him in her mouth. She got on her knees and reached for his hard penis. She began massaging his member, taking care to move from the base to his tip. It felt large and solid in her hand. As she observed, a drop began forming at the tip, and she massaged the sticky fluid with the tip of her fingertip. She had never enjoyed the taste of cum and, in fact, sometimes thought of fellatio as a necessary obligation instead of being pleasurable. But this time, she wanted to taste her partner, to taste both his skin and sperm, to feel his penis throb in her mouth. Something had changed in her; the old rules and inhibitions no longer applied. She no longer felt compelled to be a passive recipient of lovemaking from a man; instead, she wanted more. She wanted to initiate sex. Sarah wanted a sense of control over her lover as she played with his body, watching him get hard and watching it twitch as she gave him pleasure.

He took her hand and pulled her away from his cock.

“Are you ever going to cum?” she asked, a little disappointed.

“Of course I will—that’s part of tantra—but first I’m building up. Not tonight. You’ll see me cum—big time. I promise.”

“Do your magic tantra fingers work with all the girls?”

“That’s not important at all. What is important is that it worked with you.”

“Damn, you should bottle that. I’m so relaxed I could pose with Jack the Ripper.”

“Hmm, that gives me an idea for next week.”

“What? I don’t like the sound of that.”

“You’ll see, now come over here and get your oxytocin,” he said as he hugged her. His big arms felt good wrapped around her body. The feel of his skin was so good—so good that she promptly fell asleep in his arms.

Gulls cried as they soared in the light morning breeze. The sun crept into the room as a gentle ocean breeze moved the curtains. Sarah awoke to find herself in the large bed alone. She peeked under the covers and saw she was naked and horny. She turned over on her side, put a pillow between her legs, and started rubbing against it. It felt good, but she wanted to save herself for Paul, and she was disappointed he wasn’t there to share the morning with her.

She looked at the clock and saw it was almost ten o’clock. Shit, she had been asleep more than ten hours. Did he spike her food or drink, or was this a mental exercise by a master? Damn, he would have been great during Victorian times as a doctor treating women with hysteria!

She ran to the bathroom, cleaned up a bit, put on a t-shirt over her panties, and headed downstairs, but Paul was nowhere to be found. Alyce was already in the kitchen, dressed and in makeup, as she looked her over while commenting, “Look at you with that serious bedhead. Had a big night out with Paul?”

“I did, thank you,” Sarah said with a smile as she surveyed the kitchen for coffee. “Where’s Paul?”

“Oh, he got called away this morning—big problems with a West Coast video shoot. He had to fly out to L.A. to clean up the mess. He told me to apologize to you for not being here. So, are you going to tell me what happened last night? I want details.”

“No, not likely. It was a fun night, though. What’s happening out in L.A.?”

Damn, Paul was gone, and so was the rest of her weekend. She had to go back to her land of darkness.

“Paul is trying to make a silent porn film,” Alyce said.


“Yeah, it’s something he wanted to try, knowing that most of the girls can’t act for shit. Are you going to hang out today?”

Sarah shook her head and went to get her stuff. In ten minutes, she was ready to take off and said goodbye to Alyce, hoping to catch an early ferry out.

“Hey, forget something?” Alyce asked.

“No, what?”

“Jeez, get your head out of your ass. You want to get paid for the shoot, right?”

Oh yeah, getting paid. She was so bummed by Paul’s early departure. Wow, she really missed his company.

She returned to the dreaded dorms. During the summer, the dorms were warm, smelly, and populated with the rejects from the Island of Misfit Toys. She hated the dorms. When she arrived, the few remaining freaks came out from their rooms to greet her.

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