Julie and Her Teacher Pt. 03

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This is part 3 of my first story. I would suggest reading part 1 and 2 first. Please tell me what you think! 🙂 All characters in this story are 18 years or older.


‘I should’ve considered what would happen after words if I slept with Mr. Johnson. I just did it without thinking. Now there’s an awkward conversation coming about where we stand. I know he doesn’t regret what we did. He didn’t give me that impression yesterday. The question is, does he want to continue seeing me. And if he does, then as what? Just a fuck buddy? Or his girlfriend? God, I really hope girlfriend.’

The sound of a whistle blowing interrupted my thoughts and deafened my ears.

Everyone around me started running forward and I followed. I was breathing hard and beads of sweat were forming on my forehead as we jogged around the track. My eyes kept darting to Mr. Rogers who was watching us with his bulky arms crossed over his equally bulky chest and his eyebrows scrunched together from the sun beaming into his eyes. I was pretty sure that he hadn’t ratted out Mr. Johnson seeing as how everything seemed normal at school and I didn’t get any calls down to the principal’s office. Although, it was only yesterday that he caught us, it didn’t mean that he wouldn’t, so I didn’t feel safe yet. But there was nothing I could do. Just had to act normal and wait and see what happens. I had dreaded going to P.E. that day. There was no doubt in my mind that Mr. Rogers had recognized me the day before, and even though I was pretty sure he wouldn’t bring up what happened, I knew class with him would be awkward none the less.

The pack started to slow as we finished our two laps. I wiped the sweat off my face and tightened my ponytail as Mr. Rogers explained what game we would be playing that day. Kickball. He had us all line up side by side to tell us which team we would be on. Working his way down the line, he tapped each person on the shoulder and said either red or blue. There was so much tension in the air and I was so nervous that when he tapped me I jumped slightly. After he finished there was another whistle blow and we made our way to the playing field. I was on the red team so I joined the line of people waiting to kick while the blue team spread out among the field.

There was a long gap between where the lined formed and where you kick the ball. Mr. Rogers stood a few feet to the left of that spot as he watched the game. Every now and then he’d yell out instructions, praises, and some scoldings. Eventually the girl in front of me walked up to take her turn. The ball went pretty far and she took off running. All of the sudden Mr. Rogers turned around and locked eyes with me. He started walking towards me. My eyes darted back and forth from his eyes to the grass as he got closer and closer.

“Your up Julie.” He said as he passed me.

‘Oh god.’ I thought. ‘So awkward.’

When the game ended we went to the locker room. I was happy to finally be free of him and be in air conditioning again! I freshened up and got re dressed right in time for the bell to ring. I shut my locker and headed to lunch with a smiling face and a growling stomach. Sitting and laughing with all my friends was a nice escape from all my drama while I enjoyed a turkey sandwich. Sitting across from me was my best friend Allison.

“Hi Mr. Johnson.” She suddenly said cheerfully.

I realized that he was behind me since she was looking above me. He put his fists on our table on both sides of me trapping me between his arms as he leaned over me. I couldn’t see his face with him hovering right above me like that, only his arms. His cologne encased me and for a second, brought my mind back to where I was and what I was doing when I last smelt it on him.

“Hello Mrs. Walters, hows everyone doing today?” He said casually.

He started small talking with the people he knew and was clearly ignoring me on purpose. But he didn’t need to say anything. Him teasing me with his body language was hello enough. I had to take a bite of my sandwich to stop myself from smiling. As I was chewing I looked over and noticed that the knuckles on his right hand were all swollen and bruised. I knew they weren’t like that yesterday. I made a note to myself to ask him about that later as he said bye to everyone and walked off.

After lunch and two more classes, it was finally my favorite time of the day, his class.

“Afternoon Mrs. Henderson.” He said smiling as I came to the door.

“Hi Mr. Johnson.” I smiled back.

