Law 256: The Legality of Desire

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The week before final exams. I had only been teaching at the law school for a couple of years, but it already felt like I had been doing it forever. It still felt great to go in and train a new crop of lawyers to send out into the world. It seemed odd to some that I could be a law professor at such a young age, but I was teaching evidence for a trial advocacy program, so the school was more interested in whether or not I knew my stuff and had experience as a successful lawyer. Since I did and wasn’t worried about getting paid a fortune, the school jumped at the chance.

I sat behind a table at the front of the classroom on a small raised platform. The seats were arranged in a slowly sloping stadium style, long curving tables punctuated by revolving chairs bolted to the floor. Today’s class would likely be short because everyone wanted to go and study for final exams. I wasn’t too concerned about my students, although a few didn’t seem to understand the class as well as I would have expected. I would have offered assistance to those students, but all grading was done anonymously and I had no idea who was in trouble and who was excelling. The school was concerned with professors playing favorites, so students had to willingly tell their professors what their grades were if they wanted to get help and explanation for the work and exams that were given.

My students quietly filed in and took their seats for one of their final classes. They were all dressed as you would expect students to be dressed, jeans and sweatshirts, the occasional t-shirt or sweater. All except for one. Her name was Isabella, although everyone called her Bella. She was dressed in a blouse that appeared to made out of silk, with the top three buttons undone. This was tucked into a skirt that came down to her knees and almost seemed to dance as she walked down the aisle. She always sat in the front row, although I had never seen her dressed like that. I had always managed to avoid seeing my students as anything but students, but with Bella it was always difficult. The only way to describe her was stunning. She had dark, lustrous hair that was pulled up into a ponytail today. Her eyes shone, almost as if they were filled with diamonds or stars and her smile could light up a room. Although her face could inspire poets, I must confess that I would occasionally have somewhat baser thoughts about her body as well. Bella possessed some of the most luscious and feminine curves I had ever seen.

Her legs were long and supple, her hips beautifully curved, but of all her curves, her breasts were by far the most magnificent. Her breasts were full and round and seemed to have the ability to nearly defy gravity. Although she always wore a bra (at least as far as I could tell) I had no doubt that she could easily go without. It was her breasts, in combination with her blouse that caused my breath to catch in my throat as I saw her. I tried my best not to look and calmed my mind, trying desperately not to allow any reaction to her incredibly beautiful form to show on my body.

She took her seat and I began class, going through the details of the upcoming exam, studiously attempting to avoid her gaze. I finished by handing out a review guide and asked the class to look it over and to ask me any questions they might have before they left. After handing it out, I sat down at my desk and looked over the class to see if anyone seemed to have any particular trouble. At this point, I made the mistake of looking at Bella again.

She seemed to be totally engrossed in the guide as my eyes fell upon her. With each breath, her blouse seemed to stretch with the most entrancing cleavage showing where her blouse buttons were undone. She tapped her pen against her teeth as she flipped through the pages as I looked at her. She glanced up and saw me looking, which caused me to blush slightly. She smiled, and then proceeded to slip the tip of her pen between her lips and I thought I could see the slightest glimpse of her tongue. I wasn’t sure what I was seeing, part of me hoping she was trying to tease me, part of me worried she was just trying to put me into an intractable situation that she could use to her advantage. I had never met with her outside of class, so I had no idea what kind of woman she was.

All I knew was that I was finding her remarkably intoxicating and was glad I was sitting behind my desk so she couldn’t see the effect she was having on me and how tight my slacks felt. She looked back down at her guide and my eyes drifted over her body, down to her legs, at which point she parted them slightly, and I could have sworn that I saw no panties, but just a pair of silky smooth thighs moving up to an equally smooth pussy. I tried desperately to tear my eyes away, worried that my desire for her would show too well when I tried to stand up. As I practically stared at this vision of femininity I illegal bahis watched her hand slowly slide underneath the desk and push her skirt up her thigh. I had a perfect view of that closely shaved pussy as she slowly dragged her finger over her clit. My heart practically caught in my throat as I watched her slip one, then two fingers into her pussy. I could almost see her juices glistening on her fingers as she slid them slowly in and out. My cock was painfully swollen by this point as I tried to imagine just how tight she would feel and how I longed to feel her womanhood envelop me completely. Finally, I looked away and took a series of deep breaths, not sure if I had just seen her coming on to me, or if she had just not noticed that I couldn’t take my eyes off of her as she pleasured herself in my classroom.

