Leelee Ch. 02

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Chapter 02

The woman is caged

Lee Ann had to do something. What had started out as an embarrassing situation rapidly turned into a dire humiliation. She had never been able to assert herself, tending to avoid confrontation by justifying a compromise as being diplomatic. This time it wasn’t a superior position she had taken, it was weak and so very wrong.

Emerging from the shower, Lee Ann rehearsed a little speech, hoping to sound confident and determined. It was difficult to think straight, while suffering from the shock of behaving so badly. Having to wash sperm from her face and thighs was so demeaning, it took a great effort to regain some composure, when all she wanted to do was run and hide. If she had something to wear she would have run all the way across town to her apartment.

She took a deep breath to steady her nerves. With head held high she marched into the bedroom, still hoping Maria wouldn’t be waiting. No such luck. The girl was there, smiling at her.

Standing in the doorway, Lee Ann put her hands on her hips, trying to strike a defiant pose. Not hiding her body was meant to show she could cope with being naked.

“I’m going home. I won’t stay here to be insulted. You don’t want someone to share your apartment, you want a maid. I’m a mature woman, so you should treat me with respect. Your just a young girl, so cant order me around like a lowly maid. I’m not your little plaything to be manipulated. I’m a grown woman,” Lee Ann forcefully stated.

She glared at Maria, daring her to disagree.

“Well, if that’s what you really want, then go,” Maria said, with a shrug of her shoulders.

They looked at each other, waiting for the other to make a first move.

“You had better get dressed, or you’ll be arrested,” Maria smirked.

This was unexpected, though she hadn’t dare think how the girl might react. Maria stood aside, revealing clothes had been laid out on the bed. Not wanting to get too close to the big strong girl, she sidled toward the bed. A quick glance showed they weren’t too bad, though they weren’t her clothes.

She glared at Maria, who took a step backward, giving her room.

She didn’t care what the girl had chosen for her, just so long as she could get home. Still wary of the girl she snatched up what looked like underwear. It was a stretchy nylon body-stocking. Like a pair of tights she pulled it over a foot. In a nervous hurry to get dressed, she tumbled, and Maria caught her.

“You’re such a silly little thing, where do you think you are going?” Maria asked.

“Home, to my apartment!” Lee Ann said, with a wavering voice. The firm grip on her shoulders was a reminder how strong and powerful the girl was. The patronising tone of voice threatened to push her into that familiar, dreadful state of submission.

“Without the taxi fare, or keys to get in?” Maria sympathetically stated.

“Just so long as I’m away from here,” Lee Ann quietly stated. Defiance was hard to maintain in the face of such a dominating figure.

“You don’t have an apartment to go to, the lease has been terminated. I paid three months rent, as per the agreement, with one of your cheques,” Maria stated. “The keys have been handed back. Don’t worry little girl, I told you I would look after you,” Maria soothingly said, while still holding onto her.

Lee Ann shivered in fear. If this was true, there was no place to escape to. She didn’t have enough money for a new lease, and what she did have wouldn’t last long, even in a cheap motel.

“I have to go,” Lee Ann whispered, more to herself than Maria.

“Don’t be silly, Leelee. The way you behaved this morning was so very bad. If you leave you’ll end up whoring on the streets. Your such a naughty little thing. I’ll look after you, and make sure you behave yourself,” Maria firmly stated.

She didn’t need reminding of that disgusting incident in the sex store. It kept resurfacing into her mind, threatening to shatter her existence. She was about to apologise to the girl, only just biting back the words. Why should she have to account of her actions to this harridan?

“You don’t have any clothes, girl, besides what I give you. I threw out all those old fashioned dowdy outfits you brought here. You can’t even dress yourself without falling over. You need me to look after you,” Maria strongly spoke.

She sat on the bed, still holding onto Leelee, positioning the little thing before her.

“Grip my shoulders, come on naughty girl, do as your told, quickly,” Maria demanded.

“Lift your foot, now the other one,” Maria cajoled her. Pulling the sheer nylon up the woman’s legs, she tugged it into place, lifting her up onto tip toe. Smoothing the edges of the split crotch, she smiled at the miserable looking woman.

“There, there, Leelee, don’t look so sad,” Maria gripped her chin in one hand, and pinched a cheek with the other. “Little Leelee’s mistress will look after her little pet girl. Don’t worry your silly little head about a thing. casino oyna Mistress will take care of everything, you’ll see.,” Maria soothingly spoke, while stroking her hair.

