Killer B

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Shortly after moving to our small town twenty years ago, my wife and I bought a house on the edge of town that backed up to cornfields. Our neighbors on the left were a retired couple, Gene and Geraldine. They were friendly although Gene was somewhat hard of hearing so any exchanges were in full volume. On the other side lived Jack and Kitty with their three kids who were the same ages as our three. Once their children had graduated from college, Jack and Kitty moved to a smaller home. Our new neighbors, Craig and Mindy, had a thirteen year old girl, Beryl, and an eleven year old son, Scott. We watched those kids grow into good adults. I told Craig and Mindy one day while we were all out doing yardwork that they should be proud of their children. Scott, now 19, had filled in on a foursome for a charity golf outing with me a few weeks ago and I had been impressed with his manners and general demeanor. He had just finished his first year of college and Beryl , now 21, had just finished her third year. Both kids held down part time jobs while they saved for school.

It had been a while since I had seen Beryl. As we were talking, she pulled in, waved at us, and went into her house. From the brief glance I cast her way, I could see she had developed into a beautiful young lady. With shoulder length straight blonde hair, a dynamite thin, spinner type body, and what I guessed to be perky A cup breasts, she was a knockout. To me, she became Killer B. The kind of woman I absolutely adored. Her brother, Scott, while only 5’8″ or 5’9″, had a toned, athletic swimmers body and a beautiful smile.

Like most homeowners, the only time I saw my neighbors in their back yards after their kids were grown was when they mowed. Otherwise, they kept to the occasional patio cookout. I took advantage of their minimal use of their yards as we had a pool and spa and I enjoyed using them nude. Try as I might, I could never get my late wife, Lynn, to join me. She was worried the neighbors would see us. I told her I was cautious when I went out (wouldn’t want to be charged with indecent exposure to a minor! That would be the kiss of death in a small town where people liked to talk.)

I’d head home for lunch, shed my clothes, and tell Lynn I was headed outside to get my dose of vitamin D. She’d just shake her head and say “One of these days…”

“You’ll join me?” I’d finish her sentence.

She would just roll her eyes. “Someone needs to be ready to take the bail bond in,” she’d say and go back to her lunch.

After battling health issues for many years, Lynn finally succumbed three years ago at age 54. I still miss her dearly. I considered selling the house but my kids still liked to visit and our grandchildren were just getting to the age where they could start enjoying the pool. Plus, it was still a good place to get my vitamin D!

So it was on a warm July day, I headed home for lunch, shucked my clothes, and headed out back for some sun. After the brutal winter we had, the penetrating warmth of the sun felt great. My mind drifted off. The closing of a car door barely registered. Even so, I knew I was safely sheltered from passing eyes. As I rose up to turn over, I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. Beryl was headed straight for me. Wearing a white tank top, cut off shorts, and sandals, she looked absolutely stunning. I pulled the towel over my lap as she approached.

“Hi Mr. G”, she said. “I saw your car out front. Nobody answered the door so I thought I’d check and see if you were out here”, she said with a twinkle in her eye.

“Hi Beryl” I replied. “I haven’t seen you in quite a while. How’s the college scene?”

“Not too bad. The pre-med courses are tough but I’m doing fine. Glad summer break is here though.

“Pre-med, eh? Is that for nursing or will I be calling you doctor someday?” I asked.

“Well, you know Mom’s a nurse. I’ve always loved nursing!” she said with a smile.

Was that a double entendre I thought? More likely just wishful thinking from a dirty old man, I mused. While I was struggling to maintain illegal bahis a lucid, detached conversation, my subliminal reaction to this gorgeous creature sitting beside me was causing my cock to betray my true thoughts. I nonchalantly tried to adjust my towel to hide my growing cock.

Beryl glanced down and said “You don’t have to worry about me. I’ve seen a lot of penises in the course of my studies. It’s a normal physiological reaction. Besides, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen it”, she giggled.

“W-w-w-wait, what did you say?” I stuttered.

“I said it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen your cock”. She giggled again.

“I thought I had been pretty cautious” I said.

“Well, last year, I came home from volleyball camp one day around lunch time. As I opened the door to haul my gear into the house our cat, Calico, slipped past me. So I threw my bag inside then went out after her. I found her in our backyard trying to stalk a squirrel. I snatched her up and turned around to take her back inside when I saw you lying out. I could tell you were naked and I hadn’t seen a naked guy in person yet. So I put Calico back in the house then slipped around the other side into the cornfield. I crept through the corn until I got behind your house where I had a better view. I guess I was just fascinated by the naked male body. I’d never seen a shaved cock either so that was cool. After that day, whenever I saw your car in the drive at lunch, Id sneak around to spy on you. I even grabbed Dad’s binoculars so I could get up close and personal, so to speak.”

“Does anybody else know?” I asked anxiously.

