Late Summer Car Wash

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Note: Special thanks to Quint for helping me polish this story up a bit. For anyone out there hesitant in writing their first story, the Volunteer Editor program is well worth it, so use it! I first started this story over a year ago, hope you like it. All feedback appreciated, as this is my first! -Ian

“Damn, it’s hot out here,” Amy thought out loud as she reached into the bucket of soapy water. Picking up the wet sponge, she ran it over the trunk of the dark blue 1999 Ford Mustang that sat in front of her on the burning asphalt. As she slowly washed the grime from the spoiler, she thought about how long it had been since someone had given her a sponge bath. Although only 19 years old, she’d had a lot of fun experimenting her first year in college. The numerous sorority and fraternity parties she attended seemed to always end up in a hook-up of some sort by the end of the night, but the last party she went to was over two months ago. C’est la vie, she thought to herself as she returned the sponge to its cool sudsy bath.

As she bent over to pick up the hose, she could feel her cut-offs riding up her long, toned thighs and pressing against her crotch. The shorts barely covered anything on her body, but they were extremely comfortable. The front pockets hung out past the denim, and the rear of the cut-offs also ended just below the pocket line. Amy swung the hose towards the car, rinsing the dirt and soap away from the paint’s surface. A cool breeze caught some of the water as it bounced off the metal, and the beads joined the sweat that was already beginning to soak through Amy’s old cut-up t-shirt. She pulled the clingy material away from her body, silently thanking her luck that her parents were away on vacation. They’d kill me if they saw me out here in a t-shirt and cutoffs, she thought to herself. Her parents rarely approved of anything Amy did, and so she made sure to take full advantage of the time she had while they were gone – laying out to tan during the day, and partying hard at night. Wearing this skimpy outfit was just icing on the cake.

When she had finished hosing off the car, Amy slowly turned the sprayer toward herself. She bent over and let the water run over her head, soaking down to her scalp and dripping from the ends of her shoulder-length blonde hair. As she leaned over, Amy’s shorts pressed against her mound again, and her mind returned to sex. She thought of how nice it would be to have someone take her right there and then, bent over in the driveway. It was tough to tell if the heat or her horniness was getting to her more, but Amy thought that she felt someone running their hands over her tight cheeks. I’ve got to get out of the sun, she thought as she continued to cool her head in the water, it’s really messing with my mind.

“Enjoying yourself?” came a voice from directly behind her. Amy screamed as she stood up and turned to face her inquisitor. She brought the sprayer up in defense, soaking the uninvited guest standing before her.

“Wow, good to see you too,” the young man said, shaking his head and pulling back to escape the stream of water.

When Amy finally opened her eyes, she saw that it was Marc, her friend from back at school. “Oh my God, I’m sorry!” she shrieked as she eased her grip on the handle of the sprayer. “You scared the crap out of me, you know,” she continued, spraying him again.

“My bad,” Marc replied, wiping the water from his face. “I tried calling to tell you I’d be here early, but nobody answered. You must have been out here all morning washing that thing, huh?”

“Well, I had to get some groceries today, and then when I got home, it was so nice out that I changed and started to wash the car.”

“That’s understandable,” Marc said absentmindedly. Amy couldn’t see it because of his mirrored Oakleys, but Marc was scanning her body up and down, taking in her firm medium frame. The water dripping from Amy’s hair soaked her t-shirt further, and Marc could clearly see her puffy aureoles and nipples, dark against the almost see-through white cotton. “Nice shirt,” he said, smiling broadly. “I bet the neighbors love ‘car wash day’,” he continued with a chuckle.

“Whoa, hey,” Amy replied, looking down at the translucent fabric. “Well, you know me, always putting on a show.”

It wasn’t really true, though. Amy was quite shy, and sometimes even embarrassed about her body, but exhibitionism was still a running joke between her and Marc. She stood staring at Marc, looking him up and down as he had done to her. The blue, open button-up shirt he had on was a little wet, but the white t-shirt he wore underneath was even more soaked than hers, and clung to his body just the same. His slightly built chest and lightly paunched stomach were visible because of the drenched material, and toned, slightly tanned legs extended from the bottoms of his khaki cargo shorts. Amy thought she noticed a slight bulge in his pants, but she dismissed it again as a product of illegal bahis her imagination. She looked at Marc’s face, and noticed his shit-eating grin. “Now what are you leering at?” she asked, annoyed.