She tugged the stretchy nylon up her torso, purposely shaking her around like a rag doll. Manoeuvring her pet’s breasts into the openings, she pinched one nipple then the other.

“You like that don’t you, little Leelee,” Maria condescendingly cooed.

The body-stocking was sheer, fitting like a pair of tights, covering from toe to neck, yet revealing everything that shouldn’t have been.

“Stand there like a good little girl, so your mistress can take look at you,” Maria demanded.

Leelee felt stupid having been outmanoeuvred yet again. With nowhere to go, it seemed she was stuck there. Wearing the lewd body-stocking was worse than being naked. The feelings of oppression once more engulfed her, as tightly as the outfit. The outfits openings left her body vulnerable, reflecting how she felt inside.

More than ever she felt small and fragile, like a delicate vase balanced on the edge of a high shelf.

“Well! What’s this? Didn’t I tell you to shave? What have you to say for yourself, little Leelee?” Maria demanded.

“Oh! Sorry, mistress,” Leelee murmured. So deep into a depression was she, it was difficult to bring her thoughts to the present. The warnings were clear, but she failed to recognise them.

“This afternoon you let those men fuck you, like the dirty little bitch you are. You deserved a spanking for that, but I let it go, knowing you needed a stricter training,” Maria growled at her.

Leelee recoiled from the harsh words, almost falling at the girls feet. It was impossible to forget what happened, and that she had let it happen. Being helpless, in a high state of arousal, and cowed into submission, was no excuse.

“Oh, mistress, I’m sorry mistress,” Leelee whined, now waking up to the danger she was in.

“You come in here telling me you want to leave, when you can’t even look after yourself. Your such a slut you would wander off with anyone, if I didn’t look after you. Just look at the state of that pussy,” Maria scolded her.

“Sorry, mistress,” Leelee tried to apologise, only to be cut off.

Maria grabbed a handful of hair dragging the woman over her lap. She slapped the nylon glad bottom a stinging stroke with a big black hand.

“Please mistress, I’m sorry mistress, I won’t be naughty again, honest. Please don’t spank me, please mistress,” Leelee squealed.

It was so very satisfying spanking an adult. Maria was nearing nineteen, and could clearly remember being hit by her mother and father. The spanking was a demeaning punishment for this mature woman, especially so, when over the knee of a teenager. Maria would make sure she regularly transgressed, so as to administer plenty of spankings.

“Please don’t hurt your little Leelee, mistress,” she whimpered, and squirmed over the young girls lap.

“Ouch! Owww! Please mistress!” Leelee wailed and begged.

After several hard slaps her new pet succumbed. She was once more willing to obey. Maria pulled the woman round to sit on her lap, and cuddled the bawling little pet.

“Now then, little Leelee, little pet girl,” she cooed, while stroking her.

“Stop that crying, right now. Behave yourself, pet,” Maria demanded. She pulled one of her large breasts from under the t-shirt, and shoved it into the woman’s face. “Come on pet, suck on my tit,” she encouraged the woman.

Leelee sobbed dryly as she sucked on a large rubbery teat. It shouldn’t have been, but it was comforting. She had never been sexually interested in another woman, yet this girl had turned her world upside down. There seemed no choice, except to learn to enjoy pleasing her mistress.

Having the other nipple presented to her, she licked it, then sucked it into her mouth. It felt natural and a calming. She felt like an infant being fed by a generous mother.

Eventually Maria pulled her breast from the pet’s mouth to rub a pair of big wet breasts over its face. Pushing the pet to its feet, Leelee stood hunched over, looking demure and chastened. After all that she had been put through that day, it was no wonder she capitulated so easily.

“Are you ready to dutifully obey your mistress, Leelee?” Maria asked, with a serious and concerned tone to her voice. It was pitched just right, sounding like a concerned parental figure, designed to push the woman into accepting a submissive role.

“Yes, mistress. Leelee is sorry mistress, it won’t happen again, honest! Leelee promises to be a good little girl, and do as she is told,” Leelee sincerely pledged.

She swung her hips from side to side, looking up at her mistress through long eyelashes, in an obvious attempt to placate her. With one foot before the other, she struck a pose more suited to a schoolgirl than a mature woman.

Maria looked her up and down, with a smile on her face. She was encouraging the behaviour wanted, as well as smiling slot oyna from recognising the signs of defeat. The mature woman was regressing into a teenager, looking up to her as the dominant female.

