Last Day of the Summer Pt. 03

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Disclaimer: I would like to state that this piece of writing is a work of fiction, all characters within are of age and consent with the plot and bear no resemblance to anyone I know.

The story is a work in progress and will feature a variety of different niches as both it and the characters within evolve. So if you happen on any content that you do not like, stop reading.

The following day

It was Tuesday morning; the sun had already made its way into the sky which prompted the birds to start their morning song and the day promised to be nice. The alarm started to blare, a hand reached out to shut it off and then fell to the side of the bed limply. Jayne groaned as she stirred, the realisation of the predicament she left herself in from the night before had come back to her and she could feel the dampness of her clothing and the spot where she had laid. Looking at the clock, it was 5.30 and with that she got up and stretched and made her way to her bathroom.

Peeling off her clothes and allowing them to fall at her feet, she studied herself in the mirror and took in what she saw whilst performing the ritual of checks she habitually did every morning. She felt her boobs, then her under arms and noted to herself that she would need to shave them later that day or tomorrow. She ran her hands down her sides over her hips and down her thighs to her feet, moving back up to her groin, she felt around her vagina, noticing too that she needed to tidy herself up.

After doing this she instinctively raised her hands to her face and grimaced at the smell of them, it suddenly dawned on her what she had gotten up to in bed. She frowned at first but still managed to see the bright side of it, her thoughts went to Maddi again and her nipples became erect. She had no time to hang around, so she turned the shower on and waited for it to heat up before stepping under the torrent of hot steaming water. Standing there, she relished the feel of it before picking up the bar of her favourite soap, it was scented with bergamot, she loved citrus. She made quick work of cleaning herself and promptly went to her dressing room, she was naked as she walked carrying her towel, she preferred to air dry naturally as towels usually left a smell on the skin.

Ten minutes later she walked down the stairs in her riding gear, she quickly went into the kitchen and made herself an espresso which she bolted back, turned and walked out grabbing her riding hat and crop. Jumping into her Range Rover and throwing her equipment on the passenger seat she fired it up, the engine roared into life and after fastening her seat belt, she put her foot down and lurched down her driveway.

It only took about 20 minutes to get to the stable and yard where she kept her horse, she was desperate to ride him and planned to ride him hard, he loved the exercise and always gave her what she needed. She pulled up and parked, climbing out she saw the stable hand, her name was Emma who was in her late twenties. She was a cute looking girl with long red hair, but she wore it in a neat plait today, Jayne raised her crop to her forehead and saluted to her smiling.

“Good morning Jayne, he is all ready for you. Is there anything else I can do for you? Drink maybe?” she half shouted across the yard.

“Good morning darling, I am good thank you! No, nothing more is needed but thank you for looking out for me!” she replied

“Anytime, enjoy your ride, he is keen today” she said and smiled back

“Smashing! I need it today!” she had reached Emma by this point, lent in and kissed her on both cheeks and cheekily tapped her on her bottom with her crop as she walked off. Emma laughed and walked off smiling thinking nothing more of it. She liked Jayne, as with most of the clients at the stable.

Jayne walked around the corner up to her horse, grabbing his reins. She patted him on his neck and gave him a kiss on his nose “Hello handsome” she whispered to him. She unhitched his reins and mounted his saddle, it felt good to slide into it as she put her boots into his stirrups and tightening on his reins, she led him out of the yard. She set off down the track she usually took at a canter, she could feel his strength and power through her thighs, she also loved the feel through her groin area but she never sexualised it, it just was what it was and nothing more!

Her thoughts went back to the past weekend, she was in turmoil with herself again as she couldn’t make sense of it all. She always had control of her life, her work, her family but most of it seemed to unravel itself. Her marriage had failed, and he moved away to the States to teach, Sally had left to study and join her father, her home was now empty, and she felt alone. Maddi, she had no idea what was happening to her thinking about Maddi, how could she feel the way she did about her? She was her daughter’s age, her daughters’ best friend!