“Oh, nothing,” Marc said teasingly. His eyes, still hidden by his sunglasses, were focused on Amy’s chest. She didn’t have the advantage of sunglasses to hide her stares, and he had watched her nipples harden as she so obviously checked out his body.

Amy glanced down at her shirt once again, and yanked at the fabric, pulling it from her chest. “No free peep shows for you, bucko,” she told Marc. “I still have to finish washing this damn car.”

“Want some help, or can I sit and take in the show?” he joked.

“Now that you’re here, you help,” she answered. “I’m already done washing the car, I just have to do the wheels and dry her off.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Marc replied. “I’ll start on the wheels while you start drying the roof. The sun should help it, just make sure you don’t leave water spots.”

“Yes, sir,” she said, mockingly. “Anything else you’d like me to do to my car?”

“Nope, can’t think of anything else,” he replied, laughing. “You know me and cars.”

Of course I know, Amy thought to herself. You’re that anal about just about everything. She giggled at that last thought. “He he, ‘anal’,” she said quietly to herself.

“What was that?”

“Oh nothing,” Amy replied. She then thought to herself, “he he, ‘anal’?” Who am I, Beavis, or Butthead?

“Riiiight,” Marc said, clearly unconvinced. “Oh well, never mind. I’m almost done with these wheels, how are you coming along?”

“I’d be doing a lot better if you’d help me,” she said from the other side of the car.

“As soon as I’m done with this wheel. Where are the towels?”

“Over on the picnic table,” Amy replied, waving her hand towards the house. Marc couldn’t see her gesture, but he recalled seeing the pile of towels when he snuck up on her earlier. He finished with the last wheel and walked over to the table. On his way over, he glanced at Amy again.

Damn, look at those legs, Marc thought to himself. He still couldn’t decide if he preferred seeing her stretching up and over the top of the car on her tip-toes, or bending over drying the bumper. Both views were so appealing with her almost perfectly muscular legs and tight round ass. He was very much a ‘leg man’ himself, though he admitted that a perfect butt was hard to overlook. Distracted, he grabbed at the first towel on the pile, and sauntered back over to the car. He discreetly tried to adjust himself as he hardened from looking at Amy. “Where do you want me to start?” he asked as he reached the vehicle.

You could start by sucking on my nipples, she thought to herself, smiling. Why were guys always so obvious when they were adjusting their packages? “Get the hood, I’ll get the back bumper,” she said instead.

“Aww, but I wanted to dry her fine ass,” Marc whined mockingly.

“Too bad, she’s my baby. And I don’t want you getting any ideas with these tailpipes back here,” she joked back.

“All right. If I have to.” Marc finished drying the hood, and wiped a few water spots from the windshield. “I win!” he called out.

“Not so fast, buddy,” Amy answered. They took a few steps back and admired their efforts. The sun gleamed brightly off the high-gloss finish of the car as Amy moved closer to Marc’s body. She could feel his breath on the back of her neck as she baked in the sun. She felt her nipples begin to harden against her shirt, and she quickly stepped away from Marc, bending over to pick up the hose.

“I thought we were done?” Marc asked.

“We are,” Amy said, looking back between her legs. “I just have to put the hose away now.”

“Ahh, okay,” Marc replied. “Need any help?”

“Nope, I’ve got it.”

“Works for me.”

Marc took a seat on the picnic bench and watched as Amy continuously bent over to pick up more hose as she walked towards the spigot on the side of the house. Each time she would bend over, the thin strip of material crept higher up her butt, and Marc watched as Amy’s cheeks slowly came into view. He peered closer, and swore he could almost see her lips peeking out on either side of the denim. He adjusted his shorts one more time as his cock became stiffer.

Amy disappeared around the corner of the garage. As she picked up the hose, she felt her shorts pulling tighter. She closed her eyes, pretending it was Marc’s hand cupping her mound as she moved along. She laid the hose on the reel and shut off the water. Slyly, she reached a hand up and pinched her aching nipples before walking back to the driveway where Marc was waiting for her. “There, that’s all put away,” she said to him. “Now what?”

“Well,” Marc said, standing up. “You look a little sweaty, and I’m feeling pretty warm and sweaty myself.” He walked over to Amy and took her hand. “I think we should go inside and get you a shower.” illegal bahis siteleri As he said ‘shower’, Marc squeezed Amy’s hand lightly, and his eyebrows raised slightly behind his shades, a smile drawing across his face.

