Laundry Service

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Its times like these that I wish I had a dryer.

Standing here in an abandoned Laundromat, on probably one of the hottest summer nights in Texas, isn’t how I expected to spend my precious free time. Then again, I didn’t expect my all too reliable Kenmore dryer to fuck up. Short circuit…go figure.

Now, as I’m staring at the hypnotizing whirl of colors in the Dexter Stack-On dryer, I’m wishing it would hurry the hell up. I want to go home and spend the rest of my weekend on something more exciting before I have to get up at six the following Monday morning.

The fluorescent lights overhead buzz and flicker while the dryer whirs and does its job. It’s so hot. I can even feel the sweat beading on my neck, dampening the cuff of my t-shirt. The air conditioning long since burned out, I assume.

Morbidity sets in as I think about whether or not burning alive would be better than freezing to death. I snort. Probably not. I mean, with freezing to death, everything goes numb so there’s no pain. Burning alive, however, would hurt like a bitch. Skin from flesh, flesh from bone…Jesus, I need to get out of here!

As I contemplate this, I suddenly realize that I’m not alone. The door swings open and a man steps through, seizing my gaze for a moment before he returns to the task of maneuvering his basket inside.

My inner ‘creeper alarm’ doesn’t go off so I feel compelled to flash him a smile. You know those signals, the ones that tell you if he’ll strangle you where you stand or if he’s just an average Joe? But let me tell you, there was nothing average about him, and yet, everything was average about him. From his plain grey t-shirt that hugged his muscular upper body down to the sweatpants that hung low on his hips and finally, to the generic white tennis shoes that meant business. Those shoes don’t mess around.

I don’t realize I’m staring until he purposely clears his throat and I look at it. Not at him, but his throat. Smooth skin, Adam’s apple and as my eyes travel upward, his neck along with half his face is stubbed with dark, tidy hair that matched the ruffled hair atop his head. A manly man, this one…simply delectable.

I finally lift my gaze to his and his eyes truly captivated me. Cheesy? Yes, but I digress. The deep green orbs reflected a fine emerald hue and I would bet on it that if I was closer I could spot specks of gold. His bemused expression and raised eyebrow make me chuckle. He smiles.

It’s so hot.

I turn my head back to the whirl of clothes, but I am unaffected by them now. I am mesmerized, drawn to him. I want him.

Hyperaware of his presence now, I keep my eyes fixed on my clothes. He loads a washer with his laundry and the appropriate detergent. Lowering the lid of the machine, he flips a knob to start it and turns to me.

He gives me his name as if it’s common etiquette to introduce oneself to a stranger in an empty Laundromat.

I shiver when I hear that husky southern burr. God must’ve known my weakness. I can feel my nipples tighten against my shirt, my nether regions becoming damp with desire. I nod to him with a shy smirk and return my attention to the dryer. There must be something wrong with me tonight; getting turned on by the mere sight of a stranger…a mysterious and insanely sexy stranger. When had I become bahis firmaları so wanton?

But, he doesn’t let it drop. He presses for my name and I chuckle softly and turn to him. Once I deliver it he nods and we both return to gazing at the dryers.

I feel him peeking out of the corner of his eye at me, and I don’t understand what he’s looking at until I finally glance down. I am taken aback by how hard my nipples are blazing through my flimsy t-shirt. Fuck, I forgot to wear a bra. Fuck, how long have they been doing that?! Hell, I wasn’t about to give him a show. Defiantly, I cross my arms over my chest, flinching at the friction I inadvertently applied to my sensitive nipples and look at him pointedly. He turned away with a grin, knowing as well as I that the current blistering temperature in the room had nothing to do with my peaking buds.

I glare at nothing in particular.

I didn’t want to be attracted to this man. I didn’t want to imagine what he would look like naked and slamming into me, his face contorted in intense pleasure…I didn’t want to be turned on by that very thought!

I shifted my weight nervously onto my other foot and felt his eyes on me. I turn my head towards him, captured by his gaze yet again. This time, he brazenly toured my body, probably undressing me with his eyes and licked his lips. Apparently he liked what he saw, for when his eyes returned to mine, they were darker and swirling with lust.

Growing uneasy and with weakening restraint, I finally accept the truth. It was obvious to both of us that we wanted each other, but the hurdle of being in a public place was too big for me to overcome. Although I have to admit that the idea excited me greatly, I’m not so uninhibited. Never was. Then again, he doesn’t know that…

The dryer beeped its conclusion and I wrench my eyes away from his to glare at it. I heard him chuckle under his breath and I smiled in response, focusing on his mouth. My gaze sought full lips that looked rough due to the bordering facial hair and were curved into a genuine smile.

Lips that I wanted to kiss.

That being said, I grabbed my empty basket with a sigh and begin to load my clothes, not bothering to fold them. I’m turned away from him, but I can feel his admiration of my backside. My objective was simple: move out.

With everything in tow, I nod my head in farewell and he ruefully reciprocates. You bet your ass he did. I may not be the fantastical rail thin blonde, but hey, I’d like to think that men like a little somethin’ to hold on to. I arrived at my car and loaded the backseat, relieved that my common decency was still intact.

Going through my mental checklist of items I brought with me, being the responsible adult that I was, I realized I had forgotten my box of fabric softener.

Shit. Should I leave it? Or should I go back as an excuse for one more glance of the ridiculously hot and mysterious guy? The choice was obvious.

On shaky legs, I climbed out of my blue Elantra and slowly strolled up to the door. Once I reentered the stifling facility he was facing the door, waiting for me. With a sly smile on his face, he held up my box and rattled it, taunting. I blink in disbelief and walk towards him. Reaching for the box, I don’t see his other arm shoot out to snare my wrist. kaçak iddaa Next thing I knew, he dropped the box and we were all over each other.