She snapped out of her thoughts, she was riding at a fast gallop and looked around to see where she was. She recognised the copse of trees that she bahis firmaları usually rode out to when she needed space and time alone to herself, she turned her horse and headed over at a more gentle pace as she could see that she had clearly pushed him hard. She dismounted and tethered him to a small tree, he wouldn’t walk off but she always took precaution regardless anyway.

She walked through the trees to the little clearing in the middle, her face was streaked with dried tears as she had cried for most of the ride but had only now noticed. With that, she took her helmet and gilet off and fell to her knees, she screamed as loud as she could several times punching the ground and began to sob quietly as she collapsed to the ground and rolled on to her back.

She must have laid there for hours looking up at the sky surrounded by the canopy of the trees, she had calmed herself down and focussed her thoughts on positive things whilst trying to formulate a plan of action. She didn’t really succeed in doing so, she just laughed to herself instead. As she sat up, she marvelled at this place she was at and relished in the fact that not many people came out this way or even knew of its secret beauty. She had discovered it as a young girl, she remembered that her father had bought the land surrounding it for her as a gift for her 18th birthday because she loved it here! The land was maintained by the local farmer, his family had been friends of her family for generations and they could farm it rent free for as long as they held the farm. It was her special place, neither her ex-husband nor her daughter knew of its existence, she kept it for herself.

After gathering her stuff, she composed herself and made her way back to the stable, she had been out for at least 6 hours, she was hungry and needed a drink and desperately wanted to jump in the shower again and sit out in her garden to enjoy the coming of the evening. As she arrived at the stable, Emma was already waiting for her and she handed the reins over to her after she jumped down.

“How was it? Oh, are you ok?” she asked with concern after she saw Jayne’s face.

“I am now, just what I needed!” she replied, she smiled and walked off.

Emma watched her leave, slightly perturbed but she understood exactly what Jayne meant and left it at that. She walked the horse to go finish her duties in cleaning him and settling him down for the night. She heard Jayne’s Range Rover come to life and roar off down the lane “must be something serious huh boy?” she patted him on the neck and rubbed him on the nose “come on!”


Maddi on the other hand rolled out of her bed at around 10.30am, she was disheveled and still tired but had to get up and do something with her day despite wanting to just stay in bed. The house was quiet, there were no sounds as she went to the bathroom to have a shower, she sat on the toilet and relieved herself as well as a poo. She just stood up without wiping, investigated the bowl and smiled to herself because she had purposely done that to get revenge on Sally for teasing her. She stepped into the bath and turned on the shower, she loved that moment of freezing cold water before it got hot, she found herself singing to Mr Brightside as she washed her hair, shaved her legs and armpits. She never really shaved her pubic region; she liked her vagina better with the natural look although she did do minor maintenance on it.

Stepping out, brushed her teeth and flushing the toilet before getting herself dressed. The weather was nice out again, so she decided she would sunbathe and read books, perhaps sketch a little as she had plenty in her mind that she would love to put on paper. She thought about sketching Jayne from memory but decided against it, she would prefer to sketch her in person although she doubted that would ever happen, she sighed.

Arriving in the kitchen, she saw a folded note on the kitchen table from her father, she had forgotten that they were away for a few days on some Scout thing and she would be on her own. She folded the note and placed it on the table and proceeded to make herself breakfast, her dad had left her a platter of fruit and a yoghurt in the fridge with another note, it read “Thought you might need cheering up!” there was a little smiley face too. She smiled. She put a pot of coffee on, opened the patio doors and set up the table and lounger that she would spend the rest of the day on.

She ate, helped herself to a mug of coffee, gathered some books and a towel and went outside. She took off her shorts to reveal the blue bikini she had put on after her shower, she applied sun cream to her face and body, it was coconut too! She had rubbed some coconut oil into her hair before coming down, she even rubbed it into her pubic hair as it softened it and made her smell nice and reminded her of Sally.

“Alexa, play French café music!” she called the device and it responded with “Playing French café music from Maddi’s Spotify account.”