“Mmm, I think that sounds like a good idea,” Amy replied, leading Marc up the steps to the porch. “Cold shower, or warm?”

“Well,” Marc replied. “I think after washing that car, you deserve to have someone wash you off instead. I think a lukewarm shower should cool our skin and help us relax.”

Marc opened the door to the house as Amy led him inside. They walked through the entry and up the staircase, Marc removing his shirts as he followed closely behind. By the time they reached the bathroom, Marc’s shorts were at his ankles and he was removing his shoes and socks. Amy gently kicked off her sandals as she bent over to start the water for the shower. Marc stood quickly and pressed his hard member between Amy’s cheeks, the grey fabric of his boxer briefs rubbing the denim of her cutoffs. Before she could react, Marc picked Amy up and carried her into the shower, fully clothed.

The cool water flowed over their bodies, quickly soaking Amy’s shirt and pasting it to her bosom as Marc turned her to face him. Taking off his sunglasses, Marc looked deep into Amy’s eyes before moving in closer to kiss her full on the lips. Their lips were slightly parted as they met, and tongues darted out softly as they explored each others’ mouths. Marc pulled away, admiring the hard, dark nipples pressing out against the white cotton on Amy’s chest. He slid his hands down over her shoulders, running them slowly over her breasts.

Amy moaned out in appreciation as Marc’s palms tickled her nipples. When his hands reached her waist, she felt his grip tighten, and Marc spun her around quickly but gently. His hands still on her hips, Amy felt her body being tugged back. As her ass reached Marc’s groin, she felt his hands start to run up the outside of her shirt once again. Marc gently teased and tweaked Amy’s nipples through her t-shirt as she ground back against the bulge in his now-soaked underwear. Marc reached up and tugged at the neckline of her shirt, widening a tear in the flimsy fabric. Swiftly, he tore the shirt down the front, exposing Amy’s chest to the air. Amy stood and lowered her arms, allowing the torn garment to flop to the tub floor.

With his prey now topless, Marc roughly ran his hands over Amy’s stomach, returning quickly to the nipples he had freed. Amy moaned as he squeezed her breasts and lightly pinched her elongated nipples. Taking a firm grasp, Marc pulled Amy’s nipples forward from her body and released them, ensuring that they were at their full erectness. “Bend forward,” he commanded over the rushing water. Amy immediately complied, resting her arms against the cool, white-tiled wall.

Amy sensed Marc kneeling behind her, his breath on the back of her right thigh. She felt his hands slowly push her feet to the edges of the tub, spreading her long legs. The way the water was hitting her lower back, Amy could feel it drip down her waist to her cutoffs, and felt a tingle as it dripped between her legs. Now he’ll see I’m not wearing any panties, Amy thought to herself, smiling at the wall in front of her. She felt Marc’s hands running softly up the insides of her thighs as his lips planted kisses on her exposed ass. Just before Marc reached her labia, Amy felt his hands stop, squeezing the flesh on her inner leg softly.

There they are, Marc thought to himself as he reached higher on Amy’s legs. He could see them hanging on either side of the stringy denim, water dripping from the long, pink flaps of skin and falling gently to the tub floor. “No underwear today, eh?” Marc asked teasingly. “I’m glad you decided against it. I love the way your lips hang out of your shorts. Makes me want to suck them.”

“Oh, would you, please?” Amy begged, pressing her ass back towards his face.

“Not just yet,” Marc replied, backing his head away from the passionate scent and heat. He reached up and fumbled with the buttons on the front of Amy’s cutoff’s, opening them one by one. “Stupid button-fly…” he muttered to himself as he continued. Finally freeing the last metal piece from its denim hole, he pulled the shorts down, dropping them to Amy’s ankles.

Amy stepped her left leg free of the shorts, and kicked them to the corner of the tub to join the bunched t-shirt. She felt Marc stand up behind her and then felt his warm, hard cock pressing against her butt as she saw his grey briefs land on the pile of clothes. Amy ground up and down, sliding Marc between her cheeks as she heard a plastic bottle snap open. She smelled the familiar scent of Lever 2000 fill the air as she felt Marc’s hands return to her shoulders, lathering her skin.

