Just The Three Of Us

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(All names are fictional and not based on actual people.)

I’m one of those girls you often hear referred to as ‘cute’ and sometimes ‘perky’. But unlike many I really don’t mind the terminology.

My hair is short and dark-brown, and I have a slightly turned-up nose. My eyes are seductively blue, and my smile (so I’ve been told), makes me inviting, fun and approachable. I try to stay in shape by working out which keeps my waist quite slim, buns tight, and yes well, my breasts standing at attention.

I’ve had my share of boyfriends and of course, the hurt that accompanies relationships as well. But at the age of twenty-four, I was heart-broken over losing both my three-year live-in lover and my job all over one little incident.

I filled my life with hard lots of hard work and studying, and even joined a health club. There is where I met my “Mr. Perfect”. John was a big, strong, very nice looking guy. The cliché “tall, dark, and handsome” comes to mind.

The health club was actually located near my apartment, which was very convenient for me. I made sure I was always near him as he instructed during the classes. After weeks of my outrageous flirting and teasing him, he finally asked me out. But he quickly informed me the date was business for he had a proposition for me. It turned out that he was a partner of the health club as well as instructor, and he wanted me to become an instructor as well. He stated, “I was good with people”.

I found myself thinking, ‘What hot-blooded female wouldn’t want to work out around beautiful bodies every day?’ The only drawback I could foresee was that I had to work with the customers who could not arrive until after six pm. But he quickly informed me that if I worked from six until nine pm that I would get paid double. It was even more enticing because I could continue going to business school in the mornings, and work as a receptionist in a real estate office from one to five pm.

I said ‘yes’ to the offer and could tell that John was surprised. But what surprised me was his change of attitude. He admitted that he thought I was trying to stay in shape for a boyfriend. Obviously, since I was willing to work those types of hours, and after detailing my busy schedule to him, he realized that I did not have time for any type of serious relationship.

During the course of the next few weeks, John told me about how he had been hurt by his ex-fiancée after she had broken their engagement to suddenly marry a prominent attorney. It had taken him a long time to start dating again, and he was still cautious of becoming that close again because the fear of rejection and hurt uppermost in his mind.

The instructor job was working out beautifully. In fact, I guess people liked some of my own moves and music for soon I had a waiting list for my classes. I was very excited. So, it wasn’t long before I was able to quit the real estate job. The day I went to tell the manager, he did not mince words.

“Donna, with your body and outgoing attitude, you could become one of the top agents in the company if not the state. You are welcome back anytime.”

I giggled and said “I may take you up on it sometime.” As I left the office and said “Thanks”, he couldn’t resist giving me a caressing pat on my ass. I smiled at him figuring why burn my bridges.

One Friday night after class, I invited John for pizza and asked if he liked sexy movies. I was starving for both pizza and some good sex…not necessarily in that order. I was surprised that John had never watched one of those movies with anyone but the guys. He was instantly attracted to the idea.

As we both arrived at my apartment, grup sex I put a bottle of wine on ice, set out wine glasses, and called for the pizza to be delivered. Then I went to change into my “watching-my-sex-movie outfit” (as I like to call it).

I undressed quickly and put on my red silk crotchless panties, long net stockings, red high heels, and finally a short black see through robe completed my outfit. I don’t know why but this outfit always made me feel sensuous. My nipples were very erect as I strutted back into the living. I wasn’t sure of what John’s reaction would be.

He was standing pouring the cold wine when I walked into the room. He almost fainted when he saw me. His hands were actually trembling as he finished filling the glasses.

When the knock came on the door I could barely contain my smile as he hid partially behind the door as he paid for the pizza. His bulge was quite evident and honestly it was hard to keep my eyes from him.

He carried the pizza to the sofa table.

“I’ll finish setting this up if you would like to strip down to your underwear and get comfortable.”

I was letting him know he was in for a night of sensual delight just in case he hadn’t figured it out by now.

My collection of movies was actually as varied as a movie store. Watching them was my way of relaxing, but it had been me and my vibrator for so many months now I lost count. Oh yes, I had plenty of offers but wanted someone I was certain did not play around a lot or was attached.