This had been accomplished before, with girls her own age, but this was so much more satisfying. It all started as an accident, with a fellow student who hung around for protection. Trying it again with someone she worked with, revealed a useless talent. Unable to keep two acolytes around, it turned from a game into a business venture.

Leelee began using her new name, once more succumbing to her mistresses domination. She felt like a naughty little girl, standing before a powerful parent. The girl was big and strong, which compounded the dominating power she wielded.

Leelee had tried to assert herself, and attempt an escape, only to dismally fail. She had been outsmarted at every turn by this young girl, leaving her feeling stupid. Her mistress had been right, she couldn’t cope, and needed looking after. Having her clothes chosen for her, and being dressed like a little girl, firmly pushed her into a submissive role. She knew it, but couldn’t do a thing about it.

Leelee prepared snacks for her mistress and guest. Laying out the dishes on the kitchen table, she made sure everything was to hand. Looking around the modern new kitchen, she gave no thought as to how a young girl could afford such a swish apartment. She had firmly pushed to the back of her mind the prospect of being sold in a slave auction, which would have given her a clue.

Leelee undid the frilly apron, poured a cocktail, and walked into the lounge. “Your cocktail, mistress,” Leelee demurely said, holding out a tray.

“Thank you, pet,” Maria smiled. In way of dismissal she carried on looking through the papers she had been studying. Out of the corner of an eye she could see Leelee in a state of confusion. She was obviously wondering whether to return to the kitchen, or wait for a command. Unable to make a move, in case it was wrong enough to deserve a smack, she just stood there.

Her pet was learning patience. The doorbell rang. Maria gave it a moment before saying anything, while Leelee fidgeted. She was dressed in nothing but the body-stocking, hoping for permission to wear something over it.

“Well? Answer the door, pet,” Maria imperiously commanded.

“Yes, mistress,” Leelee replied. She hesitated, hoping for a reprieve, only the fierce look was enough to set her on her way. She quickly left the room, slowing down on the approach to the door. What if it were someone unexpected? Opening the door to a stranger, with all her bits showing, would be horrendous.

“Hi!” Gemma laughed, and barged in, rubbing against the woman as she passed.

“Hello, miss,” Leelee stammered. Her mistresses friend was expected, but now she was here it was a bitter prospect, having to serve these two young girls. She knew the evening would be torturous and demeaning, and not only because she was practically naked.

“Take my coat then,” Gemma offhandedly said.

“Yes, miss,” Leelee responded. She helped the girl out of her coat, and hung it up. She followed the girl into the lounge, feeling nervous and shy.

After the usual greetings and air kisses, they settled down making themselves comfortable. Leelee knew her position, so stood by with a drinks for her mistress and guest.

“What do you think of my new pet?” Maria asked.

“Nice! Lovely pair of tits. I thought you liked them shaved,” Gemma commented.

“Don’t mention that! It’s been punished, haven’t you naughty little girl,” Maria stated.

“Yes, mistress,” Leelee replied, almost choking with embarrassment.

“Turn around, let’s see if your ass is still red,” Maria casually said.

It was humiliating displaying her bare crotch on the whim of a young girl. Bent over before them, she could feel her lips lewdly pushing between her thighs. The split crotch showed off her little puckered brown hole too.

They made her pose there while they discussed her body. The sheer nylon didn’t hide much either. It was so tight it looked and felt like a second skin. At last she was sent off, to scuttle away into the kitchen.

Leelee braced herself against the kitchen table, breathing heavily, only just holding back hot tears of humiliation. She selected one of each snack, placing them neatly on plates, then the plates on a tray. She walked back in, careful not to spill anything, and stood waiting. They were talking animatedly about someone, though Leelee was too wrapped up in her own troubles to hear.

“Give!” Maria commanded.

Once the snacks were handed out, Leelee had to curtsey to them both. Hoping to retreat to the kitchen, she waited to be dismissed.

“On hands and knees, pet. Here!” Maria demanded, with a finger pointing between her feet.

In trepidation Leelee crawled to her mistress. Her head was lifted for fingers to roughly push a snack into her mouth. On hands and knees, she was being fed like canlı casino siteleri a pet bitch!

“Sit up and beg. Open your mouth, pet,” Maria said. She threw a cocktail sausage at her pet, and they both laughed when the pet caught it and swallowed.

“Thank you, mistress,” Leelee volunteered, to avoid being punished.