As she listened to the music and read her books, her mind drifted kaçak iddaa to thoughts of Jayne and Sally, more of Jayne than anything but she tried to put those thoughts aside because she didn’t want to set herself up for a fall. She looked at her phone half hoping for a message, but nothing had come, she put her phone down and closed her eyes and drifted off. She had turned over during her slumber, checking her phone now and then but still had nothing to tell her… all she could do was smile, no sense in freaking out as she was not a child, and nothing was owed to her!

About an hour had passed, her phone sprang to life… Maddi jumped up and fumbled for her phone, upon looking at it she saw she had a message and it was from Jayne. Her hands trembled as she pressed the read button.

“Maddi darling, I am cooking Lamb! Viognier is chilling! It will be ready at about 7pm care to join? Jxx”

Maddi was jumping for joy and dancing around the patio, perhaps a little too excited but to hell with it she thought! She felt so happy and smiled as she picked up her phone and typed her reply before gathering up her belongings, she checked her reply again.

“I am all yours! see you at 7 xx”

Message sent.


Later that evening

Jayne had arrived back from her tempestuous horse ride; she was glad to have allowed herself that luxury after the weekend she had just had and felt a little more clarity and making some sense of the thoughts racing through her mind. She walked into her house and headed to the utility room to drop off her riding gear and to collect fresh linen for both Sally and her beds, she also moved the clean washing to the tumble dryer and frowned to herself because she couldn’t find her missing panties. She shrugged and went into the kitchen to grab a cold bottle of sparkling water from the fridge, she opened it and drank the whole bottle in one go and belched under her breath. The young girl inside her head found that hilarious, she chuckled softly and made her way upstairs.

She walked into Sally’s bedroom to drop off the linen, she paused and closed her eyes and took in a deep breath as she moved her left hand to her chest. It was hard to cope with the fact that her daughter and best friend had flown the nest, but she was proud of her all the same, she just wanted to hear her voice and hug her. Walking into the en-suite to drop off towels, she stood there looking at the toilet and her mind could see the giant poo that Maddi had left and turned towards the shower picturing her stepping under the hot water. She imagined being there in the shower with her, she licked her bottom lip and shook her head in disbelief. “Pull yourself together Jayne!” she said quietly as she turned and left the room closing the door behind her.

Upon entering her own bedroom, she looked at her bed and examined what damage she might have done from her little mishap the previous night! Satisfied that there were no lasting stains and that it was now dry, she gave it a spray of some perfume for good measure before making up her bed with the fresh linen. She loved high thread count Egyptian cotton, she loved how it felt against her naked body so cool to touch but she didn’t do that often as it made her super horny all the time and would most certainly result in her getting her freak on.

She sat on the little sofa by her bedroom window, it was a large custom-made window that had a special glass in it. At the flick of a switch, it would switch to one-way glass meaning that no one could look in, but she could still look out. She liked the feeling of being exposed but not being exposed, she still had thick curtains that she could use that made the room pretty much dark as night in the middle of the day. Picking up her phone, she wrote a message to Maddi to see if she would like to come over for dinner, she needed the company and only thought of her despite having her own friends but none of them would be able to relate as they were rather aloof.

As she was undressing, her phone chirped signalling a message had arrived and upon reading it, the only 3 words that she could focus on were, “I am yours” Staring at it for minutes, she was unaware that she had been squeezing her nipple and her firm breast and it was only until she noticed that she had run her fingers through her dark pubic hair and was twiddling in her fingers. She let out a soft moan and squeezed her thighs together, her vagina was tingling, begging for attention but instead she walked into her bathroom and sat down on the toilet.

Not having been all day and after downing that bottle of sparkling water, her urine came out as a torrent and was angled awkwardly so she used her hand to redirect her stream getting her hand covered in her warm piss. She wasn’t put out by it; she just rubbed her hand on her chest before straightening her back because she needed to poo as well. It felt massive, stretching her sphincter so much before it eased out without any further, feeling that she had no more to offer she took a leaf from Maddi’s book and just stood kaçak bahis up and looked at her tribute and flushed before walking into the shower. After shaving her legs and her underarms, she ignored her vagina because she liked it hairy, she liked how it felt, she finished washing herself and dried herself off before getting dressed and going downstairs to make a start on dinner.