A glass of wine, some pizza, conversation, and a bit more wine, and I clicked the ‘play’ button on the VCR. The movie was about a big-breasted red-headed female detective and her well-hung male partner.

John’s long thick cock soon jumped free of his jockey shorts, and I swung one of my stocking clad legs over his as I began stroking his gorgeous cock. He pulled me closer so he could play with my breasts that were aching to be fondled.

I reached under the cushion for my trusty vibrator and just as I began teasing my pussy with the buzzing beauty, a lesbian duo went into an eating frenzy on the screen. John began moaning and said, “Oh man, I love watching that”. I wasn’t sure if he meant me with the vibrator, or the two beauties driving each other crazy with their vibrating tongues.

I worked the vibrator in and out of my juicy pussy and had just managed to wrap my warm lips around the head of his swollen cock when he began to cum like a volcano. I licked him and kept sticking my tongue into the wine, cooling his now half-hard cock.

My cunt muscles were still enjoying the vibrator and I placed his fingers on my clit. My ass was bouncing wildly, half on his thigh and half on the cushion. John’s fingers suddenly left my pussy so I frantically rubbed my clit with my own hand as one tumultuous orgasm after another ripped through me.

When I began to calm down just a bit, I began dipping my fingers into the wine and massaging the cool liquid around the lips of my still pulsing pussy. I noticed John grab the remote and was replaying the lesbian scene…even clicking ‘pause’ so he could really study the technique.

‘Oh boy,’ I thought, ‘This guy’s gonna lick me all night long and he wants to know all the tricks.’ I licked my juice off the vibrator and pushed that little beauty into the ice bucket.

“Do you have any more movies of women?” he asked surprising me.

I figured that if watching women turns him on, we were in for one great relationship. I wasn’t inexperienced with the fact of women satisfying women, and to tell the truth, the thought had crossed my latina fuck tour porno mind of sucking nipples and licking a delicious pussy. This was going to be like paradise on earth.

I put in a scenic video filmed in Italy with two Italian lovelies with gorgeous bodies… which placed us in one of the most erotic, passionate, yet tender movies I’d ever seen. I had not seen this movie yet as it was one of the newer ones….but the entire scene had us both involved in their lives. We even forgot the other was in the room…for we were ‘there’ …right there, with those two magnificent women. I barely noticed that John was slowly jacking off and I doubt he knew I was lovingly massaging and fingering myself, keeping time with the action on the screen. I wished, well….I wanted to be with both of those dazzling women. I must have cum three times and when it ended, only then did I fill my mouth with John’s luscious hard cock.

We decided, after some zealous lovemaking, that he would move in with me, but I made him promise not to use up all his love juice watching the videos while I was working. He was ecstatic with the arrangement, and so was I. Of ten when I came home, he would have a beautiful meal ready and the apartment sparkled. He said he had to keep himself busy or he wouldn’t be able to resist watching that movie. Even the mention of it brought back vision enough to send us both into a fucking frenzy. So I knew he was keeping his promise.

I had a burning desire every since watching that beautiful and sensual movie… to at least one time feel a pair of female thighs wrapped around my neck…to experience another woman’s lips and tongue performing that special magic only known to women. John had also expressed this on several occasions that he too…would like to see this.

In my business class there just happened to be a long-legged busty blond girl who had made it known that she was attracted to me. She had been eyeing me for weeks but this particular morning after an enormous sexual night in John’s arms, I couldn’t seem to stop staring at her huge breasts. She caught me looking and smiled at me with her perfect white teeth. Then she reached down and cupped one of her breasts and squeezed while her tongue licked her lips. It was ….an open invitation.

I boldly walked over to her at the end of class and said, “I know your name is Lucille, and I just had to meet you. I’m Donna, and…I couldn’t wait any longer.”

“Me either Donna,” she laughingly said. “Your place or mine?”

As we walked out I told her about John. I felt like jumping through the fluffy white clouds floating above us when she said, “I guess I’m an exhibitionist, and I love to watch, too. But if you want me to fuck John, you may as well forget it. I’ll do everything but that.”