I couldn’t even tell you how I got here. One second, I’m leaving this man’s life, the next I’m being lifted in his arms and placed on one of the washers with his tongue down my throat.

And Lord, could the man kiss.

Our tongues massaged one another as he wedged his hips between my thighs, my short skirt riding dangerously high. One of his hands gripped the back of my head to brace for the onslaught of his kiss, while the other smoothed up my outer thigh. His lips were softer than I expected, despite the fact that he crushed them to mine as if he was staking a claim. His beard scraped against my face, making me desperate for more of that numbing friction.

This wasn’t just making out. This was electric…consuming…explosive. He nipped at my bottom lip before exploring the expanse of my neck and found my sweet spot. I mewled in his ear, my hands clutching his strong, broad shoulders to bring him closer.

“You’re so sexy,” I hear him murmur against my sweat-dewed skin. I tremble at his words.

If burning alive is what this is called, then fuck freezing to death.

I nibble on his earlobe and hear his animalistic growl. This is what I need: some good old-fashioned fucking by a man who clearly knew what he was doing. Now, I don’t even care about the fact that we’re out in public where anyone can just walk in and see. All I can focus on is this anonymous man and his sinful, unexplainable desire for me. I can feel my wetness seeping down my inner thighs, ready for the hard tool bulging out of his sweatpants.

The next minute, my shirt is whisked over my head and he dives into my breasts, suckling my hard and pink nubs. Coherent thought at the moment is lost as he hungrily tongues the responsive peaks, rasping my nipples against his rough beard. The tingly shocks of pleasure shoot all over my body, creating an almost unbearable sensation and I arch into his touch.

The hand that familiarized itself with my thigh moves inward, burning a path to my center. His fingers lightly brush my drenched, naked pussy and he pulls back to look at me in surprise.

“It is laundry day,” I shrug. He grins devilishly, turned on by my choice of ‘going commando’ as they say.

Calloused fingers return to my folds and I moan before I’m silenced again by his demanding mouth. Waves of pure heat spread throughout my body and I need to feel him moving inside of me. Now.

Uncaring of potential onlookers, I frantically rip down his pants and boxers and fist the hard shaft in my hand. He groans at the friction, further fueling my passion. He had the most beautiful cock and it fit perfectly in my grasp. Faster and faster I stroke him, fastening my lips to the accelerated pulse at his neck. Nipping his skin, he replaces my hand with his and spreads my legs to place the head of his member at my aching slit. I almost scream aloud when he rubs the mushroom head against my slippery folds, teasing my hidden nub. Instead, I bit my lip to stifle my excitement as he shudders from the action. Slowly, he begins to push into me.

By now, I’m so close to coming, had he entered me in one quick thrust, I would have exploded all over him. Even still, the slower, kaçak bahis agonizing entry builds up something deep within me. Pressing into me, he bottoms out and I wrap my legs around his lean waist, trying to pull him in as deep as he can go. His hand curves around my hip and grips me there, while the other smoothes a scorching trail up my back to support me.

We begin moving, our moans and whimpers blend into the others. I knew I wouldn’t last long. The angle of his penetration caused the ridge of his cock to brush against my clit and every thrust felt like an explosion. It was too much.

I came hard all over him, my pussy clenching and milking his cock. He responded with a throaty growl that was drowned out by my screams and continues pumping into me, increasing the force and speed of his thrusts. I claw at his shoulders as I’m hit with back to back orgasms, my legs quaking from the brutal drives of his rigid cock into my slick pussy.

Driven purely by lust, he quickly plunges into me, shifting my body up and latching his mouth on my nipple. The warm and hard suction shoots straight to my essence and I cry out in ecstasy yet again. He came with a roar a second later, his seed jetting into my womb in four quick and powerful thrusts. He buries his face at the juncture of my neck and shoulder while my numbed limbs hang over the edge of the washer.

Our breathing is frantic as we hold one another, waiting for our breath to slow. Finally, he pulls out of me and I can feel his sperm seeping out of my ravaged core and down my inner thighs. I loved it.

I hop off of the counter as he pulls his shirt over his head, catching a glimpse of the little half moon indentations on his shoulders. I smile and he returns it while pulling up his pants and boxers. Smoothing down my wrinkled skirt, I replace my shirt and hesitantly walk towards the door.

He calls out my name and I turn to him, cocking my head to the side curiously. He holds out the fabric softener I had long forgotten about and I blush and step towards him. Just as I’m about to take the box, I glance up into his eyes and melt under his stare. My hand connects with the box but I don’t take it just yet. Instead, he leans over and places a gentle kiss upon my lips and it makes me feel cherished, appreciated. I respond to him in kind and his tongue trailed over my quivering lips, memorizing my taste before he pulled away.

“It was nice meeting you,” he said, a wicked glint in his eye.

I snort. “You too.”

I look into his eyes once more, then turn my back and leave. In my car my heart races, unbelieving of what I had done and extremely exhilarated by it. The entire drive home I replay those last fifteen minutes that would forever be ingrained in my mind, shifting in my seat as the waves of desire take root in my body once again. Once home I place my basket on my bed and glance at the box nestled there.

It was then that I noticed he had written my name on it. Eagerly, I take the package in my hand and open the flap to find that he had scribbled a date and time with the words ‘see you then’ underneath it.

Grinning ear to ear now, I ran to my hamper and emptied it, gathering as many dirty clothes as I could but then stopped myself. What the hell was wrong with me? My mind started to chastise me for my actions but it was silenced by the lustful images that flashed into my mind.

“Fuck it,” I said aloud, gathering my dirty clothes once again.

After all, he might need to borrow some fabric softener.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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