Trying to focus on what he was saying in class was almost impossible. It must of have been hard for him too seeing as how he looked at me like 5 times during his lecture. I was almost relieved when we had to start our class work. Although it was kind of difficult since I hadn’t been paying attention to how to do it. I rested my head on my hand and glanced up at him writing something at his desk. I started thinking about the fact that I didn’t know how to do the assignment but he did. It reminded me that he had already been through college and backroom casting porno stuff. And I admired how smart he was. Then I silently laughed at how serious he looked writing whatever it was he was writing at his desk knowing we had sex on it 24 hours ago. Not even 5 minuets later looked at him again and he had stopped writing. He was leaning back in his chair with his hands behind his head and was already staring at me too. We smiled at each other. I really tried to get back to my work but after reading the same sentence like 10 times I looked at him again. He was in the same position but was looking off into space. He seemed to be really deep in thought about something…

When the bell finally rang I packed up my things slowly so that I would be the last to get up and noone would see that I didn’t leave. After the last person left I walked up to his desk. He was shuffling a bunch of papers around like he was getting ready to leave too.

“Hey.” I said cautiously.

“Hey.” He repeated sweetly.

He put his hands in his pockets and walked around his desk to me.

“How are you doing?” He asked seductively while waggling his eyebrows.

“Pretty good.” I answered quietly. It’s amazing how you can do something so intimate with someone but still feel shy around them. “You wanted to talk to me, right?”

“Yeah.” He answered, then sat on his desk in front of me and took my hands in his, holding them together inbetween us.

“About yesterday…I…I shouldn’t have done that.” He said.

Well that cut me like a knife.

“I’ve just been thinking about it for so long…and when I heard you turned 18…I just…couldn’t stop myself.” He explained.

“Oh.” I said quietly. “So you don’t want to see me anymore.”

“Oh hell yeah.” He said firmly with a confused look on his face.

He must have seen that I was confused too.

“Sorry…” He said while rubbing his thumbs over my hands and his lightening his tone.

“What I was trying to say was…yeah it shouldn’t have happened, I shouldn’t have broken that student teacher boundary. But I did. Damage is done.” He laughed.

He lifted our hands and started playfully lacing our fingers in and out.

“No point in stopping now.” He continued. “As long as we don’t get caught…again.”

Happiness flowed through me.

“Oh okay.” I said and smiled big. “I agree.”

I was just about to ask about Mr. Rogers when he took a deep breath and let go of my hands and folded his in his lap.

“But uh…that doesn’t mean we can actually…you know, date.” He said cautiously.

Good feeling gone.

“I’m sorry.” He said as he stood up. “I mean…I have feelings for you. And god, I’m so attracted to you.” He said as he rubbed his face. “But having to hide it all the time and us not being able to meet each others family or friends and stuff. And more importantly, our age difference…it’s just not an ideal relationship, you know?”

I was staring at the floor while I listened. A part of me was in a way happy that he actually considered it. It could’ve not even crossed his mind. But most of me was sad and hurt.

“Julie?” He said as he put his finger under my chin and lifted my head to look at him.

I think that was the first time he ever called me by my first name.

“Yeah I understand.” I said and forced a smile.

But he kept staring at me.

“I’m fine, really.” I lied.

“Alright.” He said as he released my chin.

He took a deep breath as he turned around.

“Well I gotta go.” He said with his back to me and went back to his rushed state putting a bunch of papers into a brief case. “There’s a teachers conference I have to go to.”

He paused to look at his watch.

“Shit. I’m already late.” He said.

He gave me a small scrap of paper and a pen to write my number on and continued packing up. After he got his things together he quickly walked over to me.

“I’ll call you.” He said.

He quickly kissed my cheek and started to leave.

“Wait!” I called out and he turned around. “What about Mr. Rogers?”

“Uh…yeah. I’ll call you.” He said nervously.

He walked out but I stayed a minute and leaned on his desk to lick my wounds. I was happy that we could still hook up. But I didn’t realize I would be so upset that he didn’t want to be in a relationship with me. After a couple minuets I figured I’d better go.

Around 8 o’clock I was laying on my bed texting Allison. It was friday night and she was telling me about a party she wanted me to go to. And apparently there was some guy who told her that he was hoping to see me there. She said his name was Jason and that he was in my english class. Mr. Johnson’s class. From the way she described him, I realized who it was. He was cute and pretty cool actually. I started debating whether or not to go. Not just because of him, but also because friday was my only night to ever go out. Saterday nights are for going out to dinner with my family bangbros porno whether I liked it or not. My parents started the tradition when my older brother Donnie went off to college. His school is right around the corner, but they wanted a guaranteed way to see him and us all be together at least once a week. But on the other hand I wanted to stay home and wait for Mr. Johnson’s call. I texted her for a few more minutes. Then while I was typing a message a call came in from a number I didn’t recognize, so I figured it was him. I bit my lip and calmed my nerves.


