Joy and Pleasure

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Thanks to SelenaKittyn and FallingToFly for their quick response and helpful feedback. Thanks to lilredjammies for her proofing under duress. You all rock.

© Copywrited 2006. All Rights Reserved. You may not copy or share this work without my written permission. Please respect creative ownership.

Strolling into the fancy iron gate of the sidewalk café, I was struck by the colors of the bright morning, as if the entire scene had been color washed. Sunlight glittered off every available surface, silverware, crystal goblets of juice, even the colorful petals of the bouquets that were the highlight of each table. Except for one table in the corner.

There sat a vision to stop the heart, with her black silk hair glistening. The demure act of crossing her legs only made her skirt slip up her leg. Her eyes were nearly closed as if in a daze. I knew instantly it was from her joy, for the tiny infant in her arms covered most of the bared flesh as he suckled. The skin of her shoulder was slick enough to make my eyes slip toward the swell of her chest.

A nervous glance at her face told me I had been caught, but her smile was anything but accusing. Her lips parted in a look of lust as she slowly, deliberately tilted the young babe down, revealing more of her gift. I saw pink.

I awoke out of breath with the blood hammering in my groin with a ferocity I had not known for some time. Taking several deep breaths while trying to cling to the wonders of such an emotional dream, I glanced to see the wrinkled sheets empty beside me.

I should be exhausted from my half of the burden and the lack of sleep that it entailed, but I was taut as Cupid’s bowstring. I knew why I was so struck by my vivid porno dream, and I knew what I must do.

“Good morning, my Vision,” I greeted her as I stepped into our living room.

In the soft morning light, she glowed with the contentedness of a new mother, almost identical to my fading memory. Her decorative, sheer-white nightie highlighted her like a magical aura as she shifted on the couch. She gave me a tired but charming smile as she shifted her almost black ringlets aside with her free hand. She wrapped our newborn in protective arms, and I sat next to her, turning to watch.

“You’re still radiant.” I returned her smile.

“Must be the kind light,” she laughed lightly.

“Had a dream about you,” I informed her as I watched her enchanting eyes watching me. I saw them drop to my lap as she caught the subtle subtext in my tone.


“More than you could know. I am stunned by you even in my dreams, it would seem.”

She instinctively knew the art of laughing without moving her chest. It was one of the countless small things that made her a naturally perfect mother.

“Do tell.”

“You were much like this, actually, but in public, maybe some French outdoor café.” This got tiny reactions that only a trained lover would notice, so I continued. “It was a bright morning, and it was as if we were meeting for the first time. It was awe and lust at first sight.” I grinned as I watched her eyes widen and her breathing quicken.

“Then whose child was it?”

“Beside the point,” I brushed aside her attempt to ease my passion with her comedy and pressed on earnestly. “Your creamy skin was showing as if demanding attention. You stopped me in my tracks and caught woodman casting porno me staring.”

“Oh, I must have been very cross with you.”

“I believe the dream-you knew it was not my fault, completely out of my power, for you…began to expose more of yourself to me. Like a gift. But I woke in such a state before I could see much.” Her other nipple pointed at me through the filmy material, so I reached out to caress it. Slightly damp from an over-eager breast, the material matched the smooth feel of her skin. “The meaning was clear, though.”

“Don’t,” she admonished without any conviction, “they’re tender.”

“Am I not gentle as a feather?” I did not stop my gentle caresses. “Should be a wonderful contrast to the biting and sucking you are feeling on the other side.” She did not answer aloud, but her eyes closed. Her coos were now mixed with soft moans and sighs as I leaned in to continue the caress with my lips. Our greedy child tried to kick my face out of the way, so I moved to her neck and up to meet her hungry lips.

“I need to switch sides,” she whispered as we broke for breath. I moved the material down to expose her – more perfect than a dream. As she shifted our little bundle of joy, she looked at me with a comical mixture lust and accusation. “You’re going to mess up my head.”

“I think not,” I countered as I slowly knelt before her, trailing my fingertips along the insides of her knees. “I trust your intellect to distinguish between joy and pleasure. I’m betting you can feel both at once without any confusion – relax and bask in the sensations.”

With one last groan, she gave herself to the contagious passion of the moment and her legs parted to my türkçe alt yazı porno touch. Our child picked up on her mood and began to make happy sounds as he nursed.

“Such a bad influence,” she murmured as I placed gentle kisses on her exquisite skin. Her sheltered crevasse inched closer to my face and the material separated to reveal her need, swollen and moist.

I felt her tremble as my lips made first contact. She slid closer to me with several breathy coos. It made me smile as I began to make love to her musky sex with my mouth, the thought that I could not tell for whom those sexy coos were directed. Sighs and coos were constant as I delicately parted her lips, collecting moisture on my tongue and spreading it all around veil over her clit. As her breathing became more pronounced, I focused on her most sensitive area while using two fingers to part and fill her.

“Oh,” she began to repeat softly as she rode the rising swells of pleasure. As my tongue swirled around her clit, her muscles began to flutter softly, raising her on soft wings to her first orgasm since the birth. “Oh, my love, giving me a heart-attack-don’t-stop.”

I felt a hand ensnare my hair, and I knew not to move until she had been released from the grip of pleasure. When she withdrew her hand with satisfied sigh, I kissed my way out and straightened to look into her moist eyes.

“So powerful.” Her voice was filled with gratitude, and I vowed to do something similar very soon. She was once again my lover as well as the mother of our child. She met me for a lingering kiss, before reaching behind her for the small towel. She shifted our happy son to her shoulder, but she kept her smile fix on me.

“You just did that to avoid having to change the diaper,” she lightened the heavy moment.

“Deal,” I nodded with a lopsided grin as I rose. “I will even make you breakfast.”

“I care nothing for breakfast. You just better be prepared when he goes to sleep,” she warned lustfully.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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