Landon , Erin’s New Year’s Eve Ch. 01

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Black Supremacy

Erin slowly began to get ready for New Year’s Eve. She and Landon had been together for over five years now and had celebrated in several different ways, but she was excited about this New Year’s Eve. They were going to have dinner with their friends at one of her favorite restaurants and then the two of them would return home to ring in the new year together. She could hear her husband in the other room, watching football as is his wont, already showered and dressed so that Erin would have the bathroom all to herself.

Peeling herself away from the Sex and the City marathon she had been engaged in, Erin went to the bathroom to begin her preparations. She drew a bath, and immersed herself in the hot water slowly, relaxing as her body submerged itself. She soaked in the tub for only a few minutes before she applied shaving lotion to her legs and propped them on the edge of their antique tub, and quickly ran her razor along her legs, removing the unwanted hair that might snare her stockings later. She made quick work of her shaving job and debated shaving her pubic area as well, to give Landon a surprise, but decided against it, wanting to have something to surprise him with in a few days.

Erin soaped her body up quickly and then let the water drain from the tub, and wrapped herself in her warm terry-cloth robe, letting her body naturally dry. Walking back into their bedroom Erin sat down on the bedroom and thought about her outfit again as she felt the terrycloth absorb the remnants of the bath water that were clinging to her. What she had in mind was great she decided, perfect for New Year’s Eve and would surely drive Landon up a wall.

Looking down at her toes Erin was pleased with the pedicure that she had given herself earlier in the day, as well as the manicure and red polish that were on her fingernails. She loved the look of this particular shade of red, and also knew that Landon loved red nail polish. This had been a tremendous year for them and Erin wanted to end it in a fitting way.

After her body was dry, Erin hung her robe on its hook and rummaged through her lingerie drawer for what she was looking for. After a moment she found it and pulled it out. For some reason Landon had bought Erin a pair of crotchless tights some time back, and Erin had never even considered wearing them until tonight. She knew of Landon’s nylon fetish, how he loved seeing her legs encased in stockings, thigh highs or even tights, and she had planned to change when she arrived back home into something a little more daring. But for now, this would work, especially since she didn’t have anything but sheer stockings, which wouldn’t work as well with the outfit.

Sliding the illegal bahis tights over her legs Erin pulled them up over her hips and smoothed out any wrinkles. Now she went for her panties, which would allow Landon access to her treasure at some point as they drove.

The dress Erin was going to wear looked great, she had finally found her “little black dress” that seemed to go with everything. It was sleeveless and hit just above her knees, giving her lots of options of what to do with accessories. She stepped into the dress and then zipped up the back. Looking in the mirror, she was pleased thus far.

Sitting down at her vanity, she applied her makeup carefully, a little foundation, a little blush, some lipstick and a good bit of mascara to bring out her eyes this evening. After she finished with her makeup, her curling iron was hot and she used it to curl the ends of her hair slightly, just enough to be noticeable.

Her outfit was almost complete, and she was going to be early as well, she could barely believe it. Stepping into the black heels she had picked out, she was glad she was not going to have to walk too far this evening, as the three inch heels would not agree with her for too long. Now for the fun part of the outfit. She pulled out a pair of long black gloves that had been her grandmother’s and slid them up her arms, where the ended just before her elbows. Adding some chandelier earrings and some silver bangles on her right wrist, Erin was satisfied that she looked hot. Now for the Landon test as she called it.

Walking into Landon’s study he looked up at her and her outfit. Erin could detect the slightest twitch in the bulge in his suit trousers, a good sign for sure. Looking at Landon’s eyes confirmed her suspicions; it looked like he wanted to take her right then and there.

“You look incredible, wow.” Was all that Landon could muster, he seemed to be tongue-tied for some reason. Erin just smiled and did a twirl for Landon; enjoying the hungry look he was giving her.

They gathered their things, Erin’s little clutch and Landon’s suit coat and made their way to their car. Landon walked beside Erin, with his hand in the small of her back, guiding her just so, they way she enjoyed it. Opening the door for his bride, Landon helped Erin into their SUV and then closed the door behind her and walked to his side, as Erin slowly crossed her legs and put on her seatbelt.

They made their way to the restaurant to meet their friends, making small talk, and Erin catching Landon sneaking peeks of her legs and body in general. They arrived at the restaurant and met their friends, and Erin could feel the eyes of the valet attendant examining her illegal bahis siteleri outfit and body.