“Hey…” He said in that sexy voice.

“Hey. What’s up?” I said.

“Not much.” He said casually.

“How was your meeting?” I asked.

He laughed a little at that. Probably because its not like he could actually tell me how it went like I would understand or anything.

“It was alright. How you doing?” He asked.

His voice sounded familiar, but hearing it anywhere outside of school let alone my house wasn’t. It was weird but I liked it. In a strange way it made me feel closer to him. Like he wasn’t just my teacher. I said I was doing okay and started telling him about the party Allison wanted me to go to and the guy that was asking about me.

“Mr. Perron.” He said with a bit of anger in his voice.

“Yeah.” I confirmed.

“So why didn’t you go? You wanted to talk to me?” He asked very cockily, like he already knew the answer.

“Maybe.” I giggled and he laughed back.

“Well good, I wanted to talk to you too. I would invite you to come over to my apartment but my parents are actually in town and their staying at my place for the weekend.” He said.

That took me off guard a little. I never thought about going to his place. It excited me and I was really disappointed that couldn’t. But then I thought how it was a pretty strange coincidence that his parents just so happen to come this weekend. I started wondering if he was lying. Like maybe he didn’t want me to come over but thought I might ask to.

“Oh, that’s nice.” I said, not letting my worries show.

“Yeah. Listen, I need to tell you something.” He suddenly said.

“What?” I asked.

“It’s about Steve…Mr. Rogers.” He said.

“Oh…well what happened?” I asked.

“Well I went to go find him after you left. And I asked him not to tell anyone what happened. We are somewhat friends anyway.” He explained.

“And what did he say?” I asked impatiently.

“He laughed. And he said he wouldn’t tell anyone if uh…shit.”

He paused and I heard him take a deep breath.

“If he could ‘get a piece’ of you too, as he put it.”

I froze.

“Oh my god!” I almost yelled. “What did you say?”

“I punched the mother fucker.” He said shamelessly.

I figured that must of been why his knuckles were all swollen earlier.

“I told him he was a fucking dick and no way would I ever let him touch you.” He continued. “But then…he reminded me that it’s not up to me. It’s up to you…and he’s right. But I put my foot down and told him that if this does happen, even though this is between you and him, it would be under my one condition.”

“What?” I asked hopefully.

“That I’d be there too.” He said firmly.

“What, you mean…the three of us?” I asked.

“Yeah.” He answered.

My head was spinning.

“It would just be one time. Then he’d leave you alone. But I don’t want you to feel any pressure…Julie, I want you to understand that you don’t have to do this. It’s not us he’s threatening to turn in, it’s me. I should’ve been the adult in the situation so I should have to face the consequences, not you.” He urged.

It was silent as he waited for me to respond. Although I appreciated him not wanting to put any pressure on me to go through with Mr. Rogers offer, I did however feel pressure to make the decision right then and there. And because of that, I didn’t really think it through completely. Instead of really considering all the details, I only focused on the major ones. Which were that he could loose his job and maybe even go to prison if I didn’t do it. And if I did, he would be with me.

“I…I guess I could do that.” I choked out.

He was silent for a minute.

“Are you sure?” He asked.

I started to tell him my reasoning behind it but he interrupted me and started telling me not to worry about what would happen to him. So I interrupted him too and said that whether he likes it or not, I am worried and that I think it’s worth doing. Then I reassured him that I’d be fine as long as he was with me. He was silent again.

“Alright.” He said reluctantly then took an exasperated breath. “We’ll do it Monday, after school. Just get it over with as soon as possible.”

“Okay.” I agreed.

“Okay.” He repeated.

There was more silence as the decision really sunk in.

“Alright well…I’ll call you later okay?” He finally said.

“Okay.” I answered.

“Alright…goodnight.” beurette tour porno He said.

“Night.” I said.