Marc massaged down Amy’s back slowly before sliding his hands along her waist to her stomach. He continued to work the soap into her skin in small canlı bahis siteleri circles as his hands rose towards her breasts. Marc paid extra-careful attention to Amy’s breasts as he gently squeezed and tugged at them, and he heard Amy moan the harder he squeezed. He could feel her hips rotating, grinding back against his groin as he continued to play with her chest. Reaching up again to her shoulders, Marc turned Amy around to face him, the water cascading over his shoulders to her chest, rinsing her tanned skin free from the soap and sweat that had gathered there.

Amy felt Marc’s soapy hands return to her back as he pulled her towards him. Their mouths met again, but this time with more urgency than before. Amy rolled her tongue around in Marc’s mouth as his hands worked their way down to her butt. She felt Marc’s hardness again as he squeezed her cheeks, pulling her hips to meet his as they entwined in the falling water. Amy moaned as Marc’s hands continued to knead her ass, and she felt his hands move towards her crack, lathering it up and down with his fingers. Gradually, Amy sensed Marc’s hand disappearing between her cheeks, until she felt his middle finger tickling her tight little rosebud, wiping away any sweat that had gathered there. She let out a loud moan as his fingertip slipped past her puckered anus, probing deep inside her.

Marc felt the wonderfully tight ring around his first knuckle as Amy screamed in pleasure right next to his ear. He grinned from ear to ear as he continued his penetration in her ass, and then brought his lips back to hers. Marc thought that he would lose his tongue to Amy’s sucking mouth as they kissed, and her little star seemed to pull at his finger, too, as if to hold it in deeply. He moaned in pleasure as he fingered her back hole, And Amy pulled her mouth away again, panting loudly.

“I am sooo wet,” she cooed to him. “Please eat me, now.”

Agreeably, Marc kissed Amy one last time as he slid his finger out of her ass. There was a very soft popping noise, and the two chuckled as Marc directed the water to rinse the rest of the soap from Amy’s glowing skin. He pressed her back against the cold tile as he kissed her lips, moving down her body slowly, stopping to suck on her nipples as he passed. Finally, Marc saw his prize again, this time free from the confines of the denim shorts, which laid inches from his feet. Crouching in the gentle rain of the shower, Marc kissed his way up Amy’s inner thighs, alternating sides until he reached her hanging lips. He gently lapped at the pink, meaty flaps of skin, and savored the sweet nectar that was coating them.

“Oh my God, quit teasing me,” Amy moaned. “Just eat me already, please!”

“Anything you say, hon,” Marc replied as he covered her lips with his. He gently sucked Amy’s labia into his mouth and licked up and down her slit, moaning and humming as he worked his tongue. He felt Amy’s body tense as he flicked his tongue over her clit, and took that as his cue to suck it into his pursed lips.

Amy felt bolts of pleasure course through her as Marc sucked on her clit, and then she felt an intense rush of excitement as a finger entered her aching pussy. She moaned as Marc plunged the middle finger of his left hand in and out of her, while he continued licking and sucking on her clit and lips. A second finger quickly joined the first, and Amy gasped as the fingers crooked and began massaging the soft tissue against the front of her vagina.

“You like your g-spot, huh?” Marc asked slyly. He glanced up and watched as Amy’s head rolled back against the wall, her hair sticking to it at funny angles. He slowly brought his right hand up and reinserted his middle finger into Amy’s anus, pumping into both holes in a steady rhythm. He licked at Amy’s clit once again, and pulled his face away to watch as her puckered asshole stretched around his digit. Slowly, Marc removed his finger from Amy’s rear hole, extending his index finger in the process. He watched closely as he pressed against her rosebud again, watching the muscles stretch as his second finger reached the hole. Without needing to ask, Marc felt Amy’s sphincter relax, and he soon had both digits up to the second knuckle in her backside.

Amy was in virtual paradise as she felt both of her holes being filled. Except for the cold tile against her back, she was in ecstasy. She felt her muscles begin to tense as a wave of pleasure began to wash over her body. Beginning in her aching nipples, the sensation spread quickly to her head, neck, and arms before wafting towards her pelvis. Amy felt her whole body tense at once, and screamed loudly as her muscles contracted around the fingers buried inside her. She remained tense for a short time before releasing her grip on Marc’s digits. She opened her eyes to see that she had grasped his hair and buried his face in her crotch in the process. Quickly, Amy released Marc’s head, and he looked up at her with a big, toothy grin. “You look like an idiot with that face,” Amy joked.

“Well, you look like you’re about to pass out, yourself,” Marc countered, slipping his fingers from their warm, moist cocoons. “What say I give you a little break and we rinse off and go lay down?”

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