“Only Scott, and he won’t tell anybody” she said.

“Scott?” I asked.

“Yes, he asked me one day where I was going. I just told him I was going out bird watching. I must not have been too convincing. Well, his boss let him leave work early on his 18th birthday and as he pulled in the drive he saw me heading out to the cornfield. He decided to see where I was going and followed me. I never heard him coming. I was watching you through the binoculars when he put his hand on my shoulder. Man, I nearly jumped out of my skin and almost screamed but I knew you’d hear me. It took all I had to keep quiet. Well, he got a good look and after that day, we’d find each other out here watching you. We had to get another pair of binoculars” she laughed. “That must have been where he got the idea to shave his cock.”

“Wait, how do you know he shaves, too?” I asked.

“Let’s just say he helped me pass my finals on male anatomy last semester” she giggled.

By now, my cock was hard as steel and my mind was reeling. As I was trying to process these revelations, Beryl took advantage of my temporarily distracted state and snatched the towel away.

“Wow”, she said softly, “It’s even better up close!” With that, she reached over and wrapped her small hand around it. “It’s a lot thicker than Scott’s but not quite as long”, she smiled. “But I bet it’s just as tasty”. She leaned down and proceeded to slowly lick it, then slipped the head into her mouth.

I’ve never been one to finish quick. As I’ve aged, it seems I can last even longer. However, it took all my concentration not to cum right there! My God, her mouth and tongue were heavenly! I slipped a hand under her top and palmed a perky tit, rolling the nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Beryl moaned softly.

After five minutes of an exquisite blowjob, I pulled her up and kissed her passionately. Then I said “Why don’t you kick off those clothes and work on your tan with me?”

Within seconds, she was standing before me naked, those fabulous perky tits just begging to be sucked. Her flat stomach lead down to the sexiest set of cunt lips I’d seen since Lynn died. Absolutely hairless, her pussy was glistening with her wetness. I pulled her to me as I lay back on the recliner. She was straddling my head as I gently pulled her slim hips down until her pussy lips met my tongue. As I alternated licking and sucking her sweet nectar, her moans increased in volume illegal bahis siteleri and intensity.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh God. Yes, eat me, eat me, don’t stop. Oh God that’s feels so good” she groaned. “Uh, uh, uh, yes, right there, right there,” she whispered. I’ve always loved a woman who was vocal during sex. It makes me work even harder to bring her to ecstasy. “Lick me. Suck my clit. Oh God, oh God, I’m cummmmmmiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnggg,” she cried. Her legs clamped tightly around me head as her body spasmed. I drove my tongue into her pussy. “No, no, no more. Too sensitive” she gasped. Weakly, she stood up then collapsed on to the adjoining chair, the aftershocks of her orgasm rippling across that beautiful flat stomach. After a few minutes, she turned to me and said, “That is one talented tongue, mister. You should give lessons to every guy I’ve ever dated.”

“Well, I do love to lick pussy” I replied. “You find out quick if you’re doing the right things.”

“You obviously pay attention to feedback,” she giggled. “I’ve never been eaten like that before. That could become addicting.”

“Have you ever been tongued while someone is fucking you?” I asked. “I absolutely love to do that but most guys are skittish about it. They seem to think if a guy’s tongue is on their cock it means they’re gay. The few times I’ve done it with another couple, they both seemed to really enjoy the sensations and experience,” I said.

“Wow,” said Beryl, “What you just did was so intense I’m not sure if I could be fucked at the same time. But…,” she smiled, “maybe we could find out one of these days.”

“If you mean “we” as in you, me, and another guy, write me in with permanent marker! As long as the other guy isn’t homophobic, I mean, in such tight places, my tongue may slip or end up licking both of you.”

“So,” Beryl mused, “you’ve licked a cock before?”

“Yeah,” I admitted. “I’ve even given a few blowjobs, although I’m probably not as talented as you.”

“You’re lying'” Beryl giggled.

“Well, it is something I would never have done in my younger days. But the older I got, the more I wondered what it would feel like to be giving a blowjob instead of getting one. Then I tried it and wondered why I had waited so long. Don’t get me wrong. Women will always come first for me, but there’s just something about the feel and taste of a hard cock in my mouth that feels so fantastic. Find somebody and I’ll prove it to you.”

“That would be hot to see. Do you swallow?” Beryl giggled.

“Of course,” I replied. “What’s the use of doing all the hard work if you’re not going to enjoy the reward? Get it? “Hard” work?

Beryl groaned. “As bad as that was, just listening to you describe it has me all wet.”

She stood up and straddled me again. She leaned her slim body on mine and slowly slid down until my cock was pushing against her glistening pussy. “Don’t worry'” she said, “I’m on the pill.” With that, she slowly pushed back and my cock split her lips. She eased down slowly, whimpering and moaning as she took more and more of it. Man was she tight! When she finally had it all in, she lay still for a moment, “God I feel so full”. She whispered.