Maria held up a finely cut triangle sandwich of pate. “Bark, little pet, come on pet, bark,” Maria encouraged.

“Woof, woof,” Leelee barked. It wasn’t loud enough or earnest enough, so she had to repeat the demeaning sounds until they were satisfied. On her haunches, with arms folded up and hands dangling, she barked for scraps from their plates.

Leelee crawled from one to the other, barking to be fed. After fetching more food from the kitchen they eventually tired of the game.

“What do you think of the pet now?” Maria asked.

“A natural submissive, and well trained,. It makes a good pet,” Gemma laughed.

Leelee cringed from their cruel comments, knowing how true they were made it all the more shameful.

“Crawl over to Gemma, there’s a good pet. Feel its tits. Leelee likes them pinched,” Maria informed her friend.

Gemma pushed both hands up under the woman, to feel her dangling breasts. She weighed and pumped them, then pinched the nipples.

“Wow! They swell up so big! Is she getting wet?” Gemma asked.

“See for yourself,” Maria chuckled.

Leelee turned around to present her pussy to the young visitor. She was only eighteen, and should have shown respect to an older woman. Leelee was twenty-six, yet she was being roughly handled by a pair of callous adolescents. She felt like a pathetic little pet, being stroked and played with.

“Wow! Her lips swell up big too,” Gemma laughed, and began to stroke the pets pussy.

Leelee felt a finger enter her sex, and let out a low moan. More humiliating than anything, was a realisation that the disgrace was turning her on. She was being corrupted into becoming a sex toy, for these two girls to play with. All her morals had been stripped away to leave a pliant doll, ready to be dressed, fed, and fingered. She lifted her hips to the girl, arching her back, pushing her aching sex onto the exploring fingers, revealing she needed to be mounted.

“Her clit has swollen up. It’s so big and hard,” Gemma giggled.

She rubbed the woman’s clitoris with her thumb, enjoying the muted guttural sounds the pet voiced. Two fingers easily pushed in to investigate as deeply as she could. Wetting the fingers of the other hand in the woman’s pool of juices, she began circling her asshole with a wet finger.

The pet was pushing back, unashamedly taking as much as was on offer. Her ass was in the air, with legs spread, rhythmically rocking back and forth on her knees. Gemma pushed a finger into the woman’s ass, at first halting the movements. The pet soon started pushing back, taking a finger all the way up her ass. She began a frantic movement, obviously ready to orgasm.

“Stop her, she mustn’t cum yet,” Maria warned.

Gemma griped her crotch tight with both hands, preventing the manic rocking motion. Maria pulled up a chair in front of her pet. She took hold of her face and guided it into her crotch.

“Lick, little pet,” she commanded. “You can only cum when I say,” Maria warned her.

Leelee couldn’t help herself, she licked and sucked on her mistresses pussy, while the girl worked her pussy and ass so very hard. Between mistresses lips, with a tongue reaching inside a wet hole, Leelee let loose a wailing, bitchy whine.

Maria thrust her crotch into Leelee’s face, rubbing her pussy and asshole over the woman’s nose. She cum with a satisfying rumbling groan. Her bottom sank onto the chair, and she nodded to her friend.

Gemma worked the pet hard, rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy. Inside both the vagina and asshole her fingers rubbed and twirled, dancing around, almost touching.

Leelee raised her head back and voiced an orgasm with an animal like scream. She flopped flat onto the floor, sated and exhausted. Her mistress rolled her over with a foot.

“Don’t get your sticky juices on my carpet pet,” she warned.

Leelee couldn’t speak, while breathing heavily, deeply sucking air in great gasps. She had never had such a deep orgasm, and was almost knocked unconscious by the experience. These two young girls had much more experience than she ever had.

They discussed her while she recovered, though she heard nothing, but the pounding of a thumping heart in her ears.

“Come on, pet. Gemma’s turn,” Maria commanded.

Leelee crawled to her mistresses friend, to drop her head into the waiting crotch. Gemma lifted her hips to the edge of the seat, getting the woman to lick her ass. Moving her crotch over the woman’s tongue she wriggled her pussy over her nose, riding it like a small penis.

“Use your fingers,” she demanded.

Maria got behind her pet, to massage her lips. With light strokes over thighs and lips, she soon worked her up. Keeping her on edge, she smiled at her friends look of pleasure. Her pet was responding with more intense licks and strokes to Gemma’s pussy. Gemma responded with moans as the pet found her clit and nibbled upon it.

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