As my students started to file out, I leaned back in my chair behind my desk, closing my eyes, longing to picture Bella in my mind in the privacy of my office, or perhaps my bedroom, my thoughts of her growing steamier and more intense with each moment. I tried to stop myself, knowing that I could feel my shaft growing and swelling, and yet enjoying the feel of it, aching to wonder what it would feel like to slip my cock deep inside her, filling her up, her body shaking with the power of every thrust. In a moment, however, my reverie was interrupted as heard a woman’s voice say, “excuse me.” I looked up and saw Bella standing in front of me. Because my desk was on a raised platform, it took everything I had not to blatantly stare down her blouse and drink in that intoxicating vision.

“I have quite a few questions with this guide, and I haven’t been doing very well on any of the work so far. I was wondering if I could meet with you in your office later today.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to just talk now?’

“We should really talk in private. I’m a little embarrassed by it.”

“Of course Bella. Three this afternoon?”

“That would be perfect. Thank you so much Professor!” She quickly turned and gathered her things from her seat. She bent over slightly, her skirt rising up her thigh, placing more of her flawless skin on display. That sight alone was too much for me to bear, requiring me to sit behind my desk for a few more moments as my swollen and insistent cock slowly began to soften and shrink back to its more manageable size. Finally, everyone in my class had left and I gathered my books and papers to bring them up to my office on the sixth floor.

My office was what you would expect of a fairly new teacher, even if I had been granted tenure already. (Quite early for tenure I might add.) The office was small and filled with a number of books, many of them part of the research I was doing for a new paper that I hoped to publish next semester. My desk was mostly empty, although it had a few knickknacks that I had gathered from my work as a lawyer and my time as a law student. I sat down in my leather back chair and looked up at the clock. It was already two-fifty in the afternoon, so I decided to close my eyes for a few minutes to relax a bit before Bella arrived. Just as I was about to doze off, I heard a soft knock on the door.

“Professor?” I looked up to see Bella standing in the doorway, her hands folded in front of her, her backpack strapped over both shoulders. The backpack pulled back slightly on her blouse, causing her breasts to strain against the buttons on the soft fabric. I took a deep breath as I looked at her, noticing her passing resemblance to the sexy schoolgirls that populated the dreams of teenage boys around the world, as well as quite a few men. At this moment, I definitely understood the appeal. I pushed that thought out of my mind though, trying to remain a cool, detached professor; definitely not wanting to violate any code of ethics.

“What can I do for you Bella?” She stepped into my office and closed the door behind her. Normally students kept my door open because my office can get warm and stifling, but given she said her problem embarrassed her a little, I didn’t find it odd. After this, she sat down with her legs crossed and handed me a printout of the grades she had received in my class so far.

“What exactly is the problem? These grades are quite good. Exemplary really.” While I was looking at the printout, she had stood up and locked the door. Upon hearing the click of the lock, I looked up at her a little confused.

“Professor, the truth is that my problem isn’t my grades. That was just an excuse to get in here.” She looked down for a moment and raised her hands up to slowly undo one more button on her blouse. “I’ve just really wanted to thank you and tell you how attractive I think you are. I know you think I’m attractive too because I saw you watching me in class. Did you like the little show I put on for you?” Through all of this, she had an incredibly seductive smile illegal bahis siteleri on her face, as if she knew how incredibly hot she was and the effect that she was having on me.