I called John at work to tell him he would have to get another instructor for the evening, but he had news for me. It turned out that they were installing some new equipment and my class was going to be cancelled anyway. He had even arranged for me to get paid! My world couldn’t have been any better that day.

Lucille and I put a roast in the oven and set the table so we could have a good meal when John came home. She was actually a better cook that I was. She even threw a carrot cake together.

We had a couple of hours before John came home. We really tried to stay away from each other, I wanted so much to save it so John could watch. But it didn’t work. I cant’ remember now how, or when it happened, but suddenly my mouth was sucking her breasts…moving from one to the other.

Just as suddenly, I felt this lezbiyen porno exquisite flicking sensation in my pussy and wondered how I had spun like a top from her breasts to a position where I could taste the love juice in her inviting love nest. Her fingers wiggled deep in my juicy cunt while she gave me little love nips on my inner thighs, and planted kisses on the cheeks of my ass.

I spread the lips of her pussy with both hands and ran my tongue as deep as I could. We cum together in a screaming, joyous climax. I turned to rest my head on her beautiful big tits, and we almost got started again but the oven bell went off.

Lucille went in and showered while I prepared the table for dinner. She came out, fully dressed and looking so fresh and cool…I was shocked.

“You supplied me with great energy juice,” she giggled into my ear as I blushed.

“I’ll shower and you can frost your cake before I give into my urge to rip that skirt off and suck more of those delicious juices of yours.”

She laughed, raising her skirt and gave me a bump and grind routine. I headed for the shower smiling. I hadn’t bothered to look at the clock, and really didn’t even think about it…so I took my time in the shower. I even played with myself in the shower bringing myself to yet another orgasm as I rubbed harder and harder with the soap.

When I heard voices I thought, ‘Oh no..John’s home and he’ll wonder what’s going on.’ As I padded to the bedroom, I was surprised to hear the voices coming from in there. I stopped short, and peeked in the partly-open door. John was standing with his back to the door and he was bare-assed naked. His movement and moans left no doubt that he was nearing the throes of a good cum. And oh, I didn’t want him jacking off …not tonight! He was going to need his energy!

I pushed the door open. John wasn’t jacking off….Lucille was on her knees giving him a blow job!

“Lucy,” I gasped, “You said you didn’t like men. I uhhhh…”

Lucille, surprised, opened her mouth wide while John’s cock plopped out of her mouth.

John started to speak, “Now Donna,” but Lucille interrupted him with a raised hand.

“No sweet thing. I said ‘I didn’t want John fucking me’. I still don’t. See…I get some kind of energy…a shot of adrenalin or something from sucking people off…men or women. They need to be in really great shape though. That’s why I was so attracted to you. And John here too. Are you upset?”

She now looked like she might cry and I felt a rush of love wash over me. I had never seen her without that beautiful smile. I looked at John, who was pulling on his pants. He looked as if he had committed some crime. I began giggling and opened my arms to both of them, which caused the towel to drop to the floor. We all hugged and the next thing I knew, John had one of my nipples in his mouth and Lucy was using her tongue on the other one.

“C’mon,” I laughed. “Let’s grab some of that dinner and then get into the fun and games.”

John, hard again, agreed but asked if both Lucille and I would eat dinner in sexy outfits. Our appetites were ravenous, and John feasted his eyes as well as his stomach…watching me in red and Lucille in black.

Lucy and I later put on a show for John. He cum once as he watched out tongues exploring each other, teasing him as if he were a camera…and again when observing us taking a flight into the fantastic world of multiple orgasms.

We then concentrated on John. I sucked out more of her love juice when she pulled John out of my pussy and sucked his cock into her mouth just before he cum.

We’ve all been living together for over a year now and it’s been nothing but happiness and satisfaction. John and I are in great shape…and Lucille is a bundle of energy. Life is wonderful except for losing my job as an instructor. Both John and Lucy feel I get enough exercise with them. I guess that’s life…one can’t have everything.

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