The moment I ended the call, a wall I hadn’t realized I put up came down and tears formed in my eyes. Out of all the outcomes that could’ve came from me sleeping with my teacher, I couldn’t believe that this is what was happening. And I just couldn’t believe what an asshole Mr. Rogers was. I felt like I could think more clearly with that wall being down so I started reweighing my options. But in the end, I felt like I made the right choice in going through with it. I flipped over onto my stomach and buried my head in my pillow. I was definitely skipping the party. I just laid there sulking until I fell asleep.


The next morning I needed to clear my head, so I called Allison and my other friend Amanda and asked them to go to the beach. It’s my favorite place to go when I need to relax. I didn’t think about anything as I soaked up the sun and splashed around in the salty waves. When I went home I had a better mood and a nice tan! I hopped in the shower and put on some lotion to keep my tan from peeling. Feeling refreshed and smelling of coconuts, I started getting ready to go out to dinner. After a short drive to the restaurant we sat outside and waited for a table to open. Donnie arrived right when the host called us in. He greeted me with a big hug and ruffled my hair before we all sat down and started catching up.

The food was delicious as usual and I was enjoying visiting with my brother. He was telling us how his mid-terms were going when his attention suddenly shifted to something else across the room.

“Ryan!” He called out.

We all turned and saw a man walking over.

“Hey Donnie! What’s up man?” The man said as they did their manly handshake.

“Guys this is my old friend, Ryan. He was a senior back when I was a freshman. We were in the same fraternity.” Donnie explained to us and we all said hi.

“So what are you doing here man?” He asked Ryan.

“Oh I’m just here with the family, you know.” He answered.

They both started chatting so I kind of zoned out and went back to my dinner. But then the sound of a smack caught my attention. I lifted my head to see that my mom had playfully hit Donnie on the back of the head and gave him a look. He must of said said something inappropriate about partying or girls or something and I started laughing. But then my laughter almost turned into choking when I saw who else was slowly approaching our table. Mr. Johnson. When he saw me he stopped dead in his tracks a couple feet behind Ryan. His jaw dropped slightly and his eyes widened, clearly just as surprised to see me as I was to see him.

‘Oh my god! What’s he doing here?’ I thought.

Ryan turned around and saw him too.

“Oh hey, sorry I ran into an old friend.” He said to Mr. Johnson. “This is my older brother, Todd.” He then explained to us all.

‘Oh.’ I thought. ‘Wow.’

I put it all together and realized that Mr. Johnson was telling the truth about his parents being in town and they must have all went out for a family dinner together. Which included his little brother who just so happens to be friends with my older brother! I didn’t even know what to think about that. It was such a weird coincidence. But not that surprising I guess since we all live in the same town. With them standing together I could start to see the resemblance. Mr. Johnson was taller and bigger but they had similar faces. While all this was going through my head Mr. Johnson was saying hello to everyone. I didn’t know if I should just say hi back as if I didn’t know him, or tell everyone that he’s my teacher, so I just kind of froze.

“Hello Mrs. Henderson.” He said, making the decision for me.

“Uh…hi Mr. Johnson.” I said back. “Um, guys this is my English teacher.”

Everyone laughed at the coincidence. Then my parents started talking to Mr. Johnson about how it was having me in his class and how I was doing and stuff like that. It was totally awkward to say the least. It would’ve been awkward even if he was just my teacher. But the fact that we had something going on of course made it even worse. Although I had to admit, knowing what we’ve done and trying to act normal in front of everyone and the thought of what my parents would do to him if they knew, was a little hot. He must have thought it was too because we shared a few knowing smiles at each other during his and my parents conversation. But I could sense that he felt more nervous than turned on and I felt a little sorry for him.

My parents didn’t seem to notice, but then I looked at Donnie. He was looking at me too. Pretty intently actually, like he had been watching me for a while and had probably seen the way I was smiling at Mr. Johnson. I blushed and turned away but out of the corner of my eye I saw him give Mr. Johnson a weird look. At first I thought he may have been more perceptive than my parents and suspected something. But hes always been a little over protective of me. The fact that at first he saw Mr. Johnson as just one of his buddy’s older brother, even if it was just for a minute, probably made him look at him as more of a potential predator than my teacher. So he was probably just being his usual cautious self. Either way, I figured I’d better keep my focus on my dinner and not Mr. Johnson.

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