Her comments served to raise more than just the temperature in the room as my cock began to stir in my slacks. I was torn between looking into her eyes to see if she meant what she said and enjoying the view that was being presented to me. Bella’s skirt seemed slightly shorter than it was earlier that day, each breath she took pushed her breasts against her blouse, her bra straining to hold in that gloriously curved chest. I knew if I didn’t take action now I might not be able to prevent something from happening, so I stood up quickly, forgetting the effect that her body was having on me.

“Bella, you really shouldn’t be doing this. We really shouldn’t be doing this.” I started to move for the door, but she put her hand on my chest and looked into my eyes.

“Professor, you may not think we should do this, but part of you is certainly interested.” She smiled and continued to look into my eyes as her hand slowly moved down my body. I could see passion burning in her eyes as her fingers lightly caressed my now painfully swollen cock through the fabric of my slacks. I involuntarily shuddered at her touch and I licked my lips as I looked at her. She placed her palm flat against my shaft and licked her lips. “I think we really both want to do this.” With that, she undid the rest of the buttons on her blouse and slipped it off of her body. Then, without taking her hand from my throbbing cock, she knelt down in front of me and only then used both of her hands to undo my belt and slide my slacks down to my ankles. She followed by slipping off my underwear, freeing my cock, practically springing out into her face. On the head was a single glistening drop of precum, a drop that Bella was eyeing greedily as she leaned forward and licked off of the tip. The feel of her tongue sent shudders through me and I knew that I couldn’t control myself any longer. I knew that I had to enjoy every pleasure that Bella had in mind for me.

I leaned back against my desk as I felt Bella’s lips engulf my cock. The feel of it made my eyes practically roll into the back of my head, her tongue tracing up and down the large vein in my cock, each flick of her tongue causing waves of pleasure to shoot through my body like electricity. I grabbed onto my desk, trying desperately to keep my wits about me, as I looked down at her, her innocent looking face swallowing my cock, her lips grazing my base as I felt the tip of my shaft press against the back of her throat. I could feel myself swelling, the cum practically boiling inside me, aching to shoot out and fill her mouth. She could feel me looking at her and she looked up at me, her eyes staring into mine as she licked and sucked me, practically willing the cum out of me. All the while, she put her hands behind her and started unhooking her bra. Her stretching pushed her breasts against her bra, pushing against the fabric, her nipples hard and poking through. I was beginning to lose control as she removed her bra and slipped her mouth off of my cock. I was breathing heavily and aching for more as she looked up at me. As she looked at me, she bit her bottom lip and slipped her hand down to caress her dripping wet pussy, to tease and tantalize her sensitive clit.

“Do you still think we shouldn’t do this professor?” I knew I couldn’t say no. She knew the very same thing, so I gave up any pretense of control.

“I don’t care. We have to do this. I need it Bella. I need it so bad I can barely control myself.” At this she licked her lips and raised one of her breasts up to my cock. She then took her other hand and started to stroke me, causing precum to drip over her firm and supple breasts.

“I’ve been wanting to feel this for so long. I’ve dreamt of feeling your juices on my breasts.” She pulled me closer to her, the head of my cock almost grazing her hard erect nipple. My precum dripped onto her nipple, glistening under the light in my office. After repeating the process on her other breast, she took me back into her mouth, her tongue rasping along the full length of my cock, pressing my head against the back of her throat. At the same time, she rubbed my precum into her breasts, moaning as she did so, her sounds of ecstasy like lightning through my body. Her mouth moved up and down my cock faster and faster, her moans combining with her tongue to make my mind race with unadulterated desire. I began to moan loudly and uncontrollably, not realizing or caring that anyone walking by could hear what we were doing. I grabbed at my desk, trying desperately to stay on my feet as my head began to swim. Before I could even say, my cock began to spasm in her mouth. Her innocent face had a look of absolute sexual pleasure on it as she began to swallow canlı bahis siteleri shot after shot of my hot sticky cum. My shaft spasmed and pulsed as her tongue tasted my juices flowing into her mouth and down her throat. She closed her eyes, luxuriating in the taste and feel, almost looking as if she was climaxing as well just from the eroticism of the moment.