Dinner was a sublime affair, with great food and wine, mixed with good conversation, but Erin was antsy throughout the entire evening. She had other things on her mind, and she could tell that Landon did as well with the way he continually would run his hand along her thigh. The martinis and glass of wine with dinner also focused Erin’s arousal for her husband as well. While she was enjoying her dinner and visiting with her friends, Erin could not wait to get home.

When dinner came to an end, Erin had a healthy alcohol buzz, making her even more amorous than she usually was. Landon and Erin were barely in their car before Landon began to talk about how incredible she looked this evening and running his hand along her leg again. As they drove, Landon slowly worked his way up Erin’s leg and was surprised when she spread her legs even more to accommodate him. Usually she said “Wait till we get home” or something of the sort, but tonight she was allowing him to have his way.

Landon’s hand went farther up Erin’s leg until it was resting comfortably on Erin’s treasure and he was surprised to find her panties on the outside of her tights. Leaning over, Erin whispered to Landon, “See what’s inside.”

It was a good thing that Landon was stopped at a red light or he might have driven off the road. Slipping his fingers inside her panties he found no other obstacle to his goal and Landon was surprised and delighted as he realized that Erin was finally wearing that special pair of tights he had bought some time ago. As the light turned green Landon slid his fingers inside of Erin’s pussy, making her groan in delight and lean her head back with her eyes closed.

The drive continued with Erin moaning in delight as Landon continued his ministrations inside of her, hitting the hot spots of Erin’s body as only a couple who had been married for some time would know. An orgasm wracked Erin’s body shortly before they reached their home, and Erin’s entire body tensed and she cried out as the wave of orgasm swept over her.

Erin was still coming down from the orgasm when they parked and Landon shut down the engine. Erin looked at Landon and kissed him hard, riding his fingers again to another mini-orgasm.

“Let’s go upstairs, now.” Erin managed to gasp after the second orgasm receded from her body, pushing Landon’s fingers from her body, and she felt her pussy spasm as they left, wanting more.

They made their way upstairs quickly, and once the door was closed Landon pushed Erin against the door and kissed her deeply. They continued to make out for a while canlı bahis siteleri before Erin broke the kiss.

“Open a bottle of wine or champagne and meet me in the bedroom in a few minutes lover, I’ll call you when I’m ready.” Erin said as Landon looked at her with hungry eyes. Nodding his assent Landon allowed Erin to break free of his embrace and watched her retreat to the bedroom.

As Landon went to retrieve a bottle of wine, Erin closed the bedroom door. She had planned for this part of the evening earlier in the day and went to her lingerie drawer again. Landon had been so good to her all year and loved to see Erin in lingerie, so Erin considered this a belated Christmas gift for her husband.

Erin unzipped her dress quickly, and let it fall to the floor and in one fluid motion unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor as well. Erin stepped out of the pool of clothes on the floor and stepped out of her heels as well. Erin slid her panties and tights down her body and tossed them aside as well. She reached down and picked up the pile of clothes and tossed them into the pile of clothes in the closet that needed to be folded.

All that Erin had on at the moment were the black gloves and bracelets she wore to dinner. She took off her bracelets as well, and set them on the dresser before starting to dress in her surprise outfit. Landon had bought Erin a new bustier when he had purchased the tights and she had not worn that yet either and Erin figured what better time than now? Removing it from the door, she wrapped it around her figure and attached the snaps slowly and straightened the bodice and looked in the mirror. Smiling, Erin knew that Landon would love the outfit. Erin next grabbed a pair of sheer stockings with a seam on the back of each one and slid each one slowly up her long silky legs, taking great care to attach each one to the garters that were attached to the bustier. Erin had decided earlier in the evening to leave the gloves on when she made her appearance for Landon, knowing he would like how it looked.

A few last things to complete the outfit and Erin would be ready to be ravished. Stepping into a pair of black pumps that she seemed to only wear when seducing Landon, Erin put her hair up into a tight bun, and pinned it in securely. Bringing her hair back off her face showed off Erin’s long and beautiful neck, and Erin finished off her getup with some deep red lipstick, perfectly completing the outfit she had devised earlier in the day for Landon.

“Okay dear, come on in if you’re ready,” Said Erin as she propped herself on the edge of their bed to give Landon a better view. As Landon entered the bedroom he nearly dropped the bottle of champagne and two glasses that he had with him as he caught a glimpse of Erin’s outfit. A low guttural moan escaped from Landon’s lips and Erin knew that she had given her husband a great Christmas gift, and an even better New Year’s Eve.

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