Judi’s New Toy

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Judi had been divorced from Mike for six months now and the only thing she missed about him was his talented cock. The problem had been that he had taken every opportunity to demonstrate those talents to as many women as he could, leading Judi to take ‘leftovers’ and the fear he would bring some awful disease home to her.

During the six months she had tried a couple of guys, always insisting that they use condoms. Both had proven very unsatisfying to her, having been ‘wham-bam, thank you ma’am guys, in and out before she could even get started.

Judi had finally gotten hold of a catalog of sex toys and had purchased a vibrator and a somewhat realistic, 8″ plastic cock. While they helped, she never really felt completely satisfied. After a month with them, she had sent away for a bigger plastic cock.

Now her latest ‘toy’ had arrived in the mail and she quickly stripped off the ‘plain brown wrapper’, to reveal an oblong box, which she opened to reveal a BIG casino siteleri black, 18″ cock.

“God,” she thought, “I’ll never be able to handle this thing.” It was fully as big around as her wrist. Just looking at the monster, she began to get a tingle in her pussy.

Discarding the packaging, she placed it on the tray together with her other toys. She’d wait until after dinner to try it.

By 7:30 she could wait no longer. She rushed to her bedroom and stripped off her clothing, throwing everything into as pile in the center of the room. Standing in front of the full length mirror on her closet door, she ran her hands over her slender body, beginning with her coral tipped, conical tits, pinching and twisting her nipples till they grew hard and erect, then one hand down through the furry patch at the juncture of her thighs. “Hell,” she said to herself, “I’m not so bad for a thirty-five year old broad.” She wriggled a finger through her pussy lips, searching slot oyna for and finding her clit. She shivered with the pleasure it brought her. She was ready!

Laying down on the bed, she reached for her new toy and, raising it to her mouth, she wet the bulbous black head with her saliva. “God,” she whispered aloud, “I wish this was a real live, hot prick.” Impatiently, she lowered it to her pussy, rubbing it over her sensitive, already distended clit. It wasn’t going to make much for her cum but she really needed something buried in her cunt to fulfill her need for release.

She moved the head of the giant pleasure stick to the mouth of her cunt and with some difficulty, twisting and turning the monster, forced the head of it into herself. She lay there without moving for several moments, letting her cunt adjust to the intruder, then slowly, using both hands, pushed the rod deeper and deeper into her love tunnel until it was pressed against her womb and she was completely canlı casino siteleri filled. Mike had never made her feel this good!

Her eyes closed with rapture as she slowly began stroking the prick in and out of her tight hole. In only a few strokes she felt the beginning of her orgasm begin, gasping for breath as her whole body tensed, with fully 10″ of the toy buried in her cunt.

She continued pressing it into herself as she continued to cum and cum repeatedly. It felt so good as she strained to maintain the high.

She clamped her legs together, holding her hands and the dildo imprisoned as wave after wave of pleasure racked her body. She remained frozen in place until the final wave began receding and she felt the muscles of her body begin relax as she slowly came down from her high.

The dildo slipped out with ease now that her cunt had been stretched to accommodate the giant. She raised it to her mouth and lovingly licked all her cum juices from the length of it. When she was satisfied that it was cleansed of all her sweet honey, she laid it back on the tray with her other ‘lovers’. Now completely relaxed, she pulled the sheet up to her chin and drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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