After sucking every last drop of cum out of my cock, Bella released my still swollen shaft from her mouth and stood in front of me. Looking at her body, I knew that my cock would never soften if she was still around. She then leaned forward and pressed her breasts against my body, still glistening and sticky from the precum she had rubbed into them. I couldn’t control myself and kissed her passionately, my tongue swirling around hers, still able to taste myself in her mouth and getting more aroused with each passing moment. My cock swelled and grazed against the hem of her skirt as I pulled her close to me, loving the feel of her body and the smell of her sexual juices so close to me. I pulled back and whispered into her ear.

“God, that was incredible. I know we’re not done though.”

“Mmmmm, and just what do you have in mind Professor?” As she whispered Professor into my ear, her tongue grazed against me and I couldn’t take it any more. I reached back and swept everything off of my desk with a crash. I pulled her against me and then turned her to face my desk. Softly pushing her down to the well oiled wood, I guided her to lay her torso against my desk, her firm supple breasts crushed against the wood. The cool feel of my desk against her hot and sensitive skin caused her to jump, the stimulation of her nipples making her moan and her pussy to practically drip. As she moaned, I pushed her skirt up over her ass, slowly grazing my fingers over her silky smooth skins, practically tracing a path of fire over skin given how hot we both were. I then took one hand and guided my swollen cock, practically dripping with precum, to the entrance of her tight, wet pussy. I then took the head of my cock and used it to smear my precum over her clit, rubbing and grinding against it, each movement causing Bella to moan and rub against the desk, which only served to stimulate her even more.

“Do you want me to fuck you Bella? Tell me what you want.” I teased her some more, my cock pulsing from the stimulation, my breath shallow and ragged, aching to enter her, but longing to hear her soft innocent voice divulge such sensual desires.

“I want you to fuck me. I want that cock so deep inside me your balls are slapping against me. I want your hot sticky cum to fill me up and drip down my thigh. I want you to fuck me so hard our bodies are shaking.” With that, I couldn’t stop myself anymore. With one swift motion, I plunged my cock into her waiting pussy, so tight I could feel myself rubbing against her walls as I pushed my head in as far as it would go. I ground my groin against her, lightly grazing her clit as I began to fuck her with abandon. I ached for release, loving the feel of her pussy, luxuriating in the sensation of her juices covering me. My precum mixed with her juices, my hands running up and down her body, pressing her breasts against the desk, rubbing her nipples against the rapidly warming wood. Her moans grew louder, each sound pushing me closer and closer to climax. My desire had completely taken me over. I wanted nothing but to fuck this sexual goddess until we both passed out from exhaustion. I moaned and thrusted like a man possessed. My cock pulsed and throbbed as precum practically flowed out of me into her. Our juices mixed and lubricated my shaft as I fucked her faster and faster. Her moans practically became high pitched wails and screams. I could feel her pussy tightening, coming closer to the spasms of climax. I longed to feel it, knowing her orgasm would trigger an explosion in me.

“Cum for me. Cum for me Bella.”

“Oh god! Fuck me! Fuck me!” I thrust harder and harder, my cock practically buried in her sweet hot pussy. Finally, her body tensed and I knew she was about to cum. Her body seemed to explode, shaking and shuddering with the force of her orgasm. Her pussy clenched and pulsed around my cock, each spasm driving me closer to explosion. I could barely breathe as I listened to her passionate and intense moans. Finally, unable to hold back, I exploded. Wave after wave of hot sticky cum shot deep into her tight, dripping wet pussy. The feel of my juices inside her seemed to trigger a second orgasm, just as intense as the first. Our bodies shook with the force of our lovemaking, the sheer power of our orgasms. Unable to stand anymore, I leaned forward, practically collapsing on top of Bella. I licked my lips, lips that had become dry from my heavy breathing.

“Bella, I must confess that I’ve had some fantasies about something like this happening?”

“Is that right Professor?”

“Yes, and call me Jared. Care to discuss them tonight over dinner at my apartment?”

“Mmmm, only if we can move the dinner to the bedroom afterwards.” And with that, an amazing and somewhat illicit relationship began.

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