It wouldn’t be long before Maddi arrived and her nerves were kicking in, she needed to busy herself.


Maddi had bounded up to her bedroom to get herself ready, she didn’t have much time and there was so much that she needed to do! She felt all giddy as if she was going on a first date, even though she told herself it was just dinner but nonetheless she wanted to make an impression. She jumped in and out of the shower and selected an outfit consisting of matching pink panties and bra, a summer dress and sandals. She was fortunate that she didn’t really need to wear a lot of make-up, it mainly consisted of a little eye liner and clear lip gloss, she chose simple earrings and necklace and applied a little coconut oil to her hair and brushed it with her fingers. She never made much effort to her looks, she liked to keep it simple. Remembering the bracelet Sally had given her and put it on her left ankle, she liked how it looked.

Satisfied, she walked downstairs to lock up the house and picked up her phone and set off down the lane, before crossing over a little footbridge that joined the path led along the river to Sally’s home. She took in the sights and sounds as she walked, she suddenly became aware that she was trembling, but it wasn’t even cold she remarked to herself. Her mind went to Sally, she wondered what she was doing right now and if she was happy and settling into her new life, her thoughts went back to Jayne. With that she had arrived at the garden gate that led to the patio and kitchen door, she caught sight of Jayne pottering around in the kitchen and noticed how lovely she looked, butterflies in her stomach knocking on the door.


She heard Jayne calling out but her nerves kept her standing there like a statue, hands at her sides clutching her dress and her fidgeting feet, she just stared at the door swallowing as it opened and Jayne was stood there beaming at her. She couldn’t help look at her beauty, they were similarly dressed but Jayne pulled it off better than she ever could, her hair was tied up with a few rogue strands here and there, she wore a gold necklace resembling a daisy chain that featured a few diamonds and matching earrings. She caught Jayne’s perfume and felt her nipples harden, like her, Jayne wore little make-up, but her eyes glistened…she was so beautiful she thought, something about her made her look a lot younger than she was.

“Hello Maddi darling, so good to see you!” she stepped out with arms out and gave Maddi a hug, kissed her on both cheeks before cheekily tapping her on the nose. “I hope you are hungry, Roast Lamb, about another 25 minutes though but everything else is ready.”

“Hi Mrs…Jayne! Thank you for the invite, it is nice to be here! You look amazing by the way!” she said nervously, she wondered if Jayne could sense it.

“Why thank you! Let me look at you” with that Jayne spun her around to take it all in, resting her hand on the small of her back and said “I am lucky to have such a hot date this evening!” smiling at Maddi, she gestured her through the door into the kitchen with her hand still on her back.

“Anything I can do to help? Drinks?” Maddi offered, she felt more at ease now and felt her normal self again. She opened the fridge and looked over to Jayne for help.

“Gin and tonic would be lovely, there is some sliced cucumber in a dish, lots of ice please.” she beamed, standing with her back to the breakfast bar, she watched on as Maddi busied herself preparing their drinks.

Maddi grabbed a bottle of sparkling water for herself, picked up Jaynes drink and turned around, she knew that Jayne had been looking at her all the time as she could see the reflection from a jar in the fridge, she had made special effort to take her time especially when she bent down to grab the ice container from the bottom freezer drawer. She smiled and extended the drink towards Jayne, who suggested they sit out on the patio until the Lamb had finished resting.

This time, Maddi watched as Jayne walked ahead of her with grace and confidence, she liked that about her but remembering what Sally had said to her about her mother being fragile. It made her like her even more and she wanted to see that side to her. As they sat down across from each other, she kicked off her sandals and crossed her legs, she shuffled a little before raising her bottle to Jayne. Jayne had laughed at the bottle as she clinked her glass against it.

They both looked out at the garden, Maddi had commented on how lovely it looked and that Jayne must have put a lot of time and effort into it! Jayne had pointed out that she still had a lot to do to it and said she was more than welcome to help. She wanted to ask about Sally but didn’t want to cast a cloud over the evening, instead she remarked on how lovely the evening was and that it remained light late into the evening.

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