Lakeside Lust

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Sun. Lake. Hot. Sex. They had abandoned their clothes earlier and had spent the afternoon skinny dipping and nude sunbathing by the isolated mountain lake, relishing the heat of the summer day, knowing however hot they made each other they could cool off in the nearby water.

Having rested an hour or so from their last session of lovemaking, they had grown restless again. She stood up from their blanket, standing proudly nude above him. She grinned as he looked up at her. No words were necessary: he knew what she wanted.

He led her from the wooded shore back into the fresh cool water of the shallow lake. They were quickly in knee deep, both loving the feeling of the water against their warm skin, making them feel fresh and alive. As they waded deeper she noticed he was already hard again, then looked down and grinned as his sex disappeared below the water. Moments later the water reached her waist and she relished the sensation of her hot pussy cooling down, but knowing he could easily warm her up again.

They embraced, caressing each other under the water, kissed. He reached down around her waist then slid his hands around her full buttocks. Her legs spread slightly as his palms explored and his fingertips reached down to the underside of her pussy. She moaned slightly as his fingers began sliding briefly up into her, but then she stepped away from the embrace, took a deep breath and went fully underwater, down in front of him. He saw her head below, approaching him from the front, her hands reaching out to grasp his member. Her fingers tightened round him and she quickly wrapped her lips around it, sucking and licking him for a few moments until she had to go up for air. As she emerged he smiled then kissed her passionately on the mouth. ‘Take as much as you want,’ illegal bahis he said. ‘I will, I want more of you!’ she replied.

She led the way back towards the more shallow water, then took his hardening cock in her hands, making him swell again… She loved the firm smoothness of him and feeling him grow and throb gently in her hands. At the same time he reached out and caressed her breasts. Her nipples were already erect from the coolness of the water and became harder as he gently caressed them with his loving fingertips. ‘Can’t get enough of you!’ she said, as he moaned with pleasure. ‘I’m going to take you again in a minute,’ he replied. She giggled, let go of him, then ran away along the sandy lakeside beach, to wait for him to join her.

She sat on their blanket nearby, to wait for him to come and take her there. She loved to watch him walking naked, admiring his tall slim muscular body, his shapely legs, and his long proud member, rising ready for her. As she watched him walking towards her, she watched it swinging gently, already imagining feeling its hardness inside again. As she sat waiting and watching she felt herself stirring inside, and briefly touched herself with her fingertips, spreading her legs so he could see her wicked intentions. He grinned, and said, ‘I’m coming!’ ‘Not yet!’ she replied with a grin, ‘wait until you’re inside me!’. He laughed and approached her.

She felt herself very wet now, swelling and aching for him, feeling like she just couldn’t get enough. She remembered at the campsite how he had walked around wearing only shorts and no underwear, aware his hardness was bulging and visible, not caring if anyone saw. She grinned at the thought, loving his wickedness and the way it stirred her passions.

She stood as he arrived and put one illegal bahis siteleri arm around him, and with her left hand caressed his stomach, thighs, touching now and again the growing member, cupping the balls in her hand, wanting more of him now! He was very hard now and she felt him brushing against her as they came closer and kissed. She sometimes wondered how it all fit inside her, but she knew she could take him deep and loved to feel him thrusting into her.

He leaned down and gently kissed her breasts, softly licking them around the nipple, sending butterflies through her. His tongue flicked softly across the nipples, making them hard again, increasing her desire by the second and making her moan. She felt herself opening up below, craving him again. Then he kissed her on the neck, which she always loved, his tongue teasingly licking her soft skin, making her tremble.

‘Lie down,’ she told him. ‘I’m going to put that thing to good use again!’ He smiled and lay on the blanket, spread his legs slightly and looked up at her. She saw his hard cock, lying ready across his stomach, all hers… she was feeling lustful urgent desire now, getting wetter and ready. She kneeled down in front of him, balancing her slim nude body in front of his loving gaze, just to tease him a little more. She saw it move as he throbbed in anticipation. So she ran her hands across her breasts again, loving the warm sensation of erotic stimulation and anticipation, feeling her desire right inside. Now she could wait no more…

She positioned herself over him, slipped her fingers around to massage him, teasing the tip of his cock with her wet fingers, feeling it grow even more. She edged herself closer and used one hand to guide him toward her pussy, ready and willing, aching. She canlı bahis siteleri gently eased herself down over him, feeling the smooth tip slide inside her, making her gasp. She was so wet and open now that it just glided up inside her, just making her want more. She was in control, moving her body gently up and down as he grew inside — then suddenly he arched upwards and at the same moment she pushed herself down so that it went right up fully inside her! Hard and deep! She used him to stimulate herself, riding him hard until she felt the first wave. She used her inner muscles to grip him tighter inside, feeling her body melting and beginning to flow with lust — and then, she reached the point of no return: her body bucked and arched, she felt a surge inside, then came at last, moaning as she let go, her juices gushing all over him as he throbbed hard into her again and again. But before he could come too she climbed off him and lay beside him, just to tease.

He said, ‘I’m not finished yet…’ And he turned her over on the blanket to take her from behind, the way she loved it! She immediately felt ready again, aching to feel that lovely hard cock enter her wetness from behind. He positioned himself and grabbed her by the waist. And then she felt it, pushing easily inside her wet pussy again, hardening as he got deeper, throbbing again as he began to thrust in and out, driving her wild once more. She loved being taken hard like this, giving herself to him, feeling him growing with lust, possessing her, fucking her willing body again. He pushed firmly, over and over, deeper and deeper. She felt him tremble as he became rock hard and thrust harder! And at the same time as he shuddered her lust climaxed and she came again, releasing a warm flow at the very moment when he exploded and spurted, throbbing as he emptied himself into her again. They collapsed together, him still inside, both hot and she wet with their juices.

And they knew already the heat and lust would return – how many more times could they do it today?

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