She placed her hands on my chest and slowly sat up. Seeing her beautiful bald pussy impaled on my cock with those gorgeous A cup tits and that radiant smile, it looked like she was enjoying it more than me, if that were even possible. Then she pulled herself up till the tip of my cock was barely in before driving back down. Her body was light as a feather but her pussy kept a viselike grip on my shaft.

“Oh God, does that feel good'” she moaned.

“God yes'” I replied. “You look so damn sexy like this. I’ll die a happy man.”

“Not yet you don’t,” she smiled. “Quit talking and fuck me hard,” she groaned as she slammed back down on my cock. Leaning forward, our lips met and we furiously kissed. Putting my hands on her hips I lifted her up and slammed back in. With every thrust she moaned. “Harder, fuck me harder,” she cried. In a frenzy, I kept slamming into her canlı bahis siteleri velvet box. The slap of our bodies meeting resounded in the sunshine. I took a tit into my mouth and gently nipped and sucked as her breathing grew ragged. “Now, now, now,” she cried and I slammed into the hilt as she cried out in orgasm. Feeling her tight pussy contract around my cock caused me to release a load of cum. “Yes, fill me,” she moaned as spurt after spurt emptied into her. As our orgasms ebbed, she collapsed into my embrace.

We lay there a while sighing as the aftershocks rippled through our bodies. Then, I flipped her over onto her back and withdrew.

“My God, that was the best fucking I’ve ever had,” Beryl sighed.

“It’s not over yet,” I smiled as I slid down her beautiful body. “I can’t send you home looking like this.”

“What are you talking about?” Beryl asked.

“I always clean up my messes,” I said as, smiling, I stuck my tongue in her slit and began lapping up our juices.

Beryl immediately began moaning and writhing. “Easy,” she gasped. “It’s sensitive, but don’t stop. You are,uh,uh,uh,an amazing man. Oh, oh, oh I’m cumming again,” she wailed as she pushed me away. “No more, no more, not now,” she gasped.

We were both dripping with perspiration (and other bodily fluids). “Let’s go for a swim,” I said. “Time to cool off a bit.”

After doing a few laps and floating around, we hoisted ourselves out and lay back on the recliners in the sun. I couldn’t stop staring at her perfect body as we talked. Finally, I couldn’t take it any longer and leaned over to suckle those beautiful breasts. She laughed softly.

“What’s so funny?” I asked, coming up for air.

“Those old wives tales are so not true,” she chuckled.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“The one about swallowing cum will increase your breast size. I should be a DD by now,” she laughed.

“Well, believe me,” I said. “A lot of guys love these petite mouthfuls. Most guys I know think those huge breasts are grotesque. We much prefer the smaller sizes.”

“But I’ll never be able to give you a titty fuck,” Beryl pouted.

“Don’t worry,” I replied. “I’d much rather fuck something tight and wet, like that beautiful pussy of yours or that cute little mouth.”

“Little!” she cried, punching me in the arm. “It’s big enough to accommodate that monster of yours!”

“For which I am extremely grateful,” I replied. “But the afternoon is about over and your folks will be home soon. As much as I hate to say it, you’d better put your clothes on and go home.”

“You’re right,” Beryl murmered. “This has been one of the best days ever. I WILL be back though.”

“You are welcome back any time,” I said. “Next time I’ll try to do better.”

“As if that’s possible,” Beryl sighed.

“Well, practice makes perfect as the saying goes,” I replied.

“In that case, can you help me practice?” Beryl asked, laughingly.

“Any time, any where, any way!” I said.

“Good!” Beryl replied. “I’m already thinking of some things for next time.”

So, I thought, there will be a next time. How could I have gotten so lucky? A young, beautiful spinner, a perfect 10+ in my book wanting to pleasure a man my age. As Beryl pulled her shorts on, I asked “Why me? Why now?”

“Well”, she replied with that dazzling smile, “You’ve always been so polite to me and my family, you’ve obviously taken care of your body, and today, you focused on my pleasure, not yours. Most guys my age seem to be looking for another notch on the bedpost or something to brag about. Why now? Now I know I can’t hurt your wife or your marriage.” Reaching out, she softly stroked my cock. “I’ve wanted this ever since I saw it from the cornfield.”

“Any time, little lady, any time,” I softly replied.

She leaned in and kissed me again, our tongues dueling. Then she stepped back. “As Arnie said, “I’ll be back”, she giggled. “And I’ll bring my little friend with me!” With that, she was off across the lawn.

My eyes couldn’t leave that bewitching figure. When she was gone, I sat back in my chair. What did I do to ever deserve this? And what did she mean by her little friend? Probably that beautiful little cunt, I shrugged. I’ll have to wait and see. Wonder what the forecast is for